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Perhaps for you, music has always been a love affair. You’ve always loved the feeling a good sound brings you. You’ve maybe even said that music was in your blood, that it runs in your veins and whispers in your head. It makes your fingers drumming and feet tapping. It goes beyond the daily routine of just listening to a good song as you also enjoy singing and wouldn’t go a day without it. For you, life without music would be meaningless. Music is in your DNA.

Yet, despite being so in love with music, you are not sure whether music is the field you should pursue when it comes to your professional career and aspirations. Luckily, we are here to help! In this article, we’ve gathered a few signs that show that music should definitely be in your future and that you should sign with a music production studio.

1. An Incredible Talent
When it comes to any artistic field, including music, it is much more than a simple question of hard work. It is about being passionate and, most of all, gifted. Although you’ll still need to sacrifice a lot of your time and work long hours, especially more initially, to master your skills, being naturally talented is one vital sign that you should not overlook.

In fact, if you grew up hearing teachers and other experienced artists tell you that you have a lot of ability and flair in music, then it would be logical to cultivate this talent and develop it into a career.

2. You Are Born Creative

People who are typically successful in the arts usually have an inborn creative spirit and love to bring new things to life. They appreciate beauty and have a natural interest in images, textures, and sounds. This group of individuals also likes to think outside the box and seeks to be innovative and imaginative.

If you are one of these people, it’s a good sign that you will flourish in a musical career because you will be motivated to write lyrics or create unique and beautiful melodies. It will also make it easier for you to find original ways to market and promote yourself.

3. Your Passion Is Your Fuel
Although money and fame ultimately define success in the music industry, you’re more concerned about pursuing your passion than being famous. Music has always been more than just a mere hobby, it’s what feeds you in life, it’s your calling.

If you had to choose, you would rather stay in your room and compose a tune than attend the party of the year. You would even stay up all night to finish a song. And if that’s the case, it’s time to look for a company that will produce your music.

4. You Don’t Overlook The Role of Technology

You’ve gotten into the habit of keeping up to date with the latest technologies because you understand that a good knowledge of information technology has more to offer than creating documents and staying in touch with your friends on social media. Today, technology plays an essential role in many businesses, and the music sector is no exception. This will help you create a digital footprint as a musician in a world where digital music is booming. It will also help you use streaming services and get you started in the creation process.

5. Networking Is Another Area You Enjoy
Whether at school, in private lessons, or at performing arts events, as you grew up, you made connections with people who also pursue a musical career. If this is the case, it’s a sign that you can start working in the music industry because these people are already strong allies in helping you thrive in a musical career. You can share ideas with them, learn more about your skills, and create a broader network that will help you promote your musical talent and aspirations.

6. Setting Goals Keeps You Going

It goes without saying that you will succeed when you set goals for yourself and are willing to give your all to achieve them. And if you’re a person who is always motivated by your goals, and if it’s part of your mission and vision in life to grow in the musical sphere, it’s a sign that it’s time to launch your musical career.

These are the main signs to look for when considering a career in the music industry. But, don’t be too hesitant when you know in your heart that this is the right path to take. Sometimes you simply have to jump headfirst. Don’t know where to start? Contact Rakoon Sound Studios, which is a professional audio master you can trust for your creations. They even offer lessons to help artists achieve their musical goals.

Let’s face it, there are times when you wish you could get off your balcony and scream at the top of your lungs to show how much you love your furry friend. It may be good for you, but not for your doggie. Love, (happiness) and anger (sadness or disappointment) are two basic emotions that we all wish we could easily tell our dogs. However, humans and dogs communicate differently. While verbal communication is paramount for humans, dogs rely on non-verbal communication to convey information.

Fortunately, with over 30,000 years of close contact with humans, dogs have developed communication skills that humans can understand. Tail wagging when excited, eye and ear positions, and facial expressions to show anger or disappointment are some of the ways dogs communicate with humans. So how can you express basic emotions in a way that your loyal companion will understand?


