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Why throw individual bachelor and bachelorette parties when you can have a combined party for both sides! Times are changing and this world is becoming more expensive. On top of that, couples are already living together before getting married. They seem to enjoy their time together so why split the party between girls and boys! It doesn’t seem like fun.

The perfect solution is to have a joint party whereby everyone is welcome to enjoy as we say the more the merrier! Not only it is going to one of the best parties, but combined funds will also be beneficial. It is truly going to be a night to remember.

Below are some ideas whereby you can make your friend’s night memorable :

1.Hire a limo or party bus

Want to make an impressive entry at your party? How about your hire a limo or a party bus, this in itself is an event. You can drive around the whole town along with stereo speakers and lighting if you are hiring the party bus. Party buses are useful if you planning to hit different locations in one night or do a bar crawl. However, make sure that you hire a reliable driver so that everyone can drink their livers out and enjoy the party without worrying about the return trip back home.

2. Hit a comedy club or theater

When it comes to joint bachelor and bachelorette parties, you have to take into consideration both your male and female guests. Always look for venues whereby you are sure that all your guests are going to enjoy. Both women and men enjoy a good laugh that’s why it is advisable to take them to comedy clubs which are usually cheaper making it ideal for a larger group of people. On top of that, you can choose a club which offers food and drinks as well. Good food, drinks, and laugh, well that sound pretty much perfect to me. Or if you want some wild things, you can talk to a burlesque show.

3.Plan a dinner with wine or beer tasting

No one escapes from alcohol during a bachelors party. If you are around an area which has local vineyards or breweries, the perfect option would be to try to organize a fine dinner along with some alcohol tasting. Make sure that the bride and groom agree and that their favorite food and drinks are available. However, since this is quite a pricier option, it would be better if you discuss it with everyone before making reservations.

4. Stay in and have a game night

This is one of the most affordable options for joint bachelor/bachelorette parties. It is no longer a problem if your group of friends does not want to go out, a night in can actually be more fun as well. Bring out the boardgames as they are serious comebacks for entertainment. The bride and groom can choose to stay at home and enjoy some games with their friends. It is not only relaxing but more cost effective as well. On top of that, you can invite as many people as your house space allows and no one will feel left out of the festivities. During that night, you can serve homemade cocktails and snacks to keep your guests entertained.

5. Try adventurous activities

Well, you don’t necessarily have to organize your party at night. If the bride and the groom have a great sense of adventure, you can opt for a day of wild adventures. Spike your adrenaline with your group of crazy friends. All you need to do is to meet up and explore different options in terms of adventures. You can have a picnic along with hiking, a trip to an auto racetrack or skydiving all together. These will be memorable and totally different as long as everyone is having extreme fun. If the wedding is a beach on, head off for some snorkeling, surfing lessons or scuba diving.

6.Hit a concert

Music is a common platform to bind everyone. If your group of friends like the same band, it would be a great idea to find out if your favorite group is holding a concert in the city when the wedding is nearby. This is an experience that both women and men would enjoy. You can spend a weekend enjoying a concert, great food, drinks along with your closest friends. Make sure that you reserve for the festival just in case you are planning to attend one.

7.Amusement Park

Embrace your inner child by opting to host your bachelor/ bachelorette party at an amusement park. After all, why not enjoying the last day being totally childish and crazy before adulthood really steps in! I am sure that all your guests are going to enjoy the Ferris wheel or log flume!

Tired of experiencing claw marks on your favorite chairs or sofa set? You can always get your cat declawed! If you are not willing to go through this, there are many solutions available to train your cat not to scratch around.

According to cat experts, before trying to train your cat, it is first important to understand why do cats scratch, after understanding this properly, you would be able to come up with the appropriate solution to get it trained to stop doing so. Let us help you understand why does your cat love scratching furniture.

Why do cats scratch?

As you know all animals have their own way to mark things. Dogs usually urinate to mark their territory, same way cats scratch in order to make their scent. By making use of their claws, they mark an area with the scent released from their paw glands. Leaving shredded materials is also a way to display dominance in front of other cats. But cats normally don’t always scratch only as a social cue. They often scratch when they want to stretch or exercise their legs.

Tips to make them stop scratching

Make use of scratching posts :

If you have a kitten, it is easier to train them into developing healthy scratching habits. You just need to provide them with rough-textured scratching posts and pads.

Trim their nails :

Another method to reduce their scratching habits is to occasionally trim their nails. Once again, it is easier if you get them used to this when they are still a kitten.

