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1. What is a wedding planner?
2. What is the role of the wedding planner?
3. How to find that special person?

If you lack the time and energy to organize your wedding, why not call a wedding planner? He will manage everything for you from A to Z or just a part of your wedding. You should know that this concept comes from the United States and that it has been widely used for more than 50 years, it is a profession in its own right.

1. What is a wedding planner?

There are two possibilities for the wedding planner:
– He will take care of all the wedding preparations and the planning of this fabulous day.
– He will manage only a part of the wedding planning.

The wedding planner will, therefore, manage the preparations from A to Z until the “D” day, that is to say:

finding the reception venue (wedding hall), the caterer, the decoration, the photographer and other suppliers necessary for the smooth running of the wedding;
– help you define the theme wedding;
finding accommodation for the guests;
– advise you on the animation of the wedding.

He can also accompany you in more personal choices, such as:

– Wedding attire;
– wedding rings.

On the “D” day, he will be a real coordinator: he will of course be on site to manage all the last minute unforeseen events and the smallest details to make this day an exceptional success.

Management of the wedding

You don’t have to entrust everything to him; you can ask your wedding planner to intervene only on a part of the organization of your wedding.

For example, he can be present on the day of the wedding celebration to oversee all the preparations and the day’s progress.

2. What is the role of the wedding planner?

Before and during the wedding

The wedding planner must have a lot of quality and talent, namely: be meticulous, have a sense of initiative, know how to anticipate, be quick, efficient, have good interpersonal skills, be diplomatic, know how to communicate.

He has to offer you tailor-made services, that’s why you call for his services.
His major asset is that he is a good negotiator. He knows many quality service providers to satisfy you and lighten your budget. He will, therefore, get information, call, visit the premises, taste, test, and compare prices.

Once he will have all the elements in his possession, he will debrief you on his different searches, you will only have to decide and choose what suits you best in all serenity and especially without stress on the “D” day.
You will be able to fully enjoy this unique day as well as your guests. His role will be to act as the conductor by coordinating the service providers and centralizing the information.

After the wedding

The wedding planner will also be able to manage the after-wedding in the following cases:

– take care of the refurbishment of the reception hall;
– sending out thank-you cards;
– contact the wedding photographer and cameraman for the elaboration of the wedding photo album and the wedding film;
– manage the administrative part.

3. How to spot that special talent?

The wedding planner should be contacted at the beginning of the organization of your wedding: 10 to 12 months before.

There are several ways to find a good wedding planner:

word-of-mouth: the most efficient way to contact your quality service provider.
the eternal yellow pages;
the websites specialized in marriage;
peel the magazines;
taking down names and contact information on TV shows.

Questions to ask your wedding planner
Once you have selected several wedding planners, make an appointment with them, and ask them the right questions, such as:

– Is the staff competent and do they have the necessary know-how for the wedding?
– What are the wedding themes he can offer you and what are his rates?

Ask to see their portfolio, photos, or videos to get an idea of their work and whether it corresponds to your selection criteria. Don’t hesitate to tell him all your wishes and your story. He needs to get to know you in order to elaborate on a wedding that resembles you and that is in harmony with your couple.

Last but not least, he must stay in regular contact to find out how the organization of your wedding is progressing and to reframe it if necessary. He must be available and listen to you, and not influence you.

Tips for Finding a Wedding Venue


    – Searching for a wedding venue: choosing a type of wedding venue

    – When to search for a wedding venue?

    – How to search for a wedding venue?

    – Step 1: Search for a wedding venue to rent

    – Step 2: Finding an agreement with the rental company

    – Step 3: Optimise the visit to the rental wedding venue

You have an event to organise, and you need to rent a venue: research, a rental contract, venue visit; here are some tips to quickly find a venue that meets your requirements, without unpleasant surprises!

Searching for a wedding venue: choosing a type of wedding venue

Before starting the search for a wedding venue, it is essential to know which type of wedding venue to choose.

For that, it is advisable to define:

    – your budget;

    – your desires:

        ◦ type of wedding venue,

        ◦ location,

        ◦ outdoor space or not, etc.;

    – the capacity sought:

        ◦ for a reception with meals or seating you need at least 1.5 m² per person,

        ◦ for a reception without seating, it is necessary to count at least 1 m² per person ;

    – The desired services and amenities.

When all these criteria are defined, it is possible to start looking for a wedding venue.

When to look for a wedding venue?

It is important to keep in mind that wedding venues are often reserved from one year to the next. Therefore, it is essential to do your research at least several months before the desired date or even more than a year before certain ceremonies such as wedding halls.

It would help if you set aside some time to do your research in advance and visit the venues.

When a wedding venue corresponds precisely to what you want, do not hesitate to book it immediately.

Searching for a wedding venue: how?

