10 Smart Reasons to Advertise With Banners 

After losing percentages of the advertising pie compared to search engine advertising, display advertising is on the way to regain ground. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has reached a saturation level where the effectiveness of campaigns makes it challenging to achieve the desired return on investment for an advertiser. Display advertising is a complement to the SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In some cases, it is even a necessary alternative, where search engine advertising is not enough to sell more products over the Internet. A recent study revealed that this is especially true for consumer goods, although it is not only limited to this sector. Let’s check out top ten perks of going for banners for your ads!

#1. To Increase Sale

If you are already doing SEM, you can expand your coverage through advertising with banners and videos, which helps you reach your target audience before they know they need your product.

#2. To Offer A Brand-New Product or Service

If you offer a different product or service than what existed until then in the market, obviously nobody is going to look for it. You can create a demand for your product and service offered by promoting yourself on vertical websites (focused on a theme and not generalists) where your potential customers are.

#3. To do branding and create a brand

Branding is key to search engine positioning. If you want users to associate a product with your brand, you have to be present on the websites where they browse.

#4. Increase Interactivity 

Banner advertising allows you more interactivity than a simple text ad. In some cases, the purchase can even be made directly through creativity. You can also launch your audiovisual advertising through Video banners that offer superior results in terms of click-through rates (CTR – Click Through Rate) than conventional advertising.

#5. To get a second chance 

Having a high conversion rate means that your landing page is well designed. However, you will continue to lose many users who come to your website without making a purchase or registering. With banners, you can get a second chance to see if that initial interest turns into a sale or contact. If you’re looking to create your own custom design banner and signs, Sign Raizor has got you covered! They deliver quality, reliable and durable signs, custom-designed in Melbourne.

#6. Increase coverage in your target audience

Display advertising offers high volumes of traffic. If you want to run an Internet campaign to reach your target market, it always makes sense to complement your activities with display advertising to increase the coverage ratio within your target group.

#7. Easy to Make

Made of vinyl, it’s easier to order and make banners for your business than it is to advertise on radio and television. If you need a way to promote your business in a short period, you won’t be disappointed with banners. Also, if you make regular changes to your products and services, you can create new banners to reflect those changes.

#8. Do not depend solely on one format

It not recommended to depend on only one or a few providers for your ad. You should try various platforms and formats always to have a wide selection of web advertising companies. Otherwise, you risk your sales falling overnight if your sole supplier suddenly fails you.

#9. It’s Memorable

When people need a service or product that you offer, they are more likely to remember your business through your company’s banners. For example, if you are in the laundry sector, you can place your banner in residential areas. People, if they see you, will only remember your business when they have to do the laundry. The reason is that people will pass by your banner several times a day. By displaying your address and contact information on the banner, your customers will have an easier way to contact you. They will see your business as a more personal and convenient option.

#10. Less Competition

You can start searching for vertical websites where you will be able to promote yourself to reach the target audience. Not all websites work with text ads, but they prefer display advertising with a Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) model. 

So, how has your experience been with banner and video advertising?