A big hug is a natural way for humans to show affection. For a dog, the same gesture can be uncomfortable or threatening if it comes from an unfamiliar face. The next thing that will come to mind for most dog lovers is to give them a treat. While it’s not a bad idea, you don’t want your doggie to become overweight, especially if you don’t have an exercise program for it.

A more effective way to express your love for your dog is to gently rub the back of his ears. This method is very effective because it stimulates the release of endorphins, a hormone responsible for the feeling of pleasure. This hormone is also used to relieve pain. Otherwise, you know how dogs bend over you when you sit together? It’s their own way of cuddling. You can return the favour if you are very strong.

Dogs like affection and enjoy cuddling because they feel safe. Sharing your bed with your doggie can be interpreted as the ultimate show of love and affection. When this is not possible, offer him a warm winter dog bed. And a dog coat can say more about your love than a million words.


In case you don’t already know, dogs can read moods. They can sense when you are angry. They rely heavily on their sense of smell for this important task. When humans are angry, there is an adrenaline rush that often leads to an increase in sweat production. Dogs can sense this increase in sweat production.

Humans can also do other things involuntarily when they are angry, such as raising their voice pitch, tightening their muscles or stopping looking into their eyes. Believe it or not, it hurts your faithful dog to see you exhibit any of these things. So how will you know the message is being received? Dogs act differently depending on their breed. Some bark or growl, cower and look for a place to hide, or walk towards you in a sober manner.

Training your dog to communicate

The more you take your dog outside and allow him to interact with people, the better he will be able to read different emotions through observation. You can also teach your dog to communicate through gestures. Creating a routine can help you communicate better with your dog. Dogs learn faster through repetitive activities and games.

The pointing game is perhaps the simplest of the series of games you can play with your dog. Place two identical cups face down on the ground within inches of each other. Make eye contact with your dog and point at one of the cups. Your doggie must obey your gesture and explore the cup. Don’t get too excited if he didn’t get it the first time. As a motivation, you can place crumbs of food under the cup. Gradually, you’ll start to say more with gestures than words.

Communicating with your dog is a great way to increase your dog’s love for you and of course your love for your dog. In these busy times, spend some time each day talking to your dog in his own language – it will reward you and your dog will be calmer and more affectionate.

Nowadays, most people use boat wraps because they have the power to transform the entire appearance of the boat. Everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful, attractive boat, not a dull, boring boat. So graphic boat wraps are an ideal way to make your boat look stunning from every point of view.

Advantages of boat graphics

You may be wondering how boat dressing can help you. Don’t worry! We have noted here the fantastic benefits of using boat wraps. Let’s take a look:


Did you know that boat dressing is profitable and can last a long time? They protect your boat from damage, scratches, etc. This way, your boat will look like it will catch the attention of most people.

Environmentally friendly

Vinyl packaging does not use any chemicals, but it is an environmentally friendly option to choose from. Marine paints can be toxic and can even harm the environment as well as the people sitting inside the boat.

Removes easily

Since the covers protect the body of your boat, they can also be easily removed without affecting the original paint on the boat. This means that if you wish to remove the boat wrapping or sell the boat or anything else, the paint on the boat will appear as it was when the wrapping was used. This will increase the value of your boat.

Enough space for your design

Each boat has enough space to efficiently use the boat covers, which means that you can use the design and style as you wish. Whether you use it for advertising your business or simply wanting to improve your boat to make it unique compared to other boats on the water, it will benefit you in every way.

Easy to maintain

They are easy to manage because if the boat gets dirty, it must be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. Just like paints, these covers can be easily repaired if they are scratched, scuffed or damaged. Instead of re-wrapping the entire boat, some repairs require only a simple repair.

Why use boat wraps to advertise your business?

Below are some reasons to use boat wraps to promote your business:

1. Taking your boat to different areas will help people see the advertising you want to promote.
2. Boaters passing by usually pay more attention to other boats, allowing other people to read the information.
3. People will see the advertisement that is posted on the boat whether it is in the water or onshore.

How to take care of your packed boat?

