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– Where to rent a wedding venue?

– How to choose a wedding venue?

– Cost of a wedding venue

You are in the middle of preparing your wedding, you have organized a wedding planning so that you don’t forget anything. Getting married with your loved one will be the most beautiful day of your life, you want it to be unforgettable. For this, the choice of the wedding hall is decisive.

Where to rent a wedding venue?

Whether your wedding is country, romantic or sumptuous, you will have to quickly get down to work to find the right place for your wedding.

Also, the wedding hall must be in harmony with your party and will have to adapt to the style of your wedding. Therefore, there are many private spaces or various public places that can be rented to celebrate exceptional events.

You can opt for :

– private castles;

– farms, inns and other restaurants;

– abbeys;

– theatres which have many rooms available;

– palace lounges;

– festival halls;

large estates equipped with gîtes for the accommodation of your guests;

– barges which offer a more unusual side.

Different tools can help you to carry out and target your various searches, such as :

– paper guides ;

– yellow pages;

– internet guides;

– several sites: such as Summerfields Estate;

– word-of-mouth does not go out of fashion either and offers excellent results.

If you have the possibility, you can also decide to receive your guests in your rented estate, or that of a relative park. In this case, think about renting a wedding tent, if sometimes the weather is not suitable.

How to choose your wedding venue?

As a first step, you should start scouting at least one year before the wedding date because the most sought-after and high quality wedding halls and venue are very much in demand. And, you don’t want to be on the waiting list for too long!

Getting the wedding hall rented on the date that suits you will therefore be a priority. Choose a location that is suitable for both families and friends, not too far from the church or the town hall so as not to lose half of the guests.

The party is for everyone, it would be better to avoid climbing stairs that are not always accessible to the elderly.

After you have found several places that suit you, all that remains is to make the final choice, do not hesitate to visit the selected rooms and especially the place where the reception will take place, leaving nothing to chance, go through all the practical details with a fine-tooth comb.

Criteria to be taken into account in the choice of a wedding hall

Ask yourself the right questions, namely :

– The number of guests:

◦ It will define the size of the hall, the number of seats available, the type of tables, the plan of the hall.

◦ It is preferable for the tables to be round for more conviviality and not too far from each other as this could lack warmth. Think about your wedding table plan.

– Small, friendly spaces can also be a plus :

◦ You can customize a room especially dedicated to children who can be entrusted to a wedding babysitter,

◦ A rest room to relax and/or for the elderly.

– Will the vin d’honneur take place in the same room?

– Make sure you have enough room for your wedding’s entertainment: sound equipment, orchestra, various games.

– Is there enough room to dance?

– What kitchen equipment is planned and available: stove, refrigerator, sink, freezer…

– Are there enough toilets?

– Is the room heated if your wedding takes place in winter?

– Is the venue and its surroundings secure?

– Is the parking lot large and convenient enough to accommodate all your guests?

– At what time does the rental end?

Don’t hesitate to ask for information and testimonials from people who have already been married in this location. Ask for advice from your friends and neighbours. You can also entrust the organisation of your wedding to a wedding planner.

Cost of a wedding hall

It is important to consider your budget when choosing your wedding hall. The cost varies according to the location, the surface area and the equipment provided. Remember that a down payment allows you to “block” and quickly reserve the reception hall.

Ask how the price of your room is charged, what is included in the price:

– The material (kitchen equipment)?

– Are tables and chairs included?

– What about insurance in case of an incident?

Prices vary according to the style of your wedding hall: a manor, an estate or luxury residence, a castle, or a prestigious wedding hall.

Don’t forget to add the cost of your personalized decoration to this budget.

Good to know: Be aware that prices decrease significantly out of season.

To choose the venue of your events: Weddings, Corporate functions, Romantic getaways, and other Functions, you can contact Summerfields Estate for a stylish location on the Mornington Peninsula.

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In today’s world, furniture is not made as it was in the past where it was all made of wood and sold assembled. Much of the furniture that you purchase in department stores are made of particle board and can be broken when assembling it. A furniture assembler may be self-employed, work for a company that offers assembly services, or works for the store where you purchased the furniture.

If you have purchase something to be assembled such as office furniture, exercise equipment, or furniture for the home and the place where you bought it does not offer assembly services you will either have to put it together yourself or hire someone. If you decide to hire someone to assemble it, you want to make sure that you are hiring someone that knows what they are doing. However, they do require more work in terms of furniture assembly. While some people might choose to assemble the furniture by themselves, it is always better to hire a furniture assembler as they have the right tools, they do it right, and take a shorter time in the assembly.

Here are some tips to help ensure that you are hiring the right furniture assembler.

Tip #1: Deal Only with Professional Furniture Assemblers

If you are going to pay someone to assemble your furniture, you want to make sure the person you hire is a professional with plenty of experience. Ask the assembler how long he or she has been in the business and request references. Be certain to check on those references and to find out if the assembler’s previous clients were satisfied with the service. In addition, ask the assembler to provide you with information about his or her training, education, and certification within the field.

