All-Terrain Forklift Truck Technical Details


1. What is an all-terrain forklift?
2. All-terrain forklift trucks
3. The types of all-terrain forklift trucks

The all-terrain forklift truck is a reach truck or telescopic arm material handling equipment mainly used on construction sites or heavy equipment depots.

1. What is an all-terrain forklift truck?

A forklift truck is a fast handling and intensive lifting vehicle for palletized or non-palletized packages and is capable of transporting and lifting heavy loads over medium and long distances regardless of the terrain.

It allows easy movement and high load elevation thanks to an articulated hydraulic cylinder electrically controlled by the driver seated and sheltered in a cabin.

2. All-terrain forklift trucks

Whatever the model, the all-terrain forklift always includes the following.

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Description: An imposing chassis mounted on four wheels carrying the driver’s cab, lifting device, engine and batteries.

Type of lift: Front truck with retractable and tilting mast or telescopic arm equipped with forks or bucket controlled by the driver at the steering wheel. Maximum lifting height: 6 to 15 m. Lifting speed: approx. 0.5 m/s.

Lifting equipment: pallet fork, manipulator, bucket, spreader.

Motorization: Diesel engine. Travel speed: 25 to 40 km/h.

Load: from 5 to 10 tons.

Wheels: Structured tires.

Ground: all-terrain. Slope up to 60%.

Driver: The ride-on driver must remain in a seated position in the cab equipped with protections.

3. Types of off-road forklift trucks

The all-terrain reach truck with retractable mast

This is the front mast model comparable to the classic reach truck but suitable for use on all terrains.

The high ground clearance allows it to be used on building sites or in the forest.

Four-wheel drive equipped with specific all-terrain structure tires to ensure translation and absorb shocks.

Two steerable rear wheels or an articulated chassis for maneuvering in narrow places.

A powerful diesel engine with converter transmission (automatic transmission) or hydrostatic transmission.

The telescopic arm all-terrain forklift truck

It is a special machine that has a long, articulated, telescopic arm that can be raised.

The large ground clearance allows it to operate on construction sites, in the fields or in the forest.

Four-wheel drive equipped with specific all-terrain structure tires to ensure translation and absorb shocks.

Four-wheel steering for precise maneuvering almost on the spot.

Powerful diesel engine with hydro static transmission.

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