Top 5 Reasons to Hire Commercial Painters


Are you planning to open a business? Or, preparing for a renovation for your commercial space? Well, I guess your retail space would require a fresh coat of paint. And, if you are wondering whether you should hire commercial painters, here are some reasons why you should just go for it!

#1. Design and Aesthetics

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Who wouldn’t recognize the iconic yellow-red-black color palette of McDonald’s?

When it comes to the purpose of your building, did you know that the color scheme plays a crucial role? And, only Paint Central Florida can help you to create the perfect aesthetic for your building.

Color experts, as their name suggests, will know which colors will suit your building type. Whether it’s for an office space, a hospital, a hotel or even an educational institution, they can match existing colors or find new ones to regenerate your building.

#2. High-Quality Work

Painters and Decorators: How to Find the Right One | Homebuilding

“Experience always counts.”

What if you hire just anyone to paint your business’s space? Well, you might end up with some very bad surprises.

Now, you cannot also consider regular house painters as there is a sharp contrast between residential and commercial painting and it all comes down to quality. Just because walls need to be painted and similar equipment such as paint, ladders and brushes are required doesn’t mean that house painters can do the same job as commercial painters. Yes, these residential painters might be trained and good at their job, but they do not have that same set of skills and experience as commercial painters.

At Paint Central Florida, for example, you will be provided with experienced workers who can execute outstanding and high-quality paint jobs faster than a traditional residential painter.

#3. Equipment and Technology

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You cannot hire commercial painters that always seem to borrow ladders and sprayers or have to track down power washers.

Painting requires more than just paintbrushes. It is important for the team to be well equipped with everything they need to make your commercial space look the best. For example, they should be well-stocked with safety gear, caulk, patching tools, painting applicators and spraying tools.

Now, as professional painters, they will invest in high-quality supplies and equipment. They will not skimp on quality and instead will use the best tools to deliver the best work.

Furthermore, experts will follow safety recommendations and will also be equipped with the necessary personal protection equipment.

When it comes to technology, you will be surprised at how advanced commercial painters are nowadays. For instance, Benjamin Moore, a famous American paint-based company, previously introduced Gennex ®Color Technology, which can boost both the durability and depth of color that painters are expected to produce. This formulated technology has a few benefits, which includes:

  • Long-lasting results proven
  • Efficient dry times for faster application
  • Color uniformity
  • Zero VOC paints that meet environmental standards

#4. Insurance and Guarantees

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When you renounced hiring commercial painting services, unfortunately, you run the risk of taking on any liability in case of an accident.

However, it is good to note that these color experts come with their own insurance for their workers and for the site. And, of course, if someone is injured while working or any damage has been done to the commercial space, there is nothing for you to worry as both medical costs and repairs will be covered.

#5. Time Management

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Everyone knows time is money and no one wants to waste their precious money (that is time).

Closing your business or building for the painting job to be done can have a certain degree of impact on your business. However, professional painters have the required experience and skill to minimize the amount of time needed to complete a project.

It is true that even a team of experts can take some time to deliver an outstanding job as they are not magicians. But, they will try to cooperate with you and match up to your schedules so as to avoid any conflicts.

Experts at Paint Central Florida can transform your “ehh” commercial spaces into gorgeous and beautifully finished spaces. If you want to benefit from their services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.


Before, home elevators were reserved exclusively for rich people. But, today, this luxury has become more affordable than ever and it’s now even a sort of trend among many homeowners.

If you are looking for a major improvement in both your home and your quality of life, here are some reasons why you should consider installing a home elevator.

1. Mobility and Access

Presentation Button Person Silhouette OnDo you know how many people give up their residence just because they are getting older?


It is an undeniable fact that when you are getting old, climbing up and getting down the stairs can be very painful. Slowly, slowly you will feel unsteady and anxious on the stairs and eventually, it can lead to a disaster.

However, a home elevator is much easier to use than stairs – just press a button and you are on your way. Indeed, if you get March Elevator Ltd to install a home elevator for you, improved mobility is the most obvious benefit that you will get to enjoy.

2. Buildings with Several Floors

Elevators - Conventional & Pneumatic - CA, NV, AZ

Suppose you have renovated your house, which now includes floors with several rooms (with attics or basements).Don’t you think installing a home elevator is the best way to get access to these rooms?

3. Space-Saving Design

Germany, Cologne, Home interior with elevator – Stockphoto

Did you know that an elevator can take up the same space as a small wardrobe?

