What Is a Criminal Record Search and Its Advantages to an Organization?

A criminal background check or criminal record search is a legal investigation conducted to have information about a person’s criminal record or histories such as sentences, arrests, convictions, assault, burglary, murder, rape, robbery, and other misdeeds and violations. Many employers run a pre-employment or employment background check to assess whether candidates can fit a job or not. Some benefits of a pre-employment background check include

  • Reduced Risk of Losses Due to Dishonesty

Fraud and theft have become common things nowadays. Very often, individuals falsify their details on job applications and resumes by hiding the harmful acts they committed. Consequently, they get hired by employers who are unable to uncover misrepresented or false information. A criminal record search helps avoid such risks by detecting criminal offenses earlier and safeguard one’s business.

  • Ensures Workplace Safety

You can’t predict whether a person may have the intention to commit a crime in the future. However, an individual’s past behaviors can often act as an indicator and help determine whether they pose a potential risk or not. In this way, a criminal search record aids in protecting a property and its workers against any wrongdoings and ensure a safe workplace.

  • Improved Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance comprises of a set of legal guidelines that all organizations have to follow as part of their operations. If ever someone with violent/ criminal behaviors is hired, a company might have to face legal charges in situations where the latter commits criminal offenses and violates rules and regulations. Criminal search records help companies to identify whether such behaviors can happen and protect the business from losing huge amounts of money.

  • Helps Prevent Negligent Hiring

When an organization fails to verify whether an individual is entirely suitable for a specific work, the employer may suffer from immeasurable damage and ruin the company’s reputation. A criminal background check conducted before hiring a person prevents negligent hiring by revealing information that would have otherwise not been found if no background check was conducted.

While resumes and job applications are well decorated and appealing, a criminal search record brings light to all criminal evidence of a potential employee. Made up of a qualified team, Brevard Background Check offers intensive and comprehensive background screening services, including criminal search records, helping employers make their final decision and hire the best candidate.