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Employee background checks are conducted to check whether certain information about potential candidates is accurate. This helps make sure that those individuals do not pose any risk to enterprises and therefore fit into the work environment.

Some of the information included in an employee background check are an individual’s identity, educational background, professional experience, criminal record, and any other checks relevant to the position applied. Some factors can make you fail an employment background check. These include:

1) Exaggerating Your Academic and Professional Background

The first thing that should be done if a candidate must undergo a background check is to update their resume, ensuring that all the information entered is reliable. Nowadays, many applicants deliberately improve their CV details, such as their job titles and experience to increase their chance of being recruited. However, through an employee background check, such misleading acts can easily be identified. Deceptive elements regarding your academic and professional background can be viewed as a factor that disqualifies you for the position.

Instead, it is advised to be very precise when communicating about details like job titles, degrees, work experience, etc. For instance, it is wise to check if your profile on LinkedIn or social network profiles do not contain false information concerning your career. Employers usually visit such platforms to confirm whether your profile corresponds to your curriculum vitae. Even altering the dates of employment can be a significant mistake, ruining your image, and cause your application to lose value.

2) Unreliable References

During a background check, most employers ask for references to confirm some information about your career or any other relevant data. However, many candidates fake their references, thinking that employers won’t look into it. Others do not ensure that the references provided agree to be contacted by a potential employer. Such situations may create doubts and therefore increase the possibility of being disqualified. To make sure that everything goes well, use reliable sources.

3) Being Dishonest About Your Criminal Past

If you hide things about crimes committed in the past, you may be viewed as a dishonest person and decrease your chance of being recruited. To avoid this issue, it is better to be frank and explain the circumstances of those past offenses to your recruiter. However, it is essential to inquire about the details that you should reveal first. For instance, in some countries, you have to disclose information regarding the misdeeds you have been convicted of only.

In any case and for any background verification, the person concerned must sign a consent that clearly explains the different checks that will be performed and mentions who will have access to the documentation. To illustrate, a verification company or recruiter should not ask questions concerning the private life of candidates. These include information such as your religious beliefs, your family situation, political views, etc. In situations where such data is revealed, the employer will not be allowed to use it in the decision-making process.

To conclude, a candidate should be well prepared for a background check if he/she wants to maximize their chances of being recruited. This will also help in preventing any displeasing situations to both the candidate and potential employer. Being truthful will guide you and can even make you the ideal employee for the position concerned.

If you’re looking for effective and reliable background screening services, Brevard Background Check provides a range of background checks solutions for franchisors, businesses, and more. They can help you obtain all the necessary information about your future employees. Contact them for more details.

Hiring new employees can be a bit of a tightrope. Without a doubt, job openings involve a lot (like, a lot) of steps! There’s a couple of things that must be done by companies every time there are vacancies. For example, the job description should be posted online so that interested parties can submit their applications. The employer must then screen these submissions, shortlist qualified candidates, and conduct interviews. Some employment procedures consist of telephone interviews, followed by face-to-face meetings. These interviews usually provide the employer with the information they need to make an intelligent hiring decision.

But hang on a second! The above discussion ignores one of the most fundamental elements of any job candidate selection process: background checks. Think you don’t need a background check to make the right hiring decision? – Think again!

Proper hiring practices involve digging into candidates’ backgrounds to get a better idea of their abilities and job performance. However, these results should be evaluated while respecting each candidate’s privacy and complying with applicable laws. Background checks are intended to assist in assessing skills and competencies and should be conducted for this primary purpose. Check out the importance of running a pre-employment background check before finalizing an applicant’s employment!

Get A Full Picture of Your Applicant

It can be overwhelming for any employer to receive a flood of resumes for a job opening. There may be several candidates with exceptional qualifications for the same position. It can be challenging to identify the one who stands out. At a basic level, the background check consists of determining whether the information provided by a candidate is true and accurate. It also provides a picture of the candidate beyond the paper (or what was discovered during a brief interview).

Help You Cut Through The Façade

Many candidates dishonestly apply for jobs and submit fraudulent resumes: they makeup work histories, beautify their previous job titles and duties, or even change their hiring date. Pre-employment checks include calls to former employees to ensure that the information on the resume or application is accurate. If not, you know you have a dishonest candidate on your hands. And if there’s something no employer wants, it’s a worker they know cannot be trusted. Background checks can help you cut through the facade and find out who that person really is – especially if it’s someone you want to hire.

Highlight Criminal History 

One of the main reasons why most employers run pre-employment background checks is to flag any criminal convictions in an applicant’s past. Sometimes, these penal charges posit someone as dangerous, unreliable, untrustworthy, or otherwise not suitable for hiring. The background check can be considered a preemptive measure to ensure the integrity of the organization and employees’ safety.

