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One of the most important security elements is the consent and verification of individuals, so many companies use biometric input devices. Biometric security systems are becoming an essential part of multi-factor authentication. They are used for various purposes, such as attendance, monitoring the authentication process, and even measuring time delays. More and more large companies now have biometric-based entry and exit systems. Biometrics is a complex subject that encompasses various biometric authentication methods, including vascular pattern recognition, iris, and facial image recognition, and even fingerprints. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of this increasingly common element of multi-factor authentication:


Ease Of Use And Convenience

The management, application, and analysis of biometric authentication are very user-friendly – you can obtain technical and accurate results with minimal intervention. New data can be quickly entered, and log files can be rapidly analyzed. Once a table of input and output data has been created, it can be easily studied and managed.


The Best Intelligence

When accurate input and output information is available, it’s not just the company’s responsibility. When it comes to side effects, there is more data to back it up with evidence. It’s also easy to configure, analyze and report data as needed.


Fast And Accurate Identification And Authentication

The use of passwords and passphrases to provide access is relatively simple but generic. Access is available to anyone with a card or access card. Biometric security technologies are biological codes that cannot be manipulated, i.e., accurate identification and authentication of a specific person. The use of iris or facial recognition is becoming increasingly common in security as scanning is a quick and easy process.


Highly Effective

All businesses need effective security systems. Biometric authentication systems increase security and make it easier and better to manage important functions such as presence management. It also makes life easier for employees because they don’t have to carry their cards everywhere.


Extra Capacity For Growth

As a business grows, security must evolve with it. The most significant benefit of biometric authentication is scalability. These systems are highly flexible and can easily integrate additional employee data. This means that security increases as the company grows. 


Convenience Is Key

One of the biggest benefits of a biometric authentication system is convenience. Once the biometric test is activated, all fingerprints, irises, and faces are recognized, and employees can get on with their work. Passwords do not need to be renewed. It’s even easy to record the data and analyze it afterward.



Security And Cost-Efficiency

Integrating a biometric authentication system requires no additional capital investment. This significantly reduces initial and ongoing investment costs. These systems are also essential to prevent losses due to fraud and illegal imports. This benefit alone saves money and increases profitability.



Whether it’s a new department or a particular project, the technology can be used for more than one aspect of the organization; For example, banks invest in affordable mobile app development and biometrics to sign using the fingerprint on their smartphones! It’s the most scalable security solution for big and small businesses today.


Offers The Best ROI

Compared to other security solutions, the biometric authentication system has a matchless ROI as It’s a single device that keeps track of every sign-in and employee access in a large enterprise. The device is way better than a resource who would do the same job for a hefty salary.


To Conclude…

Biometrics is becoming key security and multi-factor authentication infrastructure, enabling fast and easy authentication, log review, and analysis. These systems are essential as the industry evolves and becomes more sophisticated, and more changes are expected in the coming years.


Want to know more about complex security infrastructures and multi-factor authentication? Contact the experts at Brevard Background Check. They provide professional fingerprinting and fingerprinting services for Level II criminal background checks at the state (FDLE) and federal (FBI) levels.





If you’re thinking about using an enterprise content management system, you probably already have an idea of what it can do for your business. But have you considered how quickly the changes will take effect? Companies often see the benefits of ECM from day one and continue to use it in the future. Implementing an ECM solution is excellent, but how do you prove it? Of course, you identify some of the benefits of implementation and measure them. But unlike measuring the return on investment of the performance itself, which only shows whether you have recovered the cost of the commission, you need to establish a baseline against which you can measure whether the situation has improved compared to before the ECM implementation. I am not suggesting that you refrain from measuring the payback of your ECM initiatives, but I would like to point out that measuring the payback only tells part of the story. Another thing to keep in mind is that measuring return on investment usually only takes a (relatively) short time after implementation, whereas identifying and measuring benefits should continue throughout the organization’s lifetime.


So, What Are The Benefits of Using ECM Solutions?