Compared to a standard stairwell, an elevator symbolizes a more efficient usage of available space. It can usually be installed on the exterior of a house to be flush with the wall or it can be constructed in a way so as to open up unused space effectively. Therefore, installing an elevator can provide homeowners with more usable space, enhancing the overall utility of the house and increasing the home’s resale value (this point will be further discussed below).

4. Convenience

Robot standing in front of elevator – Stockphoto

Old or young, when you are carrying shopping bags, prams, heavy boxes, groceries, laundry or any other bulky item, you will be less enthusiastic about moving up and down the stairs. But, remember that a home elevator can make this day-to-day hassle much easier and more pleasant.

5. Comfort

Is Your Bad Elevator Speech Killing Your PR? - St Louis Public Relations  Multimedia PR Firm Solomon/Turner

Let’s say, even if you like this routine domestic activity of climbing the stairs with heavy luggage, what about the strain on your muscles, ligaments and cardiovascular system?

Now, unless you are Hulk, it will be much better to ride in an elegant home elevator which can provide you with a comfortable and relaxing experience (and will save your arms and muscles from a lot of pain and struggle).

6. Security

How Can I Avoid Catching Coronavirus on an Elevator? | The Healthy

When you are getting a home elevator, you will be provided with key cards so as only you, your family members and people you trust can have access to it.

7. Enhanced Safety

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Do you have a memory of yourself or someone you know falling down the stairs? Well, most people do!

It is an unfortunate reality that falls represent one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths among elderly people in America. Stairs, however, mean a major cause of accidents not only for older people but also for small children and frail individuals.

Small children can often find climbing stairs to be very daunting. And, don’t even think about carrying them up or downstairs as you can injure yourself with such weight (especially with kids that might look tiny but are surprisingly heavy).

However, with a home elevator, you will have peace of mind, knowing that elderly parents, children or grandchildren can navigate through the house safely and comfortably without any risk of slips or falls.

8. Style

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With a stunning home elevator made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and cut glass, a touch of sophistication and beauty will be added to your home décor and architecture.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of customizable options with elegant designs and appealing features, such as the “fish tank” elevator, which is an exquisite piece that can improve the overall look of your house.

9. Increase Property’s Value

House, Swimming Pool, Interior Design, Architecture, 3DWhen you are installing a home elevator, you are bringing in your house a combination of convenience, accessibility, safety and sophistication. And, these features can definitely increase your home’s value as prospective buyers are now more interested in homes with elevator access.

If you really want your dream house and want to enjoy the benefits of a home elevator, you can contact March Elevator Ltd.


Shopping for a new watch can be an overwhelming task. Now, imagine shopping for a watch for a woman.

However, we are here to help you. This list will help you to narrow down your search, reduce your stress and pick the perfect watch for the wearer.

#1. Match the Watch to the Wearer

Best Equestrian Watches Each Horse Lover Should Take a Look At | HRN

When you are buying a women’s watch, you should consider the style of the potential wearer.

For example, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is her jewellery or accessory taste? Is she, for example, a fan of wristwatches? If so, what type of wristwatch does she prefer? Or, is she more of an outdoors person, who fancy more sports watches?
  • For what occasion are you getting that watch for her? Are you getting her a watch for her birthday? Or, one that can function in her field of work?

Now, here is a list of some of the common style watches that you are readily available at Moments Watches & Jewelry:

  • Women’s Casual watches: These types of watches, which often come with leather straps, usually have a broad face that makes them easy to read and can be worn for casual wear.
  • Women’s Dress Watches: These watches are meant specially for formal events. And, what’s unique about them? Their straps are usually beautiful leather or metal bands and they consist of gemstones or other such details that stand out.
  • Women’s Fashion watches: These trendy-yet-classic watches, which consist of intricate detailing, can become the MVP of your outfit. The watch cases are integrated into the straps, which can make the perfect bracelet and create a stunning fashion statement.
  • Women’s Sports watches: A sports watch, manufactured explicitly for outdoor use, is a very functional, durable and usually water-resistant watch. Some can look unmistakably athletic, while others mask their functionalities behind their bright, sleek and stylish designs. However, elegant or plain, round or square, black-and-white or colourful, sports watches can help you to track your daily activities, whether it includes running, biking, swimming, or bullying yourself through countless weightlifting reps.

#2. Age of The Wearer

La Mode, Rouge À Lèvres, Maquillage, Modèle, Style

It is also essential to consider the age of the wearer when you are selecting. For example, would you choose the same style of watch for your hot-and-young wifey and your 70-year-old mother? The answer is evident.

Let me give you some help there: For a mother, you can choose a timeless piece with a small face and beautiful leather straps or metal straps. And, I am sure silver and gold colours will match her style better.

