So I was watching a video on YouTube today, and the anchors made a toast and one of them told the other one to make eye contact when doing so. It surprised me a bit as I am also accustomed to this way of making a toast. Well, I guess we’ve all been there! If you are thinking of how this thing originated, then here it goes. “Augenkontakt” is a German word that translates to “eye contact,” and can sometimes be heard in the presence of German speakers right around the time when glasses are being raised for a toast. Some believe a form of toasting has been around since ancient times when sacrificial libations were offered to the gods. While others say it began by clinking the glasses together so that each drink would spill into the other, easing the fears of poisoning. One of the most popular stories was from the 17th century when it was customary to flavor drinks with toast, hence the origination of the term “toasting.”

I don’t know which story is true, but the custom of toasting is now a universal thing, done in so many different languages – Cheers! Prost! Salud! L’chaim! Toasting is a similar practice involving a drink, a clink of glasses, and a proclamation, however, some cultures have added their twists to the tradition. So what are the different customs that take the toast to another level, well read on to know more!

Toasting with paper wishes in your glasses – There are many superstitions people abide by to make their wishes come true, like silently wishing every time the clock chimes in 11.11 (I’ve done it many times). In Spain and Mexico, during the new year, they eat 12 grapes representing 12 wishes during the final countdown to midnight. Well, in Russia and Ukraine, they wash down their wishes in a champagne toast. On New Year’s eve, they write their wishes for the coming year on a piece of paper and the stroke of midnight, they burn the paper, drop the ashes in a glass of bubbly, and take a big gulp of their hopes and dreams that will supposedly come true in the next 365 days.

A toasting curse – Clinking glasses with water is looked down upon in many cultures as it is believed to bring bad luck or even death upon the recipient, and in some cases, death upon yourself. Did you know that the US military forbids it with Naval folklore claiming that a toast with water will lead to death by drowning? In Spain, toasting with water or any non-alcoholic drink, for that matter, can result in a different kind of misfortune: seven years of bad sex. I would go for an alcoholic beverage for a toast, just saying! Well, that’s not all; in France and Germany, all it takes is breaking eye contact during a toast to ruin bedroom activities for seven long years, and the same fall upon the Czech Republic, so it is not that simple to avoid.

Toasting is a rigorous process where you need to individually toast to the health of each person at the table by saying, “na zdravy!” before taking your first sip. It is important that you look at the other person’s in the eye while toasting and maintain it until the toast is completed. One, don’t spill from your drink, which can be tough when you’re not allowed an initial sip, and two, do not under any circumstances allow your arm to cross over with someone else’s while toasting. That’s what will supposedly trigger the curse on your sex life. Lastly, it would be best if you touched your glass to the table before finally taking a drink. While we’re not sure of the consequence of the final step, we would instead not test the waters to find out.

Toasting until your arm falls off, you pass out, or both – Before heading to Georgia, you might consider doing some biceps curls where the Tamada – the toastmaster, often referred to as “the dictator of the table” – will lead guests in sometimes as many as 30 toasts in a feast called a supra. The toast usually starts traditionally to friends and family both dead and alive, as the alcohol continues to flow, you can imagine the toasts may get a little off course. The Tamada is required to have an iron liver as he must empty his glass with each toast. Also, it is shameful for him to get drunk! Well, that’s something more difficult than we thought. POINT TO REMEMBER – NEVER TOAST WITH BEER IN GEORGIA!

Toasting with insults – It is popular for a group of friends in Australia – mates – to call out insults as they raise their glasses in a toast, and a similar response often follows it. There is not much meaning or any historical significance behind the phrases except that it is funny and it rhymes. It is not necessary to be insulted, and it is not taken as an offense as it is said with a tone of affection.

Toasting with some extra sparkle – In Mexico, there are a lot of unique New Year’s Eve traditions, and one is the addition of a little extra shimmer to their sparkling toasts at midnight. It is believed that if you drop a gold ring at the bottom of your glass before shouting “Salud!” it will guarantee good fortune in the coming year. So if you are planning to attempt this, be cautious of two things: 1. Don’t swallow the ring when you take the drink, and 2. Make sure you don’t do this around a potential partner as it could backfire. Otherwise, bottoms up!

If you own a well-anchored business or a startup, you are probably familiar to online marketing or wish to know more about it. In our current era, our lifestyle is almost inseparable from online activities. Almost all milieus and all professions need access to the Internet for the smooth running of their business activities. Businesses need the Internet or online access to maintain their market share and target new customers as internet users are always looking for various information throughout the web. Any information they need is almost available; hence online-marketing is very appropriate as it can attract consumers with a variety of information provided on the business website. Information made can be in the form of articles or text, videos, images or even certain research results.