Tip #2: Find Assemblers with Guarantees

Since you will be spending your hard-earned money on hiring a professional furniture assembler, it only makes sense to find one that will guarantee his or her work. The assembler should carry professional liability insurance, which can be used to pay you if problems occur with the assembler’s workmanship. Inquire about this insurance and find out whether the assembler stands behind his or her work.

Tip #3: Find an Assembler That Charges in Increments

For the most part, assemblers will request an hourly rate rather than a flat fee for their work. To save yourself a little money, find an assembler that charges in 30-minute increments after the first hour of work. This way, if the job takes one hour and fifteen minutes to complete, you will only pay for one and a half hours rather than for two.

Tip #4: Find Out About the Extra Benefits the Assembler Provides

When selecting an assembler, consider more than just the hourly rate. While one assembler may offer a very low rate, this rate may not include extras such as carrying heavy boxes or furniture upstairs or putting your furniture in place. Some assemblers may also automatically include delivery in their costs whereas others do not. These extras may be well-worth paying a slightly higher hourly rate. Or, if these benefits are not included in the hourly rate that you are quoted, find out how much extra they will cost you and then compare the assemblers you have to select from.

Tip #5: Ask About Scheduling

You are a busy person. As such, you need to find an assembler that is willing and capable of working around your schedule as much as possible. Depending upon your situation, it may be worthwhile to pay someone a little extra if he or she is willing to assemble and deliver your furniture in the evening or on a weekend.

Tip #6: Find an Assembler That Charges in half hour’s

Ideally you’d want an assembler to quote a fixed price before calling out, to give you peace of mind as to the cost before the job is started – however if they do decide to check if they charge by the half hour (or every fifteen would be even better!) because if they go over time by a few minutes then you won’t be liable for a full hours rate.

Tip #7: Are they time flexible

If you are a busy person then you will need to find an assembler who is willing and capable of working around your schedule as much as possible. Depending upon your situation, it may be worthwhile to pay someone a little extra if he or she is willing to assemble and deliver your furniture in the evening or on a weekend.

Keep these few tips in mind when you go to book your flat pack assembly professional and you can be much more confident of a great service at a price that will not shock you! By keeping these five tips in mind, you will have a much better chance of finding an assembler that will provide you with high quality work at a price you can easily afford. Not all furniture assembly companies are created equal. Full-service companies like Best Assembly Pty Ltd offer flat pack services that might enable you to get multiple things done with one company and one low price. See all the flat pack services available to you in one service call.

When you hear the word “insurance”, strange or funny might not be the first thing that pops into your mind, yet, it can actually be a lot more intriguing than you probably imagine. Throughout history, people have invested zillions in saving their most precious assets, and insurance has even had a big chunk of impact on major decisions.

In Japan, golfers took out golf insurance just in case they got a hole-in-one, they would have to spend a fortune on sumptuous drinks and goodies, as well as throwing fancy parties for an awful lot of people (isn’t that crazy). Meanwhile, some people have purchased insurance for their body parts, and others have even taken out a policy just to watch popular movies, in case they died of laughter! (No, your eyes didn’t fool you!) Kiss bassist Gene Simmons had his tongue insured for a million bucks…while “Ugly Betty”‘ TV star America Ferrera (who plays an ugly duckling with braces on her teeth), had her smile insured for $10 million (not so ugly indeed).

While these were just a small foretaste, check out some more hard-to-believe but compelling insurance facts that will totally boggle your mind (some of which may help save a few bucks).

Insurance Has Been Around for Several Thousand Years…

Yes, you read right! It may be hard to imagine insurance sales clerks and insurance forms existed hundreds of years ago, but that certainly doesn’t mean that insurance was non-existent. In fact, it is believed that insurance made its first historical breakthrough in China around 3000 BC. Merchants who depended on shipping goods by ship were at risk of losing cargo in shipwrecks. For this reason, some of them divided their merchandise among several vessels, so that even if one of the ships was wrecked, traders would not suffer a complete loss. Modern insurance works in more or less the same way, with money being collected and pooled by insurers, ready to be paid out in the event of a claim.

Home Insurance Policies Often Prohibit Some Breeds of Dog!

Many home insurance policies often prohibit you from having certain types of dogs as pets – because they can potentially cause problems (yes, that’s sad!). Some 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, and about 20% of dog bites require medical attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dog breeds typically excluded from standard insurance policies are Mastiffs, Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers. If necessary, you can pay extra to add coverage for your dog, or by going around the market, you may be able to find a policy that covers your dog.

Your Home Insurance Probably Covers Damage Caused By Volcanoes and Meteorites.

While you might know that your home insurance doesn’t protect you against flood damage, it may cover much more than you think. Home insurance policies usually cover damage caused by volcanoes and even meteors, for example. However, calamities like floods, earthquakes are not usually included. It’s best to read your policy carefully or talk to your agent to find out precisely what’s insured and what’s not, so you can decide if you want to add other coverage, such as earthquake coverage.

Credit Ratings Can Have a Significant Impact on Your Insurance Costs.

