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Your Google CV is vitally important to your online brand and as a result you will need to strive to occupy as many of the listings on page one of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as possible. There are a variety of ways to achieve this, but for now let us have…

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A Quick Look at Blogging

Derived from the word weblog, a blog is essentially a website that sports continuously updated information in the form of posts that are displayed in reverse chronological order. Typically, a blog will sport the following features: content area, title, comment area, an archive of older posts and a feed which user can use to subscribe to it.

A blog allows individuals the opportunity to foster an online identity, engage with a community and establish themselves as experts in a given arena. Blogs enable you to participate in conversations taking place in your industry or area of specialization as well as allow you to build your own voice – all the while heightening your web presence.

To promote yourself online via blogging you will need to implement a solid blog strategy. Think about the goals you want your blog to achieve and ensure that each post is geared at achieving them. But remember, a blog cannot be a purely promotional tool – if readers wanted information on you or your offering exclusively, they would visit your website.

Better Blogging Tips

There are millions of blogs in existence with new blogs being launched every second. But not all blogs are created equally, in fact more than half of the blogs launched do not make it past the first three months. If you are serious about utilizing blogging to establish an online presence, you will need to make a commitment to do just that. Blogging does take work, but the rewards are worth it.

In order to make sure that your blog is attracting readers and that its profile (and by association yours) is being raised daily, you will need to pay special attention to the flowing tips for better blogging.

Promote your blog – With millions of blogs in existence, you will need to promote your blog in order to attract readers. There are many ways in which you can promote your blog. Listing your blog in blog directories like Blog Hub, Technorati and Blog listing is a good start.

Using your preferred social networking or business networking site is another excellent way of alerting your friends, colleagues, and clients to the existence of your blog and where they can find it. Your blog will be tied in to your professional self – the “you” that you want potential clients, invertors, or employers to meet. If you are in the online marketing game, a link to your blog which details your daily TV viewing habits should be scrapped in favor of a blog which offers insight into your industry.

Participate – Conversation is key to blogging. You need to not only participate with your audience, but with other bloggers operating in your sphere too. By leaving insightful comments on other blogs the authors, or their readers, may follow the link back to your blog and if they like what they see chances are that they will come back.

Frequency – Posting too often may overwhelm readers and posting too infrequently may mean that your readers will come back, find nothing new and as a result not come back again. A post a day is ideal, but very few individuals have that kind of time on their hands. Try for at least three new posts each week.

Good content – How many times have you heard that content is king – well, it is true as long as it is good content. If your readers are gaining value by visiting your blog and if you are giving them what they are looking for they will come back. Use the feedback you receive via the comments in order to tailor posts to your audience. You can also introduce features, like our weekly online promotion tips. It is important to try things out and re-evaluate your blog strategy as you go.

SEO – Search engine optimization is an eMarketing tactic which sees bloggers and website owners optimizing their sites for certain search phrases in order to get their sites listed as high up on the SERPs as possible. You may want to conduct some key phrase research and ensure that your posts target those pages. The higher up you are on the SERPs the more likely searchers are to find your blog. Keep an eye out on our blog for future posts that will guide you through the process of utilizing SEO to build your online presence.

Monitor – The sheer amount of consumer generated media has made online reputation monitoring essential. Ensure that you are tracking what is being said about you online so that you can be aware and respond accordingly.

Good luck and happy blogging!

By allowing you to create or improve your online presence, Anna Dajero can help you to take control of your Google CV and start branding yourself online. Visit the site for more tips on how to build your Google CV and increase your online visibility.

If you have a blog and are eager for the rest of the world to discover it, then a road map on just how to promote your blog is probably just the thing you are looking for. And not just any road map, a detailed, descriptive road map, so you know exactly what to do, right?! Here is an easy-to-follow plan just for you…

Actually, focusing more on the subject of how to promote your blog effectively is an even better plan. Because effectiveness is key when you are searching for the best ways for promoting your blogging efforts.

You work hard on your blog, so you want to implement promotion strategies that give you the most bang for your buck, right?

But exactly what to do and how to promote your blog can be an overwhelming task. Believe me, I know – I have tried nearly all of them.

I have paid hundreds of dollars on all sorts of bookmarking, directory submissions, not to mention social networking and extensive “Googling.”

But what I have discovered is that there are a handful of tried-and-true, tested methods that can bring loads of visitors to your blog. And you do not have to pay money to promote your blog – these are all FREE!

