Accessories that every smoker needs!


I am a social smoker, and I can admit that, but there some accessories that everyone true smoker, whether regular or from time to time, need to have. Smoking weed, of course, only when it is legal, is one of life’s greatest pleasures; not only does it soothe you down, but it has medicinal properties that have been backup by science and numerous research. Weed has been proven to enhance morale, social experience, boost creativity and lighten up the world around you. Now we are not making the apology of legal cannabis, and everyone has their own experience with it; whether you consider it as the devil’s lettuce or if you are like me and see it as the sticky green goddess, these are the accessories that you ought to have as a stoner.

1. Scent-reducing spray


Unlike most people, I actually like the smoke of weed, maybe because it reminds me of my uni years but mostly because I associate it with relaxation. However, most people who don’t smoke don’t like its smell and find it too strong, and you wouldn’t want your parents to come into your home and smell the scent of pot. If you regularly smoke in your apartment, you know that the smell of cannabis is absorbed and seeps in your furniture, curtains, and even your carpet, but most stoners don’t mind this. While some people just plain don’t like the smell of pot, others might have asthma and allergies, and the lingering scents can irritate their lungs and throats. The best accessory that any weed-head ought to have on them at any point is a scent-reducing spray; it can come in handy in a pinch, and if cops ever stop you, just spray it in your car to mask the smell. It will also come in handy when your parents come for an impromptu visit. Let’s be honest, most of us have used our fair share of candles to get rid of the smell of pot in our home, but sometimes, they simply don’t work and aren’t made to get rid of the smell of weed. Use an indoor odor-eliminating candle or air-fresher to get rid of all your cannabis odor.

2. Rolling tray


Rolling a joint is a whole process, and it takes practice to get good at it; practice makes perfect in this case. Rolling joints is one of the most therapeutic aspects of the smoking process and is the time for you to sit back and listen to your favorite song and let your hands do the work. A rolling tray can make the whole process a hell of a lot smoother, and any little cannabis crumble that wants to escape will land in the tray; this not only saves you weed but also prevent your pets from ingesting it. Remember, cannabis is harmful for your pets. The rolling tray acts as a catch-all and will catch all the cannabis crumble, and you can also leave any unstable crumbs or debris on the tray and dispose of it directly in the bin. A rolling tray will make your life easier and is perfect for beginners as it will make you rolling gamer smoother and you won’t waste as much weed and you make smoking the high point of your day, pun intended!

3. Butane torch or high-quality lighter!


I know what you are going to ask; yes, your cheap lighter works just fine. But, for me, smoking is a whole experience and you need to enjoy the process and for me, a cheap lighter kills my vibes, yes I’m a bit extra; I’ve been told that, and I wear that as a badge of honor. The problem with cheap lighters is that they will run out on you when you most need them, and this would be my 13th reason why if I already was having a crappy day. When it comes to cheap lighters, you are paying for what you are getting, and they break as easily as they run out of fuel. So what is all the fuss about butane lighter and what are their advantages:

    • Better flame and the size of the flame is often adjustable
    • Cleaner fuel
    • Hotter flame and this is also flexible depending on the model
    • Reliable
    • Reusable and refillable
    • Stylish and customizable

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