You are probably aware of the credit scores that influence the mortgage interest rates offered to you. Still, you may not realize that there are “credit-based insurance scores” that can significantly impact the insurance premiums offered to you. According to Fair Isaac, the company behind FICO scores, about 95% of all car insurers and 85% of all home insurers use these scores when they are licensed. A few states, such as California, Maryland, and Massachusetts, restrict or even prohibit their use.

Companies believe that scores that reflect how you manage your money are apt to suggest the likelihood that you will make a claim. A report by found that: “Drivers with bad credit can pay twice as much for car insurance as those with exceptional credit. Nationally, improving your credit score from “poor” to “outstanding” would save you 53% (over $1,400) per year”. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your credit score.  

Auto Insurance for Teenagers Can Be Astonishingly Pricey.

It’s not just the cost of education that is covered when your teenagers start driving: You’ll need to get them covered by car insurance, which can be pretty costly. A parent who adds an adolescent to their policy can expect their new rate to be $6,186, and in some cases, 227 % more than insurance for a single adult driver, and a teen who buys their own policy can be even more expensive. 16-year-old are involved in twice as many accidents as 18- and 19-year-old, therefore, adding a 16-year-old to your insurance plan can cost you up to $3,000 or $4,000 or more. (If you need this kind of insurance, look around the market, as rates can vary widely.)                                                   

Starbucks Spent More on Health Coverage for Its Employees Than It Did on Coffee!

Many Americans enjoy employer-sponsored health care – for themselves, their spouses, and their children. That’ s a no-brainer. In China, though, Starbucks has taken employer-sponsored health insurance even further by offering coverage for workers’ parents. It is limited to workers who have been with the company for at least two years and provides coverage for up to 30 critical illnesses for parents under 75 years of age who live in China. This sounds like a good idea in a country where many workers feel responsible for their parents, and it can make Starbucks a more competitive employer. It’s not unthinkable that new types of insurance will also be offered to Americans. We did not always have pet insurance, for example.

These are just a few of the surprisingly cool things to learn about the world of insurance. The more you know, the more you can save! Are you looking for a reputable insurance agent or insurance quote in Rockledge? Have Mimbs & Associates Insurance on your speed dial. Backed by years of experience, they are experts in protecting your property and your family’s belongings.

Opting for the right health insurance plan is crucial as this will help you get the best treatment for yourself, your entire family as well as your four-legged family members. However, deciding which health insurance to choose isn’t an easy task! There are tons of insurance companies in every city these days that provide high-quality insurance plans. Nearly half of all employers with 250 or more employees offer more than one policy, all with different copayments, benefits, premiums and deductibles. But how do you go ahead and pick the right insurer? Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the best health insurance plans for your family –

Look at Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Focusing on the monthly premium is one thing, but keeping track of the deductible, copayments and co-insurance is also a key factor. These three elements are your maximum expenses. Under the Affordable Care Act, the maximum reimbursable expenses are $7,150 for a single person and $14,300 for a family policy.

Consider Your Life Stage

Let’s assume the next coming years turn out to be just like the past five. You go for regular medical checkups two to three times. Your partner is as healthy a horse (as long as he/she swallows his cholesterol pill every day). And your kids, well, let’s just say they have an average of one cast and 15 stitches a year. And therefore, choosing an appropriate insurance plan tailored to your individual needs is crucial.

While taking cheap health insurance plans, it is essential to consider your health, age and financial situation. Selecting a policy with a lower deductible and copayments is recommended if you’re suffering from one or more health problems that require ongoing care (such as heart disease or diabetes) or expecting a baby. Of course, you’ll be paying a higher premium, but your overall out-of-pocket costs may be lower. The insurance agent can help you make a better decision with your health insurance based on all of this information.

Number of Family Members

Are you taking health insurance or term insurance that covers all your family members? Along with the number of family members, their life stages matter too. The cover amount needs to be able to support everyone’s lifestyle and spending capacity in case of any unfortunate incident where the insurance will be used.

Check the Drug List

All insurance plans generally provide a detailed medication list and copayment covered. So, be sure to buy an insurance plan that offers a prescription drug benefit high enough to cover all your needs. If your drug isn’t on the list of medications covered, you may have to pay 100% of the cost. It is also an excellent idea to check whether your insurance plan includes a mail-in prescription option; it can save you some bucks on your regular prescriptions.

The benefit should typically cover at least $1,000 per year. With only a few prescriptions, you can easily reach this amount, especially if your doctor prescribes a medicine with no generic substitutes.

Go Over the List of Benefits

Usually, all individual and small business plans should cover prescription drugs, hospitalization, emergency services, mental health and addiction treatment, preventative services and rehabilitation services, maternity and newborn care, pediatric services (including vision and dental care), laboratory tests and out-patient care. However, the specifications of the plans available through your employer may vary, so make sure to read the plan’s Evidence of Coverage.

Also, don’t forget to double-check your prescription coverage each year when re-enrolling in your insurance plan. Many insurance brokers tend to amend their policies and drug coverage frequently. So, it is wise to look for another insurance provider if your daily medications are abruptly withdrawn from your coverage.

Maximum Age Renewal Option

Although you don’t really use your health insurance when you are young, as you get older, health care costs increase and you will have a greater need for health insurance coverage. So, make sure to check whether your health insurance plan features a more comprehensive renewal option with the best pricing. Opt for lifetime plans with renewability options available beyond age 65 – it will pay off in the long run for you and your family.

