Infant Milk Until What Age?

Infant Milk Until What Age


  • Infant milk: important supplements for baby

  • Not practical and expensive, infant milk?

  • At what age should I introduce other dairy products?

From birth or at the end of breastfeeding, a baby consumes infant milk. Until what age is it necessary for him? When can we give him a classic cow’s milk?

Answers now.

Infant milk: important supplements for baby

Which milk at which age?

Clearly, you wouldn’t think of giving conventional cow’s milk to a 6-month-old baby. His digestive system is not mature enough to handle it. Serious health problems could occur.

But, from 6 months onwards, baby’s diet becomes more diverse. Wouldn’t he be old enough to drink the same milk as the rest of the family? Not at all! It is because baby’s diet is diversifying that he can now suffer from deficiencies.

Up to one year of age, adopt a follow-on milk, also known as stage 2 milk. This provides baby with all the nutrients he might lack in purees and other compotes.

When baby is 1 year old, he can switch to growth milk. This product is quite recent. It should be preferred to classic cow’s milk until the child is three years old, again for nutritional reasons. It is notably very rich in iron.

Nutrient content of infant formulas

Infant Milk Until What Age

Conventional cow’s milk does not meet the needs of children in:

  • calcium (bone growth);

  • proteins (tissue growth);

  • vegetable fats (brain maturation and digestion);

  • iron (energy, immune system).

Infant formulas, adapted to the age of the child, allow for rebalancing his diet.

Not practical and expensive infant milk

Infant milk is more expensive than cow’s milk. However, giving growing-up milk to your child means spending an extra €9 per month on average. A very negligible amount in terms of the child’s health!

As for the lack of practicality of powdered milk, it is now compensated by the existence of ready-to-use bottles of stage 1 and stage 2 milk. Some are even flavored and packaged for single use (250 mL). Ideal to go on the road with your snack on hand!

At what age should I introduce other dairy products?

Up to one year of age, babies should drink 500 mL of infant formula per day.

In addition, he can consume other dairy products:

  • from 6 months, are introduced yogurts;

  • from 8 months on, cheeses, etc.

There are baby formulas made with milk or growth milk. However, the 500 mL of milk your child consumes in a bottle is enough to cover his daily needs.

In agreement with your doctor, you can therefore give your child milk for adults.

Good to know: it is possible to put in the baby’s purée a little classic milk or cream. Grated cheese will also be appreciated!

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