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Are you organising a wedding, party, conference or meetup anytime soon? The first thing on your to-do list is finding a venue (because no gathering can happen without somewhere to host it). However, choosing the ideal location for your function can be a stressful puzzle not to mention the never-ending list of things to consider – the venue’s price, location, size, services, amenities, just to name a few…

But, why is there so much fuss about choosing the “right venue” after all? Why can you just not pick up something that suits your budget with the basic amenities? While a place may look picture-perfect on paper, the reality can sometimes be very different. To lighten the load, we’ve put together a few tips on how to find the ideal venue for your get-together – making your planning process a breeze! (you’re welcome, you’re welcome).

Get Crystal Clear on What You Want

But where to start? Planning an event is an endless series of forks in the road! So much goes into it… From creating the guest list, finding the right vendors, staying within your budget to coming up with an event hashtag, there are a million different things to do! Knowing precisely what you want is paramount before setting your heart on a space!

Finding a place for your get-together can be a good start. However, it should be chosen carefully! Deciding upon the best venue sets the tone of the entire event and is critical to its overall success. Just like the domino effect, each decision has an impact on the next and, ultimately, your guest’s experience. So, don’t rush to the first place that pops up without exploring other options.

Who’s Coming?

Who will be your guests? Will it be a straitlaced corporate crowd or a jolly one? If you are hosting a meeting gathering with many technology industry professionals, you might consider choosing a venue that can accommodate their needs. If you find a place without Wi-Fi or facilities to set up some tech-tools, this may not be the right place for you.

Set Your Budget

Your budget is the backbone of your event – no money, no party! Booking your event’ site generally drains most of your planning budget. Therefore it’ s wise to stretch your dollar for all it’s worth.

Before choosing a location, make a list of absolute essentials you’ll need on-site and find all options within your budget. Do your size and your budget match? If not, do you need to cut numbers? It’s always wise to choose a location that fits your budget. You can decorate a space to be more “you”, but this cannot be done if you’ve blown your budget on the venue itself.

Once you’ve found a suitable location, don’t hesitate to negotiate prices and ask for a sample invoice to get an overview of everything you’ll be billed for – this will only help save you money in the long run.

What Does the Venue Provide?

Every venue features different levels of service and facilities. When choosing your setting, it is always recommended to have an itemised list of what is offered or not. Everything must be taken into account, from the location’s security, restrictions such as noise or photography), additional fees (like a corkage fee, overtime fee or cancellation fee), equipment (such as audio-visual equipment) and so on. And if you are hiring a ballroom, they can supply you with whatever you need (all you need to do is turn up!). Some venues might simply provide you with space, and you’ll have to rent a caterer, seats and other amenities.

If you choose to entrust the catering to your selected establishment, feel free to inform them about your particular food preferences, whether the meals should be halal, vegan, kosher, etc.

Arrange for a menu tasting session and check reviews to verify whether their catering services are up to par – this will help you determine if you should consider other options. Organising a food corner will undoubtedly bring some pizzazz to your party, but you should also ensure that all necessary elements are available to prepare or reheat the food. (In short, you need to think of everything when planning a meetup!)

Size it Up!

Will my attendees fit? On top of the budget, one other crucial aspect to consider when planning an event is the number of guests – This will help you quickly eliminate many venues based on their capacity alone. (saves you time!) It’ s always helpful to have a rough estimate of the number of guests you are expecting before making your venue selection.

Pick a space that’ s perfect for your event! You don’t want to overcrowd the place by squeezing 500 people in a room for 250, but you certainly don’t want to waste your budget by renting a venue that’s too way too big either (where your event will feel under-attended with everyone gathering in the corners).

Now that you have an overall approximation of the attendance, you can start designing the layout of your event. Is it a banquet, seminar or cocktail party? By booking a suitable venue that is able to accommodate all your guests, everyone will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (and the cherry on the cake, you’ll save some few bucks!).

Oh yes, I’m sure your guests’ bladders will need a break at some point during the gathering, so make sure there are at least four accessible bathrooms for every 100 people attending.

What About the Accessibility?

Location, location, location! (Yes, I’ve repeated it three times for emphasis). Are your guests flying in? Does everyone already live in town? If you want your fiesta to boom, its location is a key factor for your attendees. Choose a spot that’s central to as many guests as possible (because no one wants to spend hours travelling). If you’ve got guests coming out of town, a venue within a hotel or close to great hotels is definitely worth considering (if you want to endear yourself to your guests).

But where will your guests park their vehicles? Nothing is worse than not finding proper parking (notably, a free one)! Organising an event is not only about the ballroom or the party theme. It’s also ensuring that all your guests have a place to park their cars or at the very least, making sure the venue is a stone’s throw away from public transportation (a valet service, would be a bonus). An accessible and convenient location always wins!

Weather and Date

Did you know that the season and the dates can play a significant role in the achievement of your get-together? While the weather is as unpredictable as Money Heist, you can at least hope for a snug room overlooking a fireplace in the winter and a sunny, warm day for your outdoor party in summer. And don’t forget: If ever your selected location is none other than a charming garden, make sure there’s a plan B (and C, and D…) in case of a downpour! (hopefully, the odds will be in your favour for your big day!)

Talking about the odds, if you want your event to be held on your preferred date, the best thing to do is to book in advance, especially in peak seasons! Yes, yes, I see your question coming… Of course, when should you hire? The answer is as easy as ABC: as soon as possible! Check with your manager about the best booking time and get on it at the earliest, before you run out of places!

