Tips for Finding a Wedding Venue

Tips for Finding a Wedding Venue


    – Searching for a wedding venue: choosing a type of wedding venue

    – When to search for a wedding venue?

    – How to search for a wedding venue?

    – Step 1: Search for a wedding venue to rent

    – Step 2: Finding an agreement with the rental company

    – Step 3: Optimise the visit to the rental wedding venue

You have an event to organise, and you need to rent a venue: research, a rental contract, venue visit; here are some tips to quickly find a venue that meets your requirements, without unpleasant surprises!

Searching for a wedding venue: choosing a type of wedding venue

Before starting the search for a wedding venue, it is essential to know which type of wedding venue to choose.

For that, it is advisable to define:

    – your budget;

    – your desires:

        ◦ type of wedding venue,

        ◦ location,

        ◦ outdoor space or not, etc.;

    – the capacity sought:

        ◦ for a reception with meals or seating you need at least 1.5 m² per person,

        ◦ for a reception without seating, it is necessary to count at least 1 m² per person ;

    – The desired services and amenities.

When all these criteria are defined, it is possible to start looking for a wedding venue.

When to look for a wedding venue?

It is important to keep in mind that wedding venues are often reserved from one year to the next. Therefore, it is essential to do your research at least several months before the desired date or even more than a year before certain ceremonies such as wedding halls.

It would help if you set aside some time to do your research in advance and visit the venues.

When a wedding venue corresponds precisely to what you want, do not hesitate to book it immediately.

Searching for a wedding venue: how?

A search for a wedding venue can be done in several ways:

    – you can contact the town halls of the different communes that interest you;

    – you can ask for information from the associations;

    – on the internet:

        ◦ either by visiting websites specialised in wedding venue rental that offers a directory of wedding venues in the region you are looking for,

        ◦ or by searching directly on the websites of local authorities;

        ◦ or by using web directories;

    – with your network of acquaintances.

1. Search for a wedding venue to rent

To find a wedding venue to rent:

    – Ask the town hall of your place of residence for information: town halls often offer one or more places for rent. You can also apply to the city hall of a town other than your own, but be aware that they sometimes charge higher prices for non-residents.

    – Alternatively, municipal employees may be able to provide you with information on individuals and companies renting wedding venues. You can also turn to:

        ◦ restaurateurs for a reception;

        ◦ large companies in the region for a seminar.

    – Finally, specialised ad sites will also be able to help you find a wedding venue that meets your expectations.

2. Agree with the renter

    – Remember to specify the nature of the event to your contact before the visit, know if it is possible to organise it in this place, and the number of participants.

    – If you have special requirements (parking, for example), be sure to check before the visit if these elements are present.

3. Optimise the visit at the rental wedding venue

When you visit a rental hall, visit the premises taking advantage of the atmosphere and the environment:

    – Does the wedding venue lend itself well to the event you are planning?

    – Also, remember to check that the wedding venue has all the necessary facilities for your event: electricity, sanitary facilities, stage, terrace, etc.

    – Ask what is included in the price: wedding venue rental, insurance, furniture, service, etc.

    – Ask if you can expect any additional expenses: corkage fees, cleaning, access to the garden, etc.

    – Check the cancellation policy.

    – Take some pictures.

Finally, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.