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It is not uncommon for events to fall through because of the catering service. Yes, a cold buffet and inadequate food… are enough to make your wedding reception, your birthday party, or even your corporate cocktail party not as successful as expected. Indeed, the caterer is the keystone of any event, which is why his choice must be made carefully to be safe from certain inconveniences that could harm your investment. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for choosing a caterer.

1. Choose a caterer according to the type of event and its needs


We might as well warn you that not all catering services are suitable for all events. Therefore, if you want your caterer to adapt perfectly to your request, you must first define the type of event you are organizing as well as your precise needs. For example, if you want to organize a wedding party, start by determining the number of guests and the budget allocated per person.

Also, determine the catering option you like. Do you want breakfast, a break during the day, etc.? Do you want a sit-down meal or/and a buffet (self-service)? According to these elements, you can already have a first clue to orient your choice. Be aware that an event is usually spoiled when the menu does not correspond to the values of the event.

2. Narrow the field of action

Once this step has been completed, you can begin to contact the various service providers you know. But there are a myriad of companies specializing in catering services; this can make the search difficult, especially if you are a novice in the field of event planning. So it would be worth narrowing your focus by relying primarily on word of mouth. This is the best form of advertising. You can also use the Internet by consulting forums, blogs, websites, or the Yellow Pages. Don’t forget to look at online reviews. This will allow you to weed out unsuitable caterers.

3. Check out the quotes


During your search, ask for quotes from several service providers that seem interesting and meet your criteria (culinary theme, location, rates…). Then, compare them. But be careful! Don’t systematically choose the lowest-priced quotes. Otherwise, you may end up with a service far below their expectations. You should contact each of them directly and ask them a detailed question. Ask the caterers the number of receptions they organize during the year, the limitation of service hours, etc.

Also, check their references. Thanks to the Internet, you could easily get any information about any potential catering company. Also, analyze their business proposal. The latter will give you an idea of the quality of services. Do not hesitate to ask the caterer about the origin of the products or the way of cooking. Also, a test lunch can be organized in order to taste the different starters, main courses, and desserts. This will help you make your choice.

4. Choosing a caterer according to different diets.

As you know, an event can bring hundreds or even thousands of people together. As a result, diets may vary from one guest to another. A good caterer must be able to satisfy most guests while paying attention to allergies and intolerances. All caterers are different and offer different services. It is therefore essential to find out exactly what is included in the service offered. Indeed, some caterers will be able to add waiters during the service, furniture such as buffet tables and dishes, or even the possibility to travel in the whole region.

Sometimes, the caterers have partnerships with companies renting crockery and can propose to you that in more in their formula. Once again, you will have to choose according to what you want for your wedding. Moreover, the price of the services will guide you. Don’t forget to ask the caterer if there are any extras, for example, for the dishes or for additional guests at the cocktail party.

5. Ask for a tasting

The tasting is an essential step in the choice of a caterer in the sense that it allows you to have an idea of the quality, the quantity, and the flavors of the proposed dishes. It is a basic offer that any high-end caterer proposes. It is the opportunity to taste the menu that is supposed to be served on the day. Finally, it is recommended to provide the caterer with specific specifications that will indicate the guidelines to follow when designing the menu and its various pieces.

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When we talk about events or parties, one of the first things that come to mind is food. In many cases, if the party is small or with few guests, you can take care of the food, but if it is a larger event such as a corporate one, hiring a catering service is the best option.

Why? Think of all the work you can save with a catering service. It is one thing to prepare food for twenty or thirty people, and it is quite another thing to organize a delectable menu for more than fifty people, not to mention the organization, setups, tables, chairs, plates, cutlery, etc. that you will have to provide!

Before deciding, think about the type of event and the number of guests who will attend. How you manage your budget and how you want to use it depends on it. Remember that the event’s goal is that both you and your guests enjoy it to the fullest and create a memorable experience.

If you are still in doubt why hiring a catering service is the best idea, here are five reasons why you should do it:

1) Comfort

When you hire a catering service, your job is to manage it so that everything is as you want it to be. In other words, tell them what you have in mind for the meetings, the decoration, the choice of the menu you wish to for your guests, etc. Taking care of the catering for the event is a big responsibility, but hiring a reliable catering service will take a big load off your shoulders. This gives you time in case you have other tasks to do besides the menu and the meeting.

2) Specialized Chefs

The catering service you hire must have specialized chefs. The success of your menu at the event depends on them. If you are looking for a truly delicious experience, you need to pay attention to this.

