How to Choose the Right Massage Table?

As we often hear, massage is an art and a massage table is the most critical tool in this practice. Nowadays, with all the different styles available on the market, choosing a massage table has become quite a daunting task. But, this guide will surely help you in making the right choice.

Consider the Adjustable Features

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Today, many massage tables come with a range of adjustable features that can help you to tailor the table experience to your needs. For example, one of the vital features included on most tables is the facility to adjust the height. And, trust me, this feature is extremely important when you will have to provide a different range of massage treatments.

For instance, at Nomad Tables, you will easily find massage tables with a range of features that are just perfect for therapists who specialize in head, neck and facial massage. Some tables even consist of a built- in cabinet for your massage supplies and equipment.

Consider the Table Width

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In this practice, it is evident that you will come across different body types. Some will be tall while some short (or some even shorter). Some wide and others narrow. But, for your business to reach the success level, it is imperative that your clients are comfortable (no matter what their size and shape are) and that you deliver an effective treatment without putting a strain on your own body. This is why some consider width to be more important than length (and please get your mind out of the gutter, I am still talking about massage tables).

Now, the ideal table width also depends on how tall the massage therapists are. For instance, it is better to opt for a narrow table around 28 inches if you are a smaller person. But, if you are on the taller side, you might be better off with a wider table that is between 30 and 32 inches wide.

But if you are still unsure about which size to choose, you can go to a local training college or a therapy room and ask to see the tables they use. Once you find out how wide those tables are, you can then try to find something similar.

Consider the Table Length

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While the width is a crucial factor, it is also essential to think about the length of a massage table. As your clients will vary widely in terms of height, choosing the right massage table is of supreme importance if you want to ensure their maximum comfort.

Now, the standard length for most tables is 73 inches. However, nowadays, therapists choose tables that come with removable face cradles for people who are excessively tall, which can add an extra 7-9 inches.

Consider the Table Weight

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Width, length…now what else? Yes, the table weight. Here, you need to factor in two weight considerations: the carrying weight and the working weight.

The carrying weight simply refers to the weight of the table when it is all folded up and portable. In contrast, the working weight can be defined as the amount of weight you can put on the table while doing the massage treatment (including the weight of your client and any accessories you might be using). Usually, the carrying weight of a massage table can be between 22lb and 46lb, with most of the weight being dictated by the table’s designs and dimensions.

But what if you do a lot of mobile treatments and you will need to carry the table frequently? Then, it would be best if you went for a table that weighs under 30lb. In fact, the lighter it is, the better it is.

Here are some ways to reduce the weight of a massage table:

  • Choosing an aluminum frame instead of a wooden one
  • Selecting a table without a lifting backrest
  • Choosing a table with smaller dimensions

Consider the Price

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Finally, we come down to the most important question: how much money should you spend per massage table?

If you are a pro at value shopping, you can easily find a massage table for under $ 100. But, if you are new to the field and are thinking of getting serious about your craft (such as students), you can opt for tables in the $150-$200 range. Now, for all those who are already practising massage therapists and are looking to upgrade their tables, they will want to choose more professional ones, which can cost more than $300.

However, always keep in mind that you should never sacrifice the comfort and safety of your clients only to save up some money, as this can end up costing you way more money in the long run.

Now that you know all about how to choose a massage table, why don’t you check out Nomad Tables? They can help therapists like you find the suitable table for their practice.