Choose the Right Insurer Too

While you’re reviewing all these policies and benefits, it’s also wise to choose the right insurer. Look for insurance companies with higher stakes settlement rates (so you don’t have to fight over your claims). Are you looking for a trusted insurance agent or an insurance quote in Florida? Get in touch with BREVARD INSURANCE & MARKETING – they are experts in the protection of your possessions and those of your family.

When shopping for the best insurance policy, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. Therefore, if you want to pick the crème de la crème, simply do your homework! Hopefully, these smart tips can help simplify your selection process.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the volume of disorganized documents in your organization, you are not alone. For years, organizations in all industries have struggled with this time-consuming and frustrating barrier to productivity. But with the evolution of technology, a solution has come to the rescue of companies everywhere that are faced with a considerable amount of documents: Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Ever wondered how much time you could potentially save by electronically managing your business documents? How much storage space could you keep in your business by scanning documents? How much more comfortable would your work be if you could access the materials you need offline – from the comfort of your home or on the road? Incorporating enterprise content management (ECM) into your business can play a crucial role in providing customers with a more cost-effective service. Here are the top reasons why you should choose to digitize all your documents with ECM!

So, What Exactly is ECM?

What if I told you that you could control every bit of information in your organization with the touch of your fingers? Sounds pretty cool, right? Thanks to the technological power of ECM, you can swiftly and effectively take full control of your company’s critical data!

On top of that, you’ll also enjoy several other benefits of ECM along the way. Many companies are confronted with an overload of information in the form of documents, emails, invoices, contracts, etc. This challenge can cause problems that hinder optimal efficiency in various ways. However, with a strategic ECM solution, your organization will discover benefits that will save valuable resources and streamline operations. 

Keep an Eagle Eye on All Your Data

While a large amount of critical information may be necessary and desirable, it can often be problematic. You may find yourself frequently searching through an endless supply of documents that may be duplicated, incomplete or misfiled.

An ECM solution can come to your rescue in such a scenario. You will be able to gain complete access to a secure and comprehensive document management system while making your documents centralized and readily retrievable. 

In addition, each document will be automatically linked to the appropriate accounts, making the experience even more enjoyable. When an ECM solution organizes your information, you’ll be able to amaze your customers by providing the kind of quality service no competitor could ever dream of.

For Any Size of Business

From flexibility and scalability to simplicity and profitability, Enterprise Content Management systems deliver bottom-line benefits to all company sizes. Be it for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals. It lets you place your content on your website effortlessly, which in turn helps boost your revenue and traffic flow on your website.

Accessible From Anywhere

The ECM system allows you to access your website’s content virtually from anywhere, using any computer device connected to the Internet. It is indeed a handy feature, as the ability to work remotely, and on-the-go is becoming more and more popular these days (especially with the recent Covid-19 outbreak where almost all of us have to work from home).

Better Collaboration and Sharing

Whether your teams are in the same office or in a different time zone, it is possible to work together across different locations with ECM systems.

Collaboration encourages people with different skills to contribute to the company’s overall performance by finding quicker and more efficient methods to deliver your product or service to the market and reducing operational costs. As a result, this will enhance your business results!

ECM provides tools such as instant messaging, email, online meetings and whiteboards to facilitate teamwork. With these tools, you can participate instantly or whenever you want. You can view the status of a problem or solution, ask questions, make suggestions or presentations and get feedback at any time. These features allow you to get actively involved and contribute significantly.

Minimize Operating Costs

Numerous enterprises are saving time and money by switching to the digital world, and the ECM solution is a great vehicle to do so. Using an ECM software will streamline your organizational processes, resulting in cost savings throughout your company. As a result, you’ ll also be able to reduce your paper consumption enormously.

You’ll rapidly unlock all the financial gains that come from reduced printing and shipping costs. Less paper can even free up additional office space that can be better used! Your employees will also see the difference when they can reallocate their resources to more useful tasks.

Did You Know?

On average, professionals spend 18 minutes locating a document they need, resulting in $14,000 worth of lost productivity per worker every year. 

Save Some Time

The more information you have, the more time you need to keep track of everything. And if your data is not well organized, it is virtually impossible to analyze it effectively. That’ s one more reason to consider an ECM solution to help speed up the process. 

Having an ECM system will help organize documents productively, making it easier to find them and, consequently, saving you time. Thus, you can enhance your productivity by reallocating your time to more important tasks. You may be surprised at how much time and energy you can free up – another great perk of ECM.

A Great Store

Having a centralized location to store electronic records reduces the need for physical filing cabinets within the office. Documents are securely stored and protected by ECM, allowing you to control access to content based on a user profile. It is even possible to limit access to confidential documents to a certain number of users, irrespective of how many users are actively working in the system. This guarantees that the right people have the right access to the documents they need.

Enhance Customer Service

By unlocking instant access, you get real-time visibility into the status of requests and transactions. This allows you to meet your customers’ needs faster than ever before. Your customers will also appreciate being able to fill out forms and apply online. The extra time your solution gives you can be spent on offering your customers the high-quality service and flawless experience they deserve.