Individuals may not be suitable for certain positions because of certain aspects of their history. A person with a criminal history may not qualify for a security guard position. If an individual has had a history of substance abuse problems, they may not be able to work in a hospital where drugs and medication are readily available. Some types of information can only be found after a thorough screening process.

Flag Past Infractions

Along with criminal history, some background checks will highlight driving records, credit history, or other information. It’ s true that sometimes an incomplete driving record with numerous license suspensions, or a credit history full of missed payments and debts, will not affect an applicant’s ability to do the job in question. However, for jobs that actually involve driving a vehicle or handling money, this information is extremely pertinent.

Protect Your Organization

It’s no secret, some of the candidates you’re going to meet in a pre-selection are simply dangerous. From violent criminals to sex offenders, there are people you can’t risk hiring. But what if you don’t know the risk of recruiting these people? What if you employ a sexual predator without doing a prior background check, and that person assaults or rapes one of your clients or other employees? You could be held responsible for such incidents! So, make sure you conduct a background check to protect your employees and customers!

Complete Peace of Mind

You never want to wonder whether or not you can trust an employee. Employment Verification can help you avoid common concerns and give you the peace of mind you need to run your business smoothly.

Background checks are one of the most critical steps in the pre-employment screening process, which is necessary for small businesses and corporations before deciding to hire. However, the process can be cumbersome, hectic, and expensive. From vetting applications to reviewing candidates, these processes are incredibly lengthy and often take a toll on a company’s overall productivity. But don’t worry, Brevard Background Check is here to lend a hand! Staffed by highly qualified professionals, they conduct intensive background checks for various organizations in Brevard County. From fingerprinting and drug screening services to electronic searches and criminal record searches, they make sure you get all the information you need about your future prospects.

Unless you want to redo the interview process in a few months, when your hiring doesn’t work out, do background checks to make sure you’re making the right decisions. We promise you won’t regret it.

Recruitment committees, telephone, in-person interviews, tests, and other selection methods are not always enough to prevent employers and recruiters from making bad decisions. Finding the perfect employee is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack. You may want to hire someone with due diligence but without performing a background check. But what happens if your candidate turns out to be a completely different person than the one you met during the interview and recruitment? Bad employees do exist, and you must find out at all costs before hiring them.

Recruiting the wrong employee due to work experience or credentials that they do not have is a costly mistake that can have a detrimental effect on both the employee’s and employer’s performance, morale, productivity, and reputation.

Hiring a new employee is not easy and involves several steps: the interview, the reference check, the criminal record, the education, the driver’s license, the medical examination, etc. This process can also take several weeks. An employment background screening can help speed up the recruitment process since it reveals a lot of information such as sentences, court cases, and other things about a potential candidate.

To have a job providing a high pay with attractive benefits, some candidates will not think twice before overstating their work experience or exaggerating their educational background. An employment background screening will reassure you and confirm that the skills of your ideal candidate are indeed authentic.

The behavioral problems demonstrated by candidates, such as violence in the workplace, are also very complex issues. Recruiters and employers must take special measures to obtain all relevant information about their candidates, including their employment history. An employment background screening helps to find out such data easily and, therefore, aids in preventing problems such as violent behaviors in the workplace.

In the business world, every employee has the potential to affect a company’s performance, culture, and results. Hence the extreme importance of avoiding hiring the wrong candidate, which can prove to be a costly and even catastrophic mistake, is of the utmost importance. The key here is to seek professional help from a specialized firm that will advise you on the type of check to adopt depending on the position to be filled. Brevard Background Check provides efficient employment background screenings. They also do card scanning and offer a wide range of other services. Contact them for all of your background check needs!

Effective and reliable, fingerprinting has clearly become the preferred solution for criminal background checks in various fields. But what is it?

A fingerprint is a mark or impression left by the papillary ridges (surface of the palms or ends of fingers where the sweat pores are open) present exclusively on an individual’s hands and feet. These are unique for each individual, including twins, but they differ for each finger of the same person. Fingerprint data is largely used in various sectors for background checks, especially to identify a person’s criminal record.

 Most industries use this service to protect people and property within their premises from malicious acts such as theft and intrusions. Whether it is an employer, any regulatory authority of a profession, an organization, or even the owner of the apartment that you wish to rent, they may ask for the authorization for a fingerprinting service to establish a criminal history to check the past acts of all individuals. For instance, an employer might get a fingerprint background check done to potential candidates as a step to assess whether the person’s collection of data on offenses such as convictions, charges, pending warrants, court orders, and others might negatively affect the job they are going for. Companies can conduct fingerprinting scans to trace an individual’s previous records, whether it concerns recruits, volunteers, promotions, or other business needs.