  • Operating cost reductions can be achieved indirectly by reducing inventory costs.
  • A correctly implemented ECM solution eliminates the creation of redundant or obsolete copies and versions of content (both physical and electronic), which directly reduces the need for inventory. Storage is cheap, but the cost of operating, maintaining and managing it is less expensive.
  • The reduced storage costs directly result from storing what you need and getting rid of everything else.
  • You can also directly reduce operational costs by adding image management and workflows to your ECM solution. It’s cheaper to move content within an organization electronically than to move it on paper.
  • Productivity increases when the correct information gets into the right hands at the right time
  • Lower e-discovery costs are an obvious benefit of an ECM solution; less content to the store means fewer lawyers to search and fewer investigations.
  • Using workflows to automate low-value tasks frees up time and resources for higher-value tasks.
  • These benefits are usually more difficult (but not impossible) to quantify. Tip: Estimate the number of sick days and staff turnover.
  • Work-life balance improves because information workers with the right tools spend less time working overtime and more time with their families.
  • Customer satisfaction is achieved because customers get what they need (and don’t want) when they need it.
  • By making better and faster decisions, organizations can take advantage of opportunities and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Business continuity is enhanced by ensuring that the content the business needs is always available.
  • We make the best possible decisions based on the information available at any given time. An ECM solution gives decision-makers faster access to better information.
  • A well-designed and implemented ECM solution consider a backup, archiving, near and off-site storage and disaster recovery.
  • If your customer service staff can immediately resolve customer issues, they will be happy and stay with you. This can be one of the most important benefits of an ECM solution in today’s high customer acquisition costs.


One of the best benefits of well-implemented ECM solutions is that they are cumulative. That means that you get more value for the same work (another advantage of ECM solutions). Don’t think that you can implement one ECM solution, and you will automatically get the benefits! The solution must be implemented in a way that supports appropriate controls and is logically designed. You also need to develop a plan to achieve the benefits and stick to it. Finally, it is essential to understand that an ECM solution that is not integrated with the business or other systems (e.g. an enterprise information system) will not provide as many benefits as an ECM solution as part of its overall information management strategy.


Do you need help with your ECM and Documentum™ system? Get in touch with Synepsis Consulting today!


It’s no real secret that working with online influencers to promote your brand can yield some great rewards. Finding influencers is becoming much easier to find thanks to marketplaces and search tools, but finding the RIGHT influencers is much more of a challenge. If you want your influencer marketing campaign to bring an impressive ROI, you need to recruit influencers with the creative skills and audience makeup that is the right fit for your brand.

We’ve teamed with the experts at Linkeo Ltd once more to bring you 7 simple steps you can take to ensure your influencers have what it takes to help drive your marketing goals.

Define Your Goals

No matter what marketing task you’re up to, goals always need to be the first step. Your goals will help you figure out what kind of influencer content you’ll need to create, which platforms you want your influencers to publish it on, and what kind of influencers are the best for your brand.

Say your goal is to make your influential consumers more loyal (a popular brand objective). In this case, finding the right influencers is easy. Engage in social listening and track your brand mentions across the web. Identify influential people who are already talking about your business or products, and then you can recruit these influencers to do so in an official capacity.

Pick Your Platform(s)

Valuable influencers exist on many platforms around the web – not just Instagram and YouTube. And many businesses are just starting to take advantage of these options. For example, several fairly large e-commerces and big businesses have recently started working with Snapchat influencers to help connect with the platform’s younger audience.

So before you start looking for influencers, you need to figure out which platforms your target audience engages on most. The platform you pick will depend on where you want to reach your audience and what kind of influencer content you want to create.

Say you want to make a 5-minute branded video with your influencer. You’ll want to consider all video platforms, and even think about a livestream video campaign. If you want a blogger to review your product, you might also consider having them write a blog post and share the post on their social media profiles.

Once you know what platforms you want your influencer content to appear on, you can narrow down your search for influencers immensely.

Micro or Macro?

Next you need to decide how “big” of an influencer you want to find. Say your brand sells natural skin care products. Do you want to team up with one of the biggest bloggers in the niche, or find a team of a few micro-influencers all with around 5,000 followers on Instagram?

Don’t underestimate the power of working with micro-influencers in this case. Micro-influencers tend to have a highly-engaged niche audience that values the influencer’s recommendations as a peer. If you work with micro-influencers, all you’ll need to do is build a team of them in order to scale your campaign.