Boat wrapping is a perfect way to protect the exterior of your boat and to modernize its appearance. To keep the packaging in good condition, it is imperative to take a few precautions. Let’s take a look:

1. Cleaning is probably the most effective way to keep your boat’s trim in good condition. Proper cleaning increases the life of your boat because, without maintenance, your boat can be damaged. It is best to rinse it off using non-abrasive soaps. After rinsing, use a silicone squeegee to absorb excess water from the package to prevent instant water spots.
2. Avoid using hard objects when scrubbing the package, as thick brushes can break the package and even make it dull. Avoid using harsh detergents as they can damage the packaging and sometimes even the body of your boat.

Final Remarks

Hope you enjoyed this blog and that it helped you learn more about boat wraps. It is clear from the points above that boat wraps can make your boat more attractive than other boats and will only benefit you in the long run.


What is Quartz as a concrete hardener?

How does it work?

Uses and variations of Quartz as a concrete hardener

Choosing your hardening Quartz

Use of Quartz concrete hardener

Price of concrete hardening quartz

There are specific admixtures and quartz powders that reinforce the concrete’s hardness to color a concrete floor and give it more resistance to shocks and abrasion. Quartz as a concrete hardener provides strength, resistance but also coloring and a neat finish. Quartz can be used as a surface admixture to any concrete manufactured on-site or delivered ready to use in all types of decorative concrete finishes, waxed, marked, or printed.

Quartz as a concrete hardener: what is it?

Quartz is a mineral silicate that is incredibly hard yet luminous owing to its crystalline structure. It is widely present in noble minerals used in construction, such as sandstone and granite, to which it gives strength and luster. Adding a silicate to concrete does not change its structure but shows its shine and strength. Quartz is already present in the sand used to make concrete. Merely increasing the quartz concentration in the wear layer will give more brightness, brilliance, and concrete strength.

Quartz will reinforce dry concrete texture but will never be used as a hardening gas pedal for a liquid concrete. There are other products available to accelerate the setting as in rapid-setting concrete.

How does it work?

The Quartz used as a concrete hardener is delivered in the form of a powder that is sprinkled on the sand, cement, and water mixture (concrete) that has been made either by mixing in a concrete plant or a concrete mixer or by hand (shovel and trough). The concrete thus covered with hardening quartz will be reinforced in its criteria of resistance to wear, shocks, and abrasion and adopt the aesthetic appearance of a noble finish.

Also, since the Quartz’s surface is much more challenging and thinner than concrete, the floor will be more impervious to grease, stains, dirt, and more comfortable to maintain, and more durable in appearance than rough concrete. Then, all you have to do is choose the color of colored Quartz and possibly the texture you wish to give to the concrete with the addition of colored Quartz (neutral, printed, smoothed, waxed…) to obtain a concrete floor with a finished appearance that does not need any coating.

Uses and variations of quartz hardener for concrete

In the past, a quartz hardener was mainly used in tertiary buildings (garages, workshops, parking lots, service stations, factories, commercial premises, etc.) to increase concrete floors’ resistance and facilitate their maintenance. Since then, concrete (colored, ribbed, printed) has taken its place in the interiors of houses and paving, terraces, and outbuildings in parks and gardens.

There are various colors available to tint concrete with the multiplication of quartz hardener. There is now concrete hardening quartz in most shades of natural stone and much more modern colors suitable for all types of architecture. Neutral and transparent to leave the rough aspect, white or black, green or orange… Most shades are available with sometimes the possibility to mix them.

Choosing your hardening quartz

Concrete hardening quartz is selected mainly based on its color and its hardness scale and grain size. The hardness scale used is the Mohs scale, where minerals are classified from 1 to 10. The softest mineral (talcum) is ranked 1, and then each mineral is rated according to its hardness measured by its ability to scratch a lower mineral. Quartz ranked 7 or 8 on the Mohs scale, can thus scratch most minerals.

The grain size expresses the diameter of the quartz crystals that are sprinkled on concrete. The finer the grain size, the smoother and more refined the soil’s appearance will be once hardened. As a general rule, a quartz hardener with fine grain size is chosen for indoor use and a slightly coarser one for outdoor use. The quartz range is generally between 0.3 and 1.5 mm grain size (i.e., 5 times finer or thicker!).

