Why Hire a Pool Landscaper


– Some principles of garden/pool design
– Understanding the role of a swimming pool landscaper
– Contracting a pool landscaper
– Where to find a swimming pool landscaper?

A swimming pool is appreciated not only as a place to relax but also for its aesthetics, especially if it is surrounded by a well-designed garden. Nothing is more enchanting than a swimming pool with sparkling water set in a well-chosen green setting!

Principles of garden/pool design

Some principles:

The plants surrounding your pool must be able to withstand full sun, be robust and easy to maintain.
Always plant at a certain distance from the pool to avoid shading and pollution.

Yellow flowers are particularly bright around a pool and are beautiful alongside blue flowers. White gives elegance, pink and chamois give a warm note.

The swimming pool landscaper is the ideal contact for the creation of a landscaped swimming pool, thus integrated into its environment. The craze for and development of natural pools has tended to bring together two professions, that of landscape gardener and that of swimming pool designer, which until now were somewhat unknown to each other.

With the help of a swimming pool landscaper, your pool will be part of a whole: the plants, the decorative elements, the terraces will be designed according to the pool, and vice versa. After reading this post on pool landscaping, new perspectives will open up for you!

For example, shrubs and hedges near your pool

In general, near a swimming pool, it is better to plant shrubs rather than trees: the latter would shade your pool and let too many leaves fall into the water.

On the contrary, shrubs, and even a real hedge around the pool have two great advantages:

– They shelter the pool from the prevailing winds.
– They isolate you from the neighbors and allow you to feel at home in your pool amidst the plants.

For the choice of shrubs, think about the:

– Evergreen shrubs: privet for pruned or free hedges, Mexican orange tree with fragrant white flowers; escallonia with pink or red flowers; photinia with shiny leaves, etc.
– Flowering shrubs with summer bloom: weigelias, buddleias, abelias, sky blue ceanothus, etc. 

Understanding the role of a swimming pool landscaper

His role can be very extensive depending on his skills. In practice, the swimming pool landscaper is able to create an outdoor space project desired by the client. He is attentive to his needs and will, therefore, propose a unique space taking into account the architecture of the house, the shape of the land, and the family’s lifestyle.

The development of the project normally includes the installation of the swimming pool, with the choice of its shape and the creation of its surroundings. However, it can also include, for example, the creation of a pool-house or the design of lighting to enhance the pool and green spaces.

In any case, the project is generally personalized and requires a good dose of imagination and creativity on the part of the landscaper.

Contracting a pool landscaper

You don’t want your garden to look like a patchwork and you want to transform your pool area into a unique place, then you can call on Libardi Island Landscaping Corp.

The most important step is to meet the client and discover the site. This is the moment when the design is worked out. The swimming pool landscaper is able to make the most of the advantages and constraints of the site, to enhance a view, to remove an awkward neighborhood, etc.

Contracting a swimming pool landscaper brings a major advantage: you will be able to create a swimming pool area and not just a pool with surrounds. The coherence of the site will give it a de facto obvious beauty.

One of the disadvantages, of course, is the price. Using a pool landscaper will inevitably cost more than installing a simple shell pool. But, since not everything that is beautiful is necessarily expensive, why not ask for a quote?

Tip: It is important to be aware of the pool landscaper’s expertise in hydraulic techniques. A project can be beautiful, but it must also be feasible under good operating conditions later on.

Where to find a swimming pool landscaper?

The profession is still not very widespread. But on the internet, many landscape gardeners advertise their skills in swimming pools or outdoor areas with swimming pools. The first thing to do is to visit their photo galleries to check that their creations correspond to what you are looking for.

More and more pool designers are working with landscape designers to present their clients with a unique project. Ask those close to you.

Word-of-mouth is also a good solution to find the pool landscaper, the creator of the pool area of your dreams. Or you can contact Libardi Island Landscaping Corp. They are the leader on the market and operate in Suffolk County, Long Island, Nassau County, Lindenhurst, Bay Shore, Brentwood, Farmingville, North Babylon, Smithtown, Westbury, North Massapequa, Floral Park, Great Neck, Hempstead, Mastic and Northport.

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