But, when it comes to, for example, a teenage daughter or even a girlfriend, a fashionable watch with gemstones and a bracelet wrist is the best choice. Opt for a watch in her favourite colour and she will love it more.

#3. The Skin Tone

Femme, Montre, Jeune Fille, Dame, Horloge, Bijoux

In general, skin tone can be classified into two: cool or warm. So, take a look at the colour of the vein inside your arms and you will identify your skin tone.

Bluish-coloured veins and pinkish or rosy-red undertones are associated with those who have cool skin tones and it is claimed that most people have such skin tone (even those with dark or tanned skin).

But, when it comes to warm skin tones, they are mostly recognized by greenish-coloured veins and yellow or golden-apricot undertones. Those with fair skin have a warm skin tone.

So, base on the skin tone, you can decide what type or style of watch will be best for the wearer.

#4. Colours, Colours and Colours

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More than men, women not only know the power of colour but will also often prioritize it. Colours represent a lot of things for women and are considered very personal and even emotional.

For instance, if the wearer fancies blue, opt for a blue watch. Or, if the woman is more of a “princess princess pink”, go for a pink watch.

#5. Movement

Top 5 Ladies Designer Watches to Buy | Watchroom24

If you think women don’t bother about the way a watch works, then I am sorry, but there’s no greater fool than you.

Generally, there are three types: mechanical, quartz and automatic.

  • As the mechanical ones give more the fifties vibe, it is best to avoid them.
  • Now, if the wearer is a pretty enthusiastic person, opt for the automatic watch.
  • Quartz watches, which are powered by battery, are also reliable options, which are more affordable than the automatic ones.

If you want to find the perfect watch, why don’t you take a look at Moments Watches & Jewelry?













Many have been dreaming about their “big day” and that white, flowing wedding gown since they were six. However, the truth is, finding that perfect wedding dress is not easy at all.

But, don’t freak out. Just relax, take a cool beverage (or a hot one) and read out the following article to find out how you can get your dream wedding dress.

#1. Do Research to Find What You Like

Ordinateur Portable, Apple, Macbook, Ordinateur

Let’s face it: wedding dress shopping can be very intimidating sometimes and it’s not every day that you will get to hear terms such as Basque waist or Watteau train. So, suppose you want to familiarize yourself with the different wedding gown styles and make the right decision. In that case, you should start ripping pages out of bridal magazines, checking online bridal boutiques and exploring Pinterest. And, if you want to know what kinds of dresses are currently on the market, you should check out what celebrity brides are wearing.

You can compile all these pieces of information and make a folder with pictures or retails of dresses that appeal to you and take it along with you when you go for the wedding shopping.

#2. Know Your Style

Wedding, Bride, Jewelry, Wedding Dress

Your personal style and preference play a huge role here. Suppose you are a Boho girl at heart. Then, it is evident that you wouldn’t want a princess dress for your big day. Or, if you are more a fan of daring necklines and enticing silhouettes, you would most likely go for Maria Del Pilar Bridal’s L’amour Collection by Calla Blanche.

  • Think about whether you prefer a high neck, a scoop neck, a V-neck, or another kind of neckline?
  • Do you prefer the look of gauzy, flowy dresses or those that are more fitted?
  • Consider the length that you would like.
  • Also, consider whether you want to go for a traditional white dress or some other color?
  • You should also think about the amount of detailing you want for your dress. For example, while some brides have a thing for intricate beading and embellishments, others simply prefer unembellished gowns where the fabric and the cut are enough to make a stunning statement.

Let me give you one tip: You can use your existing outfits as a starting point, especially those that you prefer, that make you feel comfortable and flatter your figure.

#3. Location, Location and Location

Portrait, Bridal, Woman, Wedding, Dress, Girl

Before you start dress shopping, you should know the place and time of your wedding.

For example, let’s say you are having a daytime ceremony on the beach. It is evident that you will have to ditch the ball gowns with long trains and dramatic embellishments and opt for the less traditional and more sexy outfits.

But, what if you are going to exchange vows in a candlelit cathedral? Well, you might just opt for the traditional white, floor-length gown. Or a dress with proper coverage, including sleeves. And, of course, short slip dresses or anything similar should be avoided.

And, when it comes to the summer period, it is recommended to go for linen and organdy fabrics, while velvet and brocade are best for the winter season.

#4. Be Open

The Bridal Finery - Wedding Dress Appointment in Winter Park, FL

Often, many brides already have the vision of their perfect wedding dress in their minds. But, here’s one thing: there are so many gorgeous gowns out there.