Use of quartz concrete hardener

Depending on the different products offered by manufacturers, the quartz layer’s thickness to be applied to concrete varies to obtain the expected resistance. On average, the thickness of the recommended quartz layer is between 2 and 3 millimeters. Depending on the product, the quartz quantity varies from 3 kg/m² to just over 6 kg/m².

The application is generally made by uniform sprinkling on a spread concrete during penetrant testing before floatation. Then, the required drying time depends on the use of the premises and, in particular, on the pressure applied during the passages. Manufacturers recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before walking on the ground but up to nearly a month for vehicle and heavy machinery traffic.

Price of concrete hardener quartz

The price of a 25 kg bag of concrete hardener quartz varies between $20 and $30 depending on the manufacturer, retailer, granulometry, and color.

Good to know: most concrete hardening quartz crystals require the spraying of a protective micro-waterproofing layer after floatation and smoothing. It will help if you consider the price of this product before any purchase.

A few simple cooking tips can make a bland dish even more delicious or simplify your cooking process. So here are ten essential cooking tips that you should add to your chef’s repertoire!

1. Don’t overload the pan.

You may think there’s enough room in your pan for an extra piece of chicken, but if that’s doubtful, don’t take that risk. It is possible that the heat will not distribute properly over the rest of the food in the pan, affecting the flavor or, worse yet, creating a health risk. As a preventative measure, leave a few centimeters between each food to make sure it is adequately cooked.

2. Let the red meat rest before cutting it up.

Even a well-cooked steak should never have a dry taste. Prevent a steak to lose its juicy by placing it directly on a sheet of aluminum foil after removing it from the oven or grill. Do carefully wrap the steak in the foil and let it rest for about five minutes as it allows the juices to settle before you cut the meat. The meat will continue to cook while in the foil. If you prefer a medium steak, you should remove it when it is done.

3. Store spices in the right place.

Extend the life of your spices by storing them in a cool, dark place. Please do not keep them on top of the stove as heat and humidity can alter their flavor.

4. Turn off the oven before the eggs are cooked.

The trick to making good eggs is not to overcook them! Whether you scramble, fry, or poach them, always turn the stove off a few minutes before the eggs look cooked, even if they seem a little runny. The rest of the heat will cook them to perfection.

5. Chop the herbs with salt.

To prevent the herbs from flying around when chopping, sprinkle a little salt on the chopping board. This will keep them in place.

6. Add salt to the boiling pasta water.

When making pasta, adding salt to the boiling water adds flavor from the inside. The rule of thumb is about 1 to 2 tablespoons for a large pot of water, stir until it dissolves, and once the water is boiling, add the pasta. It sounds simple as it will enhance the taste of your dish.

7. Use the pasta water to create the sauce.

Do not throw the water from the boiled pasta as it will give your pasta another flavor. Before discarding the pasta water, add one cup to your pot. Add the pasta directly into the pan. The water reserved for the pasta also contains starch, which can be used to adjust the sauce’s consistency. Your palate will appreciate it, and the texture will be perfect. Trust me.

8. Always keep a few essentials on hand.

We’ve all been there. You look in the fridge, thinking there’s nothing to eat, so you order take-out, and you stop there. No. Stop there. Check out our list of pantry essentials and stock up for your next grocery shopping spree. It’s easier to be creative with what you have if you have the right tools. Bonus points if you keep meat (chicken breast, hamburger meat, salmon, etc.) and frozen vegetables in your freezer for last-minute meals.

9. Use a paper towel to store vegetables.

It’s never a good idea to throw away food you haven’t touched, especially fresh produce. Extend the shelf life of vegetables by loosely wrapping them in a dry paper towel and placing them in a re-sealable plastic bag. Oxygen is not a friend to vegetables, so get as much air out of containers and bags as possible before sealing them. Also, avoid washing before eating the produce. Make sure you leave enough room in your refrigerator and produce drawer. Overstocking can reduce air circulation in the fridge, causing temperature variations and faster expiration of food.

