Best Romantic Disney Movies For a Perfect Date Night

No one is ever too old for Disney movies. Even though, animated movies are often labeled as “children’s movies”, I know a lot of grown-ups including me, who would prefer Disney over other movies. Dinner followed by a nice romantic Disney movie would be a perfect date night. If you are a Disney movie lover and you are looking for the perfect one to snuggle up with your love, below is my list of Romantic Disney Movies that are worth watching to kindle your love flame. You will be surprised of all the romantic movies that Disney has produced.


This movie is always the first one on my list and it will probably stay there for a while as Disney tells you the perfect love story in the first ten minutes of the movie itself. As you go through the movie, you will find how Carl persists to fulfill the promise that he made to Ellie. You will want to keep your tissue papers handy as when the movie is about to end and Carl goes tthrough the last page of the adventure book , he realises that it was all the little things which filled Ellie’s life with happiness. A beautiful life is not always about big and flashy things but it is all the little moments which matter the most.


WALL- E revolves around the love story of two robots. After years of loneliness and doing that only one thing he was built for, the robot decides to embark on a new adventure to look for a new purpose of life. While going through that phase, he meets EVE who reports the existence of WALL- E to the humans. As the story evolves, you will find yourself embarking on a comical adventure of the robot’s fantastic journey around the universe.


If you like Greek adventures, this love story will be perfect for you. Handsome Hercules is the son of the Greek God, Zeus. As an infant, his power of immortality was stripped off and the condition to claim back it back is to find true love. Megara has practically no choice than falling madly in love with the gorgeous Hercules. Well who would not have loved to be in the place of Megara?

Beauty and the Beast

Some men are just princes with a beatly exterior. This movie shows that inner beauty is more important than outer one as despite being a beast, the prince managed to invoke feelings for Belle as well as made Belle fall in love with him as well.


Did we all not missed a heartbeat when Flynn Rider smiled on the screen? This is another classic love stoy with a little modern touch. Rapunzel is show with rebel attitude whereby she protects Flynn numerous times but she does manage to soften the bad boy hottie. To be honest, the song “I see the light” just brings out the romance in the movie.

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid is a love story which revolves about sacrifices which people are ready to make when they find the one. It describes the encounter of the mermaid with the prince and she decides to makes a deal with the sea witch to be able to walk on earth to live the perfect love story with her prince. Ariel left no stone unturned to be with Prince Eric. Even though this love story has many ups and downs, it all turns fine at the end.

Lady and the Tramp

Who can forget about the iconic spaghetti scenes? I bet that all of us has tried this scene with your love. Especially when you are too shy to make the first move. It is about the perfect depiction of love comes to you when you do not expect it. Witness the love story of an uptown Cocker Spaniel and a street Mutt.

The Princess and the Frog

This love story shows you that no matter what, love will always manage to find you. Tiana was not ready to fall in love yet, she was merely concentrating on her career. Yet, love was meant to be. Embark on this rather unsual but cute love story.


Love knows no race and skin colour. This is the perfect movie to support that statement. Pocahontas revolves around the love story of an English soldier and the daughter of an Algonquin chef. The pair share a romantic bond when English colonists invade Virginia during the seventeenth century.


How about a man who goes to any length to get the attention of the woman who stole his heart? Aladdin highlights the fact that trust is the foundation of any relationship as he was honest with her since the beginning. “A whole new world” is the most romantic song of the movie.