Most people always include the same dishes in their events. You have probably already tried the same soup or cream at least four or five events you have attended. This will not help you create experiences; it is the usual thing; what you need to do is choose different dishes. A specialized cook can create original dishes to make an occasion that will not be forgotten. Wouldn’t you like your event to be remembered positively?

3) Variety of Dishes

The selection of dishes is an excellent experience if you have not yet decided. The company responsible for the catering service will usually offer a wide range of options for the menu, and you can choose the ones you like best. If you already have a menu in mind, you can discuss it with them, so they know how to prepare it.

Once you’re done with this, the final test comes, the tasting. You can ask for a taste test to ensure that each dish will please your guests. This is perhaps the best part, so go on an empty stomach if you are undecided between the different options.

4) Experienced Staff

There may be certain events that can overshadow your guests’ experience at any party or celebration. For example, it may rain if your event takes place outdoors. If you hire an experienced catering service, the staff will make sure that all these types of disturbances are avoided or even eliminated at the right time.

Now that you know the reasons why you should hire a catering service to enjoy your event, Sarah Brown Catering gives you an additional reason to see for yourself! Whether you’re planning a conference, sales meeting, seminar, or any other function, Sarah Brown Catering can provide everything from the mouth-watering and beautifully presented menu, bar, service, and overall event management. Contact them for more information!

A wedding is a unique occasion that every person wishes to be successful. To avoid stress-related to planning a wedding, many people turn to professional services to help with the preparations. For instance, several people consider entrusting food preparation to a catering service. Here are some of the numerous benefits that you can experience by hiring a catering service for your magical day.

1) Quality Services

Seeking the help of a caterer to prepare and serve your wedding meals guarantees quality on various levels. First and foremost, caterers are professional service providers who catered to a significant number of weddings in the past and will be catering for many more in the future. They are familiar with these functions and have a thorough knowledge of what is required and how to manage guests’ presence. Their excellent service will amaze you. Whether it be the transportation of dishes, storage, reheating the meals, these are small details that we don’t usually think about when one is not a chef.

2) Unique Expertise

While you may be a fabulous cook, crafting scrumptious dishes for hundreds of people can quickly turn into an impossible task. It would require planning a large amount of ingredients, devoting endless hours to the culinary preparation, along with spacious areas to cook and store your dishes. Caterers are dedicated culinary experts who have perfected the art of cooking to satisfy your guests’ taste buds. They can offer a restaurant worthy meal, which is almost impossible to achieve on your own. They know where to source the best products and prepare a varied selection of dishes in large quantities.

3) A Personalized Menu

With a catering service, you won’t have to spend days or even weeks thinking about what kind of food would please your guests. From hot to cold buffets to brunches and cocktails, a catering team can help decide the perfect and affordable meal for your special day. For instance, some caterers can prepare delicious appetizers with your initials or your image. This will enchant your guests and make an awesome souvenir of the occasion.

4) Budget-Friendly

This may sound a little bit counter-intuitive, but it’s the truth. If you review the price list of a catering service and add up all the guests you expect, you will probably start thinking that the overall price is quite expensive. Yes, arranging an event in itself is costly, and the cost rises following the number of attendees.

It might seem cheaper to prepare the food yourself, but what about the preparation of the food? How much time do you have to spend on it? Is there anyone to help you? Do you have all the necessary pots and pans? How about the spices needed to give a better taste? Have you got all the plates? From where are you going to get them? Will you have enough for all your guests? How are you going to keep everything warm? And most importantly, who will serve them?

So many questions! Well, the caterers got the answers! They are experts and understand how wedding functions. Caterers can provide their plates along with their staff, who will see to it that your dishes always stay full. In fact, they can also prepare the food in advance or on-site to make everything as fresh and tasty as possible.

The date is fixed, the place of reception found, and now you have to choose your wedding caterer. If you want a reliable and unparalleled catering service, Sarah Brown Catering is ideal for you. They offer catering services for weddings, corporate events, and more in NYC, Nassau, and Suffolk County. Contact them to design the perfect menu for your event!

Life is an irony as while some people are striving to lose those excess fats, others find it really tough to gain some extra pounds. Today, we came up with some types of food that you can nourish on to gain those extra fats. The solution is very simple, you should increase food which is rich in healthy fats and protein. Milk, avocados, nuts or salmon should always be part of your diet.

You can eat the above mentioned as a side dish, snack or main dish, no matter how it is going to help you gain weight. If you want to add up some muscle, combine some exercises along with the food.

Bored of eating chicken breasts as a source of proteins? Below is some food which is an alternative in order to help you in your muscle gaining journey.

