How to Choose Your Wedding Reception Venue

You are in the middle of preparing your wedding, you have organised a wedding planning so that you don’t forget anything. Getting married to your loved one will be the most beautiful day of your life; you want it to be unforgettable. For this, the choice of wedding place is decisive.

Where to Rent a Wedding Hall?

Whether your wedding is country, romantic or sumptuous, you will have to get down to work fast to find the right place for your wedding.

The wedding hall must be in harmony with your party and will have to adapt to the style of your wedding. Summerfields Estate & Country House is an event specialist in Melbournes’s south-eastern suburbs. They have multiple event areas, on-site boutique accommodation and vast, open fields which make it the perfect place to celebrate exceptional events.

How Do You Choose Your Wedding Hall?

As a first step, you should start your location scouting at least one year before the wedding date because the most sought-after and high-quality wedding venues are very high in demand.

Choose a location that is suitable for both families and friends, not too far from the church or the town hall so as not to lose half of the guests.

You have identified several places that suit you, all that remains is to make the final choice, do not hesitate to visit the selected rooms and especially the site where the reception will take place, leaving nothing to chance, go through all the practical details with a fine-tooth comb.

Criteria to Take Into Account When Choosing a Wedding Hall

Ask yourself the right questions:

The Wedding Date

First of all, it is essential to determine one or more desired dates. Weddings are most often held from April to September. During this period, wedding halls are in high demand, and it is necessary to book the hall in advance.

To be sure to have a wide choice, it is preferable to choose your date at least one year in advance or to opt for a wedding during the fall or winter season.

The Budget

Renting a hall is one of the most critical parts of the budget in the organisation of a wedding. It is essential to determine a budget to be allocated to the rental of rooms.

Once the budget is determined, it is possible to focus your research and choose among the rooms that best suit your needs.

The Location

It is essential to define the place where the wedding will be celebrated to facilitate the choice of rooms.

For practical reasons, it is preferable to choose a room located close to other places of celebration.

However, it is also often recommended to find one not far from where the bride or groom lives or where their family lives.

Once a region or commune has been defined, the future spouses can choose the one that suits them best from among the proposals.

The Number of Guests:

The choice of a room must take into account the number of guests expected.

Indeed, it is essential to choose a capacity that is neither too small nor too large concerning the number of guests.

But if the guests come from different regions, it may also be preferable to choose a room that offers accommodation, or is located close to hotels.

It will define the size of the room, the number of places available, the type of tables, the layout of the room.

Will the Vin D’ Honneur Take Place in the Same Room?

Think about your wedding table plan. It is preferable that the tables are round for more merriment and not too far from each other as this could lack warmth.

Small, Friendly Spaces Can Also Be a Plus:

You can customise a room specially dedicated to children who can be entrusted to a wedding babysitter and a restroom to relax for the elderly.

Is There Enough Room to Dance?

Make sure you have enough room for your wedding’s entertainment: sound equipment, orchestra, various games.

Other miscellaneous details:

What kitchen equipment is planned and available: stove, refrigerator, sink, freezer…

Are there enough toilets?

Is the hall heated if your wedding takes place in winter?

Is the venue and its surroundings secure?

Is the parking lot large and convenient enough to accommodate all your guests? At what time does the rental end?

Don’t hesitate to ask for information and testimonials from people who have already been married in this location. Ask questions to neighbours if possible and don’t hesitate to ask your friends for advice.

You can also entrust the organisation of your wedding, i.e. the search for the reception hall, to a wedding planner: Summerfields Estate & Country House.

Cost of a Wedding Hall

It is essential to consider your budget when choosing your wedding hall. The cost varies according to the location, the surface area and the equipment provided.

Remember that a deposit allows you to “block” and quickly reserve the reception hall.

Ask how the price of your room is invoiced, what is taken into account in the price:

– The Material (Kitchen Equipment)?

– Are Tables and Chairs Included?

– What About Insurance in Case of an Incident?

Choose a wedding hall adapted to your budget, your needs and your desires.

Finding a wedding hall is one of the priorities in the organisation of a wedding. To do this, you can contact the Summerfields Estate & Country House.