Narrow down by Niche

Celebrity endorsements were a precursor to what we know as influencer marketing today. Get nearly any celebrity to say they like your products and you’re bound to see an increase in sales.

Let’s go back to the organic makeup brand example. They wouldn’t want to look for Instagram users who simply offer makeup tips to their audience. They need to find influencers who actually have a genuine interest in and use organic makeup products. The more relevant an influencer is to your brand’s niche, the more likely it is that their audience will respond to their recommendations. So unless a generalist has some other ability that makes them valuable to your influencer marketing campaign, look past them to find the best niche influencers for your brand.

Evaluate Engagement

Once you’ve found a few macro- or micro-influencers relevant to your business niche, take some time to look at how effective they are at engaging their audience. Take a scroll through their most recent posts:

  • Do they get a lot of likes/shares?

  • Do they get a lot of comments?

  • What is the sentiment of those comments?

  • Does the influencer encourage engagement by responding to comments?

  • If you’re working with a blogger or YouTuber, does their content get a lot of shares on other social sites?

If you’re using an influencer marketing platform to find leads, they may have some engagement metrics available to help you evaluate potential influencers. A good platform is one that uses engagement data sorted by platform to suggest how much brands should compensate an influencer for their services.

Brainstorm Content Together

Once you think you’ve found the right influencer to work with, ask them to work together to brainstorm and create content around your brand. Giving your influencers some creative freedom in this respect is a great way to evaluate whether they’re really a good fit to work with your brand. If an influencer can’t come up with a genuine positive comment about your product/brand, then they’re probably not a good person to work with in the first place.

Take A Few Influencers for a Test Run

If you followed steps 1-6, you’ve already gone a long way to ensure your influencers can effectively help promote your brand and meet your marketing goals. You should have enough confidence to put them through one last test — create and share your influencer content, and then monitor the results. Even if an influencer has an engaged audience, you won’t know how that audience will respond to your branded message specifically until you try it on them. Keep track of the performance of your individual influencers so you can evaluate which is the most effective at driving your marketing goals.

Do this repeatedly with each new influencer you find, and you’ll be able to build a team of powerful brand advocates to broaden reach, help you find new leads, drive sales, encourage retention, and more.

Remember these 7 steps when you conduct influencer research, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the best influencers for your brand’s needs. Are you already working with influencers? Share your views and experiences in the comments section below.

Before, home elevators were reserved exclusively for rich people. But, today, this luxury has become more affordable than ever and it’s now even a sort of trend among many homeowners.

If you are looking for a major improvement in both your home and your quality of life, here are some reasons why you should consider installing a home elevator.

1. Mobility and Access

Presentation Button Person Silhouette OnDo you know how many people give up their residence just because they are getting older?


It is an undeniable fact that when you are getting old, climbing up and getting down the stairs can be very painful. Slowly, slowly you will feel unsteady and anxious on the stairs and eventually, it can lead to a disaster.

However, a home elevator is much easier to use than stairs – just press a button and you are on your way. Indeed, if you get March Elevator Ltd to install a home elevator for you, improved mobility is the most obvious benefit that you will get to enjoy.

2. Buildings with Several Floors

Elevators - Conventional & Pneumatic - CA, NV, AZ

Suppose you have renovated your house, which now includes floors with several rooms (with attics or basements).Don’t you think installing a home elevator is the best way to get access to these rooms?

3. Space-Saving Design

Germany, Cologne, Home interior with elevator – Stockphoto

Did you know that an elevator can take up the same space as a small wardrobe?

Compared to a standard stairwell, an elevator symbolizes a more efficient usage of available space. It can usually be installed on the exterior of a house to be flush with the wall or it can be constructed in a way so as to open up unused space effectively. Therefore, installing an elevator can provide homeowners with more usable space, enhancing the overall utility of the house and increasing the home’s resale value (this point will be further discussed below).

4. Convenience

Robot standing in front of elevator – Stockphoto

Old or young, when you are carrying shopping bags, prams, heavy boxes, groceries, laundry or any other bulky item, you will be less enthusiastic about moving up and down the stairs. But, remember that a home elevator can make this day-to-day hassle much easier and more pleasant.