10. Keep the root of the onion intact for easy slicing.

Onions can be difficult to slice without causing damage. To cut them evenly, do not remove the root. While keeping the root intact, peel the onion and cut it horizontally. Then cut vertically to obtain perfectly chopped pieces.

Cuisines reflect the cultural variety of a country’s regions and their diverse history affected by civilization. Each country has its cuisine that differs from other countries and represents its customs, traditions, and the kinds of foods that its people adore.

Since I do love eating, I often try many different kinds of cuisines from many other countries. One day, my friend gives me some references for cooking that are popularly said to be the most delicious ones in the world. In general, I agree that these cuisines are deserved to be popularly said as the most delicious ones because of their uniqueness. What cuisines are they? Go on reading this article.

The delicious taste will be relatively different. However, in general, these cuisines are tasty enough to be listed as the top five among other cuisines. They are:

1. French cuisine. This cuisine is very famous for its delicious cheese and wine. From the Middle age until the French Revolution, cooking French cuisine techniques were improved, and it is late to be considered high cooking in the twenty-first century. In Paris, there are up to 5,000 places to eat with various menu and prices. Just choose one of those places that match your taste as well as your budget.

2. Italian cuisine. This cuisine might belong to the world’s oldest cuisine since it could be traced to the fourth century B.C. It divides into several sections, namely antipasto (appetizer), primo (pasta or rice), secondo (meat), and dolce (dessert). Italia is also famous for its more than 400 different types of cheese, including the famous Parmigianino Reggiano, and 300 different sausage types.

3. Chinese cuisine. It is enjoyed by one-third of the population in the world. It is accessible in the making, cheap, and also delicious, so this cuisine is very famous in the world as a whole. There are many types of cooking served in bite-sized pieces. Usually, each person is served with a bowl of rice. Furthermore, other food will be served in a large portion for several people. Some foods are processed with a rare ingredient such as facai moss.

4. Indian cuisine. The most famous Indian foods are those from North India that also known as Mughlai or Punjabi. There are three other categories of this cuisine: West Indian, East Indian, and South Indian. The food is mostly vegetarian, but you will find some foods with chicken, sheep meat, or fish. Usually, Indian cuisine is very spicy.

5. Thai Cuisine. It is very famous for its perfect and balanced combination of hot, sour, bitter, and sweet. It uses various fresh herbs and seasoning, such as citrus, lemongrass, and fresh coriander. As well as other Asian cuisine, rice is an essential component of the meal. You can also find many kinds of noodles and nam pla (fish sauce mixed with shrimp pasta). You can also find raw beef, fermented fish pasta, and in the northeast part of Thai, you could also find fried insect larva.

6. Turkish cuisine. Deemed among the world’s most decadent cuisine, Turkish cuisine has maintained its tradition to the present after the fusion of Central Asian culinary habits with Anatolian culinary culture. With its cooking methods, wide variety, and tastes, Turkish cuisine promises more than kebabs and gyro. For dessert, pastry, puddings, halvas, fruit desserts, cakes, cookies, and jams stand out. You must taste the prominent flavors in Turkish cuisine are; Adana kebab, stuffed vine leaves with olive oil, ravioli, stuffed meatballs, pide, Tas kebab (meat stew), steak tartar a la turca, split aubergines with meat filling. We can classify the refreshments as follows; sorbets, syrups, compotes, boza, buttermilk, grape juice, turnip juice, and of course, Turkish Coffee.

So are you interested in trying all of those delicious cuisines?

Before the current pandemic forced most of the world to seek refuge indoors and avoid human contact, only about 7% of people in Western countries did their food shopping online. Suddenly stores were expected to deliver to more than 90% of homes. Not surprisingly, there were teething problems. The situation has now stabilized, and this article will look to see what the benefits and drawbacks of this have been and whether we can expect shopping habits will go back to pre-COVID ways or is online grocery shopping likely to be the new normal.

No Need to Leave the House

Pro: the biggest advantage in this current climate and one that will convince couch potatoes and go-getters alike is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Don’t feel like getting dressed and going out, but really need milk? Simply hop online! There are even chat functions so you can speak to a real person to sort out any ordering issues.