One of the cool things about the benefits of adequately implemented ECM solutions is that they are cumulative. That means you’re getting more value for the same amount of effort (which is, coincidentally, another benefit of ECM solutions).

Don’t think that just deploying an ECM solution will automatically provide benefits. The solution needs to be deployed in a manner that supports relevant controls and is planned out logically. You also need to put a benefits realization plan in place and stick to it. Need help from a document export specialist to set up the ECM system for your company? Synepsis Consulting is here to lend a helping hand! With their team of experts. They’ll find practical solutions to help you reach your business objectives. 

Maybe you’re just starting a new business, or you have an established business and want to re-brand. Or perhaps you just want to improve your visibility and get the attention of potential customers. Whatever stage your business is at, signage should be a crucial part of your marketing mix if you want to make an impact and create a strong visual brand.

Your business is more than its logo, products, and services. It’s an entire experience. How you promote your business will determine how consumers interact with you. Your brand’s retail experience should encompass everything, from ads, sales promotions, social media, website, and signage. Signage can be a great way to manage your business and start getting the return on investment you want.

If you’re not sure whether you should invest in professional signage for your business or update your existing signage, here are a few benefits that great signage can bring your business when compared to other forms of marketing strategies. 


Customers are more likely to buy from a business they have heard of than one they haven’t. Eye-catching and prominent signage exposes your business to people who may become customers over time and help you build a strong brand.

Signs do more than inform. Customers make assumptions of a business according to the quality and attractiveness of their signage. This assumption carries over to how customers perceive the quality of a brand’s products or services.

When outdoor signage is complemented with wayfinding design, brand exposure increases. As a result, greater opportunities for new customer acquisition and repeat business are created. Similarly, poor or low-quality signage can deter customers from engaging with your business. A sign should always be neat and bright to convey the promise and high standards of your brand. A damaged or smudged signboard may fail to represent your brand.

Stand Out From The Rest

Your signage can help to differentiate you from the competition and build a truly unique brand. The more distinctive your signage, the more your business will stand out in the eyes of your potential customers. 

A Continued Exposure

When they first see your signage, your potential customers might not be ready to buy your products and services. But as they walk or drive past your signage every day, often means that once they are prepared to buy, they are more likely to think about you or recommend you to their friends and colleagues. If you have physical premises for your business, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of signage. Great signage can help you build your brand, direct customers to your company, and expose you to potential new customers.

Works 24/7 All Year Round

As long as your signage reinforces your unique point of difference, it can act as a virtual salesperson 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sure, there are other tried and true promotional strategies such as billboards and newspaper advertisements.

But these marketing promotions do not have the same longevity as signs – they usually only run for a limited time. Your business signage can be an exterior ongoing marketing campaign which will be continuously up and visible, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Perfect Guidepost

Your sign is crucial for a brick-and-mortar small business as it acts as a guidepost to guide customers to your place of business and attract new customers. If your company is new, people driving by will be tempted to stop in and try your products and services. 

Signage can also guide people around your business. That’s an aspect that many large retail stores have started to take advantage of, that is, the hanging signs will help guide people to the different sections of the store. However, even in a small business, it will help people start to orient themselves in the store. So you won’t have to worry about customers coming in every five seconds to ask where something is in the store.

When you use these signs to guide customers through the business, you need to make sure they are easily visible. When items are easy to find, you will notice that people will be able to walk from the back of the store or the entrance to where they want to be without having to go to the office and ask employees who may already be busy looking after other customers.


Signage can be more than just a unique wayfinding solution. While there may be an initial outlay, once your signage has been created, there are no further costs, unlike many other forms of marketing that require ongoing maintenance and updating. When you consider the number of people your signage will reach compared to different types of advertising, the exposure level compared to the cost makes it an extremely worthwhile investment.

Announce Special Offers

When you use the signs correctly, you will notice that some of them can be used to help you advertise a special sale or special operation taking place in the store. This will help you attract customers that you never thought you would reach before for your business. That can be an excellent advantage for your enterprise and will help you make more money than you would typically make.

Warning of what’s going on

When thinking about the safety of your customers, you must realise that one of the main concerns will be wet floors. When your customers are on a slippery floor, and they slip and fall, you’ll generally be at fault. However, if you’re appropriately informed about wet floors and exercise caution or even watch your head, you will be able to alert your customers to the dangers that exist in your business. You won’t have to worry about customers not being aware of the hazards in the area.

Being able to find the right signs from the right signage company for your business can make the difference between having a good time running your business or having a bad one. If you use the right signs, you will not only have the opportunity to increase your customer base and strengthen your brand but also contribute to the safety of your customers.