A search for a wedding venue can be done in several ways:

    – you can contact the town halls of the different communes that interest you;

    – you can ask for information from the associations;

    – on the internet:

        ◦ either by visiting websites specialised in wedding venue rental that offers a directory of wedding venues in the region you are looking for,

        ◦ or by searching directly on the websites of local authorities;

        ◦ or by using web directories;

    – with your network of acquaintances.

1. Search for a wedding venue to rent

To find a wedding venue to rent:

    – Ask the town hall of your place of residence for information: town halls often offer one or more places for rent. You can also apply to the city hall of a town other than your own, but be aware that they sometimes charge higher prices for non-residents.

    – Alternatively, municipal employees may be able to provide you with information on individuals and companies renting wedding venues. You can also turn to:

        ◦ restaurateurs for a reception;

        ◦ large companies in the region for a seminar.

    – Finally, specialised ad sites will also be able to help you find a wedding venue that meets your expectations.

2. Agree with the renter

    – Remember to specify the nature of the event to your contact before the visit, know if it is possible to organise it in this place, and the number of participants.

    – If you have special requirements (parking, for example), be sure to check before the visit if these elements are present.

3. Optimise the visit at the rental wedding venue

When you visit a rental hall, visit the premises taking advantage of the atmosphere and the environment:

    – Does the wedding venue lend itself well to the event you are planning?

    – Also, remember to check that the wedding venue has all the necessary facilities for your event: electricity, sanitary facilities, stage, terrace, etc.

    – Ask what is included in the price: wedding venue rental, insurance, furniture, service, etc.

    – Ask if you can expect any additional expenses: corkage fees, cleaning, access to the garden, etc.

    – Check the cancellation policy.

    – Take some pictures.

Finally, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.

Finding the perfect wedding venue is likely to be at the top of any newly engaged couple’s list. With the venue playing a vital role in the success of your day, it’s the big decision you really need to get right. And there really is so much choice!

Just like viewing a new property it is easy to become overexcited and fall in love with a place without checking the venue can cater to your requirements. The venue you pick will determine the number of guests you can invite, your decor, your vendors, your wedding date and have a big impact on your wedding budget, so it’s important to get it right!

This article aims to answer that big question – how do I choose a wedding venue? Whether you have a dream venue in mind or are at the start of your venue search, we have the tips and questions to ask your venue that are essential to know.

Is the Capacity Right for You?

Deciding whether you want a large capacity wedding venue or you’d prefer a smaller and more intimate wedding venue is the first step to narrowing down your choice of wedding venue. The size of the venue is incredibly important and will impact on budget and the enjoyment of your guests. Too small for your number of guests and the room will feel stuffy and overcrowded, but too big and guests will feel lost and the space will feel cold.

Make a rough guest list so you can immediately get rid of options that are too small or big. Just remember it’s easy to underestimate how many people you (or your parents!) will end up inviting and you can suddenly find you’ve got too many RSVPs for your space.

When a venue is empty it is hard to imagine how it will look when filled with tables. For this reason, we would always advise viewing a venue when it is set up for a wedding. If this is not possible, ask to see photographs; most venues should have a photo book or slideshow.

Is it the Right Location?

Where will your guests be coming from? If they are not local, choosing a venue that is easily accessible, has accommodation on site or hotels nearby is desirable. If you have guests coming from abroad, how far is the closest international airport? These factors should play a role in your decision making; your guests’ comfort and experience is important.

Does it Fit with Your Theme?

Think about whether the venue works with and even enhances your wedding aesthetic. If you want glamorous, a stunning location like Sandown Regency Function Centre will work. Do you want modern? In which case a warehouse or art gallery could be perfect. Do you and your partner love the outdoors? Think about a garden marquee, or castles with large grounds, or a venue connected to a sport you both love.

The venue can even influence your choice of wedding dress. Consider the formality of the venue, how the weather will affect it, and the facilities. If you’re in a field, then squeezing into posh portaloos in huge meringue dress or dragging it through mud might not be sensible!

Like we said at the start, finding your venue will be one of the big milestones in your wedding planning and will determine your date and location and impact a lot of your other wedding planning decisions. We hope that the information in this article has given you some pointers on where to start and hope you can get hitched without any hitches!

When the pandemic happened, many plans were gone to waste and many hopes were lost, this hardship situation was difficult to deal with for many people. Some people could not fulfil their life-long dreams, some could not have their dream wedding, and some saw their dream outfits being altered with the wearing of masks becoming compulsory. I remember one of my friends had to get married on the date that the government installed the lockdown. The desperation on her face was palpable and I could not do anything except hope for this situation to be over soon. As times passed, the situation worsened and the fear of her dream wedding slowly faded way, we all managed to move on until both the bride and groom wanted to have a wedding during the pandemic. It was going to be one of its kind and yes, it was going to be memorable! There were so many things that was going to be different and so many things would be still normal. The wedding had to be conducted only among closed family members and everyone should respect the social distancing. We planned all accordingly and managed to have a beautiful wedding that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

If you are planning your wedding or someone else’s wedding during this pandemic and you are in need for ideas, then here is some help from me!