5. Comfort

Is Your Bad Elevator Speech Killing Your PR? - St Louis Public Relations  Multimedia PR Firm Solomon/Turner

Let’s say, even if you like this routine domestic activity of climbing the stairs with heavy luggage, what about the strain on your muscles, ligaments and cardiovascular system?

Now, unless you are Hulk, it will be much better to ride in an elegant home elevator which can provide you with a comfortable and relaxing experience (and will save your arms and muscles from a lot of pain and struggle).

6. Security

How Can I Avoid Catching Coronavirus on an Elevator? | The Healthy

When you are getting a home elevator, you will be provided with key cards so as only you, your family members and people you trust can have access to it.

7. Enhanced Safety

mango ave morton grove Custom Home Builder Photo Gallery | America's Custom  Home Builders - General Contractor

Do you have a memory of yourself or someone you know falling down the stairs? Well, most people do!

It is an unfortunate reality that falls represent one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths among elderly people in America. Stairs, however, mean a major cause of accidents not only for older people but also for small children and frail individuals.

Small children can often find climbing stairs to be very daunting. And, don’t even think about carrying them up or downstairs as you can injure yourself with such weight (especially with kids that might look tiny but are surprisingly heavy).

However, with a home elevator, you will have peace of mind, knowing that elderly parents, children or grandchildren can navigate through the house safely and comfortably without any risk of slips or falls.

8. Style

Space, Interior, Installations, Carpets, Luxury, Nobel

With a stunning home elevator made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and cut glass, a touch of sophistication and beauty will be added to your home décor and architecture.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of customizable options with elegant designs and appealing features, such as the “fish tank” elevator, which is an exquisite piece that can improve the overall look of your house.

9. Increase Property’s Value

House, Swimming Pool, Interior Design, Architecture, 3DWhen you are installing a home elevator, you are bringing in your house a combination of convenience, accessibility, safety and sophistication. And, these features can definitely increase your home’s value as prospective buyers are now more interested in homes with elevator access.

If you really want your dream house and want to enjoy the benefits of a home elevator, you can contact March Elevator Ltd.


With the current global situation, the demand for health professions is currently high. It is one of the sectors showing the most significant growth. What if you’re not interested in practical medical issues or your skills are more administrative? Have you ever considered working as a receptionist? Keep reading this article to find out if this profession is right for you!


So, What Does A Medical Receptionist Do?

medical receptionist is an integral part of the health care team. Nurses, doctors and other medical and administrative staff rely on medical receptionists to provide patients with a friendly, well-organised and welcoming service. As a medical receptionist, you’ll be responsible for all administrative matters relating to patient records. You will also be responsible for the smooth running of the reception and waiting area and maximising patient satisfaction. Medical administrative duties may vary from location to location, but in general, medical receptionists may also perform the following tasks:

  • Greet and assist patients in person and by telephone.
  • Scheduling appointments with patients.
  • Answer all incoming telephone calls courteously and professionally.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all information about patients, staff and doctors.
  • Issuing invoices to patients.
  • Checking stock and inventory in the office.


The Personal Skills and Qualities Required

To work effectively in a medical office, receptionists need to have good interpersonal and administrative skills. A medical receptionist must be professional, discreet, caring, compassionate, and have excellent organisational skills to be successful. Attention to detail is important as they deal with confidential and sensitive information daily. A medical receptionist must be able to multi-task effectively, have excellent time management skills and provide a high level of customer service, whether in general practice, health clinic or hospital.


Breathtaking Professionalism

Receptionists are usually the first person a visitor or patient meets in person or on the phone. They represent the whole clinic in every encounter with the patient. Because receptionists have close contact with the public, they must have a friendly, warm yet professional attitude and provide unparalleled customer service. Greet everyone with a nice word and smile and show that you are ready to help.


Industry Experience

Because medical assistants work in doctors’ offices, health centres or hospitals, these individuals undoubtedly need a basic understanding of the industry and specific software. In general, a course in healthcare administration ensures that they are well versed in privacy laws, medical billing and medical terminology.


Effective Communication

Communication skills are a prerequisite for this professional role. In particular, a receptionist must listen well to find out what the patient needs and then help him or her. In addition to providing accurate information about the clinic, receptionists must make difficult phone calls, handle complex patient situations, and send clear messages and notifications to patients and other healthcare professionals, either verbally or in writing via text message or email.