According to most bridal consultants, “most women come in with a set idea of what they want for a gown, then try it on and don’t actually love it—and instead, fall for something completely different they have never considered.”

Even though you have already made your choice, it is essential to keep an open mind and still try everything as you never know if a wedding gown style you weren’t even thinking about ends up being your absolute fave.

#5. Start Searching for Bridal Dresses Early

Wedding Dresses and Covid — New Beginnings Bridal Studio

Believe me, once you start planning for a wedding, you will be faced with the harsh reality: time isn’t always on your side.

Did you know that usually, a manufacturer can take nearly four months to make a wedding dress and two months more to complete the alterations? This is why it is recommended to begin your shopping six to nine months before your wedding, especially during the typical “wedding season” where most shops are backlogged.

So, if you want to walk down the aisle with grace and elegance, contact Maria Del Pilar Bridal!

If you are a pet owner, you must know that mealtime is the most exciting time for your furry family member. And, when you are feeding your pet with EcoPet food, you are not only adding a boost of flavour to your dog’s kibble, but you are also adding fresh and healthy foods that they need to live a healthy, long and happy life.

However, there is always that one question that stands in the way: how much should I feed my dog?

If this question is bothering you, here are some critical factors that can help you to ensure your dog is eating properly.

1. Weigh Your Dog

30 Toy Dog Breeds — Best Tiny Dogs You'll Love

One of the most simple and easiest ways to determine how much your dog should eat per day is by measuring out their food based on their body weight. His or her current weight can be determined as part of a scheduled examination, or you can simply stop by a facility to weigh your dog.

If you got this done with an exam, it would be great also if you could ask the vet’s opinion on your dog’s weight and whether the amount and type of food that you are giving your pet is appropriate or not.

Now, it is normal that smaller dogs would require less food compared with larger ones. However, below you will find a recommended feeding schedule for how much and how often dogs should eat a day, based on their weight:

Toy Dogs (Under 10 Pounds)

Traditionally, toy dogs refer to those small dog breeds that can wriggle their way straight into your heart and onto your lap. But, with their adorable looks and big personalities, they can easily stand out from a crowd. Some examples of these breeds are Pomeranian, Havanese, and Yorkshire Terriers.

  • If these breeds weigh 3 pounds, they should be fed 1/3 cup of food per day.
  • But, if they weigh 6 pounds, they should be fed 1/2 cup of food per day.

Small Dogs (10-20 Pounds)

Even though there is a fine and pretty blurred line between toy and small dogs, it is still good to know that dogs that are larger than a toy breed and weigh between 10- 20 pounds are regarded as small breeds. For example, Boston Terriers, Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, and Pugs are all small dogs.

  • If these breeds weigh around 10 pounds, they should be fed 3/4 cup of food per day.
  • If they weigh 15 pounds, they should be fed 1 cup of food per day.
  • If they weigh 20 pounds, they should be fed 1 2/3 cups of food per day.

Medium Dogs (30-50 Pounds)

Australian Shepherd, Bull Terrier, and Collie are considered as medium breeds that require more quantity of food than the small breeds.

  • If these breeds weigh around 30 pounds, they should be fed 1 3/4 cups of food per day.
  • If they weigh 40 pounds, they should be fed 2 1/4 cups of food per day.
  • If they weigh 50 pounds, they should be fed 2 2/3 cups of food per day.

Large Dogs (60-100+ Pounds)

German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, and Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered as large dogs.

  • If these breeds weigh around 60 pounds, they should be fed 3 cups of food per day.
  • If they weigh 70 pounds, they should be fed 3 1/2 cups of food per day.
  • If they weigh 80 pounds, they should be fed 3 3/4 cups of food per day.
  • If they weigh 90 pounds, they should be fed 4 1/4 cups of food per day.
  • If they weigh 100 pounds, they should be fed 4 1/2 cups of food per day.
  • Now, if your dog weighs over 100 pounds, you can add in an extra 1/3 cup of food.

2. Determine Your Dog’s Activity Level

5 Fun Alternatives to Walking Your Dog

Suppose your dog is a very energetic and active one that always herds the neighbourhood children to the bus stop. It is evident that such dogs need more calories than those adorable lapdogs (whose daily exercise consists only of climbing onto your lap).

3. Figure in Treats

How My Dog's Passing Taught Me the Meaning of Family | Reader's Digest

We often like to give our furry friends one or two treats per day. However, did you know that, as per most veterinarians, your dog’s caloric intake should be limited from snacks to 10% of your dog’s daily diet? This number is supposed to be deducted from your dog’s daily meal calculation.