Let’s have a look at the different ways in which the Internet can help you to expand your business.

Visual marketing and better branding

It is a fact that an image speaks far more than a lengthy text. A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual marketing strategy creates and brings forth images representing the products that consumers are seeking. You will have the opportunity to develop more consistent branding- From displaying your name, logo, and slogan across social media platforms to create a website with professional graphics, the Internet bridges the branding gap for large brands and small businesses alike. 

Global reach

There is no traveling and no extra investment while you can access millions of clients worldwide. For example, mobile marketing is a marketing strategy that reaches customers who use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Most of the online shopping takes place on smartphones so focus on mobile users. Create a mobile-friendly app with all your business features, which indicates to potential customers that your business is reliable and expanding.

Continuous marketing and social media

Continuous marketing emphasizes on promotional activities on social media networks. Social media plays a significant role in modern advertising mainly because customers look at reviews and comments posted by other consumers online. Your business can easily incorporate social network tools in their advertising campaigns and generate profits from customers that rely heavily on social media.

Low cost

Some internet marketing strategies are free such as posting on Facebook or Instagram and others. However, you might have to invest a little bit more when it comes to paid promotions and advertisements such as PPC (Pay Per Click). Yet, it is cheaper than investing on television advertising and the newspapers.

Building lasting relationships 

As long as your business has an online presence, your customers will always find you. With internet marketing, suppliers can easily access contacts or email addresses of both the buyers and the prospects. Businesses make use of this information to send updates to their customers regarding new products, services, special discounts, products available, and new coupons. Furthermore, your business can continue interacting with its clients after sale.

One to one marketing

Electronic marketing enables your business to customize your advertising techniques to suit the needs of your target audience. Your business can also personalize communication between your clients and you. Personalized marketing assumes that every customer is unique and meant to be treated differently. This type of marketing strategy is therefore very appropriate for e-commerce since online stores can display their products depending on the user’s location, hobby, interest, age group and gender.

One to one marketing ensures that your product or service reaches your prospects promptly. Furthermore, it strengthens the presence of the company and the brand image.


Content reigns on the Internet and it attracts natural links. If people enjoy reading your blogs, more people will be directed to your website to refer to it. Make sure your website is consistently updated with relevant, fresh and educative information that your users are looking for.

Visual and targeted marketing

Online marketing can boost your sales by allowing you to target consumers who are most likely to invest in your services or buy your products. While advertising on TV cast a wider net, paid online marketing campaigns offers you the opportunity to narrow your focus by showing your advertisements only to those users who have opted into your niche in some way.

Your Competitor is Doing It

Bear in mind that your competitor is doing online marketing for their business to cope up with the competition. The number of online stores has rapidly increased, which means you have new competitors every day. So make sure you do not lag in marketing!

Online marketing connects you to your customers. It is an opportunity to update your customers with all the new features of your product or business. You can ask for suggestions and comments about your existing services or products. Do a review and contact all your customers to know what they additionally want from you. Your current customers will stick to your business and attract new ones at the same time.

Are you at work right now? Do you feel tensed and overloaded? Well, why not go for a fika to chill for a few minutes? ‘Fika’ is a Swedish word, pronounced as ‘feekah’. It is a coffee or tea break that consists of a hot beverage and pastries such as cinnamon buns or Danish pastry, which you can enjoy with colleagues, friends or alone. In Sweden, fika is at the heart of socializing and if you do visit Sweden you are definitely going to fika a lot.

Fika is intimately connected to coffee and the Swedes love their coffee to such an extent where the average Swede drinks three cups of coffee a day, second only to the neighboring Finns. Surprisingly, coffee had a seedy reputation in the 18th century and was even banned in Sweden by its king Gustav III. The word fika was used a secret code referring to Kaffe (coffee). Fika proved popular and long-lasting. Consequently, the Swedes love for the beverage triumphed and coffee’s popularity rocketed in the early 19th century. Coffee houses (Kaffehus)turned into pastry shops (Konditori) which gave birth to the fika tradition. People would dress up elegantly on Sundays for a fika at the local Konditori.

Nowadays, a typical Swedish fika is a ritual made up of a sweet bun and a cup of coffee. If you fancy tea rather than coffee, it is still a fika, as with any kind of soft drink, lemonade or milk. 

Nevertheless, the only limitation of what counts as a fika is that it should be taken between meals and isn’t a proper meal in itself, though it can stretched at times. For example, the sandwich fika known as smörgåsfika includes sandwiches and can even replace a cooked lunch or dinner.