Interpersonal Skills

Receptionists come into contact with many different personality types in pleasant and sometimes challenging circumstances. They need to be friendly and confident but also discreet and personable. Receptionists in medical offices also frequently interact with healthcare professionals, managers and other staff, and they must be collaborative, accept and give criticism gracefully, and rise above petty office politics. Good interpersonal skills go beyond basic communication skills. Soft skills such as kindness and sympathy are important for the receptionist profession.


Attention to Detail

Good receptionists need to be highly organised and detail-oriented to not forget about daily administrative tasks. After all, they need to keep up to date with information about themselves and perhaps about everyone else. They can find phone numbers and files at a glance and have a neat workspace.


Exceptional Time Management

Receptionists perform various tasks during the workday: scheduling appointments, taking calls, completing office tasks on time, and receiving and forwarding messages. This requires a high degree of multi-tasking and the ability to manage and prioritise time. A medical office assistant must be able to manage stress while performing office tasks quickly.


Technical Skills for Reception

Receptionists mainly use computers and telephones to communicate with staff and patients. They must therefore have basic keyboarding skills. The telephone system will probably have several internal and external lines that must be operated smoothly. You’ll also probably need to be familiar with word processing software packages. All receptionists should be comfortable using photocopiers, printers and telephone systems.


Do you want to work as a medical receptionist? Get in touch with the professionals at Doctors Secretarial Agency (DSA). Drawing on more than 36 years of experience, they offer staffing solutions for medical receptionists and medical transcription jobs.





How do you identify a reliable security officer? What are the skills and qualities of a person you can trust with your or your family’s life? Most people don’t realize that it takes a lot more than a scary appearance and a gun to be a real security guard. There are undoubtedly more than just the minimum standards that must be met to obtain a license. The requirements to become a licensed security guard are not the same in every country. In Texas, for example, you only need to complete a 48-hour course to become an armed security guard. To become a certified security guard, you must complete an additional 16 hours of classroom training. In less than two weeks, you can go from a state where you’ve never seen a gun to a state license that certifies you’re qualified to protect a client and everything that comes with it. Unfortunately, this training is only an introduction to some general topics with no instruction, reinforcement or testing of actual skills. I believe there are eight key competencies that all protection professionals should have.


#1. Critical Thinking/Decision Making.

A professional police officer considers, anticipates and plans for all possible scenarios. Once everything is put together, he or she can quickly reason and decide on the right course of action.


#2. Personal skills

The role of a security officer is, first and foremost, a police role. The security guard must communicate effectively with customers and work with the customer’s employees and other security personnel. Often it is the ability to make contacts and build relationships that enables him or her to perform at the highest level (the ability to set the table for a customer without a reservation in a crowded restaurant, park directly at the entrance and have direct access to the field, etc.).


#3. Knowledge of Legislation

A police officer must know what the law allows him or her to do, especially when it comes to using force and firearms.


#4. Observation Skills (Situational Awareness)

A security officer must observe his or her surroundings well and understand what he or she sees so that he or she can decide how to act, preferably before an undesirable event occurs. Although this skill is honed through experience, basic classroom work can begin with case studies and videotaping of past incidents and rehearsal of scenarios.


#5. Self-Defence Skills

All protection staff should receive ongoing training in self-defence. A good training program will introduce and practice techniques to incapacitate or disable an attacker, but these techniques must be practised and maintained continuously, or they are useless.


#6. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is necessary to maintain a professional image as a security guard, to be able to stand for long periods, to be able to sleep, to be able to cope with stress and to be able to defend the client effectively when necessary.


#7. Stress Management

Training without practical training that causes stress is pointless. A security guard starting work for the first time should not experience a stressful situation while working. A successful training programme should expose the trainee to real-life stress scenarios in a controlled environment.


#8. Knowledge of Firearms

National firearms training is equivalent to a course for citizens applying for a firearms licence and a test that must be passed if firearms knowledge is inadequate. That’s by no means an exception. It is not even remotely sufficient to prepare a protection officer to use a firearm in a real-life scenario.


