4 Steps for a Classic Barber Shave

Barber Shave


– Focus on the classic shave

– Step 1: Prepare your skin

– Step 2: Apply shaving cream

– Step 3: Shave

– Step 4: Finish with the aftershave

More and more barbershops are popping up. The old-fashioned shave is back in style! It’s not a simple shave, and you’ll need to prepare and pamper your skin before and after. It won’t take you any more time, but you will need the right tools, products, and techniques. The investment is worth it! Here’s how to do a classic shave.

Focus on the classic shave

Barber Shave

Before getting started, you’ll need the right equipment. This may have a high financial cost at the beginning, but it will be profitable later. You will find everything you need in supermarkets or perfumeries:

– a safety razor or a barber’s blade;

– a shaving soap;

– a shaving bowl;

– an alcohol-free aftershave lotion or cream or barber alum stone.

For the safety razor, there are two handle sizes. Take the one that fits your hand trimming. This will give you a better grip on the razor.

You can choose between different razor heads:

– for beginners, the straight head will be the most suitable: the safety bar stretches the skin before the blade passes and prepares the hair to be cut:

– for the more experienced, opt for an adjustable head: this razor adapts and allows a change of angle according to the hardness of the hair.

For the vintage home razor, choose a rounded blade. It is the easiest to find and straightforward to use – plug into your safety razor, and you are good to go.

1. Prepare your skin

It is essential to prepare your skin before shaving. A razor blade attacks the skin. It is, therefore, necessary to soften the hair and protect it. Taking a shower beforehand will dilate the pores and soften the hair. It is better to shave right after: it is the best time.

If this is not possible, do as the barbers do in the salon:

– wet a towel with hot water and put it in the microwave for a few seconds;

– Put it on your face and leave it on for a few minutes.

2. Apply shaving cream

Use a shaving brush made of natural hair, which is gentler on the skin, and a solid bar of shaving cream and a shaving bowl often sold with the soap.

After preparing your skin for shaving, apply traditional shaving cream:

– run the bristles of your shaving brush under warm water;

– once it is soaked with water, make circular movements on the soap to make the foam rise: you will obtain a smooth foam after a few seconds;

– Using the shaving brush, generously apply the foamed cream to the areas of the face to be shaved.

3. Proceed with the shave

Forget your multi-blade razor and switch to a safety razor or a barber’s knife for the more experienced.

For an effective and precise shave, you’ll need to do two things.

– Shave your hair in the direction it grows. Let the weight of the razor slide over your skin. This will allow you to remove as much hair as possible in the first step. The result will not be perfect, and this is normal. This is only the first step. If you do it with a straight razor, tighten your skin. The tighter it is, the more you will avoid cuts. Angle your razor blade at 30 degrees throughout the shave.

– Reapply shaving cream with the shaving brush as before.

– Make a second pass with the razor, but this time in the opposite direction of hair growth. This second pass will allow you to get as close to the skin as possible to remove the remaining hair.

– Rinse your face with warm water.

4. Finalize with aftershave

Don’t neglect this step. After shaving, your skin feels stressed and needs care.

Take an alum stone to heal and stop any bleeding.

You will need to soothe and moisturize your skin to prevent it from being tight. Choose a cream or balm texture for your aftershave if you have dry skin. If your skin is combination or oily, choose a lotion. Take it without alcohol.

– Place a warm, wet towel over the area that has just been shaved.

– Leave on for 3 minutes to open the pores of the skin.

– Wet the alum stone, slide it over the shaved area. This will tighten the pores and prevent irritation or bleeding. Insist if there is bleeding.

– Moisturize with aftershave.

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