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When evaluating the different outdoor commercial signs to choose for your business, you must consider your corporate image, environment, and budget. Each option has several pros and cons. Not all types of labels are suitable in every case. Incorrect signage can cause overstimulation and even confusion, so it should not be conceived from a fleeting idea or as a part of your business less critical than its interior, staff, or products or services it sells. Here’s a list of the most common types of commercial signs with their advantages and disadvantages.

#1. Letterbox Faceplates

It’s a plate made of aluminium with a design on vinyl. It can be decorated with a white, black or other coloured aluminium profile, usually located either inside an architectural hole, such as moulding or an arch or in the same facade plane.


  • It is the simplest and most economical type of label.

  • Ideal for when you do not have an electrical installation at the front of your store or do not want to make the necessary investment in electricity to illuminate your space.

  • It allows all kinds of designs and colours.

  • It can be simply illuminated from above with fluorescent or LED lamps.


  • They give a less sophisticated image than other types of signs.

  • They attract less attention than different kinds of labels.

  • They are usually not as durable as other types of signages.

#2. Banners

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Banners are signs mounted perpendicular to the building’s wall, standing out from the rest of the labels that are mounted flat on the facade. They help pedestrians find the entrance to a business from the sidewalk. Like the rest of the signages, they are manufactured in very diverse materials, from the simplest, such as canvas, very typical of vintage restaurants, to the most sophisticated, such as those with an aluminium box with a canvas methacrylate front with interior lighting. They are usually always double-sided, to ensure visibility in any direction of travel. They can also have varied forms (square, round, cross-shaped for pharmacies, with a specific design for parking lots, bank tellers, tobacco, etc.).


  • They improve a business’s visibility, especially when combined with another type of flat sign on the façade, guaranteeing visibility from all possible directions.

  • They are cheaper than other types of labels with similar functions.


  • Their installation tends to have greater regulatory restrictions than other types of signs, having a more significant impact on visibility.

  • Installed alone, without any other type of complementary label, it has limited visibility.

#3. Vinyl on Windows

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The vinyl in shop windows is an excellent way to give visibility to a business, usually combined with another label type. In some cases, it can be used as the only external brand image. It is an excellent way to temporarily advertise products and services (such as sales, new products, etc.) or permanently protect interiors from the gaze of curiosity (with the option of seeing from the inside) and from UV rays.


  • They allow great creativity in terms of designs and colours.

  • They enhance the visibility of a business if they are complemented with other types of signs.

  • Its installation is simpler and cheaper than that of other signs. However, professionals’ skills and experience will avoid wrinkles or different kinds of imperfections, especially on surfaces that are not entirely smooth.

  • They are relatively inexpensive, although investment in professional installation is often required for optimal results.


  • If ordinary, more durable vinyl is used, it can be difficult to remove.

  • If electrostatic pieces of vinyl are used (no adhesive, they run on static electricity), they may not be very durable and require reinstallation.

  • Its durability is not the same as other types of signs, although adhesive vinyl types resist environmental phenomena better than electrostatic ones.

Not Just Any Type of Label Is Suitable

As we said at the beginning, not all types of signs are necessarily suitable for your business. Therefore, if you take your company image seriously, you must know that there are signage options offered online that may not be the most beneficial. That’s the case of websites that sell online signs at a fixed price without considering essential elements like municipal regulations, exterior architectural features, environmental impact, the necessary installation, and so on. These agencies don’t really care if you direct more or less foot traffic to your business or convey a positive image to your customers. For this reason, it is best to contact professionals like Sign Raizor! Established more than 15 years ago, they’ll help you create a lasting impression for your business thanks to their wide assortment of signage services.

Thanks to our year-round sunny climate in Australia, we have a dynamic event scene that allows us to organise outdoor events at any time of the year. Concerts, fairs, races, golf tournaments…during all these events, guests want to enjoy the atmosphere at its best and be able to hear and watch all the action at the same time. Numerous visual options, including projectors, LCD video walls, and TVs, may not be suitable for outdoor events as they’re not waterproof. This means it can be tricky to get a view of the screen in direct sunlight (unless the TV is commercial-grade). Besides, they can require a lot more time, effort (and cost) to set up.

So, when it comes to making the most of your marketing budget, look for the innovative solutions offered by LED (light-emitting diode) business signs. From the brightness and clarity standpoint, these types of illuminated signage are sure winners! You’ve probably seen them around! From the countersigns announcing a daily special at the bakery to the giant, eye-catching LED billboards with words of wisdom, to a list of coming events in front of the sports arena, these striking cutting-edge signs have become a part of our lives. Whether you need a sign to highlight that your store is open for business, or you’re a company offering signs to local businesses, using them could dramatically change your business performance.

So, if old-fashioned signage doesn’t work anymore and you’re looking for a new way to stand out from the sea of neon lights, take a look at these stunning perks of LED advertising screens.

#1. Longer Lifespan & Lower Maintenance

Replacing the panels can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why no company wants to permanently hire someone to climb a ladder or make a custom-made light panel. That’s where LED technology comes in handy! They’re highly resistant to damage and require little maintenance.

Traditional billboards, on the other hand, are made of vinyl, which is easily damaged, and the lights require constant maintenance. If we compare the two, it’s obvious why the new school LED advertising displays are becoming the most popular choice of advertisers all over the country. In fact, these dazzling advertising screens last 25 times longer than incandescent lamps and provide thousands of hours more viewing time than neon. Since they don’t contain escaping gases that dim down the light bulbs, they are much brighter than other light bulbs.

#2. Attention-Grabbing, Vivid, Bright Displays

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of LED advertising is its ability to draw attention, which is ideal for any event, from festivals and fairs to university events. Thanks to the latest and most advanced technology, LED lights are incredibly dynamic and produce extremely bright and brilliant light that can be perfectly seen from near and far, even in broad daylight. As a result, passers-by are much more likely to stop and take in your message. 

#3. Unique Content Opportunities

LED advertising panels offer unique video content possibilities since you can display specific content at specific times. Throughout the day, you can mix and match messages – for example, as a restaurant operator, you can advertise a particular happy hour commercial for peak hours, and then announce the live music programming for the night after the happy hour is over.

Essentially, you can broadcast a variety of ads at multiple time intervals, delivering specific information to specific audiences. LED scoreboards are excellent for effective brand marketing, as they offer a wide range of content possibilities.

#4. Planet-Friendly 

Many signs can consume quite a lot of energy but LED signs only use about 10 watts of power, which is about 80% less energy than neon signs, which is synonymous with less energy consumption and less impact on the environment and lower electricity costs.

#5. Up and Running from Anywhere

One of the many benefits of digital advertising technology is that it can be remotely used through a simple Wi-Fi connection. You can control an unlimited number of billboards with just a few mouseclicks. If you have an ad that resonates with your audience in Melbourne and you want to try it out in Perth, simply upload your content to the back end of your display software, and it will begin to deliver the ad to a new market.

#6. Display Content on-the-Go

Rather than having to build an on-site LED display for an event, a trailer LED display allows you to simply hang it on the back of a vehicle and drive it to the event site. These mobile LED screens vary in size (depending on the vendors) and can be mounted on all-size trailers and vehicles. Being easy to transport, trailer-mounted displays make your screen’s installation effortless and hence saving you time and money in labour costs.

Benefit from LED Advertising Today!

When appropriately used, LED display advertising can be beneficial to almost every type of business. All you need is a smart mix of creativity and value to grab the attention of your customers. If you are looking for LED advertising services, contact Sign Raizor today! Whether you need a single or double-sided display, they will find the perfect solution to put your LED sign in full view!

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