Localbiz Has Selected for You… The 5 Best Freezers


A freezer is a practical appliance for storing food for a long time. But with so many different models on offer, it’s hard to know which one to choose. To help you, Localbiz has selected 5 freezers according to their performance, the options they offer, and the opinions of those who have bought them. All you have to do is compare.


Best freezer: Localbiz top 5

Siemens GS58NAW41

With a total volume of 360 L, this 4-star freezer (the stars indicate the freezing possibilities) allows you to freeze many foods. Its 7 drawers will enable you to organize your food, which is easy to see thanks to the LED light. Not to be overlooked, this freezer is rated A+++ in terms of energy efficiency. Other strong points: in case of power failure, the autonomy of this freezer is 25 hours, and an alarm sounds if the door is left open. This model also has an anti-frost system.

The only drawback is its high price, which is explained by the features of this freezer.

The pluses

LED light

7 drawers for better storage

Interesting capacity (360 L)

A+++ rated model

25 hours of autonomy in case of power failure

4 stars, the highest level of freezing

Anti-frost system

The –

Very high price

A freezer for small spaces

Faure FFT1104WA

This freezer model is particularly suitable for small spaces (61 cm deep); it can be installed under a work surface, for example. This compactness does not prevent it from being practical; the 3 storage drawers allow you to organize your food storage. This freezer has a capacity of 91 L, so it is unsuitable for large families. This model can store frozen or deep-frozen products (3 stars) and is rated A+ in energy efficiency. In case of power failure, it has a 22-hour autonomy.

The pluses

Freezer suitable for small spaces

22 hours of autonomy in case of power failure

A+ rated

The –

Minimal capacity (91 L)

The practical daily freezer

Whirlpool UW8 F2Y WBI F

With a capacity of 260 L and 7 storage bins, this Whirlpool freezer can freeze a large quantity of food. With 4 stars, this model can freeze one food. Regarding energy efficiency, it is rated A++, which means that it consumes little energy. This appliance has 24 hours of autonomy in case of a power failure. An anti-frost system is also available.

The pluses

24 hours of autonomy in case of power failure

7 storage bins

4 stars, the highest level of freezing

A++ energy efficiency

Anti-frost system

The –

We found nothing!

The freezer for large families

Electrolux EC5231AOW

This chest freezer has a capacity of 495L, so that it can be particularly suitable for large families. This 4-star model allows you to freeze food. In terms of energy efficiency, it is rated A+. In case of breakdown, this freezer has 31 hours of autonomy.

A minor drawback: no anti-frost system is offered on this model. Also, note that this is a “chest” freezer model; you cannot put anything on it, and this system can be less practical for finding your food quickly.

The pluses

Large capacity of the chest (495 L)

31 hours of autonomy in case of power failure

A+ energy efficiency

4 stars, the highest level of freezing

The –

Trunk design makes it less convenient to search for food

No anti-frost system

The low-cost freezer:

Beko MinFrost technology

If you want to buy a freezer at a low price, this BEKO model may suit you. With a capacity of 104 L, it is more suitable for a single person or a couple. It has a 4-star rating and is therefore ideal for freezing food. It is rated A+ for energy efficiency. In case of power failure, it has an autonomy of 18 hours.

As for the previous model, it is a chest freezer. Therefore, you can put nothing on it, and the food search can be more complicated. It’s up to you to decide if this is a problem for your needs and uses.

The pluses

A+ energy efficiency

4 stars, the highest level of freezing

A small price for the size and characteristics of the freezer

The –

Small freezer capacity (104 L)

The “chest” system is less practical for searching for food.

Freezer comparison: criteria for choosing

There are several criteria to consider to choosing a freezer that meets your needs. Localbiz takes a look at the elements to check before making your choice. 

The type of freezer


There are 2 freezers: the “chest” freezer, which has an opening on the top, and the cabinet freezer, which has an opening on the front, like a door.

The “chest” freezer is more imposing than a cabinet freezer. Because of its imposing size, it is more adapted to people having a garage or a cellar. Its capacity is generally between 100 and 600 L. The cabinet/upright freezer is more compact and can be installed anywhere. Its capacity is generally between 105 and 300 L. Your choice will depend on the space you have and the power you need (depending on the number of people in your household).

The comfort of use

Cabinet freezers have several drawers, while chest freezers have storage baskets. So it’s all a matter of preference. A chest freezer involves bending over to grab a food item, while you’ll have to kneel to grab one from the last drawer of your chest freezer.

The degree of freezing

To know the temperature performance, you have to refer to the number of stars in the freezer: each star is equivalent to -6°C. The stars allow you to distinguish between different types of preservation. The fewer stars, the shorter the storage time. An actual freezer will have 4 stars.

The storage capacity 

This depends on the composition of the household. Thus, choose a volume lower than 150 L if you live alone. A freezer between 150 and 250 L capacity is more suitable for 2 or 3 people. Finally, a capacity greater than 250 L is the one to be preferred for families of more than 4 people.

The energy class 

The freezer works continuously. Therefore, choosing an appliance that consumes little energy is better. For that, turn to a freezer belonging to the A-class.

Advantages and disadvantages of a freezer

Today, more and more households have a freezer. It is indeed a practical and valuable appliance in everyday life. 

It allows you to preserve or even freeze food for a long time.

Freezers are available in a variety of designs to meet all expectations.

Good to know: in the case of a chest freezer, the cold remains more inside when the lid is opened than with a cabinet freezer.

A freezer consumes energy. Therefore, choosing a model with low energy consumption is necessary. On the other hand, it is essential to know the disadvantages as well:

The price of a freezer can be high, depending on the model.

If you choose a chest model, note that these large appliances do not necessarily fit in a kitchen. Because of the opening system, you will not be able to place anything in the freezer either.