Other types of file verifications that are based on the provisions of names (even previous names and aliases), date of birth, addresses, and other points of data of applicants can easily be modified. They are not always reliable due to the common surnames of people, misspellings, use of nicknames, and several name changes. On the other hand, fingerprints are much more effective. Each person’s fingerprint is unique and there have also been several advancements in the technologies used to scan fingerprints over the past years. Hence, an individual cannot fake his identity, and more thorough and accurate information can be retrieved. Additionally, it is also a background check method that meets government requirements, particularly when there are immigrants involved in employment screening.

Nowadays, background checks have become a necessity since it defines once and for all whether a person poses any kind of risks to any domain. If you own a company and want your new hires to go through this process, Brevard Background Check provides professional fingerprinting services and fingerprint for Level II criminal background checks State (FDLE) and federal (FBI). Contact them for more information!

A criminal background check or criminal record search is a legal investigation conducted to have information about a person’s criminal record or histories such as sentences, arrests, convictions, assault, burglary, murder, rape, robbery, and other misdeeds and violations. Many employers run a pre-employment or employment background check to assess whether candidates can fit a job or not. Some benefits of a pre-employment background check include

  • Reduced Risk of Losses Due to Dishonesty

Fraud and theft have become common things nowadays. Very often, individuals falsify their details on job applications and resumes by hiding the harmful acts they committed. Consequently, they get hired by employers who are unable to uncover misrepresented or false information. A criminal record search helps avoid such risks by detecting criminal offenses earlier and safeguard one’s business.

  • Ensures Workplace Safety

You can’t predict whether a person may have the intention to commit a crime in the future. However, an individual’s past behaviors can often act as an indicator and help determine whether they pose a potential risk or not. In this way, a criminal search record aids in protecting a property and its workers against any wrongdoings and ensure a safe workplace.

  • Improved Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance comprises of a set of legal guidelines that all organizations have to follow as part of their operations. If ever someone with violent/ criminal behaviors is hired, a company might have to face legal charges in situations where the latter commits criminal offenses and violates rules and regulations. Criminal search records help companies to identify whether such behaviors can happen and protect the business from losing huge amounts of money.

  • Helps Prevent Negligent Hiring

When an organization fails to verify whether an individual is entirely suitable for a specific work, the employer may suffer from immeasurable damage and ruin the company’s reputation. A criminal background check conducted before hiring a person prevents negligent hiring by revealing information that would have otherwise not been found if no background check was conducted.

While resumes and job applications are well decorated and appealing, a criminal search record brings light to all criminal evidence of a potential employee. Made up of a qualified team, Brevard Background Check offers intensive and comprehensive background screening services, including criminal search records, helping employers make their final decision and hire the best candidate.

Workplace drug testing or drug screening is conducted to identify any presence of illegal drugs in an individual through urine, blood, or any other different type of biological sample. Work-related drug testing can be done before or after hiring someone to find out whether they have drug/alcohol problems. Some advantages of workplace drug testing include

Promotes a Healthy and Safe Working Environment

Some jobs are dangerous to perform, particularly those in which hazardous chemicals, sharp items, heavy machinery, or vehicles are involved. If such works are done by someone under the influence of illegal drugs, the risks of workplace accidents become remarkably higher. Drug testing before handling such jobs allows the prevention of potential collisions and ensures a safer and healthier working environment.

Reduces Recruitment Cost

Recruiting and training employees with drug issues results in wasted time and training. Any organization that employs such workers may face problems such as a high rate of absenteeism if the individual takes several leaves or sick days due to drug problems. Consequently, employers will have more money paid for sick days and leaves, but less productivity achieved. Additionally, they will have to spend even more time recruiting people if they must continually replace those with drug complications. Drug testing programs significantly help to avoid such obstacles by screening drug users beforehand.

Decreases the Risk of Workplace Conflict

Drug abusers have a higher tendency to engage in violent behaviors due to the side effects. Very often, these people are hooked on stimulant drugs and commit aggressive acts such as robberies, weapon attacks, physical assaults, and others. Implementing a drug testing program helps to pinpoint drug-abusing employees before such conflicts arise.

Increased productivity

Drug testing programs can boost employees’ confidence by serving as a compelling action reassuring them that they are working in a safe environment. Eventually, this enhances productivity since employees feel less at risk and entirely focus on their works.

Reduces the Risk of Legal Liability

When accidents occur in workplaces, employers may face legal liability, a situation in which an organization is held legally responsible for harming another party financially or through injuries. Consequently, these acts can result in fines or other penalties. With drug testing, employers can identify any worker who poses such risks to the company and take precautions to prevent such mishaps.

If you’re looking for effective workplace drug testing in Brevard County, Brevard Background Check provides highly reliable and accurate drug testing services to professional organizations and other institutions.

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