Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s admit that not everyone has got a degree in home designing, however, most people enjoy decorating their own home according to their needs and specifications. Everyone got their own choices and likings. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes while doing so. Don’t worry, making mistakes is human nature as long as we learn from them.

The worst mistakes will be just finding things that you like only because you think they will fit in your space. You just buy and bring them home without proper planning. Home designing is fun as long as it is done with a plan. It is necessary that you take elements of design such as colors, scale, lighting, and placement into consideration else your home designing project might end up as a disaster.

Below are some common mistakes which people make while designing their homes. If you are working on a project right now, stop for a while and go through the list before you start your plan.

• Furniture

Many times people tend to buy furniture which is too big for their space. As a matter of fact, your space tends to look congested as big furniture takes a lot of space and do not give you much ease for movement. The next big mistake is filling your room with furniture. An overcrowded room can never feel free or spacious.

The best thing to do is to always go for the smaller furniture or calculate your space well before attacking the furniture.

• Small Rugs

Another common problem when it comes to designing is that people tend to go for smaller rugs. Rugs are meant to be a ground for a furniture group. You should always make sure that the legs of your chair should comfortably sit on your rug, that’s how you know that you got the perfect rug.

• High Wall Art

Many homeowners invest in high wall art which cost a fortune and ends up looking mismatch in their hallway or living room. Hanging art around the house is nice, however, you should always make sure that art is hung at the eye level. If your pieces are small, you can hang them even lower. When you hang your art above your furniture make sure that it is 8 inches above the top of it. It should look like they complement each other.

• Inadequate Lighting

A lack of proper lighting is going to make your space look dull. When you are planning your lighting, take your space into consideration. It should be according to your ambient, task and accent lighting. Make sure that your lighting layering is done according to the function, mood, and harmony. As these three things will play an important role. The function is mostly based on what you are going to do in that room, mood reveals the feeling attached to the room and harmony make sure that all the lighting are linked properly with each other.

• Avoid Mix and Match

Many homeowners have the tendency to quickly pick colors that match just because they lack in confidence of creating a masterpiece that reflects their personality and a coordinated look. As a result, the room pretty much looks ordinary and boring.

It is advised to just let your personality shine by mixing colors that you really like. Break the norms.

• Following Trends

Following trends are fine until you are following it wrongly. Not all the designs you see in magazines or tv shows are going to be perfect for your space. Trends keep changing and to be honest, it costs a lot as well. Make sure that your house furnishings reflect your personal preferences and they match your budget as well.

• Pick your Colors Wisely

Before picking your final colors, make sure that you consider all the elements in your space. It would be wise enough to test a color before finalizing it.

• Furniture against the Walls

It is natural to put your furniture against the wall as people have been doing it for years. But how about thinking out of the box? Some rooms might just inspire you to keep the furniture away from your walls. It would make your room more intimate, spacious and interesting.

• Too many colors and contrasts

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using too many colors or contrasts while designing your space as it ends up looking very disoriented as people are not very comfortable in too many colors. Limit your colors and experiment on a few before settling for one. It can create dramatic and interesting outcomes.

• Boring Entryway

The first thing which is going to impress your guests is the entryway. The feeling that your guest has at your entryway will set a tone of what to expect about the rest of the house. Make sure that you choose a perfect light fixture and art to impress.