How to Accelerate Facial Hair Growth

Facial Hair Growth


Food supplements for beard growth acceleration

Composition of facial hair stimulators

Effectiveness of beard growth boosters

Pricing of beard growth enhancers

The beard is at the forefront of fashion after a lengthy absence. With it comes not only the revival of the charmingly vintage barbering profession but also top sales of beard growth enhancers. Here’s an update on facial hair boosters.

Beard growth activators: food supplements

Facial Hair Growth

What could be more depressing than deciding not to shave anymore, patiently letting your facial hair grow in the expectation of seeing a beautiful, full beard in the next month without anything happening? Despite desperate efforts, just a few scattered hairs on the chin and barely any fuzz on the cheeks, or worse, sparse areas, despite frantic efforts… In desperation, we turn to these products with multiple promises, thinking that maybe…

Beard growth food supplements are, in fact, vitamins. They claim to be natural, healthy, and organic. They also claim to be selective and strengthen hair growth only on the beard.

In practice, there is no such thing as a selective food supplement. If they assure to reinforce the pilosity, it is the hairiness as a whole that will be increased:

    – the facial hair, thus also the eyebrows;

    – body hair;

    – and also the hair.

In concrete terms, the composition of these food supplements is strictly identical to those of hair supplements.

Composition of facial hair boosters

These products are often presented in the form of capsules but also exist in cream. They contain:

    – MSN, which is a compound of sulfur;

    – B vitamins, such as vitamin B8 or biotin;

    – Cysteine, an amino acid that accelerates hair growth;

    – Trace elements such as copper and iron;

    – antioxidants such as vitamin E.  

All of these compounds are found in the diet. If you insist on taking capsules, these vitamin complexes can’t hurt, but they are only effective if the body lacks them. Also, they can be harmful if consumed in excess.

Effectiveness of beard growth improvers

Facial Hair Growth

Food supplements cannot create hair. In other words, if there are few or no hair bulbs, dietary supplements will not make new ones appear. The solution may be to wait a little longer for the beard to grow. Some people have a nice beard at 18, others at 25, depending on their hair system.  

On the other hand, if you lack some of these elements, the existing hairs may be able to strengthen. But the best solution for supporting hair, the truly infallible one, is precisely… shaving. The more you shave, the more hair gets stronger, thicker, and pigmented. It’s fast, it’s natural, and it’s free.

In short, do beard growth supplements work?

YES. The appropriate elements in your beard oil, vitamins, and other products will increase the way your hair follicles grow dramatically.

Beard growth enhancers: price

Beard growth products cost between $20 and $35 per box. It is recommended to take them in a 3 or 4 months cure.

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