If you have successfully been able to determine how much food to feed your dog, why don’t you check out EcoPet, which can provide you with a range of options for adding flavour and nutrients to your pet’s kibble?

As discussed in the previous article, new media has a profound impact on the world of journalism. And, as promised, today, we shall discuss some more essential features of the new media that brought several changes to the way journalism is today.

  • Interactivity:

Alcohol brands boost social media engagement by 327% thanks to coronavirus  donations

Old media was a more a one-way affair, with journalists providing information and audiences receiving on the receiving ends of broadcasts. However, the new media is a more of a two-way process that allows the audiences to get more involved. According to Jenkins (2008), “media interactivity has produced a “participatory culture.” In other words, journalists and consumers no longer occupy separate roles and instead, users are now considered as participants in the news industry

Moreover, this new media feature has led to the creation of interactive journalism, which refers to a new type of journalism where citizens bring a huge contribution to news stories directly. Using the web 2.0 technology, reporters have more opportunities to engage actively and have online discussions with the audience. The new media is a platform that allows journalists to reengage the audience and build “collective conscience.” For example, the Internet enables the unprecedented empowerment of individuals.

Besides, interactive journalism has encouraged the news industry to lean towards both print content and video, graphic, sound clips and social media in their reporting process.

  • Hypertextuality:

How do you advise your students to avoid social media pitfalls? First, by  listening - Poynter

Hypertexts or links are viewed as essential features of the new media. Hypertexts create a more interactive media where the audience has more freedom to navigate over the various sources of information available to them.

Rather than conforming to a fixed and linear news format, journalists communicate information through the use of hypertexts by incorporating a myriad of perspectives. This leads to active and self-reflective readers. As per Murray (1997), “hypertexts call attention to the process of narrative construction and enhance the involvement of readers.”

What about Newsgathering?

Journalists brave danger to report on coronavirus | Penn Today

Nowadays, new media has become an increasingly significant source for newsgathering. Journalists acknowledge the fact that the arrival of the new and digital media has indeed initiated a fundamental shift within journalism and therefore, computers have replaced typewriters and Facebook and Twitter posts have replaced telephone-based tips. Today, reporters can also become their own cameramen with their smartphones in their hands.

It is viewed that web articles, web journals, web magazine articles, websites, books on the web, email discussion groups, web archives and social media platforms are vital tools that are used in the process of newsgathering. For instance, did you know that at Chicago Tribune, which is a newspaper found in Chicago, the social media news editors begin their day by going through tweets and Facebook posts to get ideas about how to engage their audience? For example, Stacey Leasca, one of the social media editors, always tries to track what’s trending on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing before writing news blog posts and interacting with the newspaper’s audience.

Another great example is how the Vox has a team made up of six people who exclusively focus and depend on social media to create headlines and to get ideas for news articles.

Murthy (2013) claimed that “Twitter has proved extremely useful as a newsgathering medium in terms of communicating information about events such as the Tohuku earthquake in Japan in 2011 and social movements such as the Occupy protests in London and New York in 2011. Twitter has also been effective in the Egyptian protests that toppled President Mubarak.”

What Is Structured Journalism?

Partisan sites erode trust in local news - Lenfest Institute for Journalism

One way to adapt journalism to the growing world of the new media is to change the way news content is written. This is what structured journalism is about. For instance, usually, once a journalist gets an assignment, the latter collects the necessary information, writes and structures the article and then the story is made accessible on numerous platforms. In other words, this is the only way to connect with the finished product.

However, structured journalism is a new type of storytelling that breaks out of the normal and routine-like pattern and pieces of information are mixed and organized in ways that can enhance news story organization for subjects that evolve over long periods of time. This meets the needs of those readers who either want a recap of the story or want to explore every angle of an issue. Additionally, the characteristic of structured journalism makes it possible for readers to explore stories at their own pace. As per David Smydra, “structured journalism plays perfectly with the affordances of digital media.”

Despite the revolution brought upon the journalism world by the new and digital media, journalists are still irreplaceable and unstoppable. What are your views about this? Please share them in the comment section below!


While you might be aware of how to slash costs and get paid faster, what about cash flow? Managing cash is undoubtedly an inevitable problem. It can be a challenge for even the most seasoned business owners. Therefore, there is no doubt that understanding and managing cash inflows and outflows is crucial to a company’s financial stability. The complexity of the cash flow problem stems from the misconception that positive cash flow – when more cash comes in than goes out – generates profit. Extra cash in the bank means the company has enough cash, right? Not always. There may be money in the bank, but some of it is probably going towards salaries, rent, bills and so on, which means that this money is not a net profit. If you don’t make the necessary payments, the cash flow can be negative. When more money leaves the organization than comes in, positive and negative cash flow affect all businesses. There is no way around it. However, there are strategies to manage cash flow to maximize profitability. Here are some intelligent ways to do it.