Con: unfortunately, if you’re not that tech-savvy, navigating certain grocery store websites can be a nightmare due to poor layout and design choices. This might not be much of an issue in the future, however, since most stores are responding to feedback and making the required improvements.

Time Convenience

Pro: Most online grocery stores offer either home delivery or store collection options, which in the future can mean that you’ll easily be able to fit your food shopping around your other commitments. You’ll also enjoy not needing to queue at the checkout to pay, no parking hassles as you search for a space in the shopping mall car park and not dealing with the in-store crowds if you have to shop at peak times.

Con: There aren’t many downsides with home delivery or in-store collection, aside from the fact that you may need to pay a premium for desirable slots like Friday evenings or over the weekend. For major public holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you may find that slots have been booked months in advance, so it might be useful to have contingency plans for these sorts of events.

Freshness and Quality

Pro: Grocery stores can’t afford bad reviews, so will go the extra mile to ensure that they are sending out the highest quality fresh produce for home deliveries. Reputable stores will also offer no-questions-asked refund policies on the vast majority of their groceries, which they will want to avoid triggering.

Con: No matter how fresh the produce, having someone else choose your vegetables and meats will never seem as good as if you had done it yourself.

Saving Money

Pro: As we mentioned before, shopping online means that you’ll be saving money on gas and parking. You’ll also be less likely to the impulse buys that come with actually going to the store. Furthermore, lots of online stores offer promotions that you won’t find if you go in physically. You’ll also be able to use comparison sites to find even more deals without needing to visit each store individually. Putting all these together, you can see how the savings can accumulate.

Cons: the only major downside is that popular items may get sold out quickly. Even if the store offers substitute items, these may not be appropriate, which can lead to disappointment.

So, is Online Food Shopping Here to Stay?

There’s little doubt that online shopping is a growing trend. The convenience of being able to shop from home 24/7 is a no-brainer for most people. However, some people will always be worried about the quality and freshness of the food to be delivered. At the end of the day, there is no doubt that online grocery stores like WE R HERE 4 U will be constant features of our lives going forward.



Step 1: Prepare your floating dock project

Step 2: Assemble the dock frame

Step 3: Consolidate the dock structure with spacers

Step 4: Attach the floats to the dock

Step 5: Form the deck

Step 6: Anchor your floating dock

Making a floating dock is not as difficult as it sounds. To moor a boat, to have easy and secure access to a body of water, or simply for the pleasures of swimming, it is the ideal solution. With the method, the right tools and time ahead of you, you can achieve a solid and durable construction.

To find out how to build a floating dock, follow the detailed explanations below.

Materials needed to build a floating dock

TRCC bolts (round head square collar) About $13
Adjustable wrench
Square $ 4
Mounting bracket $ 4
Tape measure From $ 4
Paper + pencil Already owned
Drilling machine From $ 30
Wood boards According to species and dimensions
Jigsaw From $ 30
Tasseau From $ 5
Screws From $ 2 the bag
Screwdriver From $ 30

1. Prepare your floating dock project

Define the surface area of the dock and the choice of floats.

Determine the length and width of the floating dock based on:

– the number of people to be accommodated;

– the load to be supported;

– the size of the craft (boat, kayak, rowboat, etc.) to be moored to the dock.

Choose the size of the floats:

The size of the floats depends on the weight to be supported.

If you install a ladder or guardrails, include the weight of these elements in the load to be supported.

Example: for 2 to 3 persons, 4 floats of 15 cm high are provided to ensure the buoyancy of a 200 kg load.

Also, consider the desired height of the dock.

Good to know: if you want to be as close to the water as possible, opt for floats about 15 cm high.

Make a quick plan of your dock, noting all the dimensions.

Take the necessary materials with you

To make a floating dock, you will need:

– autoclave-treated wood planks;

– wooden cleats;

– steel mounting brackets;

– galvanized steel hardware;

– mooring cleats;

– floats;

– galvanized steel chains;

– dead bodies.

Important: Ask your dealer to choose the right type of float for your dock.

