Ways to Disinfect Your House after the Flu Season

After the flu season, you are pretty much tempted to just throw all the clothes that you have worn while being sick in the laundry room. Did you know that cold and flu viruses can survive from a few hours to days in your house surfaces even if you feel better? The best thing to do after the flu season is to disinfect the whole house to avoid the germs from spreading and making other family members sick. Instead of scrubbing every corner of the house, it would be wiser to clean the most frequently touched surfaces in the house.

How to proceed you ask?

Well first of all, once you feel better, run to the store and get yourself a disinfectant that kills cold and flu viruses. Any other bleach might not work as not all bleach are antibacterial. Solutions used for laundry or any other housework is not always meant to kill germs. Always check the label before using the bleach.

Use a paper towel as they are easily disposable as using a dishcloth might just spread the germs elsewhere. If you have disinfectant wipes, it is even better to get rid of all the germs.

1. Clean your devices

You tend to use your electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops while you are sick. It would be wise to start cleaning those first as they are easily accessible especially for the kids. After the flu is over, make sure that you disinfect your electronic devices first.

2. Clean all your tables

Tables are the items that are frequently touched in your home. They should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent flu viruses from spreading and making your whole family sick.

3. Get some fresh air

It is very important that you switch off your central air filter if someone is sick in your house. Open the windows and let some fresh air in the house. Recirculating the germs is only going to make things worse.

4. Sanitize your kid’s stuff

Soak all the plastic toys, sippy cups, teething rings in a gallon of water with two teaspoons of bleach. Let them there for 2 minutes and put them to dry up. If you do not want your kids to be sick, it is better to disinfect their stuff especially if they are toddlers as they tend to put anything in their mouth. Make sure that you take care of the kids.