Dog Handler and Dog Welfare

The dog agent ensures the protection of property and people against forms of vandalism. This individual is highly solicited in searching for missing individuals or pursuing a possible fugitive. The dog agent’s particularity is his collaboration with his dog. How can he be useful for his canine partner?

The Role of the Dog Agent

From the moment the dog-handler is called to collaborate and spend most of his time with his dog, he is in charge of the latter’s well-being on several levels.

The Feeding of the Animal

The dog handler takes care of feeding his animal. He takes care of the respect of the dog’s dietary standards. The dog is in fact the teammate or specific tool of the police dog officer.

Medical Care

Although he is not really in charge of the dog’s health, the dog-handler is the one who understands his animal best. He is much closer to his companion and knows how to detect cases of discomfort or uneasiness of the latter. Following the observations, the veterinarian could intervene if necessary.

Dog Education

Called upon to collaborate, the dog-handler takes care of training his animal so that it obeys the various instructions. The dog is thus well educated and tamed to live in harmony with the world and to act only when authorized by its master. This technique is part of the protection of people who are not related to the animal as well as a good life hygiene of the latter.

What Training Do Dog Handlers Receive?

Becoming a dog handler requires some thought as to the position envisaged. The future agent will have to determine the type of service desired as well as the conditions of its execution before considering the corresponding training.

Choice of training

The choice of training depends on the position desired. However, it is important to be aware of the requirements and working conditions of each position. Aspirants will have to choose one of the following specialties:

  • Surveillance of parking lots or boarding points,
  • Protection of goods or people,
  • Capture of stray animals, etc.

All these positions have security and the use of a dog in common. The future dog handler is, therefore, first and foremost a dog lover who can take care of them and make them work colleagues, especially if they are an airport security agent.

The Skills of a Dog Handler

A security agent is the guarantor of the protection and tranquility of goods and people and must therefore be honest during the exercise of his activity. The first aptitude of a dog agent is his capacity to work with an animal. He must have a good sense of observation and a quick and infallible reactivity.

Every security guard must pay close attention to minor details of his working environment. This allows the police to be called in as security reinforcements to reframe malicious individuals and to discourage possible cases of vandalism and others.

Who Can Be a Canine Agent?

Being a dog-handler requires qualities and abilities specific to the security world. In addition to these common qualities, the dog-handler must have a good relationship with animals and be able to educate them. This suggests that one should first be a dog lover to avoid collaborating with them out of compulsion.

Living with a pet is not for everyone. Additionally, the constraint of being permanently in their company to the point of making them a work partner requires much more than motivation. The future security dog agent is the one who understands the canine language and knows how to live and work with a partner who is a little less talkative and capricious.