Can you fika alone? You can, however the fika is very much of a social institution. In fact, a fika is by far the most common way for Swedes adults to socialize with colleagues, family and friends. At the majority of Swedish workplaces everyone takes a fika break called fikaraster or kafferaster before lunch and another one in the afternoon. Typically these breaks are spent in groups, those who work together gather around coffee and sweet treats, to laugh and talk about their vacation trip, the wedding they went to, weekend plans or the last movie they watched.

To decrease the amount of stress due to heavy workloads, many companies in Sweden have mandatory fika breaks of at least once a day. The aim is to encourage a healthy working environment ensuring the staff takes a much-needed break from work. Swedish companies like their other Scandinavian counterparts, have a ‘flat’ organization rather than a hierarchical one and as such fika is an opportunity for small issues or grievances to come to light. Hence, talking about tiny matters that get in the way of your work is a natural part of any fika chit chat. As such managers get to listen to tiny issues an employee would typically avoid to bring up by emailing, calling or knocking on his/her door, and fix them before they turn into actual problems. Fika therefore contributes to the smooth running of a workplace. 

Of course, fika does not solely take place at work. If you are meeting up with an old friend in town or at their place, unless you are having a proper meal or going to the pub for a beer, you will most probably be having fika. It does not matter if you meeting someone alone or hanging out with a group, it will still be fika. Many other social activities, like club meetings, church services or evening courses will include or conclude with fika.

Even when it comes to dating, the Swedes consider fika as an integral part of it. What can be better than a cozy coffee shop’s atmosphere? Going out with someone you met online, will most likely take place at a cafe or a traditional Konditori for fika. 

For retirees, fika is deeply anchored in their daily routine whether they live at home or in a retirement home. Older adults often feel lonely and taken for granted. A fika allows them to socialize by chatting with other people of the same or different age groups (it doesn’t matter). They get to remember their good old days and forget about the fact that they are away from their loved ones.

I used to grab my morning latte from the nearby coffee shop and hurry to work while slurping it in a jiffy like any hectic New Yorker. Fika taught me to slow down, take a few extra minutes and enjoy the present moment alone or with company. Comment below and tell us about your favorite pastries and snacks you usually have when you fika!

Owning a restaurant bar seems to be the ideal business for those who enjoy laughing, entertaining and celebrating with their friends. However, like any other business one should bear in mind that there is indeed an amount of work and responsibilities behind a festive bar scene. Bars are the main places where people enjoy socializing and are willing to spend. As such, a bar business can be lucrative if properly planned and managed.

Below are different factors and tips to consider before jumping in the bar business.

1. First, with the help of a business broker find the area where you wish to open a bar. A business broker is basically a real estate agent who deals solely with businesses.

When choosing a location, consider the following points:


If you are seeking to attract university students, you should open a bar close to a campus. If you’d rather have higher-class customers, set up your bar in an affluent area of the city.

The style

Your bar will either be formal, elegant or casual. The style will determine the type of customers you wish to attract.

Parking and accessibility

A restaurant bar having regular customers is likely to have it’s own parking space. On the other hand, if your bar’s clientele consists of a majority of tourists and travelers, you won’t need to provide parking space as tourists rely on cabs to move around and are less likely to be regular customers. 


Find out if you are allowed to open a bar in any specific area.

The costs

After adding up the cost of rent, utilities and the profits you forecast, you should be able to figure out if your restaurant bar will yield advantageous returns.

2. Contact a lawyer who specializes in restaurants and bars. The latter will guide you across all the required licenses and legal procedures a bar business entails.

3. Get to register your bar’s trademark and logo to protect yourself against infringement suits. Besides, it adds value to your business and highlights your rights over the brand.

4. When designing your bar, opt for an atmosphere based on your desired clientele. Select furniture which matches with the size and design of the bar. For example, you can install an island-shaped bar on a sandy floor for a Caribbean inspired design. Make sure the design is complementary with the bar’s atmosphere. For instance, if you open an Irish Pub and play techno music, customers will notice the dissonance and are unlikely to come back. Hire an interior designer for better job.

5. Be a savvy owner with inventory and accounting. It is essential to keep track of the cost of sales. Proper inventory will help you set the right prices, find out and compare among the most profitable drinks.

6. Marketing rules the world of bars and restaurants. No matter how much you invest in launching your bar business, do not expect customers galore for a start. A proper marketing strategy will attract and retain customers. If you do not wish to resort to paid advertising, find ways to encourage people into your bar through word of mouth. Use social media and get people to share promos with their friends.

