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If you’ve planned birthday parties for your child before, you know how exhausting it is. If this is your first time, and if you read nothing else, you want to stick one rule: you want it to be about your child. No matter how tempting it would be to have a full-blown Frozen themed birthday, if they are not into it you have to drop the idea.

No matter how daunting the idea may seem at first, being organized and putting some time and energy into planning the party is the key. It’s the secret ingredient to making the day in smiles!

1. Pre-Planning the Party

Before you can start the planning process, get a notebook or open an excel sheet and prepare a checklist and a tracker. You will input all the necessary information so you have everything you need in one place. The more organized you are, the easier this will be.

2. Prepare a Budget

On that excel workbook, add a sheet and determine how you are willing and how much you can afford to spend on this party. While you want your child to have the best birthday ever, money might be tight. The budget helps because it sets limits from the get-go. Based on this, you already know what you must cross off from your list.

3. Choose a Date

Even if you want to throw the party on the day of their birthday itself, things won’t always work out the way you want. Between other children’s birthday parties, school holidays and days on which you are not allowed to throw parties (Yes! This is really a thing! Some schools have rules about this – remember to check with your child’s school just to be on the safe side.), you might not be able to do that. So, take all these factors int consideration when setting the date.

4. Set the Time

This will depend on your child’s age. The younger they are, the better it is to keep the party short. 2 hours minimum should be good – they have enough time to have fun but it is not too long that they get sleepy, tired and cranky. If they are older though, your child might prefer to have a sleep-over. So, plan your activities accordingly.

5. Sit Down Your Child and Discuss the Party with Them

Do not tell them to plan their party because let’s face it – they are children. Do you really think you’ll be able to do everything their imagination comes up with? No. So instead, ask them about the theme and their favorite food. If you want to have them more involved in the process, take them shopping with you.

6. The Guest List

That will depend on the age of your child and sometimes their schools. Some schools have rules that stipulate all the kids in their class should be invited. Also, decide if you want the parents to stay or not.

7. Invitations

Now that you’ve gotten everything sorted out, it’s time to send out the invitation. You need to give parents enough time to prepare, so, we would recommend sending the invites at least 4 weeks before the birthday party. You can also involve your child by having them help you with the design of the invitations.

8. Enlisting Helpers

Birthday parties for children are never easy or simple. You will be unable to manage the children, supervise the games and pour drinks all on your own. If you have an older child, then ask them to help you out. Otherwise, talk to another parent, a friend of yours or hire a babysitter.

9. The theme for the party

Generally, your child must already have an idea for the theme. Whether it’s a Disney, Harry Potter, Naruto or Spiderman, the theme gives you the blueprint you need to start the planning. From decorations to the cake, activities and entertainment, ensure you adapt them to the theme. If your child is too young to choose the theme, you can pick one of the following and go with it:

  1. Princesses
  2. Pirates
  3. Fairies
  4. Superheroes
  5. Toy Story
  6. Ninja turtles

If you are not having the party at your place, you can let the location dictate the theme. Popular birthday locations include:

  1. Swimming pools
  2. Skating rinks
  3. Cinema
  4. Pottery classes
  5. Soft Play Centres
  6. Paintball park

10. Entertainment

There are several things you can do to entertain your guests. The least expensive option (read more tiring) is coming up with games yourself and setting them up. If you already have too much on your plate, hire someone else to do it for you. Ensure you have everything they will need and, if you want it to be extra special, talk with them to see if they can come up with something that fits your theme.

There you go! As simple as that! You are now ready to start planning! Happy planning!

Why throw individual bachelor and bachelorette parties when you can have a combined party for both sides! Times are changing and this world is becoming more expensive. On top of that, couples are already living together before getting married. They seem to enjoy their time together so why split the party between girls and boys! It doesn’t seem like fun.

The perfect solution is to have a joint party whereby everyone is welcome to enjoy as we say the more the merrier! Not only it is going to one of the best parties, but combined funds will also be beneficial. It is truly going to be a night to remember.

Below are some ideas whereby you can make your friend’s night memorable :

1.Hire a limo or party bus

Want to make an impressive entry at your party? How about your hire a limo or a party bus, this in itself is an event. You can drive around the whole town along with stereo speakers and lighting if you are hiring the party bus. Party buses are useful if you planning to hit different locations in one night or do a bar crawl. However, make sure that you hire a reliable driver so that everyone can drink their livers out and enjoy the party without worrying about the return trip back home.

2. Hit a comedy club or theater

When it comes to joint bachelor and bachelorette parties, you have to take into consideration both your male and female guests. Always look for venues whereby you are sure that all your guests are going to enjoy. Both women and men enjoy a good laugh that’s why it is advisable to take them to comedy clubs which are usually cheaper making it ideal for a larger group of people. On top of that, you can choose a club which offers food and drinks as well. Good food, drinks, and laugh, well that sound pretty much perfect to me. Or if you want some wild things, you can talk to a burlesque show.

3.Plan a dinner with wine or beer tasting

No one escapes from alcohol during a bachelors party. If you are around an area which has local vineyards or breweries, the perfect option would be to try to organize a fine dinner along with some alcohol tasting. Make sure that the bride and groom agree and that their favorite food and drinks are available. However, since this is quite a pricier option, it would be better if you discuss it with everyone before making reservations.

