How to Kill Ants

How to Kill Ants



 – Option 1: use simple methods to kill ants

 – Option 2: make an ant trap

 – Option 3: buy commercial ant traps

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If ants and repellent methods are no longer sufficient, you may need to consider killing them. There are several ways to do this: for example, with boiling water, coffee grounds, washing-up liquid, diatomaceous earth, boric acid or ready-made traps.

 This post explains how to kill ants or how to exterminate an entire ant farm.

 Option 1: Use simple methods to kill ants


 Scald the ants

 Follow the ants to the entrance of the anthill and pour large quantities of boiling water (several litres) into the anthill. This is a simple and effective way to destroy the nest.

 Use coffee grounds

 Place wet coffee grounds on the path of the ants, which are a violent poison for ants.

 Good to know: the coffee grounds must be moist, not dry.

 Make an insecticide with rubbing alcohol and washing-up liquid.

 Put a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and 2 tablespoons of washing-up liquid into a spray bottle, top up with water and shake well. Spray the solution on the ants, and it will kill them instantly.

 Sprinkle with diatomaceous earth

 Diatomaceous earth is a 100% natural powder composed of fossilised diatoms sold in supermarkets and garden centres. It is harmless to humans and animals, and it has tiny sharp edges that can fatally wound ants. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the path of ants on your skirting boards, windowsills, etc.


 Important: avoid breathing diatomaceous earth, which is irritating to the lungs.

 Good to know: diatomaceous earth must remain dry; it becomes ineffective in a humid environment.

 Option 2: Make an ant trap

 Make a trap to drown ants.

 – Take a plastic bottle and cut it about 15 cm from the neck.

 – Fill the bottom part with a good amount of sugar or jam and a little water or beer.

 – Capture 2 or 3 ants and put them in the trap.

 – Fit the neck (neck down) into the bottom part.

 – Lay the trap down in the path of the ants.

 With this type of trap, you will kill the ants that harm you without destroying the whole anthill.

 Create a trap to kill the whole anthill

 This trap is more drastic and will destroy the whole anthill after a while. Buy boric acid, which is sold in pharmacies as a white powder, and then:

 – Place a cup containing a mixture of equal parts of powdered sugar and boric acid in the path of the ants.

 – Or place cotton wool soaked in the same mixture inside a plastic box with holes in it. Re-soak the cotton pads regularly.

 Important: this last method is not recommended if you have young children, as boric acid is irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract.

 Option 3: buy commercial ant traps

 Like the boric acid trap, commercial contaminant traps aim to destroy the entire ant farm, which will happen after a few days to 2 weeks. They consist of a small box with holes in it, in which a product that is toxic to ants is combined with a product whose smell attracts them. Place one or more of these traps in the path of the ants, outside or inside the house.

 Important: Follow the instructions for use carefully, as the toxic products contained in these traps are not harmless to humans.

 Materials needed to kill ants.

 Boric acid (Borax) Approx. $3 per 100 g
 Alcohol at 90° Approx. $3
 Bottle of water $0.80
 Cotton From $1
 Dishwashing liquid Approx. $2
 Sugar $1.90 per bottle

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