Use nail covers :

Many cats owners have suggested this solution as after using many tactics to make their cats stop scratching, they have finally used this method which somehow proved to be successful. These nail covers are basically glued soft plastic covers which you have to stick on the cat’s nails every four to six weeks. It is easily available in most pet stores for about $15 to 25.

Use deterrents :

If you want your cat to stop scratching, you will have to double tape every furniture of your house which makes it uncomfortable for your cat to scratch. Otherwise, you can spray feline pheromone spray which reduces your cat’s desire to leave scent marks. You can as well spray your cat with water when you find them scratching around.

It is very important that you understand your cat behavior before adopting one.

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, on the other hand, experienced men have testified that the best way to impress a lady is to be a man who cooks. At some point in our lives, we need to realize that the best way to be independent is to cultivate some kitchen skills. From students living abroad to parents who are feeding their families, it is important to know some cooking hacks to make our lives easier.

While some of us are gifted with the art of cooking, there are a lot of people out there who are still afraid to try as they feel that cooking is very complicated and confusing. That is why this article is going to help those people to improve their cooking and might even get them interested to enhance their skills as it contains a lot of cooking hacks.

  1. Use a plastic bag while mixing your pancake mix

To avoid a messy kitchen, it is advisable to use a ziplock bag or pastry bag while mixing your pancake batter. If you are using a plastic bag, do not forget to cut a small part in the corner. Thus you have to clean up less and you can even store the batter in the refrigerator.

  1. Meal prep enough food for several days on Sunday and store it.

During your lazy Sunday, spend a couple of hours cooking frozen vegetables, chicken, steak, rice, fish, baked potatoes and anything else which you would prefer to eat during weekdays. This practice will save you from the hassle to buy food from restaurants and morning cooking during the week as you have quick meals for the week. This hack not only keeps you healthy, but it also saves a lot of money.

  1. Alternatives which you can use for healthy snacks

Are you on a diet but craving some yummy pancakes? The good news is that you can enjoy them in a healthy way by opting for protein powder, almond milk, oat flour, and other healthy fruit as ingredients.

  1. Dry your herbs into your microwave

Did you know that you can conserve your herbs by drying them and preserving them into a container? All you need to do is to dry your herbs in your microwave and enjoy their flavors in your food. The trick is to put them for 20 seconds and keep doing so by turning them over until they are completely dry.

Whether you are a wine virgin or an experienced taster, wine tasting is the perfect opportunity to try new wines without having to invest in a bottle if you don’t like it!

If it’s your first wine tasting tour, then here are some basics you need to know and if you’re an adept of wine tasting tours, then here are some etiquette that you might not know!


Basics For Beginners

• What to wear- Always wear something comfortable. Be it a casual dress or jeans and a shirt, both are totally acceptable!

• Head out early- As most tasting rooms open at 10 am, it’s better to go there early so that you can have plenty of time to visit everything. Weekends are better as there is less crowd!

• Ask for tips- Discover new places by asking wineries for their favorite places!

• Visit both old and new wineries- Plan your wine tours with a list, if possible! Visit old wineries that are famous and have long histories as well as visit the new wineries as it adds a lot to your winery touring experience.

• Consider the time of the year-Summer and fall are the busiest seasons in many locations, so if you are planning a trip then choose the start of summer! If you are looking for a private wine tour, then you can choose to go offseason.

• Carry an empty box- This tip is essential as most people don’t know it! There are chances that you end up taking some bottles with you, so an empty box is always handy.

• Don’t visit more than 3 wineries a day- Don’t over-visit wineries in a day. It’s better to keep to 3 wineries a day so that you spend enough time at each winery instead of rushing!


Wine Etiquette

The DOs

• Have a plan- Give yourself time to differentiate between the wines!
• Take notes- Either you want to give scores or just write the things being discussed by others, taking notes helps!
• Try something new- Don’t stick to what you know!
• Ask questions- Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The host is always there to help and guide you.
• Cleanse your palate- Use water to cleanse your palate to remove the taste of the previous wine.
• Spit- It’s totally okay to spit the wine or else you’ll end up drunk!

The Don’ts

• Giving your opinions- If you don’t like something, then it’s okay to talk!
• Wearing a strong perfume or aftershave- Not recommended!
• Holding the bowl- There is a technique of holding a wine glass.
• Going on an empty stomach- Eat something before!
• Wearing a white shirt- Obviously, you’re tasting wine!

Be mesmerized by the wine wonders!

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