Open-air venue and well-spaced out table arrangements

In the post-pandemic era, people will look forward to socializing again, however, they are still expected to be skeptical about attending mass gatherings. In such a world full of heightened cautiousness, wedding planners or couples need to take all precautionary measures while organizing mass gatherings, especially weddings. An open-air or outdoor wedding means plenty of space, which could help people maintain physical distancing as compared to an indoor wedding. Furthermore, a well-thought-out seating arrangement is essential to reduce risks. Venues should organize bigger tables with limited seating to maintain distance between people. For instance, a table for 10 should be assigned to 5 guests only.

Tweaking the buffet-style service

The highlight of any Indian wedding is its lavish buffet. In an effort to comply with physical distancing measures, this is about to change too. While some couples may still opt for buffet-style service, precautionary measures like a contactless serving of dishes will be the norm. For example, one designated server will be assigned to serve a dish each at the buffet to avoid guests touching the cutlery/spoons.

Opting for family-style entrees or sides at the table is another way to ensure the safety of guests, thereby avoiding serpentine queues at the food counters, where people tend to gather in close proximity at weddings. Needless to say, if it is a buffet-style service, line marking to maintain six feet distance between two people will be important. Besides this, caterers will also have to ensure that the raw materials or ingredients for food preparation are sourced from trustworthy suppliers, who ensure utmost cleanliness while delivering the stock from the farm to the venue.

As weddings go local, they also go virtual

In the aftermath of the pandemic, we can expect couples to opt for local weddings in their hometowns, instead of destination weddings. Additionally, overseas guests may prefer being a part of the celebration virtually, due to restrictions for non-essential travel. Furthermore, live streaming wedding ceremonies are a foreseeable trend in the near future. Therefore, wedding planners and venue operators can expect a surge in demand for such services post-COVID-19.

Impeccable hygiene standards

Right from the entry to exit, venues need to place sanitizers and hand napkins at every point. Guests should be able to sanitize their hands-on arrival, have access to cleaning and protective equipment at their tables, ample availability of handwashes and sanitizers should be made in the washrooms. To avoid overcrowding the washrooms, guests should have a designated waiting area where they can maintain physical distance from each other. All venues should diligently disinfect spaces pre and post the wedding function.

Apart from venue hygiene, even makeup artists and photographers documenting the wedding will have a certain SOP to follow in the post-pandemic phase. To ensure that the bride feels safe, makeup artists and hairstylists will wear masks and sanitize their products. With regards to photographers, the wedding party will prefer a smaller team to cover the wedding. Additionally, as weddings are set to be more intimate, a large team will not be required at the venue.

Contactless Greetings

Greeting each guest is suggested etiquette for couples, but what will this look like at weddings during and after COVID? New replacements will emerge bows, waves, winks, you name it. (One of our favorite ideas was the replacement of the traditional receiving line with a contemporary “gesture” line. Just, no obscenities please.)

It is important to remind your guests of how to interact when they enter your wedding space. While people will most certainly be excited to greet each other, social distancing signs and reminders could encourage your guests to be mindful.

Adapt to a post-COVID-19 culture

Societal norms call for handshakes and hugs during milestones and celebrations like weddings. With the entire world maintaining social distancing, couples will prefer to opt-out of the gift-exchange and photo sessions that typically occur at wedding receptions.

The new normal for weddings across the world is going to be significantly different. In the meanwhile, it is time to stay educated, make more informed decisions and rethink safer ways to plan happy and safe celebrations post the pandemic.

Sand Castle is the perfect wedding venue if you are looking for uniqueness and sophistication. They guarantee that your guests will be astounded by their attention to details and their commitment to using only the freshest ingredients possible.

Are you organising a wedding, party, conference or meetup anytime soon? The first thing on your to-do list is finding a venue (because no gathering can happen without somewhere to host it). However, choosing the ideal location for your function can be a stressful puzzle not to mention the never-ending list of things to consider – the venue’s price, location, size, services, amenities, just to name a few…

But, why is there so much fuss about choosing the “right venue” after all? Why can you just not pick up something that suits your budget with the basic amenities? While a place may look picture-perfect on paper, the reality can sometimes be very different. To lighten the load, we’ve put together a few tips on how to find the ideal venue for your get-together – making your planning process a breeze! (you’re welcome, you’re welcome).

Get Crystal Clear on What You Want

But where to start? Planning an event is an endless series of forks in the road! So much goes into it… From creating the guest list, finding the right vendors, staying within your budget to coming up with an event hashtag, there are a million different things to do! Knowing precisely what you want is paramount before setting your heart on a space!

