My List of Brunch Worthy Fusion Foods

As a self-proclaimed foodie, the foods I tried and the ones I want to try is endless. I dream of food and I live to watch infinite mukbangs even the ones I’ve already watched before. One of my most desirable wish is to have a brunch with the people I love around a table full with the food I love. Let’s be frank, no one wants to wake up hangry on the weekend and find that there is nothing to eat! It is without any doubt that brunch is the best form of therapy that provide us with food babies that can last up to 24 hours and memorable meal with our loved ones.

Here are my top favourites when it comes to brunch worthy fusion foods:

1. Tomato Cheese Frittata – An Italian egg-based dish that is similar to an omelet or a crustless quiche, this dish can be savoured in different ways and can also be made into a vegetarian one. The word frittata roughly translates to fried. It is a great substitute for scrambled eggs or a regular omelet.

2. Chorizo Egg Scramble – It is a Mexican spiced pork sausage served with a stack of tortillas or toasts. There is a wide variety of Chorizo and you can use any type you want to accentuate your dish. It is one of the easiest and simplest dishes to make for a flavourful brunch.

3. Cheese and Hash Brown Waffles – There are plenty of waffles recipes that make me go “awww”, but one of my favourites remains the cheese and hash brown waffles. The deliciousness of the hash brown and tanginess of the cheese make this dish a piece of wonder when eating. Yes, I am totally hooked on this unique waffle recipe game. It is an all-in-one breakfast with everything you can add on.

4. Breakfast Enchiladas – This one hearty breakfast dish ever as it includes hash browns, cheese, ham, and diced green chillies that is rolled into a tortillas. After the cheese and hash brown waffles, this one is my favourite brunch food that needs to be there on the table. It is easy to prepare and can be prepared earlier so that you don’t spend the entire day in the kitchen.

5. French Toast Cinnamon Rolls – Along with fresh and crunchy croissant, French toast cinnamon roll is my next favourite when it comes to French food. I absolutely love cinnamon rolls and French toast, to have these two as one dish is heaven. Oh yeah, not forgetting the icing!

6. Banana Bread – One of the easiest bread to make anytime and anywhere, either with a mixer or with a fork, in a loaf pan or in a muffin tin, banana bread is the dish that should always be on the brunch table. I love having it while it’s pipping hot with a little bit of butter. Ah, délice!

7. Shamrock Breakfast Sandwich – This vegan breakfast is a favourite that I wouldn’t want to miss especially on my brunch table. Loaded with kale, pepitas, and flavoured veggie sausage patty, this sandwich is no match to some non-vegetarian foods. I make it a bit spicy to give it a tangy and peppery flavour. It is perfect to power-fuel your day, especially during summers.

8. Chickpea Pancake – A high protein dish, this pancake can be eaten with a coriander chutney or with a bit of cream cheese. Chickpea flour can be used as an alternative to gluten flour. I like the flavour of the chickpea mixed with the herbs that makes the dish more appetizing.

9. Tofu Omelet – This vegan omelet has been a discovery for my sisters and I. Every time I made omelet for breakfast I used to feel bad as my sister and mother are vegetarians and they would end up with just bread on their plates. That’s why I preferred looking for this tofu omelet that was as good as the normal omelet. I used cheese and mushrooms to replace the ham. Definitely worthy of a brunch food!

10. Quiche – A staple on the brunch table, I prefer mushroom, cheese and ham quiche that is topped with flavourful herbs. I make the vegan and non-vegetarian quiche that satisfies everyone in my circle of friends. Go for the mushroom and four cheese quiche you will love it!

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