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 What is a pastor to you? Is he the solution to all your problems? Is he someone who can perform extraordinary miracles? Do you think of Jonathan Edwards, Billy Graham or Martin Luther King, Jr when you try to picture what a pastor is like?

A pastor is more than just the person who stands at the pulpit once a week and delivers a message. So, if you are wondering whether there is a biblical job description for a pastor’s role, then that makes two of us. Even though pastorship is somewhat of a sensitive topic, well, you know me by now, sensitive topics are my forte.

What Is a Pastor?

A pastor is usually considered the leader of a Christian congregation and the actual English word pastor is translated from the Greek word poimen, which means “shepherd.” Now let us understand the parable of the shepherd. As we all know a shepherd is a person who looks after the flock and ensures that all the sheep are safe, fed, and under control. Similarly, a pastor is someone who needs to be devoted and take care of God’s people, as specified in Jeremiah 23:4, “And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord.”

In the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, the pastor should always be an ordained priest. Ordination can be defined as a process where individuals are consecrated before being allowed to perform religious rites and ceremonies. However, in the context of Protestantism, a pastor may or may not be ordained.

Duties of Pastors

A Pastor’s Relationship With God

Hands, Pray, Worship, Belief, Fingers Crossed

There are many hats that a pastor must wear but his first duty is based on his relationship with God. How can someone be a pastor and advise people when He is not close to God?

Therefore, it is important that a pastor has a holy lifestyle and leads a life of prayer. He should be able to devote his time for God’s word and set an example the Christian life within both the church and community. When a pastor spends more time alone with God and seeks His righteousness, he ends up by having a very close relationship with God and as a result, God uses him to transform the church into a sanctuary for spiritually transformed lives.

It is very important for pastors to lead an honest Christian life as like it or not, when they preach from the pulpit, people always have the tendency to filter those messages through their perceptions of the pastor’s own lifestyle.

A Pastor Should Preach and Teach the Word of God

Priest, Pastor, Bible, Christianity, Preacher

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

– Matthew 4:4

One of the essential responsibilities of a pastor is to communicate biblical truth. The basic foundation of Christian life is faith and as said in Romans 10:17, “consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”

Like Jesus, who went from towns to towns and villages to villages to preach the good news of the kingdom, pastors are supposed to teach and guide people through the word of God by calling them to confess their sins and to accept Jesus Christ as their king and saviour.

In Jeremiah 1:12, it is said that, “I watch over my word, to carry it out.” God’s word is very powerful as it brought the world into existence and resurrected Jesus Christ from the grave. For a Christian, the word of God represents light, strength, wisdom and life itself. However, despite the gospel being an essential element, we often tend to neglect it, don’t we? And this mistake is also often caused by pastors who tend to reduce God’s holy scripture to mere information. But let us not forget how Paul ordered Timothy to give careful attention to the public reading and preaching of the word of God.

The duties and responsibilities of a pastor does not end here but that will be all for today. Until next time, please share your comments and tell us what you think about this article.

A wedding is a beautiful ceremony which celebrates the union of two people who have decided to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. While browsing through the internet, you will come across a lot of wedding traditions as each culture comes with its own customs. People marry according to their religious beliefs and superstitions as well.

Some cultures also have traditions which prove to be lucky for the couple. If you want your wedding life to be successful, you can incorporate these traditions into your own big day. Even the most loving couple can use a little luck, isn’t it?

  • The date matters in China

In China, picking the date is an important wedding ritual as this sets the stage for everything that will follow. Picking the perfect date is a guarantee that the wedding will be successful. If you pick the wrong date, nothing can help the couple from getting separated. While picking a wedding date, the couples always consult a Chinese monk, fortune teller or Chinese calendar to make sure that the wedding day falls on an auspicious day. It is important to know about the dates to avoid or seasons to stay away from. It is largely determined by the bride’s birthday. It is believed that the right wedding date brings good luck and helps in the success of the marriage.

  • Red is lucky for a Vietnamese bride

If you go to Vietnam to attend a wedding and witness the bride wearing a red dress, do not be alarmed! Vietnamese people consider the red color to be a sign of good luck. That is why it is the perfect color for attire, décor as well as flowers in most Vietnamese wedding. The groom’s family will even travel to the bride’s home carrying wine, fruits, cake all wrapped in red wrapping paper and placed on red platters.

  • Rainy wedding day is lucky in India

Indian weddings are always considered being joyful, colorful and lucky. In India, if it is raining on your wedding it is considered as a little bit of luck being poured on them. According to Hindu tradition, rain is considered being the blessings of Gods. It is also considered that the darker the henna on the bride’s hands, the more luck she will have. Rain or sunny, guests give their blessing to the couple by throwing fragrant rose petals and other flowers on the newlyweds.

  • Grab your horseshoes in Ireland

When it comes to wedding luck, Irish people leave no stone unturned. It is important to incorporate a small horseshoe into the ceremony for good luck. You may find it pinned to her wedding dress or in the bouquet that she will be holding. Make sure that the “U” shape is always faced upwards, that way it keeps all the luck in.

  • Be prepared to have a red mark after getting married in Egypt

Egypt is the birthplace of marriages but thankfully one of its traditions is not followed around the globe. In Egypt, it is considered lucky if the bride is pinched by every single female wedding guest who is attending the ceremony.

  • Spider is lucky in England

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you have to choose between a bad married life or the single life. Good luck is measured by spiders. If you find a spider crawling on the bride’s wedding dress, the couple’s wedding life will be lucky. Make sure that you leave the pranksters away from your wedding.

  • Ribbons are the secrets of Mexican brides

It is no secret that Mexican weddings are deeply religious and brides always wear white in order to ensure that good luck is bestowed upon the union. However, it is unknown to some that Mexican brides sew three ribbons into their lingerie for good luck and wear them secretly on their wedding day. The ribbons which are red, blue and yellow represent passion, financial stability, and abundance of sustenance. No one is allowed to see the ribbons until the bride shows them to her groom when they are alone after the ceremony.

  • Thai couples are literally bound together

Even though, there is no “I solemnly swear” in Thai weddings, luck still manages to find its way to their wedding. Good luck is ensured through many ways starting with fixing the wedding date. It all starts with a lucky day and time of the wedding as per the astrologers. On the same day, the couples are blessed by monks provided that the couple makes donations. After the ceremony, the guests tie sai sin on the couple’s wrist which is meant to stay for 3 days. If they remove it, it will only bring them years of bad luck.

  • Sweets for the Italian bride

The night before the wedding ceremony, the Italian bride wears a green dress and does not see the groom until the next morning. She has to spend these hours with her parents. You will gift a gift called confetti bomboniera if you ever attended an Italian wedding.

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