Finding a place for your get-together can be a good start. However, it should be chosen carefully! Deciding upon the best venue sets the tone of the entire event and is critical to its overall success. Just like the domino effect, each decision has an impact on the next and, ultimately, your guest’s experience. So, don’t rush to the first place that pops up without exploring other options.

Who’s Coming?

Who will be your guests? Will it be a straitlaced corporate crowd or a jolly one? If you are hosting a meeting gathering with many technology industry professionals, you might consider choosing a venue that can accommodate their needs. If you find a place without Wi-Fi or facilities to set up some tech-tools, this may not be the right place for you.

Set Your Budget

Your budget is the backbone of your event – no money, no party! Booking your event’ site generally drains most of your planning budget. Therefore it’ s wise to stretch your dollar for all it’s worth.

Before choosing a location, make a list of absolute essentials you’ll need on-site and find all options within your budget. Do your size and your budget match? If not, do you need to cut numbers? It’s always wise to choose a location that fits your budget. You can decorate a space to be more “you”, but this cannot be done if you’ve blown your budget on the venue itself.

Once you’ve found a suitable location, don’t hesitate to negotiate prices and ask for a sample invoice to get an overview of everything you’ll be billed for – this will only help save you money in the long run.

What Does the Venue Provide?

Every venue features different levels of service and facilities. When choosing your setting, it is always recommended to have an itemised list of what is offered or not. Everything must be taken into account, from the location’s security, restrictions such as noise or photography), additional fees (like a corkage fee, overtime fee or cancellation fee), equipment (such as audio-visual equipment) and so on. And if you are hiring a ballroom, they can supply you with whatever you need (all you need to do is turn up!). Some venues might simply provide you with space, and you’ll have to rent a caterer, seats and other amenities.

If you choose to entrust the catering to your selected establishment, feel free to inform them about your particular food preferences, whether the meals should be halal, vegan, kosher, etc.

Arrange for a menu tasting session and check reviews to verify whether their catering services are up to par – this will help you determine if you should consider other options. Organising a food corner will undoubtedly bring some pizzazz to your party, but you should also ensure that all necessary elements are available to prepare or reheat the food. (In short, you need to think of everything when planning a meetup!)

Size it Up!

Will my attendees fit? On top of the budget, one other crucial aspect to consider when planning an event is the number of guests – This will help you quickly eliminate many venues based on their capacity alone. (saves you time!) It’ s always helpful to have a rough estimate of the number of guests you are expecting before making your venue selection.

Pick a space that’ s perfect for your event! You don’t want to overcrowd the place by squeezing 500 people in a room for 250, but you certainly don’t want to waste your budget by renting a venue that’s too way too big either (where your event will feel under-attended with everyone gathering in the corners).

Now that you have an overall approximation of the attendance, you can start designing the layout of your event. Is it a banquet, seminar or cocktail party? By booking a suitable venue that is able to accommodate all your guests, everyone will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (and the cherry on the cake, you’ll save some few bucks!).

Oh yes, I’m sure your guests’ bladders will need a break at some point during the gathering, so make sure there are at least four accessible bathrooms for every 100 people attending.

What About the Accessibility?

Location, location, location! (Yes, I’ve repeated it three times for emphasis). Are your guests flying in? Does everyone already live in town? If you want your fiesta to boom, its location is a key factor for your attendees. Choose a spot that’s central to as many guests as possible (because no one wants to spend hours travelling). If you’ve got guests coming out of town, a venue within a hotel or close to great hotels is definitely worth considering (if you want to endear yourself to your guests).

But where will your guests park their vehicles? Nothing is worse than not finding proper parking (notably, a free one)! Organising an event is not only about the ballroom or the party theme. It’s also ensuring that all your guests have a place to park their cars or at the very least, making sure the venue is a stone’s throw away from public transportation (a valet service, would be a bonus). An accessible and convenient location always wins!

Weather and Date

Did you know that the season and the dates can play a significant role in the achievement of your get-together? While the weather is as unpredictable as Money Heist, you can at least hope for a snug room overlooking a fireplace in the winter and a sunny, warm day for your outdoor party in summer. And don’t forget: If ever your selected location is none other than a charming garden, make sure there’s a plan B (and C, and D…) in case of a downpour! (hopefully, the odds will be in your favour for your big day!)

Talking about the odds, if you want your event to be held on your preferred date, the best thing to do is to book in advance, especially in peak seasons! Yes, yes, I see your question coming… Of course, when should you hire? The answer is as easy as ABC: as soon as possible! Check with your manager about the best booking time and get on it at the earliest, before you run out of places!