This list is by no means exhaustive. A security guard has many other valuable skills and attributes, but their actual experience cannot be quantified. However, these eight are important for anyone looking to hire a professional security guard. There is a well-known saying about training: ‘We do not rise with our expectations, we fall with our level of training’. Many check the basic government requirements. They speak well, look well and may even achieve success in the industry when they finish. However, something will inevitably go wrong in this industry. When stress and anxiety arise, the agent does what he or she is trained to do. If this training is inadequate or inappropriate, costly mistakes will occur, which is unacceptable. 

Do you need to train your protection officer? Get in touch with the professionals at Lite Security! They offer all the support and help you need to qualify. They offer recognized security training courses that meet the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and Australian Skills Quality AutAuthority (ASQA) standards.


In most families today, especially in Australia, both parents work on weekdays. Consequently, children need someone or a reliable institution that can be with them when the adults are not at home.

This has generated an increasing demand for childcare centres, which have become a promising sector and an industry of interest for those who wish to start a business. But can anyone open a daycare centre? Are there any technical prerequisites to enter this market?

Below we give you some advice on what you need to consider when opening a nursery.

Knowing the Daycare Industry
These days, daycare centres are the primary option for families who need a suitable place to leave their children while they work. As a result, daycare centres have gained even more trust from parents over time and have started to play an educational role for young children.

Given the growing demand, thinking about how to set up this facility can be exciting. But, as in any other business, this requires much more than the simple desire to undertake. It is essential to do previous research before taking any initiative. This way, it is possible to have a realistic view of the market you intend to enter.

Analysis of the Competition

Widely Used Statistical Data Analysis | LimeProxies

As the demand for daycare centres has increased, their supply has also multiplied. Therefore, if you are interested in opening a daycare centre, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly assess the competition in the region where you intend to work. You can start by:

Searching for reliable statistical data and indices regarding the competition
Printing a map of the area of operation and marking the location of each possible competitor for a better geographical overview
Profiling the competitor’s customer service, prices and quality of services Not forgeting to consider the children’s schools, nurseries and state and municipal daycare centres.

Once you have done this survey, you will have all the information about your competitor’s market and will finally be able to outline the strengths and weaknesses of your childcare facility.

Decide on Your Unique Selling Point

What is a Unique Selling Proposition? (Plus 10 Examples) (2021)
Start then with your strategy, defining what will differentiate you from other daycare centres, listing your advantages over your competitors. Ask yourself what your target audience’s needs are and what you can do to improve their lives.

Choose an Appropriate Location
Proximity is a determining requirement in the process of parents choosing a childcare facility. Therefore, as important as knowing your competitors well is to be aware of the habits, profile and purchasing power of the local neighbourhood – probably the first group interested in knowing your daycare.

As for the property in which you intend to build the daycare centre, you will need to pay attention to a series of important factors for its adequate operation, such as:

Basic services: is the location adequately serviced by water, electricity, sanitation and telephone services? Does it meet municipal health surveillance standards?

Infrastructure: will the place need a lot of structural adaptations in order to operate? Will it be possible to make these changes? Is it worth the investment?

Salubrity and quality of life: is the place ventilated? Is it humid or subject to flooding? Is it close to risk or contamination areas?

A good way to know even more about the intended property is to consult the neighbourhood about the place. Then, the next step is to verify with the appropriate institution to understand the various legislative and regulatory requirements that you need to meet.

The security of the Little Ones
In a day care centre, the welfare and safety of the children should always come first. In some countries, among the mandatory facilities are an uncovered play area, preferably with natural vegetation. Another structural requirement of a daycare centre is to have a floor made of easy-to-clean material.

Do you want to make sure that you will receive the building approval and registration for a childcare facility? Call in the experts; Inform Building Permits specialises in building surveying and inspection services for domestic and commercial projects in Victoria, Melbourne.

How to Kill Ants



 – Option 1: use simple methods to kill ants

 – Option 2: make an ant trap

 – Option 3: buy commercial ant traps

 – Contact a professional in Toronto


If ants and repellent methods are no longer sufficient, you may need to consider killing them. There are several ways to do this: for example, with boiling water, coffee grounds, washing-up liquid, diatomaceous earth, boric acid or ready-made traps.

 This post explains how to kill ants or how to exterminate an entire ant farm.

