Why Should Healthcare Providers Have a Medical License?

A medical license is an occupational license that allows an individual to practice medicine legally. It indicates that the person has met the minimum requirements permitting him/her to practice medicine successfully. Medical sectors concerned about this license include gynecology, radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology and many others. Here are some reasons why it is crucial for medical professionals to have a medical license and to keep it up to date. 

1) Enables Doctors to Practice Medicine Lawfully

 If a physician fails to get his/her medical license renewed, they won’t be allowed to offer medical attention to patients. It is illegal to practice medicine without having a medical license or an outdated one. If caught doing so, depending on the circumstances, 

  • The individual may be advised about the law 
  • May receive a cease and desist letter- a document sent to the person or business to stop the allegedly illegal activity, or legal action will be taken. If the latter does not discontinue the operation by deadlines set in the letter, they can be sued. 
  • The doctor may be referred to the police, which can also lead to prosecution, substantial fine and criminal record.

2) Protects Your Image

The unlicensed practice of medicine can irreparably harm a doctor’s career, reputation and life. If someone is at risk of having his/her medical license revoked, the public may completely lose their trust upon that individual. Consequently, patients will refuse to rely on the individual to help them make life-saving decisions, which can make the latter lose his/her job. 

3) Helps Avoid Criminal Penalties 

  • Jail Sentence and/or Fines

Depending on the severity and circumstances of the case, the unlicensed practice of medicine can lead to a sentence of 1 year and/ or a fine of up to one thousand dollars. If it is a felony offence, that is, if it falls into the category of crimes that are classified as being the most severe type of offence, the penalty can be 2 to 3 years in prison and/or a fine of up to ten thousand dollars. 

  • Probation

If a person is convicted of practicing medicine without holding a proper medical license, he/she may also face a probation sentence. In other words, the individual can serve his/her punishment outside of a jail setting while respecting the conditions outlined. Some examples of the conditions imposed include allowing an officer to search your home, making regular reports to the probation officer, asking permission before making a move, and many others. If the offender completes the probation successfully, the criminal charge is dismissed. However, if conditions are violated, the court may proceed with the sentencing. 

4) Prevents the Risk of Patients Being Harmed

A medical license helps identify whether untrained individuals are treating patients using inappropriate methods. If someone performs healthcare procedures and practices without holding a medical license, he/she could end up harming or even killing the patient. For instance, medical malpractices can happen through incorrect prescription of medicines or controlled substances, which may eventually lead to the death of patients. On the other hand, a medical license ensures that the concerned doctor is competent to take care of people in need of medical treatment. 

Why Hire an Expert for Your Medical Licensure?

  • Simple and Hassle-free 

Turning to experts for the application or renewal of a medical license makes the process easy and stress-free. They have the knowledge and experience to provide detailed instructions for every step of the process, making it a fast and simple procedure for clients. 

  • Helps Avoid Unnecessary Delays

Those involved in life and death professions are often required to have a medical license renewal once or twice a year to prove that they are abiding by the standards set in their respective state’s licensing organizations. With professional licensing services, you will be notified each time your renewal period is near to ensure that it stays up-to-date and avoid penalty fee for an expired license. No more worries about forgetting to update your medical license! 

  • Helps Prevent Mistakes and Pointless Costs

Medical licensing can be a complicated and time-consuming process that can cost you valuable time and money if not done accurately. Relying on untrained and inexperienced practitioners for a medical license imposes a higher risk of encountering mistakes and problems that may slow down the process and waste money. Medical licensing specialists help doctors and other healthcare providers avoid such costly and time-consuming missteps by following structured licensing systems that ensure all procedures are done correctly. 

With the increasing issues of medical malpractices, it is much wiser to go for medical licensing specialists for all your licensure needs. If you’re in Florida looking for a professional medical licensing service, drop by Nationwide Medical Licensing. You can rely on Nationwide Medical Licensing to manage all your licensing matters, including healthcare credentialing, medical credentialing, hospital credentialing and medical licensing.