All of these elements combined make it a child’s play for you to find the best way to manage and promote your business to a level you never thought possible before you started using signs. It can also help you relax when managing your company, as customers will be coming in instead of going out. Are you looking for a professional signage company to enhance your corporate image? Whether you need an LED sign or a banner for an event, you can count on Sign Raizor for prompt and quality service.

a. How to Choose an Electrical Cable

b. What Are Cable Ducts Used For


a. How to Choose an Electrical Cable

– Selecting the cable cross-section for 230 V voltage

– Types of cables

– What happens if the section is too big

– Risks of too small section

– Safety tips

b. What Are Cable Ducts Used For

– What are cable ducts

– Key features of cable ducts

– Uses of the cable duct

– Different types of cable crossings


The cable is like a pipe through which water must pass. The greater the amount of water to be transported, the larger the diameter of the pipe must be. The same goes for electricity! The greater the power or intensity, the larger the cross-section of the electric cables will have to be.

Select the cable cross-section for 230 V voltage

electric guide; 3×2.5 mm

The daily voltage is 230 V. Here is an indication of the appropriate wire cross-section according to the intensity or power required:

  • 1.5 mm² → 10 A → 2,300 W;
  • 2.5 mm² → 16 A → 3,680 W;
  • 4 mm² → 25 A → 5,750 W;
  • 6 mm² → 32 A → 7,360 W;
  • 10 mm² → 40 A → 9,200 W.

For example:

– 1.5 mm² cross-sections are used for lighting;

– those of 2.5 mm² are used for sockets, such as those used for household appliances (washing machine, refrigerator);

– those of 4 and 6 mm² are reserved for power circuits (electric stove, electric heating system, etc.).

Types of cables

Color coding makes electrical wiring easier:

– green/yellow stripes for the ground wire;

– blue for the neutral;

– red-brown, black or gray;

The name of a cable, made up of numbers and letters, indicates, among other things, the admissible voltage, the material of the sheath, the number of wires it contains, the presence or absence of an earth wire (respectively letter G or X).

Risks of too small section

A cable that is too small in diameter will suffer:

It will heat up due to the resistance of the cable, which can cause a fire and loss of tension.

A few safety tips:

– It is more prudent to choose a size that is 50% larger than recommended, to avoid overheating;

– It is better not to use conductors with a cross-section of less than 1 mm²;

– For safety reasons, the electrical wiring must be protected so that no accidental contact is possible.

It is best to run the cables through ducts, embedded in the walls.

If it is not possible to drill a groove, there are protective ducts and skirting boards that can be easily glued to any wall support.

What are cable ducts

Whatever the location, in any electrical installation, electrical cables represent a visual strain and, if not protected, can be damaged. A cable duct is a simple solution to this problem. This post tells you everything here.

Key features of cable ducts

Cable routing takes place during electrical installation in the home, at work or outdoors.

The cable feed-through is made by a cable guard, which by its application provides protection against:

– the risks of cuts;

– crushing in case of floor installation;

– humidity;

– ignition;

– any contact.

Note: in addition to its protective qualities, the cable passage also plays an aesthetic role, especially in the home where these types of accessories are real finished products.

Uses of the cable duct

The protection provided by the cable feed-through differs according to its use.

This means of protection can be used:

– in a professional/industrial environment, to protect cables on the ground from any vehicle passage in a warehouse;

– in the office, to organize electrical cables in a multimedia installation;

– in the context of an exhibition or concert, to organize the passage of cables on the ground;

– outdoors, to protect cables crossing a roadway from road traffic and/or pedestrians;

– in the home, to conceal and protect the electrical installation.

Different types of cable crossings

The type of cable duct varies according to the needs of the installation.

Depending on the configuration, the cable duct can take the form of:

– a baseboard in case of wall installation (cable protection baseboard);

– a threshold bar for floor installation (warning cable passage);

– a flexible spiral hose for organizing multimedia cables (organizer);

– flexible and rigid hoses in the construction frame (electrical ducts);

– a plastic trunking for the passage of cables in a home.

Good to know: the materials of the cable passage are varied and relative to the intended use (hard and rigid plastic, rubber, flexible steel, sheathed steel, etc.).

Do you need help from professionals?

Blue Diamond Electric is based in Suffolk County. They can provide you with complete residential electrical services: Emergency Electrician, Landscape lighting, Electrical Wiring, Home audio installation, Exhaust Fan Installation, Electrical upgrades, and more.


– Some principles of garden/pool design
– Understanding the role of a swimming pool landscaper
– Contracting a pool landscaper
– Where to find a swimming pool landscaper?

A swimming pool is appreciated not only as a place to relax but also for its aesthetics, especially if it is surrounded by a well-designed garden. Nothing is more enchanting than a swimming pool with sparkling water set in a well-chosen green setting!

Principles of garden/pool design

Some principles:

The plants surrounding your pool must be able to withstand full sun, be robust and easy to maintain.
Always plant at a certain distance from the pool to avoid shading and pollution.

Yellow flowers are particularly bright around a pool and are beautiful alongside blue flowers. White gives elegance, pink and chamois give a warm note.

The swimming pool landscaper is the ideal contact for the creation of a landscaped swimming pool, thus integrated into its environment. The craze for and development of natural pools has tended to bring together two professions, that of landscape gardener and that of swimming pool designer, which until now were somewhat unknown to each other.

With the help of a swimming pool landscaper, your pool will be part of a whole: the plants, the decorative elements, the terraces will be designed according to the pool, and vice versa. After reading this post on pool landscaping, new perspectives will open up for you!

