Is It Time to Modernize Your Elevator?

Is It Time to Modernize Your Elevator?

Have you ever been trapped in an elevator? Or, how many times did you get late at work because of a long queue at the elevator? Is your lift at home making weird sounds or vibrating a bit? Sometimes, these elevator-related problems might be pointing at one thing – it’s time for some modernization.


As the old saying goes, “time and tide wait for nobody”, and there’s nothing truer than in the way that new technologies keep emerging. Of course, there will come a time in any elevator’s life when it will have no other choice than to be upgraded.


What Is Elevator Modernization?

What Is Elevator Modernization?


Just like you and me, elevators age and so will their performance capabilities. Most of them are usually built to provide about 30 to 40 years of service, but as years pass by, they start to operate slower and waste energy. One way to improve the performance of elevators and prevent problems like frequent breakdowns and slow mobility is to upgrade critical components of the elevator so that it is able to handle new technology while being more efficient and reliable. 


That’s the best definition I can give you for what’s an elevator modernization. 

The Process


First things first, an elevator modernization plan has to be created. This is usually carried out by an elevator service company that has modernization programs for elevators. For example, if you live in Scarborough, Ontario, you can hire the help of March Elevator Ltd. They are specialists you can trust whenever elevators are concerned. 


This procedure will determine which components of the elevator should be upgraded, the time frame of the process and most importantly, ensure code compliance. 


Next important to note is that during the modernization-making phase, the elevator will be out of service. It will be up to building owners to compensate for this by crafting contingency plans. 

More About the Elevator Modernization Package

More About the Elevator Modernization Package


Each elevator company has its own elevator modernization package. However, terms and elements may vary based on the elevator safety code of a country, recommendations of building owners and suggestions of professional consultants. 


Here’s an overview of some of the factors experts like to concentrate on during an elevator modernization process.

A Reliable Elevator Emergency Phone

If statistics say that around 18 billion elevator trips occur annually in the US alone, I think you being stuck in an elevator at least once in your life is inevitable. You’ll be annoyed like hell, all crying or yelling – to sum up, it’s a torture and in this situation, you can only rely on an elevator phone. 


The elevator code requires that there be a means of two-way communication from the cab interior. The basic wall-mount model shown here is an example of an elevator phone. There are also models that can be recessed into a cabinet in the elevator wall and even cellular versions if you want something with a smooth design and tucked out of the way.


The most practical models are now integrated into the car’s control panel and are typically ordered at the time the elevator is installed. For residential applications, the system is linked to an existing phone line and does not require a separate dedicated line.

Door Restrictions


When the elevator comes to a standstill between floors, door restrictors prohibit passengers from opening elevator doors. Tragic incidents can occur when passengers attempt to depart the automobile and leap to the landing. The elevator is the safest place for passengers to be until trained personnel arrive to remove them.


Passenger safety is improved by installing door restrictors. In an entrapment situation, door restrictors force passengers to remain in the elevator car. They are capable of saving lives.

Light Curtains


Light curtains allow you to detect a presence in the doorway without making physical contact. They also provide sensory input to keep the doors fully open as passengers enter and exit the elevator, reducing the possibility of contact and injury.


So, if you are ready for a pre-modernization evaluation of your elevator unit, contact March Elevator Ltd today!