#1. Create a Cash Flow Forecast

How Can SMEs Improve Their Cash Flow? - Invoice Bazaar Blog

It’s important to forecast your company’s cash flow. That helps reduce uncertainty by anticipating ups and downs in cash flow and reflects business cycles. If you ever have a low or negative cash balance, you could be in trouble. Be careful when making predictions. Start with the amount of cash in hand. Then list the expected payments for each month, such as salaries, profits, rent, marketing, inventory purchases, loan repayments, tax obligations, new equipment purchases, etc. Then list the expected income for each month, such as customer payments, investment income and grants. Finally, deduct the costs from each month’s that income. To improve cash flow, review your spending plan and, if necessary, break down large purchases into smaller parts. Then compare your actual cash flow with your forecast.


#2. Reduce Overheads

Evaluate your current overhead costs and see where you can reduce them. Try to use your money efficiently and reduce waste. What expenses can you do without? When renewing insurance, etc., look around for the best rates and don’t renew without researching them first. Strategies may also include tax cuts, managing employee overtime, and better management and compliance. If possible, negotiate with suppliers to get a better price or contract—budget for estimating and controlling costs.


#3 Inventory Management

Lynne Becera, Author at Review Rumble Doesn't Stuff Around - Page 2 of 15

Regular inventory checks save money and time. Establish and maintain optimal inventory levels. Too much inventory can lead to extra storage costs, possible destruction and loss of money. Too little stock can lead to lost sales and business interruption. To maximize cash flow, try to implement a system for ordering inventory on time.


#4 Debt Management

Good debt management eliminates bad debts, ensures healthy cash flow and helps you get payments faster. It also enables you to maintain strong customer relationships. Debt management strategies include:

  • Setting credit limits
  • Invoicing before or immediately after services are rendered
  • Short payment terms
  • Collecting interest on late payments
  • Offering small discounts for early or partial payment, and
  • Checking the creditworthiness of customers.

Ensure your terms are clearly stated in all contracts and invoices to customers, and make it easy for them to pay using electronic payment options.


#5 Raise Pricing

Many businesses are afraid to raise prices because they fear it will lead to lower sales. Prices should be reviewed annually. Experiment with different prices until you find the perfect amount. How much are customers willing to pay? You can’t know unless you take the chance to change. When introducing price increases, keep an eye on your key performance indicators to see what effect the price changes will have on your business.


Need help with business and cash management in the surgical field? Schedule a free consultation with the experts at Anaesthetic & Medical Billing Services. They’ll work with you to develop an action plan to improve your company’s bottom line.



Journalism is considered as the “sine qua non” of the contemporary society. And, no, I am not exaggerating. How else do you think that people, while staying in the comfort of their homes, have been getting updates on the spread of the coronavirus around the world? Or, how do you think people from different corners of the world have been able to get every single detail of the recent US presidential election?

One word is enough to answer these questions: journalists!

Even the terrifying and life-threatening nature of Covid-19 could not prevent journalists from carrying out their duties. While many students took online classes and thousands of employees working from home during the pandemic, many journalists had to put their lives on the line and head to newsrooms or out on the field.

But, what if I tell you that even the world of journalism has been going through a series of technological changes due to the emergence of the new media?

What Is the New Media?

Zooming in on media relations training | Latest press releases | PressGo |

In recent years, aside from the print and audio-visual media, media sociologists have identified a third type of mass media, which is known as the new media. In layman’s terms, new media can be defined as the screen-based digital technology that consists of integrating images, sound, and texts and which has emerged during the late 20th century and 21st centuries.

To understand how the advent of new media has brought a revolution to the journalistic profession, one should understand the new media’s features and how it differs from the traditional media.

  • Digitality:

    Today, qualitative information has become ‘digitalized’ and has led to technological convergence. This brings us to the following characteristic.

  • Convergence of media delivery technologies and systems:

    Media convergence has brought a massive revolution in the world of journalism. For instance, as per Jenkins (2008), “media convergence involves both a change in the way news is produced and in the way news is consumed.”

    It is seen that due to the phenomenon of media convergence, journalism is under ever-increasing pressure and the reason why is because media convergence has redefined the tasks of journalists and newsrooms. For instance, the press is now more in search of journalists who can not only write but also produce photographs and moving images at the same time. Besides, many newspaper organizations are hiring journalists with the ability to remodel news stories for both broadcasting and online media as well.

