Tips For A Wine Tasting Tour

Whether you are a wine virgin or an experienced taster, wine tasting is the perfect opportunity to try new wines without having to invest in a bottle if you don’t like it!

If it’s your first wine tasting tour, then here are some basics you need to know and if you’re an adept of wine tasting tours, then here are some etiquette that you might not know!


Basics For Beginners

• What to wear- Always wear something comfortable. Be it a casual dress or jeans and a shirt, both are totally acceptable!

• Head out early- As most tasting rooms open at 10 am, it’s better to go there early so that you can have plenty of time to visit everything. Weekends are better as there is less crowd!

• Ask for tips- Discover new places by asking wineries for their favorite places!

• Visit both old and new wineries- Plan your wine tours with a list, if possible! Visit old wineries that are famous and have long histories as well as visit the new wineries as it adds a lot to your winery touring experience.

• Consider the time of the year-Summer and fall are the busiest seasons in many locations, so if you are planning a trip then choose the start of summer! If you are looking for a private wine tour, then you can choose to go offseason.

• Carry an empty box- This tip is essential as most people don’t know it! There are chances that you end up taking some bottles with you, so an empty box is always handy.

• Don’t visit more than 3 wineries a day- Don’t over-visit wineries in a day. It’s better to keep to 3 wineries a day so that you spend enough time at each winery instead of rushing!


Wine Etiquette

The DOs

• Have a plan- Give yourself time to differentiate between the wines!
• Take notes- Either you want to give scores or just write the things being discussed by others, taking notes helps!
• Try something new- Don’t stick to what you know!
• Ask questions- Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The host is always there to help and guide you.
• Cleanse your palate- Use water to cleanse your palate to remove the taste of the previous wine.
• Spit- It’s totally okay to spit the wine or else you’ll end up drunk!

The Don’ts

• Giving your opinions- If you don’t like something, then it’s okay to talk!
• Wearing a strong perfume or aftershave- Not recommended!
• Holding the bowl- There is a technique of holding a wine glass.
• Going on an empty stomach- Eat something before!
• Wearing a white shirt- Obviously, you’re tasting wine!

Be mesmerized by the wine wonders!