Best Tech Start-Ups to Watch Out for in 2022 (Part 3)

Best Tech Start-Ups to Watch Out for in 2022 (Part 3)

Tech startup are usually new start-up businesses that focus on a product or service where technology is core to the solution. In 2022, we have seen the rise of many tech startups and here’s a list of some of the very best.


BenchlingBiotechnology is the use of biological principles to produce value-added products and/or processes. Notice how this definition is very wide and this is because biotechnology application field is very wide. Benchling is a company that found the key to unleashing biotechnology’s potential to transform our world and make it a better place. The company strongly believes that scientists deserve that kind of technology and thus works hard to bring this critical scientific revolution to life.

Initially, the company was founded in an academic lab over a decade ago. However, there came a time when the founders realized that only technology could match the pace of science and thus gave birth to a creation of their own, with modern science in mind. Today, Benchling takes great pride in being the world’s biotech leader. Backed by a professional team of experts who always try to help global customers unlock the power of biotechnology, the company is now creating arrays of possibilities for a biotech revolution.

Customer Reviews:

“Over all, I honestly love benchling. Its so useful when it comes to cloning and helps visualize the plasmids so easily for me, and students that I teach. I love how I can edit and work on my projects easily, and there is so much easy ways to edits and write notes for reference. I will continue to use benchling in the future b/c i love it so much!” –From S

“Because I work with plasmids, the primer creation and alignment tool are my favorite parts of Benchling. I often need to create primers to double check my plasmid is correct and they have been so easy to make! Especially since benchling remembers the primers that I make, and logs them in by name and location on the plasmid for future reference. The alignment tool has also saved me alot of time when it comes to double checking my plasmid size and inserts.” –From Kim

“While i get the location and placement of the Projects tab, that has been a frequent headache to me. It brings up issues when projects are shared by other people in the lab and they only allow me to just see the project and not edit it. I feel like there should be a tool where we can take a project someone shares with us, and edit it and save it easily to our own files. Constantly copying and pasting plasmids from one location to another gets annoying after the 30th plasmid.” –From Sam

“Benchling is a very useful tool for organizing and collaborating on scientific data online. Online notebooks make it very easy to record and find previous data, which you will always have to cross reference much later after your experiment. The different folders and entries are very easy to organize, and you can create shared collaborative documents as well as your own private notebooks. One small Con is that adding figures/images to the entries takes up a lot of space in the notebook, since text and other images/tables/figures cannot wrap around each other. This means that if you’re including many images, your entry will be very long, and you can’t include too many images together.” –From Jessica

“I am thrilled to be able to easily tailor the software to the individual needs of scientists as everyone plays incredibly different roles, but we all come together to look at the data as a whole to make large company decisions. We have not been using the software as an entire company just yet, but we have liked the implementation process with Benchling’s support to create the platform our company needs to be successful. One of the challenges we have found as we’ve begun to use Benchling more is that there are some features we’ve gotten used to using and rely on, but then they will disappear.” –From Stephanie