You can learn how to promote your blog very quickly and easily with these 5 simple steps.

Do not worry if they seem long – they are really very easy and will bring you more readers than you ever imagined –

Step 1 – When looking at how to promote your blog, the first step is to pinpoint what your goals are for your promotion efforts.

Picture a business – businesses do not just purchase ad space or hire sales people without a clearly defined plan in place. They have a goal in mind and everything they do relates to that goal.

The same goes for your blog. Jot down a few goals you want to accomplish with your promotion efforts – do you want to hit the 100, 500 or 1,000 visitors/day mark or get 500 new subscribers to your newsletter or sell $x amount of dollars in your amazon store? Why are you promoting your blog? This is a crucial step – one that cannot be ignored. Having a goal guides, you in deciding where to send all of your blog visitors.

You would not want to send readers to your blog without having it structured to receive those visitors. Imagine getting loads of new readers, new potential customers to your blog, only they are leaving within minutes of arriving (check this percentage on how to use Google Analytics) or they are being sent to a page that is not relevant to what they were expecting. All of your promotion strategies just flew out the window! Setting up goals and clearly defining what the customer should do next is critical in any promotion strategy. Key question here – Why are you promoting your blog?

Young man using smartphone with modern work table and computer laptop and cityscapes view from window.Business concepts ideas.Strategy analysis.office life

Step 2 – After you have come up with a concrete goal, then it is time to put the wheels into motion. I will use the well-known example of dog training to help explain this step. Dog training is a very broad niche – imagine your niche is more specialized – dog training a lab.

Your blog, Dog Training a Lab, is all set up and you have been posting quality content for a few weeks. You want to promote your blog with the goal of selling items from your amazon links. That is your ultimate goal – to sell items that you will refer your readers to, through Amazon links from your posts.

Since we have defined a goal, we can move on to putting a plan into action.

And as with any marketing or promotion efforts, the question to ask is how do I get in front of the people interested in what I have to offer? Where are all these people hanging out? Where do people who want to talk about dog training gather…

Well, they gather on Forums –

People who want to know about dog training are on community forums discussing dog training with others.

I Googled dog training forums and several websites came up, then I Googled dog training a lab forum and a few forums came up that are geared just for labs!


Go where the people are – there are people interested in dog training a lab on community forums. Go there and participate. Contribute and you will get visitors coming to your blog to purchase your latest and greatest dog leash or some other item you are blogging about.

Step 3 – Next it is time to get on Twitter and start tweeting, notice I said start tweeting. Just being on Twitter does not do anything for your business, you have to actually say something.

If tweeting is just too far out of your comfort zone, try tweeting someone else’s posts or retweet what someone else has said to start with. You still gain popularity because your name is on the tweet. Keep using it and you will gain followers. Take a big leap of faith and tweet something – spread the word on a new dog training video you just saw. You will start tweeting, which will send people over to your blog, which will make you sales in no time.

Step 4 – Set up Facebook for your business. Tell your friends about a sale on dog toys or mention a new blog post you just posted. The point is to be as exposed as possible so visitors can find you anywhere and everywhere. Generating friends on Facebook will be covered in another post, but for now put a button on your blog to encourage others to find you on Facebook.

At the bottom of your posts in your blog, put a social connect button with a Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg and Google+ button so readers can simple click a button to post to Twitter or any of the others – again, this makes it easy for visitors to share a great post with others and it will generate more traffic to your blog. If you use WordPress, there is a plug-in for this, Blogger will have an option on their set-up as well.

Step 5 – Comments make the world go round. You may have heard this from me before, but comments really are like gold. Find other blogs in your niche or a little outside of it. Let us look at the dog training a lab example. I would hop over to other dog training a lab blogs and read their posts and make an intelligent comment. Then I would scale up and hop over to some general dog training blogs and read their posts and comment there. See where this is heading?

Treat the comments you receive with care – they do so much more than take up space on your post page. Comments show interaction – visitors like to see and read comments. Comments build your rapport with the search engines. They provide links coming in to your website; they build links out of your website. Comments mean you have an interactive, attentive blog and that is what means the difference between a successful blog and an unsuccessful blog.

Five easy steps on how to promote your blog, right?

In fact, these steps are very easy to implement – take one evening and set these accounts up and you will be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Anna Dajero is a life and business coach who will help you in making your blogs gain money and fame with the proper SEO and SEM tools. Contact her for more details.

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