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It can be stressful when it comes to choosing whether you will rent or buy a crane for your business, especially if you are on a tight budget. Buying a crane is an engagement or else its your loss, you are choosing to maintain and store a crane, which is not the easiest job. We will list the main reasons why you will want to rent a crane rather than to buy one for your next project…

Top Reasons To Rent Crane
Top Reasons To Rent Crane


If a business will use a crane for years, it makes sense that they want to buy one, but it is a waste of money for a company that will use it only once. Even if you will need it three or four times, renting is the way to go because it will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Renting a crane is not cheap, but you must consider that when you buy a crane, this is not the only expense you will have to do; there is a lot of maintenance, repairs, and training cost that you will have to undertake.

Cost Of Insurance

Renting a crane places the stress of insurance fees on the crane services company instead. If you rent the crane, you will not have to spend on an insurance premium. If a premium is required, it will only be for the term of the rental. The stress of getting the crane on the site will be off you, and the rental company will undertake many other details.


Not everyone has a crane operator working for their business, and it is normal. Some crane rental businesses allow you to rent an operator. You won’t need to provide training or waste money during the hiring process. You will have a fully-trained operator that has various years of experience. This will ensure your safety and the smooth running of the project.


Another advantage of renting a crane is that you can have a flexible lease. If you think you’ll need the crane for a longer amount of time, you can prolong the lease. If you need a crane for a few jobs, there’s no reason not to hire one. If you encounter new problems in your profession, you can also upgrade your crane. Professional crane rental businesses can handle all of your requirements, ensuring that your operation does not come to a halt. You merely need to inform the company you’re dealing with about your requirements, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Choose The Correct Equipment
Choose The Correct Equipment

Correct Equipment

Different cranes are required for different operations, and if you don’t have a full fleet of construction cranes, you may find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the correct crane for the job. Working with a crane rental firm gives you access to a variety of cranes, including mobile cranes, tower cranes, rough terrain cranes, boom trucks, and deck cranes, among others. As a result, when you work with a crane rental firm, you can rest assured that you’ll obtain the correct crane for the job rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Another key benefit of employing the appropriate specialized equipment is the reduced chance of employee injury and accidents, both of which can result in downtime. There are also fewer chances of major malfunctions and safety breaches when cranes on every construction site are enrolled in an automated maintenance and repair program.

These are just a few of the numerous advantages of working with a crane rental firm. Contact Casey Crane Hire, the premier mobile crane company in VIC. Operated by professionals with a long history and experience, they are focused on getting the job done and exceeding expectations using cutting-edge equipment.

Skip bins can be quite useful, especially if you are getting rid of a significant amount of waste. A common misconception about this waste solution is that people can only use it in the commercial and industrial sectors. The fact is that there are mini skip bins that can be used for smaller projects, such as renovating premises or spring cleaning.
Remember that if you don’t have an efficient way of dealing with waste, it can pile up quickly. So make sure you book a skip bin hire service before you start your project. By doing so, you can reap the following benefits:

Gather All Clutter in One Area

If your workspace is messy and cluttered, it can be uncomfortable and difficult to get work done. You can take some of the burden off your project by renting a suitable skip bin for the amount of waste you need to throw away. You can place the bin in an easily accessible location and put all the rubbish in it. You can also put different types of waste in the bin, from old items to renovation junk. That way, there’s no rubbish lying around your project space.

Efficient Waste Removal Solution

As well as saving you money, renting skip bins also saves you energy and time that you can use for other tasks. One of the ways you can get rid of waste is to take it to the landfill yourself. If you live in an urban area, the waste disposal site is likely to be far away. This may require you to make several trips or spend money on renting a suitable vehicle or equipment.

Keep Your Project Site Safe

Skip Bin
Skip Bin

Whether you are tackling a commercial or residential building project, keeping the site safe for workers and visitors is vital as you would still produce a significant amount of waste. When pieces of glass, metal or cement are left lying around, they can be hazardous for people. With a skip bin hire, you can store away the waste and prevent accidents.

Safely Get Rid of Waste

You are putting yourself at risk of getting injured or harmed when you opt to take your rubbish to the landfill yourself. You will be dealing with hazardous waste materials, including rusty tin cans, broken glass or bulky furniture. When you book a skip bin hire, you can leave the whole waste removal process in the hands of a professional. At Empire Bins, they have a team of experienced professionals who use appropriate waste removal techniques. You can ensure that your rubbish will be handled in a hygienic, efficient and professional manner.

