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Many have been dreaming about their “big day” and that white, flowing wedding gown since they were six. However, the truth is, finding that perfect wedding dress is not easy at all.

But, don’t freak out. Just relax, take a cool beverage (or a hot one) and read out the following article to find out how you can get your dream wedding dress.

#1. Do Research to Find What You Like

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Let’s face it: wedding dress shopping can be very intimidating sometimes and it’s not every day that you will get to hear terms such as Basque waist or Watteau train. So, suppose you want to familiarize yourself with the different wedding gown styles and make the right decision. In that case, you should start ripping pages out of bridal magazines, checking online bridal boutiques and exploring Pinterest. And, if you want to know what kinds of dresses are currently on the market, you should check out what celebrity brides are wearing.

You can compile all these pieces of information and make a folder with pictures or retails of dresses that appeal to you and take it along with you when you go for the wedding shopping.

#2. Know Your Style

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Your personal style and preference play a huge role here. Suppose you are a Boho girl at heart. Then, it is evident that you wouldn’t want a princess dress for your big day. Or, if you are more a fan of daring necklines and enticing silhouettes, you would most likely go for Maria Del Pilar Bridal’s L’amour Collection by Calla Blanche.

  • Think about whether you prefer a high neck, a scoop neck, a V-neck, or another kind of neckline?
  • Do you prefer the look of gauzy, flowy dresses or those that are more fitted?
  • Consider the length that you would like.
  • Also, consider whether you want to go for a traditional white dress or some other color?
  • You should also think about the amount of detailing you want for your dress. For example, while some brides have a thing for intricate beading and embellishments, others simply prefer unembellished gowns where the fabric and the cut are enough to make a stunning statement.

Let me give you one tip: You can use your existing outfits as a starting point, especially those that you prefer, that make you feel comfortable and flatter your figure.

#3. Location, Location and Location

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Before you start dress shopping, you should know the place and time of your wedding.

For example, let’s say you are having a daytime ceremony on the beach. It is evident that you will have to ditch the ball gowns with long trains and dramatic embellishments and opt for the less traditional and more sexy outfits.

But, what if you are going to exchange vows in a candlelit cathedral? Well, you might just opt for the traditional white, floor-length gown. Or a dress with proper coverage, including sleeves. And, of course, short slip dresses or anything similar should be avoided.

And, when it comes to the summer period, it is recommended to go for linen and organdy fabrics, while velvet and brocade are best for the winter season.

#4. Be Open

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Often, many brides already have the vision of their perfect wedding dress in their minds. But, here’s one thing: there are so many gorgeous gowns out there.

According to most bridal consultants, “most women come in with a set idea of what they want for a gown, then try it on and don’t actually love it—and instead, fall for something completely different they have never considered.”

Even though you have already made your choice, it is essential to keep an open mind and still try everything as you never know if a wedding gown style you weren’t even thinking about ends up being your absolute fave.

#5. Start Searching for Bridal Dresses Early

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Believe me, once you start planning for a wedding, you will be faced with the harsh reality: time isn’t always on your side.

Did you know that usually, a manufacturer can take nearly four months to make a wedding dress and two months more to complete the alterations? This is why it is recommended to begin your shopping six to nine months before your wedding, especially during the typical “wedding season” where most shops are backlogged.

So, if you want to walk down the aisle with grace and elegance, contact Maria Del Pilar Bridal!

Gleaming snowy white or vanilla off-white, ankle or knee-length, straight or puffy, you probably want your wedding dress to be perfect! Although “what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”, as the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, most women dream of a statement piece for their bridal gown since they were little girls.

Whether it is custom made or a designer’s piece, the dress of the bride is significant in creating a memorable marriage and a once-in-a-lifetime day to be cherished forever. But with all the excitement and planning going on, choosing the right dress can be challenging. You can take this weight off your shoulders, we’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered 5 tips that will allow you to pick the ideal wedding dress to walk down the aisle with grace while all the spotlight is on you.

1. Research Comes First

Do you want your skirt with or without a crinoline? Are you looking for an empire or sheath silhouette? Would you prefer tulle or organza fabric for your gown? If you have no idea of how to differentiate these terms, no worries, it’s normal! You don’t get to deal with the wedding dress terminology every day, and before going shopping, we advise that you do some research first.

Grab some bridal magazines and read more on websites to understand the bridal gown glossary and get a better idea of what you are looking for.

2. Your Taste Matters

Stick to your gut feelings! After all, this wedding is going to be your day and your dress needs to suit your personality and taste. You will be the one wearing the dress, and it is essential that you like the color and style.

Pop by a bridal shop; have a look at the fabric and decorative details available on the market. Make a folder with photos of wedding dresses you like. You can also get some inspiration on Pinterest and create a private board to pin the wedding gowns you love.

3. It’s All About the Fit

Forget about the size when choosing your perfect wedding dress. Think about the fit! You can try on a few dresses to have a better understanding of which style flatters your body shape the most. Be meticulous on the dress cut to see if the gown is flattering your best features.

For instance, mermaid gowns will complement beautiful curves while a trumpet dress will work well with a slender silhouette. However, there are no rules to follow here, it is just about fitting your body figure, so you look at your best and feel comfortable.

4. Tune It with Your Theme

You don’t want your dress to clash with the mood you want to achieve for your wedding. When you’ve decided on the theme of your wedding décor, you’ll get a good idea of what type of material and color to choose for your dress so that it matches your party’s atmosphere.

We also recommend that you keep your venue in mind when picking your gown. This will narrow down your options, making your purchase choice more straightforward.

5. Stick to Your Budget

Wedding dresses are probably the most expensive clothing item for women. Before making any decision, it is crucial that you do your budgeting and be clear about how much you are willing to spend on the dress. Therefore, when you visit the bridal store, you can inform the salesperson about your price range so you’ll try only pieces that you can afford. There’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you’ve found the perfect dress ending up realizing that you cannot get it.

Remember that there is nothing to stress about as when you find the right dress, you will know. Plus those 5 tips will help you in your decision making. Haven’t you find the perfect dress yet? You can always schedule an appointment at a bridal boutique and let the stylist find you the dress of your dreams.

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