1. Home-made protein smoothie

Let’s be honest, there are many types of smoothies. While some are excellent during your weight loss program, others help to gain. However, making your own home-made smoothie is always the best idea. All you need is the perfect recipe and the good ingredients.

For example: to help you gain weight, the following smoothies prove to be excellent.

Chocolate banana nut shakes Blend 2 cups of milk, 1 banana, 1 scoop of chocolate whey and 1 spoon of peanut butter.

Vanilla berry shake: Blend 2 cups of milk, 1 cup of fresh or frozen berries, 1 cup of yogurt and 1 scoop of vanilla whey.

2. Avocados

Avocados are the boss of healthy fats. This fruit is incredibly nutritious and has many health benefits. First of all, it does not have many calories still it remains one of the best food in order to gain weight. One avocado is loaded with 332 calories, 29 grams of fats and 17 grams of fiber. It is also full of vitamins C, E and K. Do not hesitate to add it to your salads or sandwiches.

3. Soybeans

Soybeans are full of proteins and vitamin K, iron and phosphorus. Iron helps to transport oxygen through our blood and muscles. Only one cup of soya beans contains 298 calories, 29 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbs and 15 grams of fat. On top of that, they are the best antioxidants and help to improve your recovery after an intense workout session.

4. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is the perfect protein source for when you are busy and on the go. While making the jerky, most of the fats have been removed leaving you with the calories which you get from the protein in the meat. However, make sure that you eat only good quality of beef jerky with no preservatives and less salt.

5. Salmon

This is another example of a good source of protein. Oily fish provides high-quality of healthy fats. Fish like salmon or tuna not only help in building muscle but brings great benefits to your body through omega-3 fatty acid content. Make it part of your main course by combining it with rice and vegetables.

6. Whole Eggs

Whole eggs are on the diet of many athletes and bodybuilders as it is a great source of protein. An egg is a combination of high-quality proteins and healthy fats. The most important elements are found in the egg yolk. If you are not egg intolerant, eat 3 or more eggs per day.

7. Beans

Beans are famous for being low in fat and rich in proteins. They are available in every nook and corner of the world. Cooked kidney beans contain around 15 grams of protein per cup. In addition to that, they are rich in fiber, vitamin B, iron, and magnesium. Vitamin is great for muscle toning and promotes a very healthy appetite.

8. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a good source of healthy fats for all those who want to gain weight. They are filled with calories, protein, and healthy fats. You can have them as a healthy snack or add them to a salad or meal. It is always a good idea to choose 100% nut butter and add it to your sandwiches.

9. Dark Chocolate

Thought it might not be very tasty for some, dark chocolate are great antioxidants that bring great benefits to our health. For those wanting to gain weight, dark chocolates offer high calories in small quantities. If you don’t want to eat bars, you add unsweetened cocoa powder to your smoothie or yogurt.

10. Brown Rice

Brown rice is whole grain and high in fiber, vitamins, and mineral. Just one serving can provide you with carbs, calories, and very little fat. It is very easy to consume when combined with protein meals and vegetables. It helps to gain weight and build muscle.

Welcoming a pet at home is an exciting time for every family members. Owning a pet brings immense joy to a home. However, animals require special care that is why you need to make sure that your home is safe for them. Pets can come across many dangers around the house that is why before welcoming a pet, it is vital to think about pet-proofing your home.

How to leave your pet alone safely

When your pet is new to an environment, it is preferable to not let them alone as they get upset and anxious. Following which they can act wild and cause destruction around the house. However, there are a lot of ways whereby you can make your pet feel safe at home. In order to avoid that they run away in the yard or get injured, the best solution is to leave them indoors.

Find them a comfortable crate and let them in there. Once a pet is crate trained, they cause less nuisance and find a way to entertain themselves within the crate area. A crated pet cannot injure itself or damage the home. Another option is to keep the pet in your room. This solution helps them to move freely while keeping them away from the rest of the house.

No matter which option you go for, always make sure that the pet has access to food, water, and its favorite toy.

Install pet doors and block all escape routes

Pet doors are ideal for people who do not want to wake up by their pets in the morning as the latter wants to go out. While installing a pet door, the pet is free to go outdoors when they want to. However, make sure that you do not place food near the opening as it will attract unwanted animals into your house. The second thing that you need to consider is to secure your backyard else your pet might wander away. Your gates should be high enough to prevent your pets to jump out. If you are a dog owner, watch for areas where your dog can easily dig its way out.

Create a pet-friendly zone

Pet-friendly zones can be indoor or outdoor. It is supposed to be a space which is specifically for pets. This zone will prevent the pet from roaming around the rest of the house. It should be a place where the pet can sleep, move around or play without causing harm to furniture or meeting with other accidents. Make sure that you keep the pet’s favorite toys there and a pillow which the dog can use as bedding.