However, if you can’t plan your event beforehand, you can check out the last-minute deals offered by some venues (but you shouldn’t really rely on this last option, though…)

Go with the Theme and Make Your Event a Memorable One!

People are used to traditional spaces that look the same (and sometimes monotonous). But you don’t have to be wishy-washy, try something more daring, like being unique? Dare to be quirky and host your event in the most original setting in town with a uniquely oh-so-beautiful decor that will entice your guests to tuck into your party and post about all of it on their Instagram. (#EventOfTheYear).

Choosing a venue will be easier and more specific if your event has already a certain theme or style. The site’s layout must correspond to your function’s theme. If you’re going for a black-tie affair, holding your event in a night club probably isn’t the move (even if it’s perfect in every other way). You may be able to fancy-it-up with your own decorations, but there will also be a ballroom somewhere that’s far more suitable. That is why it’s better to ask questions regarding your desired style and seating arrangement during the search process so you won’t get stuck with an unsuitable venue for your theme in the end.

Handy Bonus Tip

After ticking all boxes on this ultimate checklist, it’s time to identify your go-to person at the venue – Having someone to handle any problems encountered (during the function) will greatly contribute to the success of your event.

Get Up Close and Personal!

Just leave your computer and visit some few venues on your shortlist! Of course, photos offer a vivid picture of the place, but to really understand the space and visualise your event, you’ve got to get up close and personal.

Ask an Expert for Help

Hosting an event and looking for the perfect venue that would suit your needs in the outskirts of Melbourne? Whether you are organising a corporate reception, conference, baby shower, wedding, birthday party or any other gathering, Sandown Regency Function Centre got you covered! This stunning venue will cater for all occasions all through the week.

Finally, the much-awaited proposal is made, and you couldn’t be happier. Well, not to be a spoilsport you have to plan the wedding, and it’s better to start with choosing the wedding venue. One of the most important questions to ask is, where will the wedding be held. Several questions cropping your head when planning the wedding, well to ease it out, here are ten steps to choose the perfect wedding venue. And I’m sure; it will be of help!

1. Set the date – The first thing is to have a date in mind when you are planning the wedding. You may already have an idea of when you want to get married, the date might be special to you or your fiance, or you might have a themed wedding that is according to the time and season of the year. If you don’t have a preference, then it will be flexible to move your date if there’s any other event on your selected date at your preferred location. One tip to remember is that be flexible on your dates as it will be easier to find greater venues and suppliers.

2. Determine your guest list – It is much easier to pick a destination for your wedding than choosing whom to invite and whom not to invite. Well, it has to be done, and the best way to do it is to cut out people with whom you have not been in touch for the last ten years. Consider if you have a large wedding party, then the location will be much higher in terms of price and quite far in terms of the site. If you are having an Indian wedding, then do expect a considerable number of guests as weddings are a huge affair!

3. Set a budget – As one of the first steps in the planning of your wedding, setting a budget is the most important. You will need to consider how much you are going to set aside to use for the wedding and how much you are going to use for other expenses. It is better to know how much your total budget is and how much will the design cost. This way, the tension of controlling the money will be lesser.

4. Choose a venue that suits your theme – I know every couple is unique, and their taste does differ a lot. When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, you both can make a difference in terms of where and if it suits your personality and your theme. If you have a beach theme and you end up having the wedding in the forest, then it is a big pileup. So decide right on the where in accordance with the theme!

5. Focus on the location – If you want to have a destination wedding, then be sure that the marriage is held in a place where you can accommodate all your guests, relatives, and other wedding-related people. Ask yourself all the needed questions of how is it accessible for everyone and how big it is to accommodate everyone. If you happen to choose a location that is quite far and unknown to most of your relatives, then do have a map planned out on the wedding invitation card.

6. Is in-house catering facility offered? – Do ask the owners if the location offers in-house catering facility so that you don’t need to hire a caterer separately. If you plan to serve a full four-course dinner or have a buffet, then it is better that you look for a wedding venue that has an in-house catering service.

7. Choose a venue with accessible parking facility – One of the topmost priorities for a wedding is parking. A lot of people will travel to the wedding; it is better to choose a venue where you have sufficient parking. Do ask the owners if there is adequate parking for every guest. If there’s not enough parking, then do find somewhere that will be easy for your guests to park their vehicles. For safety precautions, you can hire independent valet services so that your guests do not need to walk a long distance in wee hours.

8. Accommodation for the guests and yourself – If you are traveling distances to have the wedding, then find a place that offers accommodation facilities for everyone from the wedding party. As you and your guests will be partying at the reception, it is suitable to have overnight accommodation. It should be on your list when choosing your wedding venue as well as a bridal suite is a must when you are making the decision. Having lodging will save you unnecessary time to travel, which means that you will have more time to spend with your favorite people on your big day.

9. Packages – Look for places that offer packages for weddings and other occasions as some venues that do not provide full service. Find venues that offer such packages as it will be easier to adjust in your budget.

10. Lights and sound curfew time – As one of the least important things, the light and sound curfew time should be taken into consideration when choosing the venue. Decide on a place where everything is soundproof, and there will be ample time to enjoy your wedding day.

If you are looking for such a place, then get in touch with Sand Castle in Long Island, NY. They are the perfect straight-out-of-a-movie wedding venue.

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