What Are the Methods for Sending Parcels (Part 1)


– Logistic transport: management of the dispatch of goods

– Several modes of logistical transport according to distance

– The additional services of logistic transport

The courier companies offer a wide range of services in the field of courier transport:

– sending parcels,

– express transportation,

– or even logistical transport.

Logistic transport: management of the dispatch of goods

Logistic transport is the management of goods shipped from the sender to the consignee, whether for domestic or international shipment.

This solution consists of implementing logistical solutions concerning:

– the means of transport,

– the required equipment,

– storage space,

– conditioning.

Several modes of logistical transport depending on the distance

Logistic transport can be carried out using different modes of transport which vary according to:

– the type of goods to be transported,

– the destination,

– shipping times.


Mode of transport Type of goods Destination Delivery time Cost
In-land Mostly small packages National and continental Fast Medium.
Railway Big and small packages National and continental Long enough Weak
Air Big and small packages International Very fast High
River Bulky package National and continental Quite long Weak
Maritime Bulky package International Quite long Weak

The additional services of logistics transport

Carriers can offer various additional logistics services:

– management of administrative and customs procedures,

– hand-delivered,

– packaging management,

– storage of goods,

– preparation of orders,

– handling of particular goods.

Namely: the constraints related to the packaging of goods can vary from one mode of transport to another.

Now, let’s have a look at courier transport. It consists of:

– courier transport: speed over long distances

– Networked groupage for courier transport

– A mode of delivery with delivery times ranging from 12 to 72 hours.

Courier transport: speed over long distances

Courier transport is a common term in courier business, defining different services.

But it is more specifically a service of fast transport over a long distance.

It can concern:

– the transport of parcels or goods,

– shipments of special goods, etc.

This mode of transport can be regional, national or international.

It is limited to a total weight of three tonnes: beyond that, a charter service takes over.

Networked groupage for courier transport

The messaging transport is based on a network mode operation.

Pick-up and distribution warehouses are organised into geographical areas.

The transport of goods is carried out in several stages:

– collection of parcels and goods,

– Sorting operation (if required)

– grouping or ungrouping (if required),

– distribution.

In the case of transport between several suppliers and customers, groupage makes it possible to reduce the cost of shipments.

A mode of delivery with delivery times ranging from 12 to 72 hours

The time limits for courier transport are between 12 and 72 hours.

Everything depends on the distance between the place of pick-up and the place of delivery.

There are different formulas:

– normal: delivery in 24 or 72 hours,

– express: delivery before noon for pick-up the day before.

You’ll be able to know even more by reading the 2nd part of this post that covers:

– Sending parcels,

– and express transportation.

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