7 Reasons To Get Your Car Windows Tinted

Have you been thinking about tinting your car windows for a while but still have doubts? In this article, we mention 7 advantages of tinted windows; some of the benefits you may already know, but others you may not yet.

1) UV Rays Are Avoided By up to 99 Percent.

In addition to the fact that ultraviolet light is terrible for the interior of your vehicle, you are exposed to large doses of UV-A and UV-B radiation on long trips. The most dangerous can cause your skin to turn red, burn and, in the worst case, you can even get skin cancer. UV A has the same effects as UV B but to a lesser extent. As humans, we are very sensitive to these radiations, especially babies and young children who should be well protected. A good window tint can protect you, your baby and/or your young children. It reduces 99% of harmful UV rays (A and B). You protect your children and yourself against skin cancer and counteract the skin aging process.

2) Restriction Of the Outside View

A thief approaches your car to take a look at what’s in it but soon realizes that he has no, or very limited, view inside your car. Therefore, your car ceases to be a target thanks to the tinted windows. Lucky for you, but the thief will have to choose, unfortunately, a more accessible and therefore different prey.

3) Delays a Robbery

It is not difficult to imagine that a thief has little time for what he wants to do. In such situations, the thief often thinks, “I have to be quick.” The “robbery process” is as follows:

1) First of all, the thief has to look carefully inside your car to see if there are any valuable or valuable objects in it.

2) The thief has to keep a close eye on the surroundings.

3) The thief knocks on the car window or knocks it down

4) He has to take out or even unscrew, pull or knock things out. In short: it has to go smoothly and quickly.

Fortunately, (good) window films have another advantage that will make it even more difficult for thieves: the glass fragments of your car windows will not fly out in all directions when broken or thrown inside, but will be held tightly together.

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4) The Interior of Your Car is Well-Protected

The sun’s rays can make the interior of your car very hot. Over time, your interior will sag, and discolouration will occur. A good window tint can also prevent this. Thanks to the UV-reducing effect of the particular window film, the surface temperature can be reduced by up to 16 °C, and the interior and other elements of your car will fade less quickly. Since your car will be cooler with the car windows blacked out, you will also use your air conditioner less, leading to fuel savings.

5) More Protection In Case of Accidents

No matter how well you drive, sometimes, unfortunately, you can’t avoid an accident. In an accident, shards of glass from car windows often fly in all directions, so cuts can rarely be avoided. Tinted car windows keep the glass shards together in the event of an accident, giving you more protection.

6) Less Inconvenience

You’re driving in the dark, and an oncoming car turns on its high beams: very annoying! These oncoming vehicles often appear out of nowhere to blind you. They cause many inconveniences and can even cause accidents; many accidents happen because of oncoming traffic drivers’ headlights. Night goggles help with this but also tinted car windows reduce this annoying glare as much as possible.

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7) Looks Tough and Elegant

You want to be unique and different? Tinted car windows give your car an elegant and chic look. Plus, with a business car, you can also give the impression of being a little sportier.

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