Stairlift for the Elderly: Prices and Advice

Most modern homes have one or more stairs. To climb them, you need a particular physical condition. This is a real problem for certain types of people, like the sick and the elderly. The need for a stairlift is therefore felt. There are some for all dung, and with further technological developments. Find advice and prices for the purchase and installation of a stairlift here.
Choice and price of different types of stairlifts
In choosing the type of stairlift, the user is subject to a plurality of models. Each style is equipped with a given technology and adapted to specific forms of stairs. This last element counts a lot in the price and installation of a stairlift .

Generally, there are two types of staircases, namely: the straight staircase and the curved or level one.The straight staircase is a type of staircase whose steps are parallel and staggered along the height. For most constructions, a level of elevation requires one or two straight stairs. It should also be noted that this type of staircase is like a linear slope. In this case, we speak of basic lift chairs to designate the stairlift. It costs on average 3500 euros.

The curved staircase or landing has one or more curves that follow one another on the height with one or more changes in slope. The type of stairlift appropriate for this kind of staircase is more sophisticated with a particular technology. For this, it is necessary to acquire an amount of 7000 euros and 9000 euros.

Tips for choosing and installing a stairlift

The subject’s sensitive nature leads to particular attention being paid to the choice of this device. Indeed, it depends on several parameters, the most important of which is the condition of the older person for whom it is intended. It is, therefore essential to take your time to make a good choice. Here are some tips to follow for the success of this operation.

Track the duration of the warranty

You will have to face a dilemma regarding choosing the performing company. It is essential to request a quote from each of them. Each company’s length of warranty will be a reasonable basis for your choice.

In most cases, it is 2 years from the day of the end of the installation.
It includes the maintenance, repair, or replacement of defective components. But when the company is reliable, it is strongly advised to subscribe to a guarantee of 5 to 10 years. This period includes mandatory maintenance of the entire device on an annual basis. This is to ensure the safety of the elderly .

The cost of delivery

It is also a very motivating motive in your choices. Indeed, most suppliers display a delivery time of 15 days in their marketing presentation. This operation is launched from signing the contract, which is only possible after careful examination by the expert.

Reimbursement Process Criteria

In extreme cases of total customer dissatisfaction according to specific criteria, refund terms are included in the company’s marketing plans or in the contract. This refund can be full or partial within 45 days after installation if this process is initiated, the company will have to uninstall the entire device.

Compliance with standards

To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, it is vital to ensure that the product you buy complies with the safety standards. A stairlift must have a cut-out button and a safety belt.

In conclusion, the acquisition and installation of a stairlift are essential for the elderly and certain patients. There are several models; some are more sophisticated and more expensive than others.