2. Assemble the frame of the dock

Shape the perimeter

Saw 4 planks to the right dimensions to make up the perimeter of the dock.

Position them on high support (trestles, workbench, table, etc.) so that you can access the underside of the dock under construction.

Assemble the planks together by screwing them together laterally, checking their right angle with a square.

Important: Always use galvanized steel hardware to prevent rust.

Then bolt large galvanized steel mounting brackets to the 4 corners of the assembly.

Important: the brackets must extend halfway up the dock. This will then allow the spacers of the dock structure to be attached to them.

Divide the dock into several sections

Divide the dock into equal sections.

Good to know: determine the number of sections according to the size of the dock.

Saw boards to the right length to insert them inside the frame to form the sections.

Position and screw the planks in the perimeter.

Also, secure these interior boards by bolting them with mounting brackets.

3. Consolidate the dock structure with spacers

The sections of the dock must be reinforced with X-shaped braces, fixed on the fixing brackets.

The spacer is a rigid part used to maintain a fixed distance between 2 elements.

In the first section, measure the diagonals with a meter.

Cut 2 boards to these measurements:

– 1 plank will be fixed flat: apply a 45° angle at each end;

– 1 plank will be fixed on the edge.

First fix the spacer flat by screwing it into the fixing brackets.

Then fix the spacer positioned on the edge in the same way.

Repeat these steps for each section of the dock.

This post will now continue in part 2 in our next publication. Stay posted and remember to leave your comments below.

Gleaming snowy white or vanilla off-white, ankle or knee-length, straight or puffy, you probably want your wedding dress to be perfect! Although “what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”, as the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, most women dream of a statement piece for their bridal gown since they were little girls.

Whether it is custom made or a designer’s piece, the dress of the bride is significant in creating a memorable marriage and a once-in-a-lifetime day to be cherished forever. But with all the excitement and planning going on, choosing the right dress can be challenging. You can take this weight off your shoulders, we’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered 5 tips that will allow you to pick the ideal wedding dress to walk down the aisle with grace while all the spotlight is on you.

1. Research Comes First

Do you want your skirt with or without a crinoline? Are you looking for an empire or sheath silhouette? Would you prefer tulle or organza fabric for your gown? If you have no idea of how to differentiate these terms, no worries, it’s normal! You don’t get to deal with the wedding dress terminology every day, and before going shopping, we advise that you do some research first.

Grab some bridal magazines and read more on websites to understand the bridal gown glossary and get a better idea of what you are looking for.

2. Your Taste Matters

Stick to your gut feelings! After all, this wedding is going to be your day and your dress needs to suit your personality and taste. You will be the one wearing the dress, and it is essential that you like the color and style.

Pop by a bridal shop; have a look at the fabric and decorative details available on the market. Make a folder with photos of wedding dresses you like. You can also get some inspiration on Pinterest and create a private board to pin the wedding gowns you love.

3. It’s All About the Fit

Forget about the size when choosing your perfect wedding dress. Think about the fit! You can try on a few dresses to have a better understanding of which style flatters your body shape the most. Be meticulous on the dress cut to see if the gown is flattering your best features.

For instance, mermaid gowns will complement beautiful curves while a trumpet dress will work well with a slender silhouette. However, there are no rules to follow here, it is just about fitting your body figure, so you look at your best and feel comfortable.

4. Tune It with Your Theme

You don’t want your dress to clash with the mood you want to achieve for your wedding. When you’ve decided on the theme of your wedding décor, you’ll get a good idea of what type of material and color to choose for your dress so that it matches your party’s atmosphere.

We also recommend that you keep your venue in mind when picking your gown. This will narrow down your options, making your purchase choice more straightforward.

5. Stick to Your Budget

Wedding dresses are probably the most expensive clothing item for women. Before making any decision, it is crucial that you do your budgeting and be clear about how much you are willing to spend on the dress. Therefore, when you visit the bridal store, you can inform the salesperson about your price range so you’ll try only pieces that you can afford. There’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you’ve found the perfect dress ending up realizing that you cannot get it.