Store medicines and household toxins away from the pet

Pets are very curious beings that is why you should keep medicines and household chemicals away from them. If pets consume any one them, it can kill them. Always make sure that you keep those toxins in a place where your pet cannot access them. Store all your household toxins in the bathroom and keep your medicines in a medicine cabinet which can be childproof. Keep your bathroom doors closed every time.

Keep sharp objects out of reach of pets

Never ever leave any drawer open especially if it is easily accessible to your pet. Place any object that can injure your pet in a place which is hard for your pet to access. As they can reach anything with their paw or nose. So make sure that it is not within the reach of their paw or nose. Among those items, you should also include wires which can strangle your pet or electrocute them. Small items can also prove to be dangerous as your pet can chew or swallow them and choke to death.

Ensure that you don’t leave candles or anything with a flame as the pet can stumble upon it and catch fire or put your whole house on fire. Chocking hazards such as buttons, small toys, batteries, and screws should not wander on the floor. Put your dustbin out of reach of your pet as it can go through the stuff in your trash and find a chicken bone, chew on it and choke.

Be aware of the food you feed your pet

Fruit seeds can be fatal for your pet as well especially for your dog. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure, caffeine and chocolates are also toxic for your pet. Sugar-free food and gums can cause liver failure. Nutmeg can cause tremors and seizures in your pet. You can consult ASPCA’s list of foods that you don’t have to give to your pet. Even before planting plants, consult ASPCA’s database as some plants such as lilies, amaryllis, mums, aloe vera can be toxic for your pet. If your pet stays indoors most of the time, better avoid having indoor plants.

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, on the other hand, experienced men have testified that the best way to impress a lady is to be a man who cooks. At some point in our lives, we need to realize that the best way to be independent is to cultivate some kitchen skills. From students living abroad to parents who are feeding their families, it is important to know some cooking hacks to make our lives easier.

While some of us are gifted with the art of cooking, there are a lot of people out there who are still afraid to try as they feel that cooking is very complicated and confusing. That is why this article is going to help those people to improve their cooking and might even get them interested to enhance their skills as it contains a lot of cooking hacks.

  1. Use a plastic bag while mixing your pancake mix

To avoid a messy kitchen, it is advisable to use a ziplock bag or pastry bag while mixing your pancake batter. If you are using a plastic bag, do not forget to cut a small part in the corner. Thus you have to clean up less and you can even store the batter in the refrigerator.

  1. Meal prep enough food for several days on Sunday and store it.

During your lazy Sunday, spend a couple of hours cooking frozen vegetables, chicken, steak, rice, fish, baked potatoes and anything else which you would prefer to eat during weekdays. This practice will save you from the hassle to buy food from restaurants and morning cooking during the week as you have quick meals for the week. This hack not only keeps you healthy, but it also saves a lot of money.

  1. Alternatives which you can use for healthy snacks

Are you on a diet but craving some yummy pancakes? The good news is that you can enjoy them in a healthy way by opting for protein powder, almond milk, oat flour, and other healthy fruit as ingredients.

  1. Dry your herbs into your microwave

Did you know that you can conserve your herbs by drying them and preserving them into a container? All you need to do is to dry your herbs in your microwave and enjoy their flavors in your food. The trick is to put them for 20 seconds and keep doing so by turning them over until they are completely dry.

As the movie Ratatouille says “ Anybody can cook!”. All you need to do is develop the passion for it and start simple. With time and patience, you are surely going to acquire all the cooking techniques perfectly. Remember that no one has been successful on one go! It takes a lot of failures and efforts to be able to master any skill. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect! Take it as easy as you can. Start by making one dish at a time. You can master one dish first before moving on to another one. Once you find that making one dish is easy, you will feel motivated to cook other dishes. At first, you just need to develop that confidence.

As you learn to master one dish, learn which ingredients bring more flavor to it. Find out what is necessary to bring savor and texture to the dish. Feel free to make mistakes, even if your dish is over seasoned or under cooked. You are the one who is going to learn from them. Don’t be afraid to try a different kind of spices. Who knows? You might end up creating a new recipe. Cooking is an art. Make research before you start a new relationship with your kitchen. Learn how each bite feels in your mouth. Learn about each and every trick which make a steak tender and seasoned then you can try to make some meat which actually tastes good.

