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Ever since the advent of social media, everybody’s life has been an open book to everyone around the world. Browsing through social media has become a daily habit for most of us, especially when we are feeling bored, depressed or lack motivation and we can’t do anything. There has been a self-care hype that is in full bloom, it is now quite normal that social media influencers are growing in numbers. These social media influencers are kind of the ones who reminds us of the daily things we need to do while taking care of ourselves. We are so engrossed in our routine life that we forget to pay attention to little things such as taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves.

If you are looking for inspiration on social media, then here are 10 Instagram accounts that you should definitely follow for self-care.

1. @morgnaharpernichols

As an artist and writer, Morgan Harper Nichols has a way with words that speaks directly to your soul. Her work is inspired by other people’s stories. She share everything that will inspire you to acknowledge how far you have come to help yourself to keep going, even when everything is going wrong. Visit her shop where you can purchase prints, stickers, etc. to keep a little dose of self-love whenever you need it.

2. @selflovegxng

The mission of Self Love Gxng is to sprinkle your feed with love, light and reality. They have some of the best self-love content shared on Instagram. They also share quotes to inspire and motivate you to be a bit kinder to yourself. We all need that, am I right or I am right?

3. @gemmacorrell

Gemma Correll fills her Instagram feed with positivity that are always relatable to any situation. Her famous cartoon style is always inspiring a little bit of confidence by reminding us that we are not alone in the problems we face everyday. Her cartoon style is always highlighted by being loud in its own way. Don’t miss her pun-laden posts that will never fail to add a bit of humor to your feed. You will surely love to share her posts in your stories.

4. @youarecomplete

Bianca L. Rodriguez focuses on the spiritual side of her mental health. Her struggles with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism led her onto a path where she helps others in their mental health journey. Her aim is to teach people how to connect with and harness their intuition to become the best and badass version of themselves. She has created a community with like minded souls around the world.

5. @heidiewilliams89

After years of struggling with suicidal depression, debilitating anxiety, and explosive PTSD, Heidi started her journey of studying trauma and neuropschology. Her Instagram is filled with photo of amazing yoga poses across the Salt Lake City landscape. Her captions recite her mental health struggles and how she has turned around her life in her favor. She’s one influencer to look around for.

6. @healthyisthenewskinny

She focuses on spreading the messages of wellness and health to women everywhere. Katie Will Cox shares her story about her fitness journey and how she gained more confidence after that. Her feed is all about inspiring and witty quotes that has the hashtags #fitspogoals. There is also the testimonials of the power that comes from striving to be strong instead of being skinny.

7. @mynameisjessamyn

A yoga guru and a body positivity enthusiast, Jessamyn Stanley is a bonafide badass. Her yoga poses are so mesmerizing that most of us can only dream of doing so. She reminds us all of our biggest obstacle to accomplishing anything is our minds. She is all about authentic happiness. Her Insta is not to be missed at all.

8. @lucialitman

Lucia Litman adds a whole lot of colors and inspiration to your Instagram feed. Her posts are all about relatable and motivational quotes that use every color imaginable. All her posts have different pictures of paintbrush photos that depicts a quote on it.

9. @nadiaaboulhosn

In two words, Nadia slays! A self-made model and fashion designer, she creates inclusive clothes for women of all sizes. Her feed is all loaded with some seriously fierce modeling pictures, as well as plenty of glamorous BTS shots. Nadia is goals for so many reasons. Her confidence, success and totally badassery will motivate you to look out more for yourself.

10. @najwazebian

My personal favorite, Najwa Zebian is a confidence booster. She’s an excellent reminder of us defining our own beauty through her words. For her, we don’t even need to show our skin to be beautiful, it’s what we want and what we feel best is all that matters. She defines beauty in a way that describes any of us.

It is known that everyone has confidence issues or some rough patches that they just want to forget. I have this conviction that we all can do a better job by embracing our unique personalities, bodies, beauties. I am going to follow all these accounts after I post this, will you do the same?

We all have different explanations of what happiness is and what it means to each of us. No matter what challenges, crossroads, and lifestyle changes you come across in your life, at the end of the day, your happiness is what truly matters most. Whether you’re in a relationship, have children, have a busy work life or whatever the circumstances are, it’s important to know how to be happy alone. When you know what makes you truly happy, practice self-care, take care of yourself and get out of your comfort zone, you will be able to see how powerful being happy alone can be.

In this article, you will discover 10 ways you can use to be all alone and feel completely happy while doing it!

Do one thing at a time. Single-task, don’t multitask. When you’re pouring water, just pour water. When you’re eating, just eat. When you’re bathing, just bathe. Don’t try to knock off a few tasks while eating or bathing or whatever else. Even though multitasking [may make] us feel more productive, studies show that we make more errors when juggling tasks and don’t retain information in working memory. Taking on one task at a time has us go more deeply into the task at hand, allowing us to think creatively and utilize problem-solving skills, which in turn enables us to get more meaning from the task. Though there can be a rush that comes with multitasking, ultimately connecting deeply with one activity leads to greater feelings of fulfillment.”

Stop trying to be perfect: You already are. Yes, each one of us is a work in progress, but that work is perfect in its state of evolution. When you are driven by perfection, you are unable to appreciate who you already are. Try instead to look at what is right about you.

Stop Trying to Impress Others: The people who want to be impressed (in the way I am talking about here) are not worth your time. The people who will judge you without knowing you or based on some criteria that are not even important to you are just not your people. The people who matter will think you are amazing. Pay more attention to them.