However, if you can’t plan your event beforehand, you can check out the last-minute deals offered by some venues (but you shouldn’t really rely on this last option, though…)

Go with the Theme and Make Your Event a Memorable One!

People are used to traditional spaces that look the same (and sometimes monotonous). But you don’t have to be wishy-washy, try something more daring, like being unique? Dare to be quirky and host your event in the most original setting in town with a uniquely oh-so-beautiful decor that will entice your guests to tuck into your party and post about all of it on their Instagram. (#EventOfTheYear).

Choosing a venue will be easier and more specific if your event has already a certain theme or style. The site’s layout must correspond to your function’s theme. If you’re going for a black-tie affair, holding your event in a night club probably isn’t the move (even if it’s perfect in every other way). You may be able to fancy-it-up with your own decorations, but there will also be a ballroom somewhere that’s far more suitable. That is why it’s better to ask questions regarding your desired style and seating arrangement during the search process so you won’t get stuck with an unsuitable venue for your theme in the end.

Handy Bonus Tip

After ticking all boxes on this ultimate checklist, it’s time to identify your go-to person at the venue – Having someone to handle any problems encountered (during the function) will greatly contribute to the success of your event.

Get Up Close and Personal!

Just leave your computer and visit some few venues on your shortlist! Of course, photos offer a vivid picture of the place, but to really understand the space and visualise your event, you’ve got to get up close and personal.

Ask an Expert for Help

Hosting an event and looking for the perfect venue that would suit your needs in the outskirts of Melbourne? Whether you are organising a corporate reception, conference, baby shower, wedding, birthday party or any other gathering, Sandown Regency Function Centre got you covered! This stunning venue will cater for all occasions all through the week.

Many couples want their weddings to be remembered forever, that’s why they decide to make theirs to memorable that they try to get the best wedding planners of the lot. Some want their wedding to be held in churches or at the magistrate or at their home. Well, it is logical that some people would want their wedding to be the talk of the town for some days. Some couples decide to have an indoor wedding and some an outdoor wedding. It is a trend to have an indoor wedding and some people find it to be synonymous to an elegant setup. Well, there are some couples who decide to have an outdoor wedding. By outdoor wedding, it can be either the beach, the forest, vineyards, the local city parks or even a B&B.

Planning an outdoor wedding is somehow difficult as you have a lot to consider for putting the whole plan into action. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, then here are some points to consider before. I’m sure it will help you because I know it will be of help to me. (Yes, I want an outdoor wedding!)

Outdoor weddings are scenic, romantic, and beautiful. If you want to create the perfect outdoor wedding, keep these tips in mind.

Find an Officiant

Some officiants only perform ceremonies in churches or houses of worship. You will have to find someone that will agree to perform your wedding ceremony outside.

Find an Outdoor Wedding Location

You will have to find a location for your outdoor wedding and plan the event around it. You should find a secluded location if you want to prevent distractions and unwanted guests. Some people have their weddings at the park, beach, historic estates, and their own backyard. You will also need a back-up plan if the weather is bad on our wedding day. If the location you choose does not have an indoor facility, you should rent a party tent. In addition, if bathrooms are not available, you should rent port-a-potties.

Wedding set up on beach. Beautiful tropical outdoor wedding party


You will have to make a guest list and purchase invitations for your guests. Many kinds of invitations are available, and you should not have a problem finding some that suit your personal taste and budget. Make sure you tell your guests when and where the event will take place. Let them know that you will be having an outdoor wedding. That way, they will dress appropriately for the occasion. You can also send weather information to guests who are not familiar with the climate.

Flowers and Decorations

You should purchase flowers that can tolerate any kind of weather condition. Sunflowers and lilies are sturdy blooms, and they are ideal for outdoor weddings. You can also use a wedding arch to create a focal point for your ceremony. You can leave the arch as it is or decorate it with ribbon and flowers. Also, you may want to consider choosing a wedding theme and picking out the colors for your event. You can hire a florist to help you with flower decorations.


Outdoor weddings call for simpler menus that can withstand any kind of temperature, and you should avoid dishes that are served cold if you are having your wedding in the summer. Be sure to hire a caterer that has outdoor experience. If you are planning a casual outdoor wedding, you may want to consider serving an outdoor barbecue. If you are having your wedding in a warm environment, you should keep plenty of water and ice around, lemonades, and sodas. You will also have to decide if you want to serve alcoholic beverages. Margaritas, mojitos, sangria, and mint juleps are excellent choices for outdoor weddings. Also, keep in mind that wedding cakes can melt in warm weather, so stay away from ice cream cakes and mousse.


Breezy fabrics are ideal for outdoor weddings, and you should consider what is best suited for the sun, grass, or sand. Lace, silk, and satin are excellent fabric options. If you will be standing on sand or grass, you should keep your hemline short. If you are having your wedding at the beach, you may want to choose flat or wide heels because stilettos can sink into the sand. White tuxedos are excellent choices for outdoor weddings. However, you may want to dress the men in crisp oxfords, sport jackets, or khakis. If they choose to wear tuxedos, they should also get vests because they will look nicer when their jackets are off.