Remember that there is nothing to stress about as when you find the right dress, you will know. Plus those 5 tips will help you in your decision making. Haven’t you find the perfect dress yet? You can always schedule an appointment at a bridal boutique and let the stylist find you the dress of your dreams.

– Illuminated signs: definition
– Types of illuminated signs
– Why choose an illuminated sign?
Use of the neon sign

The choice of lighting system is an important step in the design of a sign, as it allows the company to stand out from its competitors and be visible during closing hours. This is why the place of illuminated signs in commercial activity plays a key role.

Illuminated signs: definition

Illuminated signs are one of the most effective media for advertising communication. Regardless of the lighting technology, it is always equipped with either LED or neon lighting.

Just like a shop sign, it consists of all illuminated inscriptions, shapes or images that can be placed on the facade of a building where an activity is carried out.

The sign, whether illuminated or not, is a means of display that allows:

– to attract customers;
– to promote the image;
– to convey a message.

Types of illuminated signs

Illuminated signs allow you to promote your business day and night, and are available in different models:

– Illuminated boxes;
– LED signs;
– neon signs.

Illuminated signs can be:

– either illuminated from the inside, as is the case for lightboxes or certain sign letters;
– or backlit.

What is a lightbox?

It is widely used in the field of signage and advertising communication. The lightbox is a visual device that allows a poster to be displayed. Totally or partially transparent, it has a luminous electrical installation (LED or neon backlighting) that allows you to enhance your display.

The models of lightboxes

Several types of lightboxes are currently available on the market:

– The simple lightbox, which allows highlighting an advertising poster on the front part of the box.
– The double-sided lightbox, which offers the possibility of displaying 2 models of visuals on both sides. These include flag signs.
– The scrolling lightbox, which can display several visuals scrolling successively. This is notably the case for certain advertising panels.
– The stretched canvas lightbox, which allows for the display of large lengths or large surfaces, as is the case for advertising tarpaulins.

What is an LED sign?

The LED illuminated sign is a form of dynamic advertising that uses diodes and can be remotely controlled via a computer. This offers many advantages over traditional neon signs or lightboxes.

The LED illuminated sign has light-emitting diodes for its illumination. Regardless of the model or brand of the sign, the process remains the same: these diodes allow electricity to pass through the material and the energy that is released allows the sign to be illuminated from the outside.

Depending on the materials of the sign, the colour of the light will be different. This material will also determine the wavelength of the light emitted.

What type of LED sign for your shop?

The LED sign can be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on your needs, you can choose between:

– The programmable LED sign:

◦ Placed outdoors, you can program it to flash or scroll.
◦ It also allows you to broadcast a message to the public day and night.
– The decorative LED sign:

◦ Placed indoors, this luminous LED sign groups together LED display screen type signs or decorative LED signs.
◦ It allows you to highlight an advertising message or a commercial offer.

What is a neon sign?

The use of neon offers a definite advantage in illuminated signage. Like the lightbox and the LED sign, the neon sign allows you to durably spread the image of your activity, your business or your products.

To be seen, the neon sign is one of the most effective media.
There are two types of neon signs:

– Glass neon signs: these are illuminated signs lit by fluorescent tubes. These tubes illuminate, from below, a box which is equipped with a glass face.
– Flexible neon signs: these use the latest lighting technology to overcome the disadvantages of conventional neon signs.

Use of the neon sign

Depending on the type of business you wish to equip with an illuminated sign, certain types of display media should be preferred.

To date, neon signs are mainly used by night-time businesses such as:

– bars,
– hotels,
– restaurants, etc.

Why choose an illuminated sign?

An illuminated sign is a company visual that promotes contact with the customer. Putting an illuminated sign on your company or shop allows you to:

– stand out from the competition;
– catch the customer’s eye;
– be visible day and night.

Use of illuminated signs

Illuminated signs are of vital importance for a shop or business, whether it is located in a busy street or in a less commercial area.

This utility can be found in:

– advertising signs;
– shop signs;
– signs for bars, tobacconists, bakeries, restaurants, etc.

In our next publications, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of lightboxes, LED signs and neon signs. Stay posted, and remember to leave your comments below.

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