New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Make 2019 Worthwhile

Have you ever made ambitious New Year’s resolution only to break it in February? Well, I normally do so! It guesses that it is high time to change this habit and actually stick to the resolutions. I am sure that the goal is not to meet all the New Year’s resolutions but to set the right ones. Below is some doable New Year’s resolution which will give you a feeling of satisfaction at the end of 2019. Just imagine the happiness when March or November is gone and you are still going strong.

If your resolution is to be fit and get into better shape, here are some smart resolution ideas :

  1. Walk as many steps as you can per day

Walking is not only good for your metabolism but it also contributes positively to your heart health, brain health and more. Even if you live in a place whereby you can easily drive around, it is always healthier to choose walking over sitting the car. Well, we understand that you might not be able to cover 10,000 steps a day but you can stay by aiming 1,000 steps every day.

  1. Do some planks 2 or 3 times a week

Holding your body in plank position for 60 seconds works wonders to keep your body in form. If you aim to master plank by doing it once a day or a few times twice a week, you will be surprised by the results in the long run. If you do not know the correct position, you might watch some youtube videos to learn.

  1. Plan your workouts accordingly every week

Laziness is the biggest enemy of working out. Planning your workout every day might give you some motivation to carry out the activities. All you need to do is to choose how many workouts you want to carry out per week. You can as well look for work out plans online which can give you an idea.

  1. Spend nine minutes every day to wake every cell in your body up

Stretching is always a good way to wake your body up in the morning. Those little movements are going to kick your day off. A good New Year’s Resolution would be to spend 3 minutes doing stretching in bed in the morning. Enjoy those neck rolls, ankle rolls which will improve your mobility.

You want to make a New Year’s resolution of eating better, try one of these healthy eating goals :

  1. Go dry for a week

Especially after all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, your liver has suffered enough. It is the perfect time to cut back on your alcohol consumption. It would be very advantageous for your heart and waistline.

  1. Eat a plant-based meal every day

Vegetables are known to improve our overall nutrition overtimes, but unfortunately, a lot of us does not consume enough vegetables. People must understand that vegetables help you get fiber and it is good for the environment as well. By eating a plant-based meal every day, you might develop the taste for it and consume fewer animal products.

  1. Reduce one sugary food from your everyday diet

Nowadays with the alarming increase of diabetes, everyone is keen to cut on sugar. It is also known that decreasing sugar helps a lot with weight loss and has other health benefits as well. However, our body needs a little sugar every day to perform correctly. You could just swap your sugar-sweetened sweet for something with fewer calories. For example, instead of eating a chocolate cookie filled with Nutella you can choose to have an apple covered with cocoa powder.

  1. Try meal prep for a week

It is difficult for working people to prepare a whole week of meal prepping, you can start small by making grilled meals or a big batch of slow cooker soup or even a dozen of hardboiled eggs to eat during the week. It should be a meal which is good for your blood pressure, heart, weight and even help you to save some money.

If your resolution is to be mentally healthy, increase your self-confidence with these ideas :

  1. Don’t do too many things at the same time

We mess up with our brains when we try to do too many tasks at the same time. Our brain actually works better when we focus on just one job at a time. Every day just set 20 minutes asides to pay attention to only one single task. You will notice that your concentration skills will grow better.

  1. “Me time “ is important

If you want to relieve some stress, it is important to set 30 minutes aside for yourself every week. You can use this time to do anything which brings peace of mind. Make use of that time to meditate, write a journal, walk in nature or simply breathe.