7. Whoever heads to a bar expects savory snacks with tangy sauces to accompany their drinks. Serve bar food that pairs with the beverages. Someone ordering a beer will enjoy it with burgers and fries. Similarly, cocktails are great with goat cheese and nachos, while wine complements red meat and pasta.

8. Behind a successful bar lies a professional crew. A bartender conveys the first image people will have of your bar. The latter is hence expected to be skilled with the cocktails and pleasant with the customers. The barback’s role is as equally important as the bartender as his duty consists of ensuring the smooth running of the bar, i.e., He/She always makes sure the bar is always replenished, cleaned and also relays information to and from the kitchen, security and the bar.

9. Invest in a retail POS (Point of Sale) system before opening your bar. This digital system is customizable, will speed up the workflows behind the bar and acts as a safeguard against potential thefts from employees.

The main POS features one should look for are as follows:


A handheld point of sale allows your customers to pay and even tip quickly from anywhere in the bar. How practical!

Time-based price setting

A POS sets the price for a happy hour automatically so that you don’t have to set it every day at the same time.

Reduce retail theft

Retail theft will reflect on your inventory. A POS system allows you to compare various inventory reports when looking for any discrepancies. Employees behind those thefts can be easily traced.

Now that you are familiar with the core principles which make up a bar, you can go ahead with your business. If you already own a restaurant bar, feel free to comment below!

Air compressor troubleshooting

You will find below a list of common problems you may face with your air compressor and the respective fixes:

1.Problem: The Air Compressor Is Not Working

There are several things that can cause an air compressor to not operate. The problem can come from a basic problem or simple oversight. Luckily, these problems are typically easy to detect and solve.


  1. No electrical power
    This one is pretty straightforward: no electrical power means that the air compressor won’t operate. So, check the breakers, check the power button and activate the reset switch if needed.
  2. Not enough oil
    A nearly empty oil tank can cause the air compressor to stop working. To ensure that there is no lack of oil, remember to check or change the fluids.
  3. The tank pressure is too low
    The pressure in the tank has to be compared to the cut-in pressure to know if there really is a disparity. If it is too low, replace the pressure switch for one with reduced cut-in.
  4. Lack of contact between the pressure switch and inner circuitry
    The problem can be as simple as power switch failure. You can try adjusting the pressure switch to see if it works. If nothing happens, it might be time to call in a technician for maintenance.

2.Problem: The Fuses Do Not Last as Long as They Should

If the fuses in the compressors fail to last through their expected lifespan, you are looking at a problem with fuse size or voltage. But you should know that unloader, valve and belts can sometimes cause the same kind of issue.


Here’s what you can try:

  1. Check the fuse size.
    If the incorrect fuse size has been used, it means that the fuse used doesn’t have the right ampere rating for the compressor. You always want to check the rating before purchasing fuses.
  2. Check the voltage.
    Low voltage means that an insufficient amount of power is being delivered to the fuses. Check the voltage requirements and, if necessary, raise the level accordingly.
  3. Check the unloader.
    A faulty unloader can cause the fuse to fail repeatedly. If it is the unloader, you’ll probably have to get them replaced.
  4. Have a look at the check valves.
    Defective or expired check valves will cause the fuses to fail if not replaced.
  5. Check the belt.
    If the belt is too tight, loosen it. A tensed belt can lead to blown fuses.

3.Problem: The Reset Mechanism Cuts Abruptly and Recurrently

Frequent cuts in the reset mechanism occur mostly for two reasons: an overloaded motor or inappropriate surrounding temperature.


The solution will vary according to the cause of the issue. If you think the problem comes from an overworked motor, shut it down promptly and get a technician on-site as soon as possible. If you think high temperatures or humid surroundings are the sources of the problem, try to boost ventilation in the area that surrounds your compressor.

4.Problem: The Compressor Runs Out of Steam Really Fast

The motor can cause the compressor to get bogged down, hence causing it to work well only for short durations.


The key is to find solutions that stop the compressor from prematurely run out of steam. The following can be helpful:

  1. Ensure that the power of an outlet is dedicated solely to the compressor.
  2. Compressors must get full power sources at all times. So, check that the air compressor gets the undivided power of at least a 15-20 amp breaker.
  3. Manually enact the valve function to check that unloader valves are functioning properly. If the compressor still quickly runs out of steam after you drained out the air and water, the valve needs to be replaced.

