Gentlemen – 5 exercises to enhance your sexual experience

Regular exercise is the best medicine for a man to improve his sexuality. Hitting the gym is the key to success. Working out three times a week can make you more flexible to sexual positions and increase your endurance. So, what types of exercise should you practice for better sex?

Weight lifting

Strength training will increase your manhood. The reason is that weight lifting causes your body to respond to the effort. Your body produces more testosterone which gives you the power to lift harder. Testosterone is the precursor for your sex drive. Do push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and bars. These exercises will strengthen your chest, abs, thighs, and shoulders. Stronger body strength can increase stamina as your muscles are used during intercourse. You can rock the bed!



This is a simple exercise to help endurance and control ejaculation. Kegels let you stop the flow of urine mid-stream. This is a proven method known to work. This method was named after Los Angeles physician Arnold Kegel. They strengthen the muscles in your body’s pelvic floor, leading to better sex and stopping quick or premature ejaculation. How do you do that? Simply interrupt the flow of urine. After 3 seconds, release and let it go. Retain yourself immediately after 1 second. Repeat this until you are done. Caution: You might end up spilling all over because of the pressure when it will flow again. So, a better place would be in your bathtub, where you can wash away the spill offs. In other words, this is a kind of push up exercise. But this one is specific for the penis.

Walking fast and briskly

Walking quickly for two miles every day can significantly lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). Brisk walking improves circulation and blood flow, and help with ED.

Running and aerobic exercises

Running fast and doing aerobic exercises, all contribute to the good health of your heart. In this way, your blood vessels stay clear. This result in stronger and longer erections. The pleasure is durable and intense. You last longer and your partner is more satisfied altogether. These vigorous exercises also release endorphins and relax you, which boosts sexual performance.

A study carried by Harvard researchers shows that aerobic exercises resulted in a 30% lower risk of ED.

Practice some yoga


Yoga exercise allows your body to get in creative positions for greatest pleasure during intercourse. Yoga draws your energy in and up. There is a better flow of oxygen in your bloodstream. The yoga poses that improve pelvic muscles are Peacock, Bow, and Shoulder Stand.


There is no need to stress with the above exercises. Practice for a few days or weeks or months. Depending on your body’s adaptability, you will notice the change.

Shoulder Stand

Stay away from viagra or others. You don’t need them. Be patient and witness as you get healthier and fitter along the way. Your mate will be impressed and you will be proud of it!