Effectiveness of Cigarette Filter Tips

People who have smoked cigarettes with and without a filter can understand the difference between both experiences. Nowadays, there is a variety of filter tips available on the market from which a user can choose from. So, for now, let’s take a look as to why you should have filter tips in your cigarettes.

What Are Cigarette Filters?

Also known as a filter tip, a cigarette filter refers to that significant part of a cigarette that was specifically designed to absorb vapours and to provide a sort of mouthpiece that will not collapse as the cigarette is smoked. Let us take a look at the components of cigarette filters:

  • Acetate Cellulose:

It is said that 95 % of cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate, which is usually thinner than sewing thread. For example, a research conducted by the New York State Department of Health, Cornell University and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute indicated that there are approximately more than 12 000 white fibres in a cigarette filter.

  • An inner paper wrapper and glue:

The paper that is used to wrap the acetate cellulose plug for regular cigarettes is impenetrable to air, while the one used for light cigarettes is ventilated and very porous, hence allowing more air to enter the smoke mix.

  • An outer paper (tipping paper):

The outer paper is often printed to resemble like a cork and is used to cover the filter plug and attach the filter to the column of the tobacco.

  • Other filter components:

There are some cigarettes that also contain charcoal as an extra filtration agent.

What Are the Benefits of Cigarette Filters?

#1. Saves From Harmful Tar

Cigarette, Smoking, Smoke, Ash, Butt, NicotineThis is undoubtedly one of the major benefits of using a filter tip at the end of your cigarette. When burnt, a cigarette generally produces tar and it contains several substances that have been identified as carcinogens, which refer to agents that can cause cancer in humans. These can react directly or via breakdown products, with DNA in epithelial cells to produce mutations, which are the first in a series of change that leads to the development of a malignant tumour.


However, using a filter can prevent a large amount of tar from going inside the body and can save you from having harmful diseases.

Besides, at Rollo Tubes Australia Trust, you can find more refined filters that can stop maximum tar and nicotine and make sure you inhale only a small quantity from the smoke.

#2. It Makes the Smokes Milder

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Usually, without a filter, a smoke can feel a bit heavier and much stronger in terms of essence and aroma. However, with a filter in place, many strong and harmful contents are removed and therefore, it becomes much smoother and milder to inhale. In addition, if you want a lighter smoke, I recommend you to choose a filter tip that has a finer grain that can filter your smoke properly.

#3. Holds the Cigarette

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Imagine you are holding your cigarette without a filter tip, especially when you are smoking the bottom part of it. There are easy possibilities of burning your finger and inhaling strong and hot smoke that can cause rashes to your throat.

However, a filter tip is an essential part of a cigarette strength (especially in self-rolled ones) as it provides a base to the entire cigarette and enables the user to handle the cigarette without any chances of burning their hands.

Moreover, filter tips are responsible for sealing the cigarettes from the bottom so as to ensure that the tobacco does not come out from the bottom.

#4. Filters Are More Hygienic

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It is noted that these filters can help increase airflow and are hence considered as more hygienic.

If you can’t decide or need advice on finding the perfect filter tip for your favourite style of smoke, then you can contact Rollo Tubes Australia Trust!