5.Problem: You Can See Milky Oil in the Reservoir

Compressor oil that has taken on a milky color is an obvious sign of one problem: Water having penetrated the reservoir. Water can enter the reservoir through condensation. And once it does, the oil held within will go milky. When compressor oil takes on a milky color, water has made its way into the reservoir via condensation. This would indicate that operating conditions have been too hot for the compressor. For an instant remedy, you have two options:


The problem is coming from the compressor exposed to too warm of an environment. Here’s what you can do:

  1. You can start by moving the air intake pipe to a cooler area.
  2. Ensure, you drain the tank every day.

6.The Simpler Answer: Find a Trustworthy Supplier of Air Compressors in Your Locality

The best way to ensure that your compressor is always in top shape is by scheduling regular maintenances. If you live in Victoria, you may want to consider Promptair & Electrical Pty Ltd . They are not only renowned suppliers of air compressors, but they also provide reliable installation and maintenance.

Having trouble managing your anger? Well, the good news is you are not alone and there are courses out there to help you work through this. The bad news? Well, there are none.

Extrovert and have no problem sharing with a large group of people? Then, the normal anger management classes are perfect for you.

But what about the introverts and those who do not feel comfortable being around a large group of people? Does that mean they are left out? Not at all! Ever heard of online classes? Well, you’ll be happy to know that nowadays anger management classes also come in that format! Whether you’ve been mandated to attend anger management or you’re interested in attending a class on your own accord, you can always opt for online anger management classes if attending a class is too intimidating for you.

Considering that this is a new mode of delivery, it is normal to wonder if it will help. And you may also want to know what to expect. This is what this post is about. Keep reading to find out why online anger management classes can also help you learn valuable life skills and gain better control over your emotions, so anger doesn’t wreak havoc in your life.

What Makes Online Anger Management Counseling so Great?

If you are wondering whether online anger management classes are as effective as face to face anger management classes, then the simple answer is yes. Just because it’s online does not make its content any less good. As a testimony to the success of online classes, a growing number of universities across the world are adding online courses to the list of programs they offer.

But what is it about online anger management classes that makes it such a perfect solution, you ask? We hear you. So, here’s a shortlist of some the advantages you get by enrolling in this type class:

  1. It is flexible.
    You don’t have to take leave from work to get to class. Meaning you don’t need to have that awkward conversation with your boss where you have to request for leaves every week while also trying to skirt around the truth.
    Instead, you study when you want and where you want. You even get free rein (relatively) over the type of study materials you will cover. Hence, you can make sure that the study materials suit your life circumstances and problem areas.
  2. There is no competition.
    You don’t feel like you are lagging since the course is tailored for your needs and is meant to be tackled on your own. With you no having to compete with others, you can go at your own pace and review class materials whenever you need it.
  3. It is more efficient.
    Unlike the typical anger management classes where the instructor has to focus on that one person who has more problems than others, you can concentrate on your problem areas and spend as much time as needed on that one specific problem. You don’t have to wait for your turn and can send your facilitators emails to discuss your problems.
  4. You don’t have to spend an extended amount of time with people.
    This is specifically for the introverts out there. Not only can you avoid just sitting in a circle getting off-topic, you can also interact only with people who are really serious about dealing with their anger management issues. Companies that offer online anger management classes often have a platform for their students where they can share their experiences and best practices.
  5. It’s easy.
    You don’t have to go on-site to register – you can easily get enrolled in therapy. From registration to completion, signing up for online courses is actually very easy. You simply have to fill in an online form and pay using your credit card or through PayPal. And you can do that while staying anonymous! Even better, right? We all know that some people avoid therapy at all costs only because of the stigma that comes with it. With online counselling, you can not preserve your privacy, but you can also bypass geographic constraints and financial stresses.

How Do Online Classes Differ from the Typical Face to Face Sessions?

There is not much difference in terms of course materials. As with face to face sessions, you will also be given a list of strategies you can adopt to handle your problem. The main difference is in terms of delivery. While one involves you having to see people and interact with them in real-time, the other won’t require that of you. The question is simply whether you prefer to have face to face interaction with someone or if you learn better on your own. Depending on that, you can choose the option that is better suited to you and your personality.

Superannuation, also commonly referred to as super, is a way in which employers fund their employees’ retirement income. It’s as simple as that. Employers pay a certain amount of money to their employees and that fund goes to provide for their respective retirements.

If you’re thinking of starting a small business or are already running one, then you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot to think about and it’s your responsibility to make sure that you know the requirements for paying super. This post is designed to help small and medium business owners find out everything they need to do when paying super for employees . From fund choices to making super contributions, we have the answers.

But What Exactly Is Superannuation?

Superannuation is a system created by the Australian government to decrease its citizen’s reliance on the Age Pension. It is compulsory and requires that employees’ retirement savings are built up over their working life. Every contribution will be invested, meaning that that fund will grow while you are working. It’s a good way to guarantee that the majority of people live comfortably when the time comes for them to retire.