 Option 1: Use simple methods to kill ants


 Scald the ants

 Follow the ants to the entrance of the anthill and pour large quantities of boiling water (several litres) into the anthill. This is a simple and effective way to destroy the nest.

 Use coffee grounds

 Place wet coffee grounds on the path of the ants, which are a violent poison for ants.

 Good to know: the coffee grounds must be moist, not dry.

 Make an insecticide with rubbing alcohol and washing-up liquid.

 Put a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and 2 tablespoons of washing-up liquid into a spray bottle, top up with water and shake well. Spray the solution on the ants, and it will kill them instantly.

 Sprinkle with diatomaceous earth

 Diatomaceous earth is a 100% natural powder composed of fossilised diatoms sold in supermarkets and garden centres. It is harmless to humans and animals, and it has tiny sharp edges that can fatally wound ants. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the path of ants on your skirting boards, windowsills, etc.


 Important: avoid breathing diatomaceous earth, which is irritating to the lungs.

 Good to know: diatomaceous earth must remain dry; it becomes ineffective in a humid environment.

 Option 2: Make an ant trap

 Make a trap to drown ants.

 – Take a plastic bottle and cut it about 15 cm from the neck.

 – Fill the bottom part with a good amount of sugar or jam and a little water or beer.

 – Capture 2 or 3 ants and put them in the trap.

 – Fit the neck (neck down) into the bottom part.

 – Lay the trap down in the path of the ants.

 With this type of trap, you will kill the ants that harm you without destroying the whole anthill.

 Create a trap to kill the whole anthill

 This trap is more drastic and will destroy the whole anthill after a while. Buy boric acid, which is sold in pharmacies as a white powder, and then:

 – Place a cup containing a mixture of equal parts of powdered sugar and boric acid in the path of the ants.

 – Or place cotton wool soaked in the same mixture inside a plastic box with holes in it. Re-soak the cotton pads regularly.

 Important: this last method is not recommended if you have young children, as boric acid is irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.

 Option 3: buy commercial ant traps

 Like the boric acid trap, commercial contaminant traps aim to destroy the entire ant farm, which will happen after a few days to 2 weeks. They consist of a small box with holes in it, in which a product that is toxic to ants is combined with a product whose smell attracts them. Place one or more of these traps in the path of the ants, outside or inside the house.

 Important: Follow the instructions for use carefully, as the toxic products contained in these traps are not harmless to humans.

 Materials needed to kill ants.

 Boric acid (Borax) Approx. $3 per 100 g
 Alcohol at 90° Approx. $3
 Bottle of water $0.80
 Cotton From $1
 Dishwashing liquid Approx. $2
 Sugar $1.90 per bottle

Contact a professional in Toronto.

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Ant Control

Remember to share this post and your experience in the comment section below.

What is A Life Insurance?

In essence, life insurance is a policy that safeguards your loved ones against an event that causes the death of the insured or a state of disability that stops them from carrying on with their job. Such a policy guarantees the insured that he/she will be compensated with a specific amount of money, the insured capital, through his direct relatives or the persons he/she chooses as beneficiaries.

Sooner or later, we all have to decide whether we want to have insurance to cover our death. Many individuals are left wondering if it is a worthwhile endeavor to get life insurance or whether it would simply be an additional expense. Are there sufficient incentives to incur that expense each month? Is it a necessity? Well, it is up to you to make the decision, but here are some excellent reasons to have one:

1) Family Protection After Death

Offering compensation for the death of the insured is the basic coverage of Risk Life Insurance. The primary objective of those policies is to minimize the economic effects that arise among the insured’s relatives following his/her death. Hence, in households where people financially rely on the insured, this policy is vital.

2) Covers The Risk Of Disability

Disability Coverage is one of the essential factors to bear in mind when purchasing life insurance. Having a total or permanent disability is potentially life-changing for anyone. Besides the misfortune of being disabled, such circumstances can also bring down and drain family and friends.

With no capacity to work and being occasionally forced to sustain costly treatments and other expenses, disability can result in challenging economic conditions in a family. Seen from this angle, a good life insurance policy can propose options like advancing the insured sum to support these bills.

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3) Ensure Children’s Future

Parents are often concerned about their children’s future, which also leads to many of them considering an insurance plan. Life insurance provides diverse options to secure both financial independence and sustain the level of education that parents succeeded in providing their children with.

For instance, many life insurance policies may incorporate a condition in their terms that assures the continuity of studies of the insured’s children in case he/she dies. By so doing, parents ensure that the underaged children are not forced to leave the institution due to a lack of tuition fees.

4) Taking Out Insurance To Cancel the Mortgage

A significant reason to take out insurance is the possibility of canceling the mortgage in case of death. Having a home loan imposes substantial stress in any household where the individuals still have to pay for their home. The passing of a loved one can devastate one’s finances and in some cases, even put at risk one’s homeownership.

Life insurance can annul the loan using the insured capital and release the family from banking debt, thereby safeguarding the family’s property. In effect, many banks offer customers better conditions on the loan when they associate it with an insurance policy.

5) Coverage for Serious Illnesses

Another factor prompting the purchase of insurance is the likelihood of a severe illness that could threaten to alter your life and those of your close ones. This coverage can address scenarios where a severe disease stops you from working. Having life insurance will allow you to maintain a particular mode of life and to assume the costs that this new situation brings, such as medical expenses, home modifications, and home care if necessary.

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If you’re looking for trustworthy and supplemental life insurance, the professionals at Mimbs & Associates in Viera, Florida, can help you! Their life insurance is a guaranteed way to ensure your family’s financial security, be it college tuition, essential expenses, mortgages, etc., if anything happens to you. Do not hesitate to contact them!


Booking a Bar for Your Corporate Event: How to Proceed?

The prospect of choosing from hundreds of bars to try to negotiate deals can seem exhausting. But, to avoid this, you can follow the little piece of advice in this post.  

To make your reservation:

1. Ensure you’re talking to the right person.

2. Ask for help from the managers, explain some of your cost restrictions while assuring your intention to work with the venue. It is essential that planners and bar managers have an open and honest conversation about expenses.

3. Try to be flexible around dates and times. If you plan and set a date well before your event, allow for margins around that date, so this will allow you to cover unforeseen events.

 Once you and the bar have both agreed on the rate for organising your business, they will send the final contract directly to your inbox. You will then need to follow the link in your email to ensure you secure the negotiated rate. Finally, consider booking multiple events with the venue as making a long-term commitment to the venue and building a positive relationship with the event’s venue manager may encourage them to work with you over time. They may be able to offer you significant discounts if you approach them to organise a series of events.

Organising corporate events: follow the progress of the event.

The catering service and the costs are pretty easy to anticipate and to understand. With a good reservation and a fixed program, the organisation should be successful. However, make sure that the running aspects of the event are practical on the day. These aspects can be related to

    – Personnel: Do you need specialised audio-visual, staging and lighting personnel? Don’t assume that the technical aspects of your event are entirely covered and won’t need direction or adjustment. That’s what Plan Bs are for. Have an external or internal specialised supplier as a backup who can compensate for any unforeseen eventuality. For example, you can have the contact of an alternative DJ in case the scheduled one fails;

    – To the drinks: When it comes to arranging drinks for your company party, the first thing to do is to decide whether you pre-order drinks or pay for what you consume on the night. Pre-ordering gives you more control over your budget, but you may not order enough for everyone. If you are offering an open bar, make sure the refilling is done so there is no shortage of drinks;

    – Entertainment: Choose entertainment that fits your theme and venue. The venue should provide this under your direction. There are several options available to you, 

    – Sports Bar,

    – Functions & Events Venue,

    – Arcade Games,

    – Pool Tables,

    – Cocktail Bar.

BB8 Billiards Club, a reference venue for companies

The venue you choose for your corporate event will set the mood and tone before your audience even sets foot inside. Its location and reputation will give your guests a sense of direction before they respond. So get help in choosing the right venue. Your search for the perfect corporate event space may lead you to choose BB8 Billiards Club, the ultimate entertainment venue in Glen Waverley. 

They offer a unique repertoire of affordable, state-of-the-art event spaces for businesses and leaders from all sectors. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just need a place to talk business, they have the right package for you: event spaces, food, drinks and entertainment available. You’ll be able to create co-worker afterparties, happy hours, a business event, seminar or corporate gathering, rehearsal dinners, graduations and any other occasion imaginable.

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