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You’ve been planning and working on that home remodelling project for months.

Painters, electricians and plumbers were hired and you have already bought your new pieces of furniture. But, who will assemble the furniture?

Furniture assembly is a quite complicated job and if wrongly assembled, it can pose a huge danger. Therefore, the only solution left is to hire a furniture assembly company. And, here are some reasons why these professionals are worth your time and money.

#1. Saves Precious Time

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At first glance, furniture assembly might seem as though it will only take a short amount of time. That’s until you open the disassembled furniture.

I don’t know why, but people often grossly underestimate the amount of time they will need to assemble a piece of furniture fully. And the result: they can spend nearly the whole day learning about how to assemble a piece of furniture from the installation guide but still unable to do it properly.

Now, honestly speaking (and logically also), don’t you think it’s more beneficial to hire someone who can assemble your furniture within two hours rather than wasting your entire day (or sometimes even more than one day) on it?

If you really value your time (and we all know that time is money), you would offload the work to Best Furniture Assembly Pty Ltd, which can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Plus, the longer you let that piece of furniture lie in any area of your house, the higher the chances of someone tripping over it and getting seriously injured in the process.

#2. They Have the Right Tools

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When was the last time you tried to assemble a piece of furniture? Do you remember wasting time just to look for the proper screwdriver?

One helpful rule of thumb when doing such works is to always use the right tool for the right purpose. For example, don’t tell me you are going to use a brick or washing brush to drive in a nail into furniture.

Therefore, if you don’t want to make several trips to the store to buy tools that you most probably won’t use again, it is better to trust an expert furniture assembly company that has the right tools and the proper know-how on how to use them.

#3. Experienced and Professional

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As a homeowner, when you are buying a piece of furniture, you hope that it will last a lifetime. But, to make sure that it does last for a lifetime, it is crucial to assemble it correctly from the beginning itself.

But, have you ever fixed a piece of furniture before? Well, if your answer is a flat no, we both know what could be the consequence. As an inexperienced assembler, you can either miss some important pieces or not fasten something tight enough.

This is why nothing beats experience when it comes to furniture assembly. These professionals deal with this type of work every day and from beds to chairs, they have set up numerous types of furniture. And, even the most complicated one is just like a breeze for them.

#4. They Provide Insurance

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This is the one benefit that you don’t usually get when you are assembling the furniture yourself. But when some companies provide you with a liability insurance, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your work will be done correctly and is covered by insurance.

#5. Less Chance of Damage

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How many times have you accidentally drop pieces or hit walls while trying to move a furniture? Countless times, isn’t it?

Now, imagine what can happen if you decide to take things in hand and assemble that brand new piece of furniture. If I could predict, I would say, catastrophe!

#6. They Will Clean up the Mess

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It’s completely normal that where drills and screws are involved, there will be sawdust and other debris. However, there are many professional furniture assembly companies that clean up the mess that they have made. Spare parts will end up in your hands and there won’t be any garbage left.

Think you might need a furniture assembler after all? Well, contact Best Furniture Assembly Pty Ltd and let them know how you can use an extra hand.

In today’s world, furniture is not made as it was in the past where it was all made of wood and sold assembled. Much of the furniture that you purchase in department stores are made of particle board and can be broken when assembling it. A furniture assembler may be self-employed, work for a company that offers assembly services, or works for the store where you purchased the furniture.

If you have purchase something to be assembled such as office furniture, exercise equipment, or furniture for the home and the place where you bought it does not offer assembly services you will either have to put it together yourself or hire someone. If you decide to hire someone to assemble it, you want to make sure that you are hiring someone that knows what they are doing. However, they do require more work in terms of furniture assembly. While some people might choose to assemble the furniture by themselves, it is always better to hire a furniture assembler as they have the right tools, they do it right, and take a shorter time in the assembly.

Here are some tips to help ensure that you are hiring the right furniture assembler.

Tip #1: Deal Only with Professional Furniture Assemblers

If you are going to pay someone to assemble your furniture, you want to make sure the person you hire is a professional with plenty of experience. Ask the assembler how long he or she has been in the business and request references. Be certain to check on those references and to find out if the assembler’s previous clients were satisfied with the service. In addition, ask the assembler to provide you with information about his or her training, education, and certification within the field.

Tip #2: Find Assemblers with Guarantees

Since you will be spending your hard-earned money on hiring a professional furniture assembler, it only makes sense to find one that will guarantee his or her work. The assembler should carry professional liability insurance, which can be used to pay you if problems occur with the assembler’s workmanship. Inquire about this insurance and find out whether the assembler stands behind his or her work.

Tip #3: Find an Assembler That Charges in Increments

For the most part, assemblers will request an hourly rate rather than a flat fee for their work. To save yourself a little money, find an assembler that charges in 30-minute increments after the first hour of work. This way, if the job takes one hour and fifteen minutes to complete, you will only pay for one and a half hours rather than for two.

Tip #4: Find Out About the Extra Benefits the Assembler Provides

When selecting an assembler, consider more than just the hourly rate. While one assembler may offer a very low rate, this rate may not include extras such as carrying heavy boxes or furniture upstairs or putting your furniture in place. Some assemblers may also automatically include delivery in their costs whereas others do not. These extras may be well-worth paying a slightly higher hourly rate. Or, if these benefits are not included in the hourly rate that you are quoted, find out how much extra they will cost you and then compare the assemblers you have to select from.

Tip #5: Ask About Scheduling

You are a busy person. As such, you need to find an assembler that is willing and capable of working around your schedule as much as possible. Depending upon your situation, it may be worthwhile to pay someone a little extra if he or she is willing to assemble and deliver your furniture in the evening or on a weekend.

Tip #6: Find an Assembler That Charges in half hour’s

Ideally you’d want an assembler to quote a fixed price before calling out, to give you peace of mind as to the cost before the job is started – however if they do decide to check if they charge by the half hour (or every fifteen would be even better!) because if they go over time by a few minutes then you won’t be liable for a full hours rate.

Tip #7: Are they time flexible

If you are a busy person then you will need to find an assembler who is willing and capable of working around your schedule as much as possible. Depending upon your situation, it may be worthwhile to pay someone a little extra if he or she is willing to assemble and deliver your furniture in the evening or on a weekend.

Keep these few tips in mind when you go to book your flat pack assembly professional and you can be much more confident of a great service at a price that will not shock you! By keeping these five tips in mind, you will have a much better chance of finding an assembler that will provide you with high quality work at a price you can easily afford. Not all furniture assembly companies are created equal. Full-service companies like Best Assembly Pty Ltd offer flat pack services that might enable you to get multiple things done with one company and one low price. See all the flat pack services available to you in one service call.

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