Stop Trying to Be Someone Else: If you are comparing yourself to someone who has different talents than you do or if you think that you should be doing things a different way than is natural for you, instead start to appreciate how you do things and what your talents are.

Find What You Love: When you let yourself be yourself, you will naturally be drawn to what you love. But, what you love also shows you something about who you are. If you don’t know what you love, experiment. If you like it, try doing it again and see if it grows into something.

Give Yourself Permission to Do What You Love: Once you find the things you love, do them a lot. The more that you do what you love, the happier and the more satisfied you will be with your life. If you know what you love but you are not doing it, get the support you need to give yourself permission to be happy.

Don’t Waste Time Doing Other Things: Why bother doing things that you do not enjoy? Yes, I understand life has some practicalities that need to be addressed, but once they have been attended to-are you still wasting time not doing what you love? If so, start a plan to cut out the things that are not in line with who you want to be or what you love, and then take action.

Slow Down: We can all get a bit ahead of ourselves. It is not about doing more or doing it faster, it is about really enjoying our life. We can’t do that if we are moving so fast that we don’t even know what is happening. Start by building some real breaks into your schedule.

Pay Attention to What Is Working (Most of the Time): Most of us would benefit from being a bit more positive. There is a place for looking at what is not working, but when we pay attention to what works, we often learn more about it and therefore can have more of it. We also feel better about what we are experiencing. If you see yourself getting negative, find one thing that is working.

Express Gratitude: Being grateful is one of the most effective ways to be happier. When in doubt, find something to appreciate. And don’t forget to apply it to yourself!

Learn to Fully Receive: The emphasis on doing that most of us have been enculturated into leaves us less skilled when it comes to receiving. But how can we have a full and rich life if we can’t receive it? The next time someone compliments you, take it in.

Ready for more wisdom? Keeping reading so that you can create the life you desire – and deserve!

Yoga is one of the ancient and finest practices that is meant to help to calm your mind and keep your physical health in check. Whether you are focusing on losing weight, have some moments of peace or maintain good health, Yoga is always a good option.

If you are a beginner to yoga, then we are here to make your experience better. First of all, you need to have a better understanding of what is yoga.

What is yoga?

Originated from India, yoga is a balance of mental and physical practices that serves the purpose of helping people to attain their highest potential in order to maintain good health and happiness. It helps to extend your health, creativity, productivity and improve your quality of living. Yoga practice includes different positions that serve multiple purposes. For example, some are good for weight loss, some for digestion, some for height growth and so on. However, you can practice multiple poses to keep yourself fit.

Beginner yoga tips that you must follow :

New to yoga? Well, you are not the only one. As a beginner, you might face a lot of confusions regarding what kind of yoga poses you should try. That’s why we are here to help you out.

1. Set your goals properly

It is very important that your goals are clear in your mind before trying yoga. The whole practice should begin with an achievable goal and right intentions.

Achievable goals: this part is very important as if you set unrealistic goals and are unable to make progress, you will end up giving up on yoga.

Right intentions: this one is to make sure that you genuinely want to achieve your aims through yoga.

Both of the above are important to keep you going.

2. Get yourself a good yoga teacher

In order to start your yoga journey, it is advisable to hire a good yoga teacher to help you maintain a good practice. A good teacher knows how to keep you interested and make your whole experience more enjoyable. An experienced and qualified yoga teacher will help you with all the details including the mental and physical effects. He or she will help your breathing techniques which will also boost your confidence.

3. Choose a good spot

Choosing a good spot will enhance your mood and provide you with a peaceful environment. However, if you have opted for yoga classes, make sure that you choose a place where you can see and hear your yoga teacher properly.

4. Start with Basic Postures

As a beginner, you should start your journey from basic postures that do not need a lot of stamina or strength. You are not supposed to be doing power yoga or intense yoga poses. Always keep in basic in the beginning. As your experience grows, you can start adding more challenging poses to your routine. At that time, basic yoga poses should be like warm up.

5. Take time to relax

After your yoga practice, make sure that you take time to rest your muscles. Even though you have a lot of tasks which are pending, it is better to lie down for a while and cool yourself down. This exercise helps you to relax your mind and increase your productivity.

6. Wear comfortable clothes

Make sure that your body is comfortable when you are out for some yoga practice. Since you are going to do a lot of stretching in different directions, that’s why it is necessary to wear stretchable and loose clothes to be able to do the positions correctly. Avoid wearing belts, jewelry, tight clothes or fabrics that might hurt your skin. Also, make sure that you wear comfortable underwear to avoid excessive exposing.

7. Challenge your limits

Always practice yoga as comfortable as you can. Take as much time as you want o go out of your comfort zone to enhance your abilities. Do not do any difficult pose unless you can handle it. Pushing yourself too much might end into a muscle injury. If your breathing is light, it means that you are doing it right but if you feel your breathing is jagged, stop pushing yourself.

8. Be Consistent

It is very important to be consistent with your daily practice of yoga because once you start skipping, you lose the habit and motivation. It is advisable to practice yoga early in the morning but in order to be consistent, you can do it at any time. Schedule a time table to remind yourself to practice.

Above were some of the tips which will help you through your yoga practice. As a beginner, it takes some time to get used to the routine but once you start experiencing it, you will feel a sense of relaxation.

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