Considering that the super is mostly made up of contribution that employer pays, you will have to plan for these if you’re looking at starting a small business, or if you are already running one. The same can be said if you’re self-employed and employ no staff – the super will make up a considerable chunk of your retirement savings.

You will have to be even more diligent and careful about it if you have people working for you. You will not only have to know exactly how much your employees make but you will also have to set a percentage of their salary that you will put towards the super and determine if there is any personal contribution you will have to make. In some cases, the government will also contribute. Either way, you need to make sure that you can contribute the right amount to their superannuation fund if you don’t want to be penalized.

How Do I Know How Much Super I need to Pay?

You must ensure you calculate well if you don’t want to be subjected to fines. So here’s what you have to do: Start by calculating your employees’ OTE, short for ordinary time earnings. This will include any over-award payments, commissions, shift loadings, bonuses, allowances but not overtime pay. A minimum of 9.5% of that total will have to go for contribution to the super. There are contribution caps and maximum contribution base as well. Depending on what your employee makes, you may not have to pay the super on all of it.

As you can tell by now, as a business owner, you will have to be on top of several things. If you need help sorting this out, consider hiring a bookkeeping company to ensure that you are the appropriate amount of super for each of your eligible employees.

How Do I Choose a Super Fund?

Some employees may not want to choose a super fund for themselves or may not even be able to. It is your job as the employer to find a default fund for them. And you can’t choose any fund. Selecting the first fund you come across may not pan out well for your employees. If necessary, find a company that can help you meet your superannuation obligations. They will also help you find the perfect default fund for your employees.

How Often Must I Pay the Super?

While it’s true that the superannuation is supposed to be paid at least four times a year, some super funds ask employers to make their contributions more frequently and may even require that you make monthly payments.

If you choose the super funds that ask for quarterly payments, you will have to make sure that you get all the payments in by the deadlines. Deadlines are as follows: October 28, January 28, April 28 and July 28. It’s fine to pay more regularly, but you will just have to make sure that everything is done before the due dates. Registering with a super fund that requires monthly contributions, on the other hand, means that you have no choice but the respect the requirements of that super fund.

Bear in mind that you must always pay your employees’ super on time. The law in Australia is very strict, and if you are late by even a day you could be hit with a super guarantee and have to charge a super guarantee charge statement. These will include interest and an admin fee. So, if you don’t want to be penalized, ensure that you don’t skip any payment. Also, consider getting a superannuation check from time to time, to ensure that you are respecting all the guidelines and are in the clear.

Many times, we tend to recruit people from word of mouth or just by an acquaintance, but for one thing, we don’t rely on these steps is choosing someone to clean our premises. It is obvious that we will trust reliable and experienced companies like Jani Queen that provide excellent services to all commercial companies. Maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment is essential to the success of any business. Most companies hire a professional cleaning service to take care of this rather than hiring a full-time janitor. The cleaning company will typically come after hours and clean all areas of your office. There are a lot of cleaning companies that you will find in your city. You might be right on confused to which one to choose. Well, here where we come in and put the points that will surely help you in making the right choice.

Industry knowledge and experience – The most significant point to be aware of when evaluating the kind of the company you want to work with. Ask yourself the questions, like are they well-established and do they have a reliable reputation? These questions are of high relevance when selecting a company as the one will most likely have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is, necessary in the field of work. Experience is invaluable as no matter how taxing the job at hand may look, the company will not be impressed as they have previous knowledge, experience and the necessary skills to solve the problem first.

Flexible and customization – Each business has highly specific cleaning needs, whether your office is small or a big one, you have to make sure that the office cleaning services you are interested in can be customized. Professional cleaners can finish the job according to your schedule, and the cleaning will be customized based on your own needs. Specify how often the office is going to be cleaned and what the cleaning services are going to entail. Companies like Jani Queen give their commercial clients a chance to pay solely for what they need rather than for a general cleaning service.

Past reviews and experience – We can’t stress enough on the importance of reading the recent reviews and looking into the commercial cleaning companies that are experienced. Choose a reputable, well-established company is essential in terms of knowing you have someone you can trust to hand over the responsibilities of cleaning your business after hours.

Examine their standards and certifications – It is important to ensure that the cleaning company you are thinking of choosing holds the highest certifications and maintains strict standards of cleaning excellence. Do make sure that the company is fully insured and bonded. Consider how easy it is to communicate with them. To ease things for clients, some cleaning companies use web-based software to record cleaning details such as time and date of inspection, work orders, and inspection results, allowing customers to keep track of their progress when it suits them. Real-time feedback makes it possible for the cleaning company to take action as soon as a problem arises.