For example, shrubs and hedges near your pool

In general, near a swimming pool, it is better to plant shrubs rather than trees: the latter would shade your pool and let too many leaves fall into the water.

On the contrary, shrubs, and even a real hedge around the pool have two great advantages:

– They shelter the pool from the prevailing winds.
– They isolate you from the neighbors and allow you to feel at home in your pool amidst the plants.

For the choice of shrubs, think about the:

– Evergreen shrubs: privet for pruned or free hedges, Mexican orange tree with fragrant white flowers; escallonia with pink or red flowers; photinia with shiny leaves, etc.
– Flowering shrubs with summer bloom: weigelias, buddleias, abelias, sky blue ceanothus, etc. 

Understanding the role of a swimming pool landscaper

His role can be very extensive depending on his skills. In practice, the swimming pool landscaper is able to create an outdoor space project desired by the client. He is attentive to his needs and will, therefore, propose a unique space taking into account the architecture of the house, the shape of the land, and the family’s lifestyle.

The development of the project normally includes the installation of the swimming pool, with the choice of its shape and the creation of its surroundings. However, it can also include, for example, the creation of a pool-house or the design of lighting to enhance the pool and green spaces.

In any case, the project is generally personalized and requires a good dose of imagination and creativity on the part of the landscaper.

Contracting a pool landscaper

You don’t want your garden to look like a patchwork and you want to transform your pool area into a unique place, then you can call on Libardi Island Landscaping Corp.

The most important step is to meet the client and discover the site. This is the moment when the design is worked out. The swimming pool landscaper is able to make the most of the advantages and constraints of the site, to enhance a view, to remove an awkward neighborhood, etc.

Contracting a swimming pool landscaper brings a major advantage: you will be able to create a swimming pool area and not just a pool with surrounds. The coherence of the site will give it a de facto obvious beauty.

One of the disadvantages, of course, is the price. Using a pool landscaper will inevitably cost more than installing a simple shell pool. But, since not everything that is beautiful is necessarily expensive, why not ask for a quote?

Tip: It is important to be aware of the pool landscaper’s expertise in hydraulic techniques. A project can be beautiful, but it must also be feasible under good operating conditions later on.

Where to find a swimming pool landscaper?

The profession is still not very widespread. But on the internet, many landscape gardeners advertise their skills in swimming pools or outdoor areas with swimming pools. The first thing to do is to visit their photo galleries to check that their creations correspond to what you are looking for.

More and more pool designers are working with landscape designers to present their clients with a unique project. Ask those close to you.

Word-of-mouth is also a good solution to find the pool landscaper, the creator of the pool area of your dreams. Or you can contact Libardi Island Landscaping Corp. They are the leader on the market and operate in Suffolk County, Long Island, Nassau County, Lindenhurst, Bay Shore, Brentwood, Farmingville, North Babylon, Smithtown, Westbury, North Massapequa, Floral Park, Great Neck, Hempstead, Mastic and Northport.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and share your experience with us!

Are you looking for a private driver to take you to the airport safely? Times are changing, and almost everyone can now access the services of a private driver and the benefits of luxury transportation. The market, which was previously only intended for famous people and the wealthiest in this world, has transformed in recent years into a considerably democratized service. If you’re still hesitating and wondering whether you should hire a private driver for your airport trip, here are some of the many advantages it could bring to you.

1) Comfort, Discretion & Courtesy

What could be more pleasant than driving to the airport in a superb car! The top-of-the-range vehicles are matched by impeccable service from the most courteous and discreet professionals. Driving can be very time-consuming. Thanks to the private chauffeur service, the benefits of luxury transportation are within your reach. You can make phone calls, read documents, transmit instructions, or simply rest and relax. Even better, you can take a good nap! This quality time will have a positive impact on your health and well-being while making your way to your destination.

2) Say Goodbye to Parking Issues!

Rather than going around in circles for an extended period of time and having to walk for another additional time, possibly losing half your day, you just have to rely on the punctuality of a driver. He will drop you off at the places you indicate and will pick you up after your obligations have been fulfilled and meetings are done.

3) No Worries About Getting Lost Along the Way

You no longer have to spend time planning your route and do not have to worry about getting lost along the way. Even with a good GPS, in an unfamiliar location, driving can be very stressful, especially when you need to reach the airport on time! A private driver will be familiar with your destination’s cities and neighbourhoods. Excellent knowledge of the town, safe and timely driving in a beautiful car, what else do you need?!

4) Affordable Rates

Book a private driver in advance for your trip to the airport or arrival at the station. You will be amazed at the competitive prices, which are likely to be lower than that of a regular taxi. The driver will even wait for you with a sign! And you won’t have any chance to complain about the cleanliness of the vehicle!

5) Provides Support During Your Journeys

To free yourself from the stress, save time between each of your activities – whether personal or professional – entrust your travel itinerary to a private chauffeur agency. No matter how many days you will need these services, be it 2, 5, 14 days or more, the best rates will be offered.

6) Drivers Are Usually Bilingual

Have you ever been in a taxi in a foreign country and you had to gesticulate some kind of sign language since you had no idea what they’re trying to tell you? Avoid unpleasant surprises by opting for a private driver who will speak your language instead! 

