Best Free RV Resorts Across the US

There are great RV resorts across the US that can’t be missed. Some are free and others payable. Are you about to rent an RV for an unforgettable family outing? So, ramp up your engine and lets get going!

Let’s take a look at the Southwest area

The Southwest bears RV friendly states like Arizona and California, which means a variety to choose from. A great place to begin is Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course near San Diego. This sumptuous venue is located in the vast Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and is known to be a Dark Sky community.

You will enjoy the stage set of big skies and desert panorama of Arizona at the upscale Gnew Canyon RV and Golf Resort. For a more spectacular landscape, check out Zion River Resort, only a few miles from Zion National Park in Utah.

How about the Southeast?

The big skies and long highways are dominated by the state of Texas, where the Mill Creek Ranch Resort is located. This park can fit in any size of RV and covers more than 200 acres of relaxing outdoor activities. While continuing further south you will experience a different environment at Camp Gulf, an RV resort located on a white sandy beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. As you will be heading north along the Atlantic Coast to Cypress Camping Resort in South Carolina, you will fall in love with the beauty of South Myrtle Beach combined with the historic Intracoastal Waterway.

Head towards the Northwest

This is a land of Rocky Mountains, a place which is active both in the winter and summer. For a close captivating view of the snowy peaks, visit the Tiger Run Resort in the rocky slopes of Breckenridge. If you prefer the verge of the ocean rather than a Rocky Mountain, drive to the coast to see the Pacific Northwest. You can choose to stay for the night right on the seaside at Sea Perch RV Resort and Oceanfront Villas on the coast of Oregon. Head even further northwest and park your RV, and if you want, you can take a ferryboat to visit Washington’s San Juan Islands to find Lakedale Resort, a unique island park.

Drive through the Northeast

A region dominated by the Great Lakes and the East Coast where you can discover both city and country living. There are many RV resorts and parks around New York State, and one of the most popular is Lake George RV Park, which has its own lake. To get a close look around, you can stay at the Oak Grove Campground and Resort, it is walking distance to both Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan.


Whether you’re a small home on wheels lifestyle or someone who likes occasional road trips, you can find beautiful RV resorts in every corner of the country. Find the RV that suits your personality and budget, start the GPS, and get ready to cross another resort off your travel list.