Even when you are going out to eat in a restaurant, be curious. Order your favorite dish and ask the waitress about the procedure. Even if she does not know, she will somehow ask the chef. Note down the steps and try to make it at home. It will contribute to your culinary knowledge. Put on some music and enjoy your cooking sessions. Sing along while you grab your apron to make your favorite dish. Listen to the sound that your onions make while you saute them! Enjoy the blend of colors while you are mixing the herbs and spices together. Grab your glass of wine and sip while you cook.

When you feel that you have mastered the culinary art, invite someone over for dinner. Start by eating in the dining room and ending up sharing stories and jokes while sitting comfortably on the kitchen floor. The most important thing is that we all have hidden cooking skills, we just need to explore it!

There are many people who can have their wine with almost anything. But there is some food that doesn’t comply with certain wines and vice versa. This article is all about knowing which wine to pair with which food. Sure, it will help you to know more but it will also guide someone who is new to the world of wines!

So buckle up, let the wine and food matching begin!

Wines to pair with Vegetarian, Seafood, and Spicy Dishes

Pairing wine with vegetarian dishes needs to be done carefully. Pay attention to the herbs, sauces, and spice!

• Tossed Salads needs to be paired with sparkling wine. The acidity works best with the dressing and not against it.
• Grilled Vegetables are best in summer and accompanied with a New Zealand sauvignon blanc just completes the dish!
• Rich Vegetable dishes like curries or pasta. To complement the richness of the sauces, try a white burgundy or a California Chardonnay!
• Hearty vegetable stew such as ratatouille is complimented with a white wine from the Rhone Valley or a Viognier from California.
• For meat substitutes like tofu and seitan paired with a Grenache-based wine or a rosé from France or Spain would work best with these dishes.


Whenever red meat is mentioned we tend to think of red wine and the same for fish, we think of white wine! Well, it’s good to remember that but there are seafood dishes and the preparation that requires red wine.

• Salmon is a fish that can work with many different types of wine depending on its preparation. If made with a crust or served in a dark sauce, then a pinot noir would work best. If the salmon is poached, then it needs to be served with a chardonnay!
• White and Flakey fish are best paired with Spanish white wine such as Albarino or a sauvignon blanc.
• Darker and Oily fish such as mackerel, a flavored wine would work best. A Cru Beaujolais from France or a lighter Barbera from Italy would be apt.
• Fried fish is the obvious pair of a sparkling wine like a French Champagne.
• Sushi and other raw fishes pair excellently with a sparkling wine because of its bright acidity.

Pairing wine with spicy food is complex as all the spices are put forward and the taste of wine would fade. Matching spicy food with wine is challenging that’s why beers are mostly recommended. Sauvignon blanc and Champagne are the best to have with spicy dishes.

That’s it, now you know!

Many cultures around the world have different perceptions about food and are extremely strict about the foods you can and can’t eat. Taboos are based on religions, superstitions, and environmental conditions.

If you are planning to travel soon, then here is a list of food taboos from around the world:

• Papua New Guinea

Tribal women members who are in the middle of their menstrual cycle are forbidden fresh meat, juicy bananas or any red colored fruits. If anyone eats food cooked by a menstruating woman, then that person can become ill or die. It is also believed that older and pregnant women are not allowed foods like fish eggs. However, there are no restrictions for men!

• Brazilian

As seafood is a staple in Brazilian cuisine, predatory fish like piranhas and bottom feeders are considered prohibited to eat. However, people who are ill are recommended to eat those that are omnivorous.

• Chinese

If you’re traveling to China, you should mind your chopsticks as well as your manners. After finishing a meal, you should never leave your chopsticks in the bowl. The left-over rice is often offered to the ancestors’ ghosts at a family shrine. That’s why when eating in a restaurant, you should not leave your chopstick in the bowl sticking up to the left-over rice as it might be a terrible loss for the proprietor.

• Japanese

Remember that saying “Sharing is caring”, well in Japan, forget it! If you plan to share your meal, you must place a tasting morsel on a small plate and pass it to the recipient. Passing food from chopstick to chopstick refers to the Japanese custom of sifting through a family member’s cremated ashes to handle their loved ones’ bones.

• Russian

This Russian Taboo involves traditional dating! If you are hoping to court a lady at a restaurant, you’re expected to pay for everything. Russian women don’t bring their wallet on a date.

• Indian

Food taboo in India vary according to religion and for those who practice Hinduism, eating cow or beef meat is prohibited. For Muslim and Islamic families, they do not eat pork as these animals are bred in revolting conditions and are not worthy of consumption.

• Italian

When offered Italian food, whether you are in Italy or with an Italian family, it’s better to refuse at first! If you’re offered a second time, then accept it freely!

Here it goes, now you know!

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