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If you’re still thinking long and hard about entering the $61.5 billion catering market, you should think again. Catering can drive strong business results, and online ordering, in particular, can turbocharge your entry into catering.

How? Well, according to recent research, one-third of catering customers place their orders online and more customers are expected to follow. As you can see, if your catering company doesn’t offer online ordering, you’re missing out on a third of your potential market. Think about how that can add up over time.

If you don’t have online ordering for your catering business, it’s a good moment to pause and consider its benefits. Here are some of them:

Reach and Retain More Catering Customers

In our current climate of busy work schedules, catering customers expect businesses to make it easy to place last-minute orders. Regardless of how you feel about that, most business catering orders are placed at the last minute: 38 percent are ordered just hours before they’re needed, and 69 percent need to be filled within a day. Today’s catering customers don’t have time to fill out an order form and wait 24 hours for a reply. And they don’t want to hear “please hold.” To meet your customers’ needs, your restaurant needs the flexibility and instant transactions of online ordering. With online ordering, your business has a better chance to compete.

Save Time and Money on Restaurant Labour

When you power your catering business with online ordering, your employees spend less time walking away from their main duties to answer the phone. Because catering orders are more complicated than takeout, your employees can spend a lot of time on the phone taking down those orders. This isn’t good for restaurants, which rely on highly efficient staff. But with the help of online ordering, you can improve your employees’ efficiency and cut down on labour costs.

Improve Order Accuracy

A lot of details get lost in translation with phone orders. But when you offer online ordering, customers can manage and adjust their catering orders easily, which can reduce errors. Plus, restaurants can avoid the heated “he said, she said” exchange and check the system if there’s a difference of opinion. In the long run, this can save time, money, and headaches.

Prevent Common Mistakes

For some customers, scheduling a catering order can get quite complicated, especially when dealing with large group orders, dietary restrictions, and budgets. Unless you have well-trained staff members who can answer all their questions, a lot can fall through the cracks. When catering customers make a mistake, this can be frustrating for both sides. Fortunately, some online platforms are specifically designed to support customers in the complicated aspects of ordering catering. For instance, some online platforms feature automated calculators, menu labels and fields to make customization easy. Plus, at checkout, the website will remind customers if there’s too much food in their carts—or not enough—so that things go smoothly.

Improve Your Customers’ Ordering Experience

Online ordering contributes to a great customer experience, with features like 24/7 customer service and digital support. It can strengthen customer affinity with your brand and build customer loyalty, too. Whether you choose to work with a third-party vendor or hire an agency to build an in-house ordering system, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, look at other features of the system: Does it offer behind-the-scenes customer support, which may help encourage customers to place orders on your website? Are there other added features like rewards points? Customers love that sort of stuff. In the end, a better experience can help you build loyalty and sales.

Capture Data

Data solves a lot of mysteries, like who your catering customers are and what they prefer to order. In knowing this, you can enhance the customer experience, improve your marketing strategy and bolster sales. If you want to leverage data this way, online ordering systems allow you to capture and store your customers’ email addresses, phone numbers, order preferences, and more. Use this information to market directly to your customers through email and text, based on what they frequently order. You can even use data to craft and deliver a personalized customer experience, which pays off in the medium and long term.

Despite these incredible benefits, not every restaurant that could use online ordering does. So, consider moving your catering order system online. Your customers will love you for it. If you’re interested in a third-party platform to give your catering business a competitive advantage, learn more about Deliver by Linkeo today.

When we talk about events or parties, one of the first things that come to mind is food. In many cases, if the party is small or with few guests, you can take care of the food, but if it is a larger event such as a corporate one, hiring a catering service is the best option.

Why? Think of all the work you can save with a catering service. It is one thing to prepare food for twenty or thirty people, and it is quite another thing to organize a delectable menu for more than fifty people, not to mention the organization, setups, tables, chairs, plates, cutlery, etc. that you will have to provide!

Before deciding, think about the type of event and the number of guests who will attend. How you manage your budget and how you want to use it depends on it. Remember that the event’s goal is that both you and your guests enjoy it to the fullest and create a memorable experience.

If you are still in doubt why hiring a catering service is the best idea, here are five reasons why you should do it:

1) Comfort

When you hire a catering service, your job is to manage it so that everything is as you want it to be. In other words, tell them what you have in mind for the meetings, the decoration, the choice of the menu you wish to for your guests, etc. Taking care of the catering for the event is a big responsibility, but hiring a reliable catering service will take a big load off your shoulders. This gives you time in case you have other tasks to do besides the menu and the meeting.

