How to Make your Cat Stop Scratching your Furniture

Tired of experiencing claw marks on your favorite chairs or sofa set? You can always get your cat declawed! If you are not willing to go through this, there are many solutions available to train your cat not to scratch around.

According to cat experts, before trying to train your cat, it is first important to understand why do cats scratch, after understanding this properly, you would be able to come up with the appropriate solution to get it trained to stop doing so. Let us help you understand why does your cat love scratching furniture.

Why do cats scratch?

As you know all animals have their own way to mark things. Dogs usually urinate to mark their territory, same way cats scratch in order to make their scent. By making use of their claws, they mark an area with the scent released from their paw glands. Leaving shredded materials is also a way to display dominance in front of other cats. But cats normally don’t always scratch only as a social cue. They often scratch when they want to stretch or exercise their legs.

Tips to make them stop scratching

Make use of scratching posts :

If you have a kitten, it is easier to train them into developing healthy scratching habits. You just need to provide them with rough-textured scratching posts and pads.

Trim their nails :

Another method to reduce their scratching habits is to occasionally trim their nails. Once again, it is easier if you get them used to this when they are still a kitten.

Use nail covers :

Many cats owners have suggested this solution as after using many tactics to make their cats stop scratching, they have finally used this method which somehow proved to be successful. These nail covers are basically glued soft plastic covers which you have to stick on the cat’s nails every four to six weeks. It is easily available in most pet stores for about $15 to 25.

Use deterrents :

If you want your cat to stop scratching, you will have to double tape every furniture of your house which makes it uncomfortable for your cat to scratch. Otherwise, you can spray feline pheromone spray which reduces your cat’s desire to leave scent marks. You can as well spray your cat with water when you find them scratching around.

It is very important that you understand your cat behavior before adopting one.