Find out if they are committed to green cleaning – green cleaning refers to taking a more holistic approach to cleaning and caring for buildings, those inhabiting them, and the environment at large by using materials and practices that are health-and-Eco-conscious:

– Packaging and products that meet the set safety and health standards

– Equipment that produces little to no noise pollution

– Microfiber technology to prolong the life of scrubbing pads

Quality of employees – Protecting your property starts with trusting a company to provide service after hours, but ensuring they do a quality job requires asking about their workforce. A professional commercial cleaning company should be able to walk you through the steps of their hiring process. The process should include screening with background checks followed by employee training for a uniformed end product. You can also ask if a staff member will visit your facility regularly or if turn-over requires irregular scheduling.

Have an on-site walk-through – It is important that you conduct this walk-through as it will help the service-provider an opportunity to start developing your short-list of potential service providers. You will get the chance to meet potential service providers and get a sense for the company you may be working with.

Accommodate Your Needs

You should choose a company that is willing to accommodate your requirements. Ideally, it should tailor its services to meet your needs. Remember that different homeowners have different needs depending on your wants and preferences. If a company in consideration is not ready to adapt to your needs, then you should not hire it. Ensure you choose a company that can follow your guidelines and instructions.

Why choose Jani Queen? – With more than 30 years of experience, they pride themselves over the high-performing services they offer. Based in Ottawa, they aim to provide reliable cleaning and janitorial services to everyone.

One of the most romantic holidays of the year is just around the corner and we know how stressful it can get for all parties involved! Regardless of how long you have been together, planning the perfect date is not easy, especially if you’re short on cash this year! But there are tons of ways to make this day special.

So, whether you want to splurge or can’t afford to, this gift guide is perfect for you! You will find here the absolute best things to do on Valentine’s Day that you don’t normally do as a couple. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only about gift. Remember that the best Valentine’s Day gift is spending time together. So, with a little planning ahead, you can plan the perfect date that won’t cost you the earth!

Date Ideas

Other than the typical candle-light dinner, there are several other things you can do as a couple. You could, for instance, opt for one (or more) of the following:

  • Breakfast in bed

Whip up a delicious breakfast and enjoy it while lounging in your bed with your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

Spas are ridiculously romantic! That oasis of tranquillity is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day with some blissful relaxation.

  • Visit the roller rink  

Even if you don’t know how to roller skate you are guaranteed to have a good time! You will get some good laughs out of it as you hold hands and try to stay upright.

  • Go wine and chocolate tasting.

Although delicious on their own, they are even better when paired together! You get brownie points If your date has a sweet tooth! And once the booze is flowing, use it as an opportunity to find out as much as you can about each other!

  • Go dancing!

Whether it’s dancing lesson or a live music scene, find a place where you can hold each other close and dance! It’s going to be just as fun even if you have two left feet!

  • Be competitive!

Plan a game night! Cook something or order your favourite take-out meals and decide whose is best. Either way, the loser buys drinks! And it’s going to be just you two… So, why not make it a little bit risqué and have the loser perform a striptease as well?

  • Skip the dinner date altogether

Instead, get some dessert and order their finest champagne! Avoid the stuffy traditional, and sometimes even boring, dinner date and go straight for the sweet stuff.

  • Take a trip together or go for a drive

You can either take a weekend to go somewhere you’ve never been before or go for a long drive together. It’s not the destination that matters. It’s your sense of adventure and being together!

  • Movie Marathon

Grab some popcorn or a bottle of wine, settle in on the couch and cozy up together in your winter finest for an evening filled with your favourite rom-com!

  • Bundle up and look at the stars

Pack a blanket, some snacks and a bottle of wine for a low-key date that has plenty of romance. Pack a picnic and enjoy the night skies. If you live in a cold climate, picnic inside and get the fireplace cranking

  • Have a three-course date

Instead of having dinner in only one restaurant, split the dinner into three stages: appetizers, entrees and dessert. Then have each of these in the restaurant or place where a milestone in your relationship took place.

  • Recreate your first Valentine’s Day date

This is akin to literally taking a trip down memory lane – back when you were starting to fall for each other.

And why not make the day extra special and get your SO a gift?

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive! Below is a list of gift ideas ranging from affordable to lavish.

1. Food and Drinks

  • A box of macarons or chocolates
  • A dozen cake pops
  • A bottle of champagne
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries

2. Flowers

You would typically get them a bouquet of roses. Maybe even a rose for every year you have been together! But what if they are not big fans of roses? Well, it doesn’t have to be roses! Go with the flowers they prefer.