7) Excellent service

The know-how of private drivers is not limited to journeys to the airport or stations. Upon your return, your driver will greet you at the exit of the plane with a personalized sign and take you home. No more back pain! He will even carry your bags and suitcases for you. These professionals are also used to calculating how much time a specific journey could take, even to the minute. Additionally, they are often equipped with the best navigation systems on the market to take the shortest route to get you to your destination. They are aware of traffic issues and know the roads to take without risking a traffic jam.

8) Creates a Better Image for You and Your Business

With a luxurious chauffeured car, you can create a better image of yourself and your business. If you’re meeting up with a client or business partner, hiring a chauffeur service can make a powerful first impression. Just imagine and compare the image of you stepping out of an airport taxi versus a chauffeured car with class and elegance!

The luxury transport industry provides the highest quality transport services to their clients. Anyone can be behind the wheel to help you reach your destination, but the level of service provided by a chauffeur is incomparable. They are trained professionals and will cater to your every need. To get to your destination, what could be better than a personal chauffeur service to travel comfortably? No need to hail a taxi or panic about missing your plane! If you want to travel first class to the airport, call MAK Limousine Services. They offer on-time airport drop-off and pick up services to both corporate clients and private individuals in Toronto. 

As important as a flooring, rain gutters are essential in any house to protect water from infiltrating inside the walls or through the door. It is most likely to happen in rainy seasons. In fact, gutters, those unsung heroes of home exteriors, collect rainwater from the roof and divert it away from the house, thereby staving off water damage to the structure and landscaping. It is important to periodically monitor the overall condition of a home. Wear and tear as a result of weather and age occurs in every home, and it is wise to take care of problems before they lead to extensive and costly repairs. Routine maintenance should be done to ensure that everything is well in all parts of the home. This should especially be the case as far as the exterior of the home is concerned because it is the exterior of the home that is most subjected to wear and tear.

1. Maintain Your Gutter

One of the best tips that can be given for the proper maintenance of the exterior of the home is by maintaining the gutter. The gutter is the trough fixed under or along the eaves for draining rainwater from a roof. Gutters in general are also are called eaves spouts, eaves trough, rainspouts, and spouting. Because they are located at the exterior of the home their proper maintenance has a direct impact upon the overall appearance of the home. Maintaining gutters is an easy task. One only has to think about the serviceability they are able to offer once they are rid of everything that they need to be rid of. Clogged gutters can cause landscaping, lawn and shrubbery, walls, foundation, basement, crawl spaces and existing gutter system great damage. This is the reason why these channels should be kept clean at all times.

2. Gutter Maintenance Tips

In maintaining gutters, it is important for one to make sure that he has all the materials needed before starting work. It is not advisable for him to stop in the middle of a task to hunt for a tool. The first step is to clean the gutters with a narrow stiff-bristled brush. A wallpaper brush can be used to sweep out debris when the gutters are dry. It is also not advisable to clean the gutters by flushing them with a garden hose. This might cause the downspout to clog. Gutters should be cleaned when they are dry, and the hose should be used to flush out any remaining debris.

– Clean any leaves, twigs, or other debris off the roof

– Walking on the roof and using an old broom or a leaf blower, pitch all debris down into the yard

– Once the roof is clean of debris, start on the gutters themselves

– Using a narrow trowel or putty knife, gently lift any debris in the gutters out and pitch it down to the yard

– For safety purposes, it is a must to check all the supports when the gutters themselves are clean enough

– Hose the gutters down

– Use the hose to test the gutters ability to rapidly redirect water

3. Gutter Tips

It is not advisable to lean ladders against the gutter. Installing a plastic support piece to the gutter to support the weight of the ladder is what should be done. The support piece in question provides a permanent access point to the roof and is fastened to the wood underneath the roof using galvanized deck screws. It can also be mounted directly to the gutter. Purchasing a ladder stabilizer for added ladder safety is also a must as the ladder stabilizer locks onto the rungs of the extension ladder, preventing the ladder from shifting side to side.

4. Prevention Is Better Than Cure – Gutter Guards

Those who want nice-looking, serviceable gutters for their homes are advised to consider installing gutter guards, screens that prevent debris from entering the gutter. These devices also direct the flow of water away from the house and into the ground. This way, one will have gutters that will prove to be more of a blessing than a curse. Proper maintenance of these devices will cause them to be extremely useful while adding a touch of style to the exterior of the home which they form part of.

Remember that even though these gutters may have more expense in the beginning, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by having a better and more secure drainage system. A seamless gutter with no leaks will result in less structural damage to your roof, which you will eventually have to repair if your current standard gutter is not functioning effectively. This is important and should be carefully analyzed when planning. Most homeowners do not give this much thought, but it is an important consideration, nonetheless.

Keep these factors in mind when deciding on whether a seamless gutter is right for you. Your overall goal should be to do it right from the start and avoid costly mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

You can find out more about maintaining gutters as well as much more information on everything to do with rain gutters and downspouts at ABC Seamless Rain Gutters.

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