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Recruiting people takes a huge amount of time, and for many firms, it is a real struggle to find enough time to do it well. Recruitment is also very much a numbers game: an employer often has to look at a lot of applications before he finds the right person for the role.

Employers need the right people to apply for their jobs, but often they don’t have the time to go and find these people themselves. That’s why they use recruitment agencies to do this for them, so that the employer can then spend more of their time interviewing applicants.

How Do They Work?

Agencies get lists of vacancies from employers, and then they place adverts on internet job boards, and sometimes in other places too. They are also always on the lookout for new CVs being uploaded to the internet job boards.

If you’ve ever spent time looking through an internet job board at the current vacancies, you will probably have noticed that very few adverts mention the name of the company that is hiring. The reason for this is that the agencies are worried about not getting paid: if you saw a job that you liked, and you applied directly to the firm, then the recruitment agency wouldn’t get its fee.

Some agencies will take the CV that you give them and send the employer an edited version. (This, by the way, is the main reason why many internet job boards only accept CVs in Microsoft Word format). The agency may simply put your CV into their branded template, and some may remove your personal details to prevent the employer trying to approach you directly to avoid paying the agency. However, no reputable agency will change the contents of your CV without your permission.

Benefits of recruitment agency

  1. Saves time for a business

Recruiting people is not the core activity of any business. It can be a very time-consuming process that might hamper the overall functions of the business. Therefore, it is wise to outsource the recruitment work to the agencies. They are specialized in recruiting and can complete the entire process within a short period. Apart from saving time, the recruitment cost of the business also goes down.

  • Recruits the best employees

The principle aim of any recruiting agency is to make sure that they hire the best employee for their clients. They understand the business objectives of the client and the kind of skills they look for in an employee, since they are in constant contact with the company managers and HR departments. They know about the working culture of the company and can accordingly hire the most suitable candidates.

  • Confidentiality

Another main feature of recruitment agencies is their confidentiality. The entire recruitment process takes place in a very confidential way. They never reveal the name of any candidates or clients, if the latter prefer to keep it secret. This enables them to gain the trust of the clients and to build a strong and lasting relationship.

  • Saves time for candidates

Apart from saving the time of the companies, it also saves a lot of time for the job seekers. Instead of giving separate interviews for separate companies, he or she can just give one interview with a recruiting agency. After one interview, a candidate will be matched to all eligible jobs in the agency’s database.

  • Fair and reasonable process

The candidates can be assured they will be judged in a fair and reasonable manner. initially, the recruitment agency advertises for the job and then identifies the right candidates through different tests and behavioral questions. After that, the most suited candidates are selected for one final round of interview. Recruitment agencies also have many facilities like tutorials, which the candidates can use to sharpen their skills.

In the current job market, the role of recruitment agencies like Tusk Group Pty Ltd is very important. If you are a candidate looking for the next step in your career, or a company manager looking to fill an urgent vacancy, why not give their team a call and see how they can help you.

Employee background checks are conducted to check whether certain information about potential candidates is accurate. This helps make sure that those individuals do not pose any risk to enterprises and therefore fit into the work environment.

Some of the information included in an employee background check are an individual’s identity, educational background, professional experience, criminal record, and any other checks relevant to the position applied. Some factors can make you fail an employment background check. These include:

1) Exaggerating Your Academic and Professional Background

The first thing that should be done if a candidate must undergo a background check is to update their resume, ensuring that all the information entered is reliable. Nowadays, many applicants deliberately improve their CV details, such as their job titles and experience to increase their chance of being recruited. However, through an employee background check, such misleading acts can easily be identified. Deceptive elements regarding your academic and professional background can be viewed as a factor that disqualifies you for the position.

Instead, it is advised to be very precise when communicating about details like job titles, degrees, work experience, etc. For instance, it is wise to check if your profile on LinkedIn or social network profiles do not contain false information concerning your career. Employers usually visit such platforms to confirm whether your profile corresponds to your curriculum vitae. Even altering the dates of employment can be a significant mistake, ruining your image, and cause your application to lose value.

2) Unreliable References

During a background check, most employers ask for references to confirm some information about your career or any other relevant data. However, many candidates fake their references, thinking that employers won’t look into it. Others do not ensure that the references provided agree to be contacted by a potential employer. Such situations may create doubts and therefore increase the possibility of being disqualified. To make sure that everything goes well, use reliable sources.

3) Being Dishonest About Your Criminal Past

If you hide things about crimes committed in the past, you may be viewed as a dishonest person and decrease your chance of being recruited. To avoid this issue, it is better to be frank and explain the circumstances of those past offenses to your recruiter. However, it is essential to inquire about the details that you should reveal first. For instance, in some countries, you have to disclose information regarding the misdeeds you have been convicted of only.

In any case and for any background verification, the person concerned must sign a consent that clearly explains the different checks that will be performed and mentions who will have access to the documentation. To illustrate, a verification company or recruiter should not ask questions concerning the private life of candidates. These include information such as your religious beliefs, your family situation, political views, etc. In situations where such data is revealed, the employer will not be allowed to use it in the decision-making process.

To conclude, a candidate should be well prepared for a background check if he/she wants to maximize their chances of being recruited. This will also help in preventing any displeasing situations to both the candidate and potential employer. Being truthful will guide you and can even make you the ideal employee for the position concerned.

If you’re looking for effective and reliable background screening services, Brevard Background Check provides a range of background checks solutions for franchisors, businesses, and more. They can help you obtain all the necessary information about your future employees. Contact them for more details.

Workplace drug testing or drug screening is conducted to identify any presence of illegal drugs in an individual through urine, blood, or any other different type of biological sample. Work-related drug testing can be done before or after hiring someone to find out whether they have drug/alcohol problems. Some advantages of workplace drug testing include

Promotes a Healthy and Safe Working Environment

Some jobs are dangerous to perform, particularly those in which hazardous chemicals, sharp items, heavy machinery, or vehicles are involved. If such works are done by someone under the influence of illegal drugs, the risks of workplace accidents become remarkably higher. Drug testing before handling such jobs allows the prevention of potential collisions and ensures a safer and healthier working environment.

Reduces Recruitment Cost

Recruiting and training employees with drug issues results in wasted time and training. Any organization that employs such workers may face problems such as a high rate of absenteeism if the individual takes several leaves or sick days due to drug problems. Consequently, employers will have more money paid for sick days and leaves, but less productivity achieved. Additionally, they will have to spend even more time recruiting people if they must continually replace those with drug complications. Drug testing programs significantly help to avoid such obstacles by screening drug users beforehand.

Decreases the Risk of Workplace Conflict

Drug abusers have a higher tendency to engage in violent behaviors due to the side effects. Very often, these people are hooked on stimulant drugs and commit aggressive acts such as robberies, weapon attacks, physical assaults, and others. Implementing a drug testing program helps to pinpoint drug-abusing employees before such conflicts arise.

Increased productivity

Drug testing programs can boost employees’ confidence by serving as a compelling action reassuring them that they are working in a safe environment. Eventually, this enhances productivity since employees feel less at risk and entirely focus on their works.

Reduces the Risk of Legal Liability

When accidents occur in workplaces, employers may face legal liability, a situation in which an organization is held legally responsible for harming another party financially or through injuries. Consequently, these acts can result in fines or other penalties. With drug testing, employers can identify any worker who poses such risks to the company and take precautions to prevent such mishaps.

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