    An example is how in Puerto Rico, newspapers always demand the convergence of their workers’ journalistic skills.

    The following extract explains how media convergence is reshaping the journalistic profession:

    Convergence requires a new mindset for journalists. They must take into consideration the new media and plan ahead for repurposing content across different platforms. Many old journalistic instincts are wrong in the new media environment. For example, in a newspaper or television news context, the goal is to attract and keep the reader or viewer. In the Web environment, readers jump around and expect the reporter to be an expert who will not only convey valuable information but will provide links that send the reader to additional sources of information.”

    – Carrey, 2009

    But what about journalists? What are the perspectives of journalists about the digital revolution and convergence?

    Many reporters believe that media convergence is just a scheme to get fewer journalists to do more things. It is viewed as a ‘marketing ploy’, where in the news industry, the news is promoted simply as a “product”, focusing on the business rather than journalism.

Interactivity and hypertextuality are the other two features of new media that have impacted the world of journalism. If you want to learn more about them, why don’t you come back for part 2?

Despite the fact that Covid-19 has drastically transformed the world, business can still continue and public relations can still rise from ashes. If you want to learn some new PR models and techniques, check out this article.

Optimize and Work on Your Digital Spaces

Internet, Cyber, Network, Finger, Touchscreen, Business

Whether it concerns blogs, websites or any third-party sites, the Covid-19 lockdown provides the right time and opportunity to refine and improve SEO and marketing strategies to increase and boost the visibility of your online content. Old information can be updated and you can look for new ways to improve your SEO performance.

Using keywords and links is one of the most crucial factors for search engines but you can also employ SEO brands such as Yeah! Local. It’s a company that will look at your websites’ or blogs’ SEO, will give suggestions for improvement and will then provide regular updates on your brand’s performance.

Focus On Backburner Projects

Office, Startup, Business, Home Office

It often happens that PR organizations place some projects on the back burner. However, now is the perfect time to take out these projects and to start working on them. These projects could consist of updating a brand messaging, creating a new website, publishing a new blog, creating a video or posting a picture. As simple as these tasks can be, they still require your full attention.

Think Properly About How to Tell the Story

Women, Teamwork, Team, Business

The epidemic has resulted in heightened fears all over the world and the level of pessimism has increased too. So, before PR experts hit “send” on any marketing emails and click “post” on any social media platforms, they need to think about whether people would consider them to be profiting from the worldwide crisis.

Increase the Creativity

Innovation, Business, Businessman, Information

Before the Covid-19 crisis, many PR campaigns used creativity and innovation and brought PR strategies to another level. For instance, Paramount Pictures used a PR strategy to promote the horror movie series, The Ring and arrange for a publicity stunt to scare people in a real-life scenario. It is said that the video received more than 10 million views on Facebook.

The Covid-19 crisis may not allow PR organizations to arrange for such publicity stunts, but there is still some place for such creative and innovative online methods to engage and appeal to the audience. For example, after the tragic Paris shooting in 2015, Facebook added a France flag filter where users all over the world could apply this filter to their profile pictures to show their support for France and all those who died in the incident. This is an example of a simple, cost-effective and unique PR strategy.

Think About the Long-Term and Use Online Platforms

Google, Www, Online Search, Search, Web Page

Many PR organizations have been discouraged and affected by the pandemic. As per a research study conducted by the PR Cavalry and Intuit Research, “50 % of PR freelancers have lost at least 60 % of their income while 33% PR workers have seen their incomes decreased by 80 %.” Fear is taking control of the PR sector and many organizations are reducing their budgets, decreasing the number of workers or closing offices.

However, if one looks back in time, history shows that many of the prominent brands have begun and flourished during hard times, such as Airbnb, Dropbox and Square. Hence, these serve as an example to PR companies and practitioners to promote their brand values and strengthen community relations.

“Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, but Live Today.”

Handshake, Hands, Laptop

During this crisis, the above line is less of a quote and can be considered more as a PR strategy.

  • Remember yesterday: There are many projects such as a product launch or a new program that were placed on the back burner. However, it is also essential to remember these past projects and create contingency PR plans.
  • Live today: Crisis communications states that one should always move and respond quickly. Similarly, it is essential always to be connected with your clients during this crisis, whether through online communications.
  • And remember: an absence of communication can result in your audience having ambiguities to understand certain things about the brand or product. A lack of proper and immediate communications can also lead to failures.
  • Dream about tomorrow: PR practitioners must also think about what will happen after the crisis is over. It is also essential to think about the future plans and projects as your competitors will still remain your competitors, but the battle will be more challenging compared to before as said by the rule of the jungle, only the strong can survive. Hence, PR experts can start creating future PR strategies and tactics.