2) Specialized Chefs

The catering service you hire must have specialized chefs. The success of your menu at the event depends on them. If you are looking for a truly delicious experience, you need to pay attention to this.

Most people always include the same dishes in their events. You have probably already tried the same soup or cream at least four or five events you have attended. This will not help you create experiences; it is the usual thing; what you need to do is choose different dishes. A specialized cook can create original dishes to make an occasion that will not be forgotten. Wouldn’t you like your event to be remembered positively?

3) Variety of Dishes

The selection of dishes is an excellent experience if you have not yet decided. The company responsible for the catering service will usually offer a wide range of options for the menu, and you can choose the ones you like best. If you already have a menu in mind, you can discuss it with them, so they know how to prepare it.

Once you’re done with this, the final test comes, the tasting. You can ask for a taste test to ensure that each dish will please your guests. This is perhaps the best part, so go on an empty stomach if you are undecided between the different options.

4) Experienced Staff

There may be certain events that can overshadow your guests’ experience at any party or celebration. For example, it may rain if your event takes place outdoors. If you hire an experienced catering service, the staff will make sure that all these types of disturbances are avoided or even eliminated at the right time.

Now that you know the reasons why you should hire a catering service to enjoy your event, Sarah Brown Catering gives you an additional reason to see for yourself! Whether you’re planning a conference, sales meeting, seminar, or any other function, Sarah Brown Catering can provide everything from the mouth-watering and beautifully presented menu, bar, service, and overall event management. Contact them for more information!

A wedding is a unique occasion that every person wishes to be successful. To avoid stress-related to planning a wedding, many people turn to professional services to help with the preparations. For instance, several people consider entrusting food preparation to a catering service. Here are some of the numerous benefits that you can experience by hiring a catering service for your magical day.

1) Quality Services

Seeking the help of a caterer to prepare and serve your wedding meals guarantees quality on various levels. First and foremost, caterers are professional service providers who catered to a significant number of weddings in the past and will be catering for many more in the future. They are familiar with these functions and have a thorough knowledge of what is required and how to manage guests’ presence. Their excellent service will amaze you. Whether it be the transportation of dishes, storage, reheating the meals, these are small details that we don’t usually think about when one is not a chef.

2) Unique Expertise

While you may be a fabulous cook, crafting scrumptious dishes for hundreds of people can quickly turn into an impossible task. It would require planning a large amount of ingredients, devoting endless hours to the culinary preparation, along with spacious areas to cook and store your dishes. Caterers are dedicated culinary experts who have perfected the art of cooking to satisfy your guests’ taste buds. They can offer a restaurant worthy meal, which is almost impossible to achieve on your own. They know where to source the best products and prepare a varied selection of dishes in large quantities.

3) A Personalized Menu

With a catering service, you won’t have to spend days or even weeks thinking about what kind of food would please your guests. From hot to cold buffets to brunches and cocktails, a catering team can help decide the perfect and affordable meal for your special day. For instance, some caterers can prepare delicious appetizers with your initials or your image. This will enchant your guests and make an awesome souvenir of the occasion.

4) Budget-Friendly

This may sound a little bit counter-intuitive, but it’s the truth. If you review the price list of a catering service and add up all the guests you expect, you will probably start thinking that the overall price is quite expensive. Yes, arranging an event in itself is costly, and the cost rises following the number of attendees.

It might seem cheaper to prepare the food yourself, but what about the preparation of the food? How much time do you have to spend on it? Is there anyone to help you? Do you have all the necessary pots and pans? How about the spices needed to give a better taste? Have you got all the plates? From where are you going to get them? Will you have enough for all your guests? How are you going to keep everything warm? And most importantly, who will serve them?

So many questions! Well, the caterers got the answers! They are experts and understand how wedding functions. Caterers can provide their plates along with their staff, who will see to it that your dishes always stay full. In fact, they can also prepare the food in advance or on-site to make everything as fresh and tasty as possible.

The date is fixed, the place of reception found, and now you have to choose your wedding caterer. If you want a reliable and unparalleled catering service, Sarah Brown Catering is ideal for you. They offer catering services for weddings, corporate events, and more in NYC, Nassau, and Suffolk County. Contact them to design the perfect menu for your event!

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