3. Jewellery & Accessory

  • A custom name necklace
  • A nice watch
  • A nice leather wallet

4. Miscellaneous

  • Nice headphones
  • A stuffed animal
  • A silk robe
  • A spa kit with candles, lotions and soaps
  • Gear for their favourite hobby
  • A lucky bamboo plant
  • A luxurious fur throw
  • Personalized phone case with a sweet message

5. Tickets and Subscriptions

  • Tickets to see their favourite band
  • A wine subscription
  • Men’s clothing subscription
  • Cheese of the month subscription
  • Plane tickets (for a weekend getaway, maybe?)

A commercial loan simply refers to a sum of money borrowed from a financial institution or bank by a business. It is a debt-based arrangement that medium-sized businesses defer to as it can help the businesses stay afloat and can also maximize business profitability. Out of the various types of commercial loans out there, below is a list of the 7 most common types you may come across:

1. Investment Loan

What Is It?

In simple terms, investment loans can be explained as a type of loan that is taken to invest in something else. It is an amount of money that a financial institution or a bank to finance a specific project. Secured by a mortgage on the investment property, the investment loan requires that the applicant repays both the principal loaned and the interests.

Why Get an Investment Loan?

With investment loans you’ll have enough money to spread it across a variety of investment projects, hence diversifying your investments. Borrowing to invest can also grow your wealth at a faster rate as the size of your investment portfolio can be drastically increased. The bigger the portfolio, the higher the chances of increasing your wealth.

2.Development Loan

What Is It?

Development loan, or property development finance, is a commercial loan that offers businesses funding for either major new building projects or comprehensive renovations. These projects are not limited to new housing estates or luxury homes, but also include office blocks and old blocks converted to flats. Think residential, commercial and mixed-use property.

Why Get a Development Loan?

This is the perfect loan to get if you want shorter repayment terms when undertaking a conversion project of land into a property. Unlike mortgages that can last years, the repayment period for property development loans can be anywhere from 3 months (for simple projects) to 18 months (for larger ones).

3.Equipment Loan

What Is It?

Equipment loans cover all purchases and borrowing of a business. Whether it’s for the acquisition of hard assets or to borrow a physical assert, this type of financing caters to specific types of businesses and equipment. Unlike with working capital loans, the asset you’re purchasing will serve as a kind of collateral.

Why Get an Equipment Loan?

The purpose of equipment loans is to help businesses acquire expensive equipment that they can’t afford to buy upfront. It is also helpful when you want the latest technology, or have to replace equipment that has a relatively short lifespan.

4.Debtor Finance

What Is It?

This umbrella term refers to products that finance invoices, the most common of which are invoice factoring and invoice discounting. If a company is not receiving payment from their clients soon enough, the bank can fund slow-paying invoices.

Why Get Debtor Finance?

If your company offers 30- or 60-days terms to is customers but you cannot afford to wait 60 days to receive payment, debtor finance is the way to go. It’s the perfect solution for companies that are experiencing cash flow problems as it will enable the manager to better manage payments and new investments.

5.Car and Truck Loan

What Is It?

This type of loan is typically offered to self-employed individuals, trusts, partnership firms, organizations who are involved in the transportation business and are considering purchasing vehicles for commercial or business purposes. This will cover the purchase of trucks, cars, buses, and light and small commercial vehicles.

Why Get a Car and Truck Loan?

Since vehicles are depreciating assets, it is common for businesses to opt for leasing. But if you are looking to use the vehicle for a long time and want to write off the depreciation on your tax return, it might be better to get a loan and purchase the vehicle.

6.SMSF Loan

What Is It?

SMSF, short for self-managed super fund, is a type of loan by a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to buy investment property. Regardless of whether the returns on the are via rental income or capital gains, these will have to be funneled back into the super fund.

Why Get a Self-Managed Super Fund Loan?

Thanks to gearing, the SMSF loan allows you to purchase property worth beyond its own available funds. Even if a loan defaults, the other SMSF assets will be protected since the lender may not have recourse to the other assets in the SMSF. To top it all off, SMSF enjoys all capital growth and income even while the property has not been fully paid for.

7.Short-Term Finance

What Is It?

Short-term finance, also referred to as working capital financing, is usually availed by companies that are experiencing an uneven flow of cash. Businesses generally use this type of commercial loan to finance inventory, accounts receivables, etc.

Why Get Short-Term Finance?

The repayment period typically last a year and is, therefore, appropriate for businesses that are cyclical in nature.

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