Add the Human Touch

Social Media Icon Hand Keep Present

According to a study, 70 % of online customers claimed that they trust the opinions of influencers. For example, many people rely on cultural icons to navigate through online platforms during the pandemic. A great example is how in South Korea, even during the pandemic, the K-pop industry has used the K-pop idols as leading influencers for perfecting their PR campaigns.

Always Monitor the News Cycles Closely

Hand, Type, Keyboard, Money, Finance, Business

It is not really a good idea for a PR organization to create messages without monitoring recent news. Thus, it is critical for PR practitioners to stay updated about current news and to always be active on social media platforms. By incorporating social listening, the public relations sector will be able to create impactful stories and pitches.

Show Support for the Community

Hands, Team, United, Together, People, Unity

How many people are homeless or dying out of starvation during the pandemic?

During these tough times, one way to promote your company and at the same time do something good for the community is by providing help and support to the needy of the society.

What do you think about these PR strategies? If you have some other ideas, why don’t you share them with us in the comment section below?

You’ve been planning and working on that home remodelling project for months.

Painters, electricians and plumbers were hired and you have already bought your new pieces of furniture. But, who will assemble the furniture?

Furniture assembly is a quite complicated job and if wrongly assembled, it can pose a huge danger. Therefore, the only solution left is to hire a furniture assembly company. And, here are some reasons why these professionals are worth your time and money.

#1. Saves Precious Time

stool assembly | Stool components being assembled during a w… | Flickr

At first glance, furniture assembly might seem as though it will only take a short amount of time. That’s until you open the disassembled furniture.

I don’t know why, but people often grossly underestimate the amount of time they will need to assemble a piece of furniture fully. And the result: they can spend nearly the whole day learning about how to assemble a piece of furniture from the installation guide but still unable to do it properly.

Now, honestly speaking (and logically also), don’t you think it’s more beneficial to hire someone who can assemble your furniture within two hours rather than wasting your entire day (or sometimes even more than one day) on it?

If you really value your time (and we all know that time is money), you would offload the work to Best Furniture Assembly Pty Ltd, which can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Plus, the longer you let that piece of furniture lie in any area of your house, the higher the chances of someone tripping over it and getting seriously injured in the process.

#2. They Have the Right Tools

Tools for furniture assembly | Another Saturday means more f… | Flickr

When was the last time you tried to assemble a piece of furniture? Do you remember wasting time just to look for the proper screwdriver?

One helpful rule of thumb when doing such works is to always use the right tool for the right purpose. For example, don’t tell me you are going to use a brick or washing brush to drive in a nail into furniture.

Therefore, if you don’t want to make several trips to the store to buy tools that you most probably won’t use again, it is better to trust an expert furniture assembly company that has the right tools and the proper know-how on how to use them.

#3. Experienced and Professional

05/11/2008 (Day 2.310) - Flatpack Furniture | Assembling a c… | Flickr

As a homeowner, when you are buying a piece of furniture, you hope that it will last a lifetime. But, to make sure that it does last for a lifetime, it is crucial to assemble it correctly from the beginning itself.

But, have you ever fixed a piece of furniture before? Well, if your answer is a flat no, we both know what could be the consequence. As an inexperienced assembler, you can either miss some important pieces or not fasten something tight enough.

This is why nothing beats experience when it comes to furniture assembly. These professionals deal with this type of work every day and from beds to chairs, they have set up numerous types of furniture. And, even the most complicated one is just like a breeze for them.

#4. They Provide Insurance

Simulator, Calculation, Insurance, Finance, Accounting

This is the one benefit that you don’t usually get when you are assembling the furniture yourself. But when some companies provide you with a liability insurance, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your work will be done correctly and is covered by insurance.

#5. Less Chance of Damage

File:South Coast Plaza earthquake damage in 2008.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

How many times have you accidentally drop pieces or hit walls while trying to move a furniture? Countless times, isn’t it?

Now, imagine what can happen if you decide to take things in hand and assemble that brand new piece of furniture. If I could predict, I would say, catastrophe!

#6. They Will Clean up the Mess

Vacuuming, Vacuuming, Cleaning, Carpet

It’s completely normal that where drills and screws are involved, there will be sawdust and other debris. However, there are many professional furniture assembly companies that clean up the mess that they have made. Spare parts will end up in your hands and there won’t be any garbage left.

Think you might need a furniture assembler after all? Well, contact Best Furniture Assembly Pty Ltd and let them know how you can use an extra hand.

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