Dispose of Waste the Eco-Friendly Way

Skip Bin
Skip Bin

Even if you are just handling a small project, it is still your responsibility to ensure that your waste will be appropriately disposed of. Practicing safe and responsible waste management is beneficial not only to your welfare but also to the environment. When you hire a skip bin, your waste will be sent to a licensed sorting facility. It will be salvaged for redistribution, recycling or re-use. In this way, your trash won’t simply end up in the landfill.

Various Skip Bin Sizes to Choose From

It would be unwise to underestimate the logistical requirements of your project. Keep in mind that the rubbish generated even by a small project can vary in size. The good news is you will be able to choose from a range of skip bin sizes. You can hire skip bins even if you simply need to take out old furniture and unwanted items. No matter the amount of junk you need to get rid of, there’s undoubtedly a suitable skip bin for it.
Even if you’re only handling a small project, you can still generate a lot of waste. At Empire Bins, they offer skip bins with
a wide range of load capacities. Their team will be more than happy to help you choose the suitable skip bin size for your needs.

According to the law, industrial and chemical workplaces are expected to take all the necessary precautions and the installation of safety showers and eyewash stations are highly recommended. But, even though some establishments meet this requirement, others don’t. Today, let’s discover some of the common causes for emergency shower and eyewash non-compliance.

1. Insufficient Water Flow

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Did you know that with not enough water flow, the safety shower and eye face cannot be considered efficient and usable? Reason why? Well, because they would not be able to supply adequate flushing capabilities to a user with chemicals or harmful substances on their body. For example, an improperly maintained safety shower will not be able to provide 20 gallons per minute while a faulty eyewash cannot provide 3 gallons per minute for 15 consecutive minutes.

This is why it is recommended to get all emergency safety showers and eyewash stations tested by the National Concrete Scanning and Coring.

2. Injurious Water Pressure

Eyewash, Accident, Hand Shower

What does it mean? Simple: the water pressure is too high.

Sometimes, when the pressure in the supply line exceeds 90 pounds per square inch (PSI), then it results in the emergency washing units to forcefully shoot water like a typical pressure washer. And, of course, this can severely damage a person’s eyes.

3. Improperly Maintained or Missing Dust Covers

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Dust covers that fit over the top of the eyewash heads are essential as without them, the nozzles or outlets are exposed to airborne contaminants and debris that can consequently make their way into an individual’s eyes and cause infections and other serious injuries.

4. Do Not Provide Tepid Water

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Since 2004, the ANSI Standard implemented the tepid water requirement. However, even though all safety showers and eyewashes must supply tepid water in between 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit or 16-38 degrees Celsius, there are many units that fail to comply with this requirement.

5. Flow Pattern Issues

30 things to know about emergency showers & eyewash stations | 2018-08-01 |  ISHN

The following includes when the pattern of water coming out of the shower or eyewash heads is considered not consistent:

  • When safety showers do not have a column of water 20 inches (50.8 cm) wide at 60 inches (152.4 cm) above the surface floor.)
  • When eyewash stations are not 33 to 53 inches (83.8 cm – 134.6 cm) from the surface floor of user and a minimum of 6 inches (15.3 cm). This means that the eyewash is not able to provide flushing fluid to both eyes simultaneously.

If you are wondering what impact can these flow pattern issues cause, let me tell you that a person who has been exposed to a chemical hazard will not be able to receive the effective water stream and pressure that is required for proper first aid treatment.

6. Lack of Proper Signage on the Equipment or Lack of Acceptable Lighting

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Even if this does not affect the unit’s ability to perform or the victim’s condition, trust me, an eyewash or safety shower station, not installed and positioned in a location that is well lit and free from obstruction on the ground, can be tagged for non-compliance.

In addition, the one element that plays a huge role in the effectiveness of these systems is their accessibility. However, if people are unable to find the emergency units, then the consequences can be life-threatening. Signs and labels are extremely important as, for example, in an industrial building, it is difficult to spot eyewash units among all the other piping and machinery.

7. Inoperable Valves

Valve, Pipes, Industry, Industrial, Pipeline

Here, either the mixing valves that are used to provide lukewarm water are not working correctly or the activation valve is completely broken (and you cannot turn on the shower at all).

8. Inadequate Testing Frequency

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As per the ANSI Z358.1, if you are not activating your safety showers or eyewash stations at least once a week for inspection, then this could get you into trouble.

Firstly, the water that stays too long in the pipes can acquire a build-up of bacteria and dirt. As a result, the water the comes out will most likely pose a threat to the user. Moreover, think about how with time, the valves can rust and the pipes can freeze, ultimately affecting water flow.

If you think your emergency units are at risk for non-compliance, contact National Concrete Scanning and Coring immediately!

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