4. Stay in and have a game night

This is one of the most affordable options for joint bachelor/bachelorette parties. It is no longer a problem if your group of friends does not want to go out, a night in can actually be more fun as well. Bring out the boardgames as they are serious comebacks for entertainment. The bride and groom can choose to stay at home and enjoy some games with their friends. It is not only relaxing but more cost effective as well. On top of that, you can invite as many people as your house space allows and no one will feel left out of the festivities. During that night, you can serve homemade cocktails and snacks to keep your guests entertained.

5. Try adventurous activities

Well, you don’t necessarily have to organize your party at night. If the bride and the groom have a great sense of adventure, you can opt for a day of wild adventures. Spike your adrenaline with your group of crazy friends. All you need to do is to meet up and explore different options in terms of adventures. You can have a picnic along with hiking, a trip to an auto racetrack or skydiving all together. These will be memorable and totally different as long as everyone is having extreme fun. If the wedding is a beach on, head off for some snorkeling, surfing lessons or scuba diving.

6.Hit a concert

Music is a common platform to bind everyone. If your group of friends like the same band, it would be a great idea to find out if your favorite group is holding a concert in the city when the wedding is nearby. This is an experience that both women and men would enjoy. You can spend a weekend enjoying a concert, great food, drinks along with your closest friends. Make sure that you reserve for the festival just in case you are planning to attend one.

7.Amusement Park

Embrace your inner child by opting to host your bachelor/ bachelorette party at an amusement park. After all, why not enjoying the last day being totally childish and crazy before adulthood really steps in! I am sure that all your guests are going to enjoy the Ferris wheel or log flume!

The stepping stone of adulthood is when you just joined university life. Once you are a university student, it is expected that you have good grades and make your family proud. Even with all the exams, practicals or essays, students do find time to have a blast and be crazy once in a while.

While you are a young adult, it is okay to get a bit out of the way. This is the right time to try some drinks but with moderation, of course! There are a lot of drinks which young adults like to consume. If you are having trouble finding the perfect drink or getting bored with drinking the same old thing each and every time, this article recommends some cool drinks which will get your party started! You try any drink from the list below, I promise that you will be thanking me later on!

1. Whiskey Sour

Plenty of lemons, whiskey, and a handful of sugar are used to make this drink. Yet, it is always going to taste sour. If you are not a fan of sour drinks, better not try it. Whether you order it in single or double, it is always going to leave a sour taste on your tongue. Be careful with this one, as too many drinks will land you with a bad hangover.

2. Tequila shot

In my opinion, the correct name for tequila should have been “What did I do last night?”. As you gulp down some shots of tequila you are going to wake up with a killer headache and partial memory loss. Nevertheless, tequila is known to have many healthy aspects. You cannot miss out on a tequila shot while being in the university.

3. Rum and coke

Rum & coke is considered to be a bar classic. It is one of the most popular drinks which people order at the bar. Once you get used to the taste of rum and coke mixed together, trust me when I say that it is going to be your favorite order. You will yearn for two singles or even two doubles at a time.

4. 151 Rum

151 Rum is considered to be the student’s favorite. If you mix it with pineapple juice and Malibu, this 151 rum punch can give you the worst hangovers. Yet if you feel a little daring and adventurous, give this punch a try. You will surely not regret it.

Planning your kid’s birthday party but don’t want to break the bank? We got your back! Being a parent as well, I understand that planning a birthday can be costly. Last year, I decided to try some methods which proved to be very cost-cutting. That’s why I decided to share my best tips with you to stick to a budget while planning your next bash.

1. Timing is important.

As Danielle Walker, the author of Against All Grain has rightly said,“ Plan your party from 2 p.m to 5 p.m.” It is indeed the best time to throw a party. Guests normally don’t expect a full course meal if you are hosting your party after lunch and before dinner. The message is quite clear that only snacks will be served.

2. Planning is vital.

Make a list of all the party supplies that you will be needing. It is important to go supply shopping early. You can opt to go for a month or weeks before the party. It will give you time to compare different prices from different shops plus it will save you from any last minute shopping. During the party, you will be at ease to know that you have everything set.

3. Go Digital.

I know that it can be fascinating to sit around and make your DIY birthday invitation cards. Paper invitations cost a lot of money and energy. For your next event, make use of awesome technology around us and choose a free electronic invitation with RSVP option that way, you can count your number of guests as well.

4. Opt for a Dual party.

Your kid’s friend’s birthday is right around the corner? Instead of planning for only one, you can collaborate with the other kid’s parent and have a dual party. This will help to split the cost and responsibilities. However, make sure that each child gets their own cake.

5. Avoid traps of party stores.

Sometimes, it is baseless to shop for things at party stores as you can find the same thing for a much better price in the wholesale supermarket. The goal is to cut down cost.

6. Make use of your networks.

Contact your personal connections or community resources for entertainment. Once my friends asked their friend who was a police officer, to come to the party in his uniform. The kids were pretty much excited to see a cop. Kids are easily entertained.

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