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Nobody is born a perfect cook, as it is said, practice makes perfect. Like any other skill, cooking improves over time and through practice. You have to undergo many trial and errors before concocting the perfect dish. If you have a few successes and tons of failures, do not give up! You are on the right path. To avoid struggle and frustration, this article carries some helpful tips for you.

• Take care of your knives

A good knife is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. You are more likely to hurt yourself with a dull knife as you have to struggle more than a sharp knife. Some tips to keep your knife sharp is to not put them in a dishwasher as the heat will dull them. Always store your knives on a knife holder as putting them in the drawer will only make them dull. Do not forget to always use a plastic or wooden cutting board.

• Always read your recipe carefully

If you are a new cook, it is very important to spend 30 minutes to read your recipe before you start making a dish. Imagine that you have an event in 30 minutes and you start preparing just on time to find out that it has to be marinated before or has to cool for an hour. This situation can prove to be very frustrating. Be wise and read your recipe.

• Make use of herbs and spices

Never limit your seasoning to only salt and pepper. Use fresh herbs and dried spices to add more flavors to your dish. They can turn any bland dish into a culinary masterpiece. The right amount of herbs and spices can please the taste buds of your guests. It is a great way to boost flavor to your dish without adding calories.

• Salt

Salt is a natural enhancer of any dish. It is necessary that you always remind yourself to add salt to your dish especially after adding water. Without the proper amount of salt, the taste will be bland. Unless you have any health issues, do not be afraid of salt.

• Always taste as you go 

As you cook, you will notice that your food will change colors but it also enhances in flavors. This is why it is important that you taste your dish as you keep on cooking. By tasting, you will know if you need to add anything else to make it taste better.

As the movie Ratatouille says “ Anybody can cook!”. All you need to do is develop the passion for it and start simple. With time and patience, you are surely going to acquire all the cooking techniques perfectly. Remember that no one has been successful on one go! It takes a lot of failures and efforts to be able to master any skill. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect! Take it as easy as you can. Start by making one dish at a time. You can master one dish first before moving on to another one. Once you find that making one dish is easy, you will feel motivated to cook other dishes. At first, you just need to develop that confidence.

As you learn to master one dish, learn which ingredients bring more flavor to it. Find out what is necessary to bring savor and texture to the dish. Feel free to make mistakes, even if your dish is over seasoned or under cooked. You are the one who is going to learn from them. Don’t be afraid to try a different kind of spices. Who knows? You might end up creating a new recipe. Cooking is an art. Make research before you start a new relationship with your kitchen. Learn how each bite feels in your mouth. Learn about each and every trick which make a steak tender and seasoned then you can try to make some meat which actually tastes good.

Even when you are going out to eat in a restaurant, be curious. Order your favorite dish and ask the waitress about the procedure. Even if she does not know, she will somehow ask the chef. Note down the steps and try to make it at home. It will contribute to your culinary knowledge. Put on some music and enjoy your cooking sessions. Sing along while you grab your apron to make your favorite dish. Listen to the sound that your onions make while you saute them! Enjoy the blend of colors while you are mixing the herbs and spices together. Grab your glass of wine and sip while you cook.

When you feel that you have mastered the culinary art, invite someone over for dinner. Start by eating in the dining room and ending up sharing stories and jokes while sitting comfortably on the kitchen floor. The most important thing is that we all have hidden cooking skills, we just need to explore it!

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