Wedding Favors

Feel free to get creative with your wedding favors. If you are having a beach wedding, you can give your guests bags of seashells or colorful sand bottles. You can also give your guests miniature potted plants. Many kinds of favors are available, so take the time to find the perfect wedding favor.


You can hire a DJ or band to entertain the crowd. However, since you will be having your wedding outside, you can entertain your guests with outdoor games like beach volleyball, croquet and the like. You should also consider renting a sound system with microphones for the officiant, bride, and groom. That way, your guests will have no problem hearing your vows. Your DJ or band can provide you with the equipment.


You will have to decide if you want to hire a photographer for your wedding day. If you want high-quality photos, you should hire a professional for the job. Otherwise, one of your friend’s or a family member can take photos with a digital camera or shoot a video with a camcorder.

Keep in mind that you can create a dream wedding on your own. However, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner or consultant will lift the burden off your shoulders and plan the wedding for you. Keep in mind that with careful planning, you can create the spectacular outdoor wedding that you have always dreamed of.

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You are in the middle of preparing your wedding, you have organised a wedding planning so that you don’t forget anything. Getting married to your loved one will be the most beautiful day of your life; you want it to be unforgettable. For this, the choice of wedding place is decisive.

Where to Rent a Wedding Hall?

Whether your wedding is country, romantic or sumptuous, you will have to get down to work fast to find the right place for your wedding.

The wedding hall must be in harmony with your party and will have to adapt to the style of your wedding. Summerfields Estate & Country House is an event specialist in Melbournes’s south-eastern suburbs. They have multiple event areas, on-site boutique accommodation and vast, open fields which make it the perfect place to celebrate exceptional events.

How Do You Choose Your Wedding Hall?

As a first step, you should start your location scouting at least one year before the wedding date because the most sought-after and high-quality wedding venues are very high in demand.

Choose a location that is suitable for both families and friends, not too far from the church or the town hall so as not to lose half of the guests.

You have identified several places that suit you, all that remains is to make the final choice, do not hesitate to visit the selected rooms and especially the site where the reception will take place, leaving nothing to chance, go through all the practical details with a fine-tooth comb.

Criteria to Take Into Account When Choosing a Wedding Hall

Ask yourself the right questions:

The Wedding Date

First of all, it is essential to determine one or more desired dates. Weddings are most often held from April to September. During this period, wedding halls are in high demand, and it is necessary to book the hall in advance.

To be sure to have a wide choice, it is preferable to choose your date at least one year in advance or to opt for a wedding during the fall or winter season.

The Budget

Renting a hall is one of the most critical parts of the budget in the organisation of a wedding. It is essential to determine a budget to be allocated to the rental of rooms.

Once the budget is determined, it is possible to focus your research and choose among the rooms that best suit your needs.

The Location

It is essential to define the place where the wedding will be celebrated to facilitate the choice of rooms.

For practical reasons, it is preferable to choose a room located close to other places of celebration.

However, it is also often recommended to find one not far from where the bride or groom lives or where their family lives.

Once a region or commune has been defined, the future spouses can choose the one that suits them best from among the proposals.

The Number of Guests:

The choice of a room must take into account the number of guests expected.

Indeed, it is essential to choose a capacity that is neither too small nor too large concerning the number of guests.

But if the guests come from different regions, it may also be preferable to choose a room that offers accommodation, or is located close to hotels.

It will define the size of the room, the number of places available, the type of tables, the layout of the room.

Will the Vin D’ Honneur Take Place in the Same Room?

Think about your wedding table plan. It is preferable that the tables are round for more merriment and not too far from each other as this could lack warmth.

Small, Friendly Spaces Can Also Be a Plus:

You can customise a room specially dedicated to children who can be entrusted to a wedding babysitter and a restroom to relax for the elderly.

Is There Enough Room to Dance?

Make sure you have enough room for your wedding’s entertainment: sound equipment, orchestra, various games.

Other miscellaneous details:

What kitchen equipment is planned and available: stove, refrigerator, sink, freezer…

Are there enough toilets?

Is the hall heated if your wedding takes place in winter?

Is the venue and its surroundings secure?

Is the parking lot large and convenient enough to accommodate all your guests? At what time does the rental end?

Don’t hesitate to ask for information and testimonials from people who have already been married in this location. Ask questions to neighbours if possible and don’t hesitate to ask your friends for advice.

You can also entrust the organisation of your wedding, i.e. the search for the reception hall, to a wedding planner: Summerfields Estate & Country House.

Cost of a Wedding Hall

It is essential to consider your budget when choosing your wedding hall. The cost varies according to the location, the surface area and the equipment provided.

Remember that a deposit allows you to “block” and quickly reserve the reception hall.

Ask how the price of your room is invoiced, what is taken into account in the price:

– The Material (Kitchen Equipment)?

– Are Tables and Chairs Included?

– What About Insurance in Case of an Incident?

Choose a wedding hall adapted to your budget, your needs and your desires.

Finding a wedding hall is one of the priorities in the organisation of a wedding. To do this, you can contact the Summerfields Estate & Country House.

No wedding is complete without the wedding decorations, even if they are simple or extravagant, everyone loves it. Most couple will go for some spin on their wedding venue decor. Depending on your wedding/reception venue, the décor should be similar to your personality, so a bit of yourself should be found in the décor. Along with your attire, the reception décor is one of the best ways to let your guests be mesmerized. The wedding reception should be one thing that everyone will remember. For that, here is a step by step guide for planning your wedding reception!

Step 1

Decide on the location – It is not important that the wedding and the reception should be done all in one day. It can be on two consecutive days to help everyone get the hype of a wedding. The reception location can be a place where you have imagined of having the people you love together. If you want the reception to be a close family affair, then the backyard of your house can be the location, else you can always hire a private venue to organize your reception.

Step 2

Book the caterer and event organizer – The first thing to do is to book the venue, hire the caterer and decide on the basic décor. Be sure to choose a caterer who can adjust to everyone’s taste buds. Nowadays, there is venues that provide their caterer so know well which venue suits your budget. Focus on the smaller details rather than the big ones! If you are in doubt, then do have everything in writing.

Step 3

Designate the seats and tables – Allotting chairs and tables number to your guests should be among one of the priorities that you should include in the planning. Check out the ultimate list of the wedding stationery that is from escort cards/signage, table numbers, and favors tags. Do write all the table and seat cards after all the RSVP are in.

Step 4

Focus on your aesthetics – Choose a reception décor that will remind guests of the wedding, even if they just have been to it. Get ideas from planners or friends who you know are creative. Go for themed reception decors, for example, vintage or floral themes.

Step 5

Do not hesitate to add colors – Add colors as much as you can, yes colors are back, and they are here to stay! Be flexible with mixing warm and deep colors so that it can create the perfect wedding décor.

Get the best wedding decors from the best that is Covers Couture Decor & Floral Design in Toronto, ON. Their stylish and luxurious event furnishings and decors will surely accentuate your wedding or reception or any other event.

Finally, the much-awaited proposal is made, and you couldn’t be happier. Well, not to be a spoilsport you have to plan the wedding, and it’s better to start with choosing the wedding venue. One of the most important questions to ask is, where will the wedding be held. Several questions cropping your head when planning the wedding, well to ease it out, here are ten steps to choose the perfect wedding venue. And I’m sure; it will be of help!

1. Set the date – The first thing is to have a date in mind when you are planning the wedding. You may already have an idea of when you want to get married, the date might be special to you or your fiance, or you might have a themed wedding that is according to the time and season of the year. If you don’t have a preference, then it will be flexible to move your date if there’s any other event on your selected date at your preferred location. One tip to remember is that be flexible on your dates as it will be easier to find greater venues and suppliers.

2. Determine your guest list – It is much easier to pick a destination for your wedding than choosing whom to invite and whom not to invite. Well, it has to be done, and the best way to do it is to cut out people with whom you have not been in touch for the last ten years. Consider if you have a large wedding party, then the location will be much higher in terms of price and quite far in terms of the site. If you are having an Indian wedding, then do expect a considerable number of guests as weddings are a huge affair!

3. Set a budget – As one of the first steps in the planning of your wedding, setting a budget is the most important. You will need to consider how much you are going to set aside to use for the wedding and how much you are going to use for other expenses. It is better to know how much your total budget is and how much will the design cost. This way, the tension of controlling the money will be lesser.

4. Choose a venue that suits your theme – I know every couple is unique, and their taste does differ a lot. When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, you both can make a difference in terms of where and if it suits your personality and your theme. If you have a beach theme and you end up having the wedding in the forest, then it is a big pileup. So decide right on the where in accordance with the theme!

5. Focus on the location – If you want to have a destination wedding, then be sure that the marriage is held in a place where you can accommodate all your guests, relatives, and other wedding-related people. Ask yourself all the needed questions of how is it accessible for everyone and how big it is to accommodate everyone. If you happen to choose a location that is quite far and unknown to most of your relatives, then do have a map planned out on the wedding invitation card.

6. Is in-house catering facility offered? – Do ask the owners if the location offers in-house catering facility so that you don’t need to hire a caterer separately. If you plan to serve a full four-course dinner or have a buffet, then it is better that you look for a wedding venue that has an in-house catering service.

7. Choose a venue with accessible parking facility – One of the topmost priorities for a wedding is parking. A lot of people will travel to the wedding; it is better to choose a venue where you have sufficient parking. Do ask the owners if there is adequate parking for every guest. If there’s not enough parking, then do find somewhere that will be easy for your guests to park their vehicles. For safety precautions, you can hire independent valet services so that your guests do not need to walk a long distance in wee hours.

8. Accommodation for the guests and yourself – If you are traveling distances to have the wedding, then find a place that offers accommodation facilities for everyone from the wedding party. As you and your guests will be partying at the reception, it is suitable to have overnight accommodation. It should be on your list when choosing your wedding venue as well as a bridal suite is a must when you are making the decision. Having lodging will save you unnecessary time to travel, which means that you will have more time to spend with your favorite people on your big day.

9. Packages – Look for places that offer packages for weddings and other occasions as some venues that do not provide full service. Find venues that offer such packages as it will be easier to adjust in your budget.

10. Lights and sound curfew time – As one of the least important things, the light and sound curfew time should be taken into consideration when choosing the venue. Decide on a place where everything is soundproof, and there will be ample time to enjoy your wedding day.

If you are looking for such a place, then get in touch with Sand Castle in Long Island, NY. They are the perfect straight-out-of-a-movie wedding venue.

Finally! You’re engaged! Yay! Congrats! Now that you’ve had time to show your ring off on your Instagram account and to just about everyone around you, it’s time to focus on the nitty-gritty details of wedding planning. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent years dreaming of your wedding day and maybe had a look at wedding dresses or sneaked a peek at the perfect hairstyle in preparation for this moment. And we totally get it!

But… We hate having to mention a but… but there’s no way around it – finding the perfect place to hold the wedding can be seriously complicated. Much like finding the wedding dress, choosing the wedding venue will undoubtedly be one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. The venue will determine the number of guests you can invite and will set the scene for the whole day. You need to pick a venue that is perfect for the style and theme of wedding you want to go for. You’ll need to find and book both a venue for the ceremony and a venue for the reception and other after-dinner entertainment.  On top of that, you need to ensure that you book your dream venue in time, not only to avoid it being snagged by someone else but also to make it easier to begin the planning process.

From taking into account seating capacity to room hire costs, catering options, there’s simply too much to consider for just one part of the wedding! But don’t panic! We are here to answer that big question: how do I choose a wedding venue? We’ve put together a list of tips, so you’re totally clued up on where to start and so you’re ahead of the game. Trust us, we’ve been there, and we know how to help.

Below is a list of five tried-and-tested tips to help you find the ideal wedding venue:

1. Setting a tentative budget

Despite your best efforts and despite the most detailed planning, wedding budgets have a tendency to stretch. We’ve been there. All the good intentions in the world cannot stop budget blow-out from happening. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set a budget and try to stick to it. Having a budget will at least help you shorten your list of potential venues and pick the style you’ll go for.

Many venues have fantastic winter wedding offers that could save you thousands of pounds.  So, could booking out of season do.

2. Decide where you want to get married

Narrow down the regions that you want to get married to simplify the venue. You’ll also need to see if your guests have to travel a long way to celebrate with you. If they are, you’ll have to check for the availability of accommodation by looking for major events. If there are events planned there might be a shortage of beds for visitors. You would want to avoid those dates.

Additionally, the more remote you are, the smaller the pool of local wedding vendors to choose from will be. Wedding vendors include bands, florists, etc.

3. Use technology smartly

Use the right keywords on Google to find the perfect venue you’ve been dreaming of. Try to enter a region name and the word ‘wedding’ into Google and look at the images. You may find normally hard-to-find, but jaw-droppingly beautiful, venues this way.

Make the most of Pinterest by creating a ‘Wedding’ board and start searching for inspiration. You might stumble over something you may like or a theme that may be perfect for the venue you are considering.

4. Work with local wedding vendors

If you have your heart set on a potential venue, check if they work with a preferred caterer only or if you’re allowed to work with your own caterer and vendors of choice. You also want to check if you can style the venue space according to your taste or if you have to keep their decorations.

Talk to some of the local wedding vendors – With all the experience they have, they might be able to suggest a few things about the theme or style. See with your caterer if you can BYO alcohol or if you need to purchase it through the vendor. You don’t want any additional unplanned expenses as your special day draws near.

5. Schedule a viewing appointment

You’ll most likely visit different venues before settling on one. And if you don’t prepare for it properly, you might end up not remembering much of what you saw. There are two ways of preparing for it. Start by finding other weddings that were held at that venue. You want to see the venue through the eyes of a guest. Secondly, take photos of each venue you visit. You can’t rely on your memory to remember every one of these venues. Not when it’s for such an important event.

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