Benefits of Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing or drug screening is conducted to identify any presence of illegal drugs in an individual through urine, blood, or any other different type of biological sample. Work-related drug testing can be done before or after hiring someone to find out whether they have drug/alcohol problems. Some advantages of workplace drug testing include

Promotes a Healthy and Safe Working Environment

Some jobs are dangerous to perform, particularly those in which hazardous chemicals, sharp items, heavy machinery, or vehicles are involved. If such works are done by someone under the influence of illegal drugs, the risks of workplace accidents become remarkably higher. Drug testing before handling such jobs allows the prevention of potential collisions and ensures a safer and healthier working environment.

Reduces Recruitment Cost

Recruiting and training employees with drug issues results in wasted time and training. Any organization that employs such workers may face problems such as a high rate of absenteeism if the individual takes several leaves or sick days due to drug problems. Consequently, employers will have more money paid for sick days and leaves, but less productivity achieved. Additionally, they will have to spend even more time recruiting people if they must continually replace those with drug complications. Drug testing programs significantly help to avoid such obstacles by screening drug users beforehand.

Decreases the Risk of Workplace Conflict

Drug abusers have a higher tendency to engage in violent behaviors due to the side effects. Very often, these people are hooked on stimulant drugs and commit aggressive acts such as robberies, weapon attacks, physical assaults, and others. Implementing a drug testing program helps to pinpoint drug-abusing employees before such conflicts arise.

Increased productivity

Drug testing programs can boost employees’ confidence by serving as a compelling action reassuring them that they are working in a safe environment. Eventually, this enhances productivity since employees feel less at risk and entirely focus on their works.

Reduces the Risk of Legal Liability

When accidents occur in workplaces, employers may face legal liability, a situation in which an organization is held legally responsible for harming another party financially or through injuries. Consequently, these acts can result in fines or other penalties. With drug testing, employers can identify